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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Wars Edition

Sunday Night Heat Leads the WWF Pack This Week

Austin to Face UT and Kane in a Triple-Threat Match for the Title

Hogan wants Bret Hart tossed
off the War Games Team!

but JJ Dillon nixes that idea

The Warrior Starts His Revolution

Volume 3, Issue 357 - September 7, 1998

Sunday Night Heat Report

With RAW being pre-empted it became obvious that for the next couple of weeks, the Sunday program will be where the main WWF storyline advances will be taking place. Therefore, I am going to be reporting on both RAW and SNH until RAW returns to it's regular schedule

The program opens with an entrance by Gangrel. JR says that Vince McMahon will be revealing his "master plan" tonight.

Gangrel vs. Togo - this is a squash match plain and simple. Gangrel maintains his undefeated streak. We get a little tease concerning the Sable/Jaquelyn feud then a home video of Marc Mero presenting Jaquelyn with a replacement trophy for the one she smashed over Sable's back. Cut to commercial.

Ken Shamrock vs. Bradshaw - Shamrock is greatly outweighed in this one. He starts strong but then is almost immediately overwhelmed by his opponent. Shamrock then switches to a hit and run strategy in order to take back the advantage. The match starts to see-saw when Vader runs in and attacks the Texan. So much for the scheduled match. The brawl goes to the outside leaving Shamrock to stew in the ring. Shamrock looks pretty outraged when Bradshaw is announced as the winner due to outside interference. Cut to commercial.

Road Dog (w/Billy Gunn) vs. Dennis Knight (w/Mark Canterbury) - the only way Jesse James can win this match is through guile and outside intereference. His opponent in bigger and a better wrestler. The match barely gets underway when Jeff Jarrett runs in and attacks the Dog. He is followed closely by X-Pac who attacks Jarrett - so much for the scheduled match again.

We cut to clips from Mr. McMahon's rant from the beginning of last night's program followed by more clips from last night. Undertaker and Kane are observed in the back and then we cut to commercial.

The Undertaker/Kane vs. Animal/Droz - this is the debut of the UT/Kane tag team. As the match gets underway, Hawk calls in on the telephone to say that he is checking himself into rehab to take care of his personal problems. In the ring the match is going down in favor of the Scary Brothers. Droz is said to be under the weather. Animal is run into Kane who stands on the apron then UT chops his legs out from under him. He slaps on, of all things, a figure four leglock! Animal submits but UT won't let go. Droz tries to break it up but gets chokeslammed by Kane. Mr. McMahon appears on the platform to gloat. Cut to commercial.

Edge vs. Taka Michinoku - this is a massive mis-match. Taka is on the defensive from the get-go but manages to pull off a DDT and turn the tables. Edge comes right back and regains the advantage with his superior size and not inconsiderable speed for a big guy. Taka comes back moments later with a missle drop-kick then goes for the Michinoku driver. Edge reverses the hold into his Downward Spiral finisher. As the winner leaves the ring, UT and Kane appear dragging Jerry Brisco and Pat Patterson to the ring. UT orders McMahon to the ring saying his has ten seconds to keep his main lackeys from being dismantled. Vince doesn't appear so the stooges get creamed. Cut to commercial.

Steve Austin is shown out in the parkig lot talking on his cell phone. He has been summoned here for the revelation of McMahon's master plan.

D'Lo Brown vs. Val Venis - European Title match - this is a rematch from SummerSlam. Mr. Cheese gives us a typical double-entendre introductory speech. He then meets Brown as he comes down the aisle. The match gets started on the outside then quickly goes to the ring where Vebnis at first dominates the action. Dustin Runnels is out spreading the word of God as usual. In the ring the match is in see-saw mode but Val seems to have his opponent's number. He bulls the Champ into the corner and whales on him until the referee backs him away. As they argue, D'Lo is undoing the corner pad so that when Venis rushes in he hits naked steel. D'Lo gets a quick pin - possibly Val Venis' first defeat. An enraged Mr. Cheese gets his revenge by knocking Brown down, removing the chest protector, donning it and hitting D'Lo with the "Money Shot". Cut to commercial.

Mr. McMahon is in the ring as we return. He is wearing black, he says, because he is in "mourning". He predicts the "death" of Steve Austin's title reign at the next PPV. The crowd chants "a$$h*le" as they did last night. The Undertaker's music plays and he enters followed by Kane. McMahon leaves the ring as they enter and addresses them from the arena floor. He offers an apology for his remarks toward the two of them, calling them the "single most destructive force in the WWF". He tells UT that he deserves a rematch for the WWF Title - and the same goes for Kane. He then calls Austin to the ring. The four of them now stand in the ring, McMahon looking less then comfortable and the crowd chants a combination of "Bullsh*t" and "Austin". Vince says that he doesn't understand what the fans see in him, and starts to rant - a put down of Austin and his reign. He announces that Austin will defend his Title against UT and Kane in a Triple Threat match. The program ends abruptly.

Nitro Report

Not surprisingly without any competition, Nitro scored big in the ratings last week despite their rather mediocre program. It will be interesting to see whether they will keep to that pattern this week.

The camera rushes back to the locker room area where the Warrior has put grafitti in the Hulkster's dressing room. The outraged Hogan and his thugs then run out to the back in time to see an ambulance driving away. They head to the ring which they carefully check underneath before the ranting begins. Bischoff and Hogan demand that the Warrior show himself. Hogan is livid and raving. He throws Bret Hart off the War Games team and substitutes the Giant. He also seems to be inviting the Warrior to wade through the various nWo members in order to get to himself. Tony speculates that it was Scott Norton and Brian Adams who were hauled away earlier. Cut to commercial.

Nitro is live from Pennsecola, Florida and this is this is the third anniversary program.

Konnan vs. Bull Pain - this is the same Bull Pain as I remember, he has dropped some of his bulk - leaner and meaner I guess. Konnan dominates the early going, outwrestling the powerhouse until he gets trapped in a corner. He rolls out to the floor then Pain throws a suicide dive off the apron and connects. Back in the ring, Pain quickly climbs to the top and splashes the "Bowdy Bowdy" one. That's the last we see of his offense. Konnan catches him with a back kick, a face drop and slaps on the Tequilla Sunrise. The announcers are reminding us that there is a cage match between DDP and Curt Hennig and that the last time WCW came to this arena was the night that Hennig slammed Flaur's head in the cage door.

The announcers are confirming that the two nWo members have been put on the shelf. Cut to clips from last week involving Hogan and Bret Hart and their dust up then the Warrior's appearance following the main event.

Mean Gene is with JJ Dillon and wants to know what the deal is with the nWo War Games team. He says that Hart has a contract to wrestle in the War Games match and that Hogan can't change horses in mid-stream. Cut to commercial.

A sign just over Mean Gene's shoulder has my name on it as he introduces Diamond Dallas Page. I think the sign is probably referring to the Hurricane by the same name :-) Okerlund wants to know if DDP plans to join the Wolf Pack. Page says he doesn't like to be told what to do and says he has mixed feelings about it. He is chaffing at the implied threat that was part of Nash's offer of membership. Nash shows up mic in hand and says "If you're not with me you're against me..." in so many words. Page says he doesn't trust Nash because of "history" which he recites. Sting and Luger join the conversation and Luger tries some persuasion. Page comes back with more reasons not to trust Nash. Sting then has his say, implying that they can trust Nash because they have already been jack knifed by him (huh...?) He then suggests a match for tonight pitting Page/Piper vs. two members of Wolf Pack (appropos of what I can't fathom...) Page excepts and thus the main event is set. Cut to commercial.

Mean Gene invites Roddy Piper to the ring. By the way, I read some commentary this week questioning Piper's continuing to be "the Commissioner" asking, "So what is Dillon's job" - Dillon is the Chairman of the Championship Committee. Piper comes to the ring and objects to his being drafted for this tag match tonight. He reminds everyone that there aren't really any "teams" for War Games - it's 9 guys in two rings and the last one standing gets a Title shot. He then agrees to tag up with Page later.

Tribute video to the Nitro Grrrls.

Lenny Lane vs. Wrath - Lane seems determined to point up his resemblance to Chris Jericho these days. One thing that won't resemble his idol will be the results of this match. WCW continues to give Brian Clark less-then-adequate competition. Wrath just steamrolls over his opponent. By the time the "Meltdown" is applied, Lane is way past out of it.

In Hogan's in his locker room again and we now see that the Disciple has been hogtied and strung up - upside down against the Warrior symbol on the wall. Cut to commercial.

Bret Hart heads to the ring as we return. After he arrives, the nWo music starts up. Hennig, Stevie Ray and Vincent come down to join Hart in the ring. Sting then shows up bat in hand and chases away the thugs. He hands the bat to Hart then turns his back on him, an old ploy from the "Crow" character days. Sting splits leaving Hart in the ring. Cut to commercial.

The subject of this weeks "Profile" interview is Rick Steiner. He speaks coherently for a change (reminding us that he holds a Bacholers' Degree in Education) and warns his brother not to trust his nWo cohoorts.

Evan Kouragious vs. Scott Steiner - Buff Bagwell invades the broadscast position for this match. Steiner grabs a mic and taunts his brother referring to what we just saw. He turns to Kourageous and says, "I left your opponent laying in the back...", implies that the youngster has a choice about whether or not to face him - then attacks. Kourageous is squashed as Bagwell makes annoying comments from the sidelines.

Nitro Grrrls dance on the platform then we cut to the latest Nittro Party video then to commercial.

Hector Garza vs. Juventud Guerrera - Cruiserweight Title match - Garza is making his return to Nitro after several months on the shelf with a knee injury. Garza has a decided size advantage over his opponent but the action is fast and furious as they two competitors fly around the ring. Garza eventually asserts his authority for a few moments but then impales himself on the corner buckle. He rolls out and is on the receiving end of a inside-to-out plancha. Back inside Garza catches the flying Juvey with a kick and turns the tables. He slaps on a version of a rocking chair submission hold but Juvey turns it into a sunset flip and escapes. Garza is up in a hurry and grabs control again. He applies a reverse double-underhook but Juvey escapes once more. They criss-cross and Garza drops the Champ on his face. Juvey comes right back and they struggle for control until Juvey hits a missle drop-kick. Positioned on the top, Guerrera tries to apply a Frankensteiner but Garza blocks it and reverses it to a powerbomb. The match see-saws again and then Juvey hits his Driver for the finish.

Mean Gene calls Curt Hennig to the ramp for an interview. Hennig calls Arn Anderson a coward for turning his back on the Horsemen, and Rude agrees. Hennig then turns his scorn on Dean Malenko - calls him a horses behind and predicts victory for himself in the cage tonight...and Rude agrees. Cut to commercial.

Ernest Miller vs. Kaos (of High Voltage) - Miller starts to lock up then decides to pantomime a few karate moves first. They lock up and Kaos grabs a wristlock - Miller tosses him off then they go through the same routine again. On the third lockup, Kaos demonstrates his superior wrestling technique and ties Miller up for a moment. As soon as he gets loose he starts using his karate blows. Kaos is a big guy and not so easily felled until he tries and misses a flying Double Ax-handle blow. The Cat puts him down with a round kick and gets the pin then issues a challenge to anyone in the locker room. He gets no response (probably because nobody cares) so he splits. Where is Glacier when we need him..? Cut to commercial.

Chris Adams vs. Stevie Ray - Stevie wears white with black in defiance of nWo custom. He still has the Harlem Heat flames on his legs. Adams is the better wrestler here and also has talented feet but suffers under a distinct size disadvantage. Stevie asserts himself after the first couple of exchanges. He beats his opponent down then grabs the Englishman's traps in a nerve hold. Adams escapes but is mowed down again. They continue in this vein until Adams delivers a suplex and then hits an insiguri. Vincent provides distraction at this point so that Stevie Ray can blindside his opponent then get the Flapjack and the pin. Cut to commercial.

Another Nitro Grrrls video identifies them all by name. I'll take Whisper...

Kanyon. Raven and Lodi appear then beacon to Saturn to join them as they head to the ring. Raven takes the mic and starts taunting Saturn. He makes Lodi force Saturn to be Riggs' opponent tonight. Riggs attacks as Saturn enters and takes the upper hand to start. Lodi is exorting Saturn to fight back, to "entertain us" as Riggs continues to dominate with consecutive blows. Saturn finally comes back with a back round kick and now it's all Saturn as raven continues to razz him. He tosses his opponent out to the floor at Raven's feet and now Raven is exorting Riggs to "fight back". The crowd is telling Raven he sucks. Back in the ring Saturn has the match if he wants it but turns to stare Raven down. Riggs tries to attack but Saturn turns back and finishes him off. Raven comes in and has Lodi order Saturn to break Riggs fingers. Saturn refuses so Raven gives him the choice - either break Riggs' fingers or suffer that fate himself. Saturn chooses to allow Raven to break his fingers. A trainer comes out to examine Saturn's hand but Saturn won't allow it.

More Nitro Grrrrls... Cut to commercial.

Jim Neidhart vs. Chris Jericho - TV Title match - Neidhart has a huge power and experience advantage - but Jericho has everything else going for him.The Anvil holds his own but inevitably, he is going down. Jericho is a little too cocky for his own good and suffers because of it as Neidhart runs him over several times. Jericho knocks his opponent to the floor and then tries to splash him but gets caught in mid-air and run into the corner post. Back in the ring Jericho regains the advantage and struggles to execute the Liontamer, but Neidhart is too powerful to turn over. Jericho leans into it a second time and Neidhart apparently taps out. Afterwards he denies that he did.

Eddie Guerrero appears on the platform wearing a "ban the pencil" t-shirt. He claims that his back is hurt and he can't wrestle. He threatens Bischoff with a lawsuit by implication (if not directly). Then he says he's giving himself the night off. Cut to commercial.

The cage is lowered onto the ring as we return. It is a cyclone fence type with a roof that sits on the apron. Hennig makes his entrance and then we cut to commercial.

Curt Hennig (w/Rick Rude) vs. Dean Malenko - Cage/Grudge match - with this kind of cage, Rude will have some difficulty interfering unless he can get through the door or control the winch that raises and lowers the enclosure. Hennig attacks as soon as Malenko enters the ring and we are underway. Malenko comes right back and neither man seems to be able to really gain a lasting advantage. Hennig tries to open the door but Malenko blindsides him. Next, Hennig tries to escape by clinging to the top of the cage but gets jerked off onto his back. He is right up and reverses a whip to put Malenko shoulder first into the corner. Now it is all Hennig. Maleniko prevents himself from being rammed into the cage wall but can't regain control. Hennig puts on a short-arm scissors - a move we rarely see these days. He releases Malenko and starts putting the boots to his back and head. Whipped into the corner, Malenko catches Hennig rushing in but Hennig comes roaring back and retains his advantage. Hennig is working on his opponent's left arm and shoulder. For the most part the cage is not figuring too much in this match (except for keeping Rude out). Malenko is putting up a tremendous fight with boots and his right arm. Hennig is trying to enrage him to keep him off balance. He grabs Malenko by the mouth and demands that he give up. Malenko is beaten but unbowed. Hennig grabs a cross-arm breaker as he continues his wrestling lesson. He then releases Malenko then spears him into the cage wall shoulder first. Moments later Hennig turns to say something to Rude and hands the initiative to Malenko. Hennig is smashed repeatedly into the wall. He applies the Texas Cloverleaf and has Hennig beat but in the process he has knocks the referee out! Bischoff and his thugs unlock the cage door and attack Malenko. They are about to smash his head in the cage door when Arn Anderson runs in and clears the ring area!! He faces Stevie Ray in the cage and takes him out! Malenko is recovering and Anderson looks ready to fight the world as we cut to commercial.

Goldberg vs. Scott Putsky - WCW World Title match - GIVE ME A MAJOR BREAK!!! The "Putz" is not worthy of a Title challenge - he shouldn't even be in the same building with Goldberg!. They let him apply one suplex and then he is squashed. Why bother with this one..? Cut to commercial...please...

No...we get Nitro Grrrls first...then cut to commercial.

Michael Buffer introduces the the main event with his usual aplomb. HHH can do all the stupid impressions he wants but he can't touch this guy with a ten foot pole.

Sting/Lex Luger vs. Diamond Dallas Page/Roddy Piper - so DDP doesn't get his druthers in this match, Kevin Nash is nowhere to be seen. Piper and DDP enter separately after Luger and Sting are already in the ring. Page makes his way to the ring through the crowd. Piper and DDP get into an arguement right away about who should start the match. Page takes the point and faces Luger to start. Tuger throws Page off then Piper comes in a house afire and is all over the "Package". He takes the fight to the floor and runs Luger into the steps. Back in the ring he puts Luger down again then tags Page in. Page almost gives up the advantage but then pulls it out and gets a two count. Luger comes roaring back and tags in Sting who lays into DDP with a vengence - ending the string with a Jumping DDT. Piper jumps in which brings in Luger and the match starts to break down. To further disintigrate things, Nash comes down and attacks DDT then Jack Knife's him. The match is thrown out and we cut to commercial. Tony says we have much more to come but there is only 5 minutes left (including the commercial time).

Here comes Hogan and the Giant to get the last word. Hogan carries a folding chair. Hogan says that they have been looking for the Warrior all night but haven't been able to find him. Hogan reassserts that the Warrior has to get through the Giant to take him on. He has the cage lowered and invites the Warrior to come on down. As he nears the end of the rant the cage fills with smoke and the Warrior appears sitting on a chair. The Giant is laid out and Hogan is trapped with his worst nightmare. Bischoff comes running down. The Warrior doffs his duster and rushes Hogan who steps aside and hits him with his chair. Warrior is unaffected and Hogan bails. Bischoff relocks the cage leaving Warrior in the cage with the still unconscious Giant. The smoke returns and the Warrior vanishes. The program ends.

Well, they tried a little harder this week...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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