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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: Special Edition!

Saturday Special Edition

RAW Report

UT and Kane Spoil Most of the Matches

Stylin' And Profilin':
The Legend Of Ric Flair: Part 24

by Ervin Griffin, Jr. and Matt Benaka

Volume 3, Issue 356 - September 5, 1998
When I shut down the Readers' Forum I promised that I would continue to provide a forum for readers to air their views. Today I set up a Mailroom where I will be posting email messages to Solie's that I find interesting. In some cases I will also post responses, but the main thrust of the Mailroom will be to give readers a chance to express their opinions, regardless of whether or not they agree with my own. Besides the link above, you will also find a link at the end of each newsletter edition (starting with this one), and another on the Solie's main page. The current crop of letters were all posted today, although they were recieved over the last week or so. Starting Monday I will clear the board and then add letters as they are received.

Stylin' And Profilin': The Legend Of Ric Flair

By Ervin Griffin, Jr. and Matt Benaka

Part 24: Payback Is A B*tch!!!

After injuring himself trying to get at Ric Flair, Sting was forced out of action for six months with a dislocated patella!!! The NWA immediately named then NWA United States Champion Lex Luger as the number one challenger by virture of his holding the US belt (the US title is traditionally the number one contender). Flair and Ole & Arn Anderson tried similar intimidation tactics with Luger but Luger would not back down. In fact, during an showing of World Championship Wrestling, Luger laid out Flair and both Andersons single-handedly!!!

Then came WrestleWar '90 and the NWA World Title Match. Sting made a surprise appearance during the bout to pump Luger up!!! This surprise showing motivated Luger to nearly defeat Flair for the title when the Andersons jumped Sting and tried to re-injure his left knee!!! Luger, who had Flair in his "Human Torture Rack" backbreaker, chose to go outside to help Sting!!! A noble gesture but one that costed him the match as Flair retained the title by countout.

Over the next few months, Ole Anderson stepped down from the Horsemen and added Sid Vicious and Barry Windham to the group to form the fifth carnation of the Four Horsemen. During this period, Flair lost a lot of matches by countout and disqualification to both Lex Luger and the late Junkyard Dog!!! Waiting in the wings, however, was Sting!!!

In early June, Sting made a surprise appearance at a Clash Of The Champions special from Charleston, SC. He (along with Paul "Mr. Wonderful" Orndorff, Luger, El Gigante and The Steiners) saved JYD from a five on one attack from the Horsemen!!! This led to an unscheduled match between Sting and Flair as the card was going off the air!!! The NWA then mandated that Sting and Flair would face in Baltimore, MD at The Great American Bash on Saturday July 7, 1990 in a DQ waived bout for the NWA title. In short, if Flair was DQ'ed, the title goes to Sting. Also, JYD, the Steiners and Orndorff would be allowed to be at ringside to prevent interference from the Horsemen and El Gigante would be handcuffed to Ole Anderson. The clamps were being put on Flair for this one!!!

NEXT: Payback Is A B*tch, pt. 2

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Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian and also contributes to the Ringside Insider on a regular basis. Many of his previous articles are available in the Articles section of the website. Check out Ervin's Pro-Wrestling Fan Fiction web site.

Saturday Night RAW Report

This special edition of RAW opens with stills from the main event at SummerSlam then goes to the opening montage. The program is on tape this week.

Mr. McMahon strides to the ring with a big smile on his face. He says that a (mispronounced) "Machlevelian" plan will be unveiled on Stone Cold Steve Austin on September 27th (the date of the next PPV by some strange coincidence). He makes fun of Austin's appearance on the Regis and Cathy Lee Show, his statement that he had gained respect for the Undertaker. He turns his guns on the Undertaker and Kane, saying they are not "terrifying" the other wrestlers anymore. The crowd starts up an "a$$h*le" chant which causes Vince to refer to the brothers with language that has to be bleeped out (rhymes with "wussies"). Kane and UT show up and he hightails it through the crowd.

DOA (w/Paul Ellering) vs. Steve Blackman/Ken Shamrock - the last time we saw Blackman and Shamrock they were tossing each other around the ring. Shamrock starts the match with Eightball, puts him down then tags in Blackman. The "Lethal Weapon" promptly misses a drop-kick and surrenders the advantage. Undertaker and Kane invade the ring and spoil the match. Shamrock ends up on the outside brawling with DOA while the two brothers beat up on Blackman. DOA abandon the ring area with the brothers following while Blackman is left injured in the ring.

Val Venis and someone are doing the nasty in the back as we cut to commercial.

Replay of some of Vince's comments earlier followed by video of Kane's supposed sledgehammer attack on Mick Foley.

Val Venis vs. Vader - a quick cut to a young lady in the audience shows that she has no interest in photgraphing Mr. Cheese - she deftly pops the lens cap back on as the TV camera lingers on her. Vader doesn't find Val sexy either. Dustin Runnels is walking throught the audience with his religious sign. I wonder who "he" really is..? In the ring Vader is squashing the Cheese man (literally). A big splash offf the second rope almost gets him a pin. Now Bradshaw comes down and steps right into the ring to confront Vader. But here comes UT and Kane again - Bradshaw bails as Vader faces the duo - Val is just out of it from the recent splash. The brothers steamroll over Vader then split.

Michael Cole is backstage with the Rock and Mark Henry. They have a match against the new Tag Champions tonight and plan to win (well, duh...) Cut to commercial.

New Age Outlaws vs. Rocky Maivia/Mark Henry - Tag Team Title match - there is a gigantic "Rocky Sucks" sign on camera as the challengers enter the ring. The Champs strut to the ring with their usual aplomb (heavy sarcasm intended). The Dog does his intro as the audience follows the script. Billy has the same two words for us as always... The fourteen year olds sing along then switch to the "Rocky Sucks" chant. Billy and the Rock start the match. Billy wins the initial exchange then the Rock punches him out of his boots. Billy comes right back and then hands off to JJ who grabs a headlock and holds on for dear life until Maivia thumbs his eye. Henry comes in and the Dog is reeling. The challengers start working on the weak link in turn. Maivia drops the "People's Elbow" and forces Billy to come in and prevent the pin. Henry tags in and grabs a big bearhug. Dog escapes momentarily so Henry mows him down then misses a splash. But the Dog is too far gone to get a tag. He finally crawls over just as Maivia comes back in. Billy is a house afire then all four guys are in. Henry and the Dog are battling inside while Billy and the Rock brawl on the floor. Chyna runs in and attacks Henry causing the DQ. Cut to commercial.

Replay of Chyna's attack before the break.

Tiger Ali Singh goes through his litany about how degraded all us Americans are. Meanwhile Babu stuffs his face with sardines. Singh offers $500 to any woman who will come down and French kiss his smelly companion. Singh compliments the young volunteer on her looks then adds an extra hundred to the wad. The girl has a pierced tongue and lasts way past the 5 seconds. Babu peels off 6 - $100 bills and tosses them on the mat as Kane and UT approach the ring. Both of our foreign friends get chokeslammed before we cut to commercial. Shows you what they will do for money...

Southern Justice vs. the Headbangers - SJ attack the Bangers as they enter the ring then Knight pairs off against Mosh. The Bangers are one of the few teams that have better Tag Team continuity then Southern Justice and turns things around almost immediately. But then Canterbury comes in and retakes the advantage. Thrasher is soon being isolated by the larger team. As usual it is Knight who blows the advantage by rushing into the corner and missing an elbow smash but he recovers with a Slop Drop (or "Problem Solver" as they are now calling it) and gets the pin. In the back, UT and Kane are using a sledge hammer to knock down Mr. McMahon's door. He isn't there, much to their consternation. Cut to commercial.

D'Lo Brown vs. X-Pac - European Title match - the match is pretty even throught the opening moments until D'Lo starts to assert his superior size using liberal use of his chest protector. X-Pac takes it for a minute or two then comes roaring back. He rides the bronc in the corner then rushes right into a crotch shot. Still he isn't finished - but Jeff Jarrett runs in and attacks him causing the DQ. Here come UT and Kane again as X-Pac and Jarrett brawl on the outside. D'Lo is alone in the ring but is joined by the Rock as the two brothers confront him. D'Lo grabs the title belt and splits, leaving the Rock to take a chokeslam for his trouble. Cut to commercial. So far this program has been a less-then-steller effort...

Marc Mero (w/Jaquelyn) vs. Edge - Edge enters through the crowd which starts up a faint "Sable" chant as the match begins. Mero gets the early advantage with a series of clotheslines but Edge comes back with a Flap Jack to turn the tables. He dumps Mero to the outside then dives on him in spectacular fashion. Gangrel runs in and attacks Edge. Mero and his lady decide to leave but run into the Scary Brothers on the ramp. Jaquelyn retreats as Mero is creamed. In the ring the antagonists have been separated and Gangrel is smiling his bloody grin as we cut to commercial.

Jim Ross interviews Al Snow and head. Crazy stuff - he talks to a manequin head for gosh sakes!! They explore his rising popularity during his tour of ECW and talk about the incident where Snow confronted JR before his previous departure from the WWF. He still wants a meeting with McMahon (or...the head does...?) He stops to argue with the head during the session. At least UT and Kane didn't break into the interview... P>UT amd Kane are roaming the halls as we return.

The Oddities (w/Luna and Insane Clown Posse) vs. LOD 200/Droz - Hawk joins the dancing of his opponents before the match. His partners are disgusted with him, of course. He leaves the ring to dance with the Clowns then attacks them out on the floor. Inside the match has started and somehow Hawk inserts himself into it. He tags in Kurrgan who puts a boot in his face. That brings in the rest of the crew from both sides - in the confusion Hawk gets powerbombed and pinned by the Giant Silva. He still wants to dance... Cut to commercial.

The Brothers are out in the garage now and tearing up the place.

Too Much vs. Los Borequas (Jesus/Miguel) - it's been a while since we've seen Los Boringuys. They assert their size advantage to start the match. Too Much are just sneaky - and that way lies success in this match. In the end their teamwork proves to be superior as well. Suddenly Taylor knocks Christopher off the apron and for a moment the Borequas take the advantage. Judicious double-teaming bring Too Much back to the top and they win the match fairly suddenly after a flying legdrop to the back of Jesus' head by Chrstopher. Cut to commercial.

Scorpio vs. Dubba J - Jarrett sports a buzz cut and a new attitude. Sort of ersatz Steve Austin. Scorpio outwrestles him for the most part, knocks him to the floor and then hits a baseball slide on him. They brawl out on the floor then re-enter the ring so Jarrett can turn the tables. He grabs a reverse chinlock to ground his high flying opponent. Scorpio fights his way to his feet and downs his opponent but can't get the pin. He goes for a moonsault but misses it. Jarrett puts him on the corner buckle and hits a super-plex. X-Pac runs uin and attacks Jarrett - another screw-job ending... Here come the Bobsey Twins. They grab Scorpio and destroy him - Jarrett has split. McMahon re-emerges with that big smile as the Brothers put a spiked Tombstone on Scorpio. They spot him then and go after him as we fade to black...

I guess they figured nobody would be watching...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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