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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Nitro Edition

Both Factions of nWo Set Their Teams for War Games

Stylin' And Profilin': The Legend Of Ric Flair: Part 23

by Ervin Griffin, Jr. and Matt Benaka

Volume 3, Issue 354 - August 31, 1998
RAW ia pre-empted tonight by US Open Tennis on USA - WrestleManiacs is reporting that RAW will run on Saturday. Solie's will run a special edition on Saturday night to cover it if it happens.
Here's an interesting letter I received from our friend Miss Pamela. Thank you kindly Miss P!

Hey Earl,

Wasn't this a great PPV? Very satisfying indeed! What made it best of all to me was how there was very little outside interference in all the matches (except the IC title match w/Chyna, of course, and Mark Henry - otherwise an excellent ladder match nearly on par with those of old).

But what I wanted to comment on was the main event - two points.

One - I was SO PROUD of The Undertaker's performance tonight, and how the WWF allowed him to retain his class, dignity, and honor though losing the title match. I was so afraid with the Kane/cahoots/Mankind/ mess it'd end up compromising this unique superstar. But the belt was the only good thing he didn't come away with - and how he did it - I couldn't have been prouder. What a class act.

Two - Austin not only got perhaps seriously injured tonight physically (which is unfortunate), but he also got, well...humbled. In his own words. Here's a bit of his interview on the Home Shopping Network post-card show. The damn audio kept cutting out, but Austin said this (and I paraphrase):

I'm sure you saw earlier before the title match where Austin said that he respects Undertaker "more than anyone else in the WWF." I think that next to the match he had w/Bret Hart at WMXIII, tonight's title match was the most challenged that Austin had been at anytime in his recent career. And I think tonight - for the first time - Austin felt and SHOWED (afterwards) something we haven't seen in him before - a little FEAR; a sense of being unnerved without being angry. A fear knowing that he was almost overwhelmed and ADMITTING it. NEVER would you hear Austin ever admit that. If you didn't see his HSN interview, you missed something special. He was not the usual confident, arrogant Rattlesnake. He tasted the Phenom's venom; he may never quite be the same after tonight, and whatever respect he had for the Undertaker before may even be a bit higher now. Don't misunderstand - I do like Austin - I think he's got some class himself underneath all the trash talk and defiant attitude. But it took guts and class on his part to admit that he let himself down tonight and wasn't at 100% - that he won due to LUCK.

Vinnie Mac did himself proud on this PPV, I'd say.

As always, please keep up the good work, Earl.

Miss Pamela

Stylin' And Profilin': The Legend Of Ric Flair

By Ervin Griffin, Jr. and Matt Benaka

Part 23: Dagger After losing to Sting in the finals of the "IronMan" tounament at Starrcade '89, NWA World Champion Ric Flair decided it would be in his best interest to have Sting team up with him and the Andersons for reform the Horsemen. It was made official January 2, 1990. Many thought this was a dangerous move for Sting. Even then-NWA United States Champion and enemy Lex Luger went on record that Sting was making a bad mistake by teaming with Flair and the Horsemen. Luger's words would prove to be true when the NWA signed a match between Sting and Flair for February 25 at WrestleWar '90 in Greensboro, NC. When that match was announced, The Andersons and Flair took drastic measures on February 6 in Corpus Crispi, TX at a Clash Of The Champions special as they kicked Sting out of the Horsemen and told him that he had to the end of the program to give up his title shot!!! Sting, naturally, refused and tried to attack Flair during a six-man cage match feturing Flair & The Andersons against Buzz Sawyer, The Dragon Master and The Great Muta. During his attempt to climb the cage, Sting injured his left knee!!! This injury was later used as an angle by saying that Flair and the Andersons jumped Sting in the parking lot area after the event went off the air!!! This hurt the NWA at that time because Sting had a lot of momentum and they was going to have Flair job to Sting at WrestleWar '90. This injury came at a terrible time. While Sting did go on to defeat Flair that summer, the momentum they had that February was never recovered. All in all, it was another stab in the back administered by the Horsemen.

NEXT: Payback Is A B*tch!!!

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Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian and also contributes to the Ringside Insider on a regular basis. Many of his previous articles are available in the Articles section of the website. Check out Ervin's Pro-Wrestling Fan Fiction web site.

Nitro Report

We get the strains of Voodoo Child to start the program which is live from Miami, Florida. Hollywood Hogan and Eric Bischoff head for the ring in the Miami Arena as Tony and the announce crew welcome us to the program. Hogan lip-synchs the basso "nWo" that brings the music to a close. Bischoff says that he is "packing a concealed weapon" and pulls out his pen again. He tells Eddie Guerrero that he will wrestle tonight, and the Warrior that he will not. Hogan goes through one of his standard rants - "...the nWo is th most powerful force..." yadda, yadda, yadda.

Hogan announces his War Games team as consisting of himself, Stevie Ray and Bret Hart. The crowd chants "Goldberg!" for a moment. Now Hogan is claiming that he has "lured" the Ultimate Warrior (the word "Ultimate" was bleeped for our West Coast replay) into his trap then says that he intends to beat Goldberg and get his belt back. He then calls the Warrior out immediately. The lights go out then the Warrior makes his entrance. He moves slowly to the ring then bursts onto the apron doing his rope-shaking schtick. He enters the ring and faces Hogan. Hogan points out that the nWo surrounds the ring and says he will "crucify" the Warrior. The Warrior yells, "Speak to me Warriors!" then vanishes in a cloud of smoke. The Warrior signal flashes on the upper tier like a Bat Signal as the nWo looks around in confusion. Cut to commercial.

A sign over Mike Tenay's shoulder reads "La Parka is Mike Tenay" as we return. The main event for tonight has been announced as Hogan/Hart vs. Sting/Luger. We cut to video of Goldberg signing autographs and rubbing Mark MacGuire's bat for luck at ProPlayers Stadium during the Marlins/Cardinals game.

Jim (the jobber) Powers vs. Wrath - Brian Clarke doesn't waste any time with the jobber-man tonight. He tosses him into the corner and pounds on him. Powers comes back with a knee-lift and a tackle to no affect. Wrath just "moidelizes" the guy. Powers doesn't have a prayer. He manages to get in one or two offensive moves but his attempts to take Wrath off his feet are futile. The "Meltdown" - a standing snap powerslam (that name oddly recalls Clarke's former WWF personna "Adam Bomb") tells the tale. Cut to commercial.

Nitro Grrrrls cavort around the announce position as we return. Cut to Gene Okerlund at a Nitro party in Wapakoneta, Ohio with more of the Nitro Grrrls.

Norman Smiley vs. Scott Norton (w/Vincent) - this has the making of a quick squash. Smiley is pinned before he can breath but Norton pulls him up. Then he delivers a shoulder breaker and goes for the pin again. Again he pulls his helpless opponent up. Finally he delivers the powerbomb and ends it. Two matches - two squashes.

The lights start to dim then go out as the nWo music comes on then fades. The Warrior appears somewhere in the stands and gazes at the ring. Cut to Mike Tenay in the back to interview Saturn who is toting Lodi's bags. He says that he is a man of honor and integrity and plans to honor the stipulations he agreed to. Cut to commercial.

Konnan, Lex Luger and Kevin Nash come to the ring as we return. I notice that Luger is growing a beard. No sign of Sting. Nash and Konnan go through their usual litanys. Konnan wears his eyeshades backwards and upside down. Luger makes a little speech regarding the tag team match coming later tonight with Hogan and Bret Hart. He points out that Hart is facing a bit of a dilemma because he will be facing his "good friend" Sting tonight. Nash then announces his War Games team as Sting, Luger and himself. He then tells Diamond Dallas Page that he has one more week to make up his mind about joinjng the Wolf Pack. He further warns Roddy Piper to stay out of the Wolf Pack's way. He then makes a veiled threat in the Warrior's direction, aluding to the former partnership between Sting and the Warrior (the Bladerunners tag team) and telling the Warrior not to expect any help from that corner. Cut to commercial.

Tony is in the ring with JJ Dillon as we return. Dillon says he is here in an unofficial capacity and wants to have a talk with Arn Anderson. Arn comes to the ring when summoned. A "We Want Flair!" chant erupts as he enters the ring. Dillon recalls some of the great times they had - then he plays an old interview spot from the Mid-Atlantic area featuring Arn announcing himself as the "new" Anderson on the horizon. We return to the present and Dillon goes on to talk about Anderson's legacy and that of the Horsemen. He makes a plea to Arn to reconsider his stance on reviving the Horsemen. Chris Benoit and Steve McMichael make their way to the ring as Dillon begs Arn to listen to what they have to say. The three of them huddle in one corner but Arn seems to be adament and turns to leave. Dillon again adds his plea - he says "Arn, where are you going? I was there for you 15 years ago, now I need you..." Arn replies, "Why are you doing this to me..?" Dillon says "...I think you are afriad of what is happening here." Arn is unswayed - he turns and leaves. I hear that Flair is on his way back in September. Looks like they are gearing up for his return. Cut to commercial.

The announcers discuss what happened before the break then they turn to Bischoff and the "power of the pen". They cut to video of Eddie Guerrero's "shoot" interview of a few weeks ago.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Brian Adams (w/Vincent) - sure enough, Bischoff has "forced" Eddie to wrestle but firat we get another Warrior moment. He seems to be appearing to haunt the nWo members as they appear in the ring. It is not unlike the Sting angle of last year. Guerrero does his best to look nonchalant - he lonuges in the corner then lays down in the middle of the ring inviting Adams to pin him. He rises to his knees and invites a slap - but covers himself when Adams threatens to do just that. Adams finally attacks and Gurrero refuses to anything but cover himself. He finally lays down again and Adams takes the pin. Eddie then gets up and grabs the mic. His message to Bischoff: "You have the pen but I can decide how my matches go down..." he says in so many words. Cut to commercial.

Video replay of Ernest Miller's rant last week on Thunder.

Ernest Miller vs. Riggs - Riggs outwrestles his opponent to start the match and tosses him to the outside then dives on him. He rolls Miller back into the ring then follows him in. The "Cat" fingers Rigg's good eye and then downs him with a great back round kick. Riggs gets up and is downed again by a spin wheel kick. Miller could have the pin but lets his opponent up. A third kick proves decisive. Miller makes the same silly speech afterwards, like he did last week. He's the "real deal" yadda, yadda. I hope we're going to get at least one competitive match tonight...

Nitro Grrrls dance on the platform. Cut back to Mean Gene in Ohio with members of the high school football team, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and more Nitro Grrrls then to commercial.

Konnan vs. Marty Jannetty - Jannetty has shorn his long locks since we saw him last. Konnan dominates the early going causing Jannetty to leave the ring to regroup. He comes back in and still can't get it together. Konnan is using his strong submission attack to ground his opponent effectively. The first time Jannetty gets free he puts a boot in Konnan's face to turn the tables. He gets a two count but no cigar. He drops down into a reverse chinlock and takes a rest. Konnan fights back to his feet but Jannetty drops him then stands him up and hits him with a standing drop-kick. Konnan gets loose but rushes into the corner too quickly and meets an elbow. Back to the reverse chinlock. Konnan escapes again but Jannetty is one step ahead and buriies a knee to the mid-section. Back to the reverse chinlock once more. Another exchange ends in a clotheline from Jannetty. He is starting to get frustrated but Konnan clearly has underestimated his opponent. Jannetty keeps trying but not succeeding as he continues to hold the cards. A snap suplex gets him another two count. Konnan suddenly comes back with a back kick, a modified DDT, then grabs the Tequilla Sunrise to win it. Good match - the only good one so far tonight. Cut to commercial.

Saturn,Lodi, Raven and Kanyon come to the ring. Raven tells Lodi to order Saturn not to touch Kanyon or Raven then orders Kanyon to taunt Saturn. Kanyon gets right in his face but Saturn stands his ground.

Saturn/Lodi vs High Voltage - this should be good. You know that Lodi is going to get his brains beat out no matter what else happens in this match...just because he's Lodi... Lodi starts against Rage. The strong man tosses Lodi aside like a ragdoll. Then he starts to taunt the jerk. Saturn is tagged in and is also thrown aside. Saturn bounces off the ropes and his press-slammed. Saturn invites Rage to charge him and downs him with clothesline then suplexes him. Kaos and Lodi are tagged in but Lodi shrinks from the confrontation to re-tag Saturn. Saturn is a house afire now until Rage comes in again and suplexes him. Now High Voltage are double teaming Saturn but then Saturn comes right back and suplexes both of them in turn. HV goes back into their double team attack and Saturn is down again for a moment but then he comes back with a DDD on Rage to get, he tags in Lodi who takes the pin. I was dissapointed that Lodi didn't get his...but he will. Cut to commercial.

Tony is in the ring calling Diamond Dallas Page down for an interview. DDP takes a moment to congratulate a New Jersey Little League team that won the World Series this week. He reiterates his picks for the WCW War Games team. He brings Piper out. Piper rants about Hogan - referring to him as "baldy" and Hart - referring to him as the "Marilyn Manson" of wrestling. He describes, in humorous terms the first time he saw Bret Hart at Maple Leaf Garden - Piper apparently gave Hart some advice about his first wrestling match. He refers to Hart as the "World Chump" and says that Hogan is conning him. He challenges Bret to "stand on your own two feet..." Then the Giant runs in and attacks first DDP then Piper. Then he puts a big boot across Page's throat. Security personnel surround the Giant, cuff him then lead him away. Page never got around to commenting on Nash's ultimatum. Cut to commercial.

Scott Steiner comes down with his "Doctor". Another silly skit no doubt. Scotty is all full of himself as usual. They bring out "Dr. JuJu Ubangi" - Buff in a rastaman outfit. This is so stupid... The mic keeps cutting out and it is actually a blessing. I'm going to get a I'm just kidding. "Dr. JuJu" newly heeled" arm then throws out the challenge to his brother for the PPV. Rick surprises everyone (especially his brother) by showing up suddenly in the ring. The bad guys retreat and we get another Warrior moment (booooring...) Cut to commercial.

Juventud Guerrera vs. Evan Kourageous - Cruiserweight Title match - oh right - this guy has earned a Title shot... Tony erroneously refers to Chris Jericho as the Cruiserweight champ as the match gets underway. Kourageous has a slight size advantage and uses it effectively in the opening moments. Juvey takes tht air and the match see-saws with Kourageous still in the lead. He goes for a reverse chinlock but Juvey levers him out of the ring and then dives onto him. Back in the ring Juvey hits a Guillotine Leg Drop but hurts his own back in the process. He is unable to hold his opponent for the pin. Next Juvey misses a splash and Kourageous works on his knee. But then he lets his opponent up and it is a cardinal mistake. Juvey takes the advantage briefly then Kourageous gets a rather clumsy powerslam. He climbs the corner too slowly and is upset when Juvey hits the ropes. Guerrera Frankensteiners him off the top but then gets upset himself. They struggle for position and Kourageous throws away another possible pin. Juvey finally turns a Dragon Sleeper into one of his own then hoists his opponent into the Juvey Driver and gets the pin. Another good match.

Mean Gene with the Nitro Party in Ohio again. he interviews the High School coach who sent in the winning Nitro Party tape. Cut to commercial.

Chris Jericho vs. Disco Inferno - TV Title match - the two time former TV Title holder finally gets his chance at the belt again in this one. He comes out all business for a change and takes the early advantage. Jericho comes back with a series of chops but Disco reverses things with a tilt-a-whirl slam. Jericho comes right back but he is stymied by Disco's concerted attack and a missed Lionsault. Disco gets his jaw-breaker but is disoriented for a moment and covers too late. Jericho takes a long time getting the Lion Tamer. Disco almost makes it to the ropes but Jericho drags him back to the center and makes him submit. Yet another winner (if short). Cut to commercial.

Kevin Nash joins the announce team for the next match.

Goldberg vs. Al Green - Nash mentions that Green was his tag team partner when he first came to WCW nine years ago. The former Master Blaster is a big bruiser but no match for the monster. Green takes a powder before the expected spear but Goldberg follows him right out and forces him back into the ring, spears him then Jackhammers him for the pin. Cut too commercial.

Michael Buffer is back to announce the main event.

Hollywood Hogan/Bret Hart (w/the Disciple) vs. Lex Luger/Sting - Hogan and hart make there entrance and then we cut to a commercial for Hogan's 3 Ninja movie video which apparently never made it to theatrical release.

The Wolf Pack team makes it's entrance as we return. Sting and Luger are all grins as they approach the ring. Hart and Luger start the match. Luger takes the first encounter then Hart opens up on his opponent but then Luger puts the breaks on and pounds Hart into the corner. He tries to hold Hart while he tags Sting but Hart slips away and tags Hogan. Hogan is surprised and takes his time entering the ring. He then back Sting into a coner and lifts a knee then starts punching. Sting takes it for a moment then fights back and turns the tables. Luger is back in and continues the assault on the Hulkster. Hogan goes for the eyes to turn it around. He chokes Luger in the corner and demands that he, "tell them who the man is..." Hart comes back in and continues to pound on Luger. He is relentless and he punches away on the side of the head. He forces Luger into their corner and Luger is triple-teamed for a while. Sting keeps bounding in and distracting the referee, allowing Hart and Hogan to switch without tags. Now Hart is in charge and relentless. He goes for a pin but Luger kicks out. Hart is right in the referee's face. Luger comes back with a verticle suplex and both men are down. Hart recovers first and smashes an elbow onto the top of Luger's head. He bulls Luger into the corner and assaults him some more. They both bounce off the ropes and smultaneously clothesline each other. Suddenly Sting and Hogan are in and Sting is in control. He Stinger Splashes Hogan then goes for another one but the Disciple pushes Hogan aside. Sting hits the corner hard and goes down. Hogan takes off his belt and starts to whip Sting but Hart is having none of it. He takes the belt away then lkeaves the ring. Hogan follows him out to the aisle. Hart is heard to say, " promised not to do it." The nWo fills the ring as Hart and Hogan argue - then suddenly smoke fills the ring and the Warrior appears. As the smoke clears we see all of the nWo members laid out and Hogan quaking in the corner. The Warriors says he can "smell" Hogan's fear. Fade to black...

WCW seemed to making an effort during the last hour-and-a-half after a shaky start. The main event was better then most on Nitro.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

(Editor's Note: If you have found anything thats been said here to be particularly offensive please read this disclaimer).

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