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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Friday Morning Edition

Bret Hart Tags Up with Lex Luger!

Arn and Bischoff to Arm Wrestle
for Flairs Right to Return

Stylin' And Profilin':
The Legend Of Ric Flair: Part 25

by Ervin Griffin, Jr. and Matt Benaka

Volume 3, Issue 358 - September 11, 1998
I will be going on a two week vacation starting Tuesday - therefore there will be no Friday Edition of the Newsletter next week or the following week. I will be around for both Mondays so there will be a Tuesday Morning Report as usual. I will also be covering the WCW PPV this Sunday with the usual Interactive Report

Scott Braddock sent me this item - thanks Scott!

"The Anvil" arrested on bad check charge

Pensacola FL--Professional Wrestler James Henry Neidhart, who goes by the ring name "Jim the Anvil" was arrested for writing a worthless $174.20 check to a Publix supermarket in Lutz, FL (near Tampa) two years ago, police said.

Neidhart, a Land O' Lakes resident, was in Pensacola to participate in "Monday Night Nitro", a World Championship Wrestling event hours earlier that was televised nationally on the TNT cable channel.

Neidhart, 43, was sitting in a car parked in the middle of a street just after 4 a.m. when an officer questioned him. The officer ran a computer check which showed he was wanted for writing a bad check.

Stylin' And Profilin': The Legend Of Ric Flair

By Ervin Griffin, Jr. and Matt Benaka

Part 25: Payback Is A B*tch, pt. 2

Faced with a virtually airtight match, then NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair still was a slight odds on favorite in this match against Sting. What I mean is that even though everything was in Sting's favor, the fact remains that he was gone for six months and the left knee would be a weak point.

Well, along came July 7, 1990. Sting and Flair came to meet for the first time since December 15, 1989. Sting looked surprisingly good for a man who had been gone for as long as he was with a career threatining injury!!! Flair, to his credit, gave Sting all that he could handle!!! The Four Horsemen were not a factor at all thanks to the late Junkyard Dog, The Steiners and Paul "Mr. Wonderful" Orndorff. Sting, however, did make a critical mistake late in the match when he tried to nail Flair in the corner with his bad knee!!! Flair moved out of the way and saw the opportunity to get in his figure-four leglock to not only win the match but put Sting out for good!!! Sting was ready though as he put Flair in a reverse roll up as Flair was applying the figure four. Sting got the three count and a new NWA Champion was crowned!!! Sting was surprisingly gracious in a post match interview about Flair. He called Flair "the greatest world's champion of all time" and said that he had a long way to go before he could consider himself in that category. Off the subject, I think that the old Sting was definitely a legend but the Sting of today just doesn't measure up!!! Flair, even at his age now, would probably kill him now!!!

Anyway, Flair would go six months without a world title. In between rematches with Sting, he also had a heated bout with Scott Steiner and he and Arn Anderson feuded with then NWA World Tag Team Champions DOOM (Butch Reed/Ron Simmons). During this period, The Black Scorpion made his appearance and was playing mindgames with Sting. Now, from what I understand, Flair was a last minute choice to have as the main BS. Originally, Randy Savage was supposed to play that part but he signed a long term deal with the WWF at that time and was unable to come to the NWA. Flair was not supposed to be part of the angle at all but when the Savage deal fell (as well as a rumored deal with The Ultimate Warrior who was WWF Champion then), Flair was asked to take the role. Flair did and jobbed to Sting at Starrcade '90 in December of 1990 and was unmasked!!!

This turned into a great set up as Sting was really angry!!! Flair then returned to the Meadowlands in New Jersey (site of one of his greatest title matches in 1984 against Rick Steamboat) to face Sting again for the title. This match was dominated mostly by Sting but Flair hung in there until he got a break!!! Sting and Flair collided in the center of the ring!!! Flair fell on top of Sting and put his feet on the ropes (as well as take Sting's left foot off of the ropes) to secure the pinfall and win his eighth world title, thus breaking the mark set by Harley Race (Flair would not be recognized as an eight time NWA Champion until 1993 when he beat Barry Windham for the belt).

Flair would reign as NWA Champion from January 1991 until late June 1991. I should also note that in January, WCW broke off on its own and became a seperate entity from the NWA. Flair was still being recognized by the NWA as their champion and WCW decided to name him as WCW Champion as well. (The NWA recognition was later taken away when Flair went to the WWF) So, Flair was the first WCW World Champion. He held off challenges from El Gigante, Sting, the late Brian Pillman and from then IWGP Champion Tatsumi Fujinami in a great two match series. Then, in June of 1991, WCW announced that Flair had left the area. This announcement was greeted with sadness, anger and anticipation because WCW was in the position that the WWF is facing now. A limited number of big names.

Nothing was heard from Flair until August 1991 when Bobby "The Brain" Hennan showed up on WWF SuperStars with the NWA World Title belt!!! He announced then that Ric Flair was coming to the WWF and he was coming for one reason. That reason was Hulk Hogan.

NEXT: A Year In The WWF

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Thunder Report

Thunder comes to us live from Ruff Arena in Lexington, Kentucky tonight.

After the opening hype we hear the nWo Hollywood theme. Hogan, Bischoff and several of the nWo thugs make their way to the ring. Hogan says that he has it all under control for War Games. He says that he also has the Warrior's number - just like the last time... Me thinks his memory has gone awry. He expects to walk out of War Games with the Title shot and doesn't seem to be concerned about Bret Hart. Hogan announces that they will have a match on next week's Nitro. Cut to commercial.

Juventud Guerrera vs. Silver King - Cruiserweight Title match - before we go to the match we get a rant from Chris Jericho saying that he deserves a security phalanx ala Goldberg - so he has hired some of his own. As usual the challenger has the definite size advantage in this match. Silver King is also very agile and uses his low center of gravity well. He pulls off a great move when he elevates his opponent then drop-kicks him in mid-air. Then he throws the advantage away by going for a moonsault and missing. The match goes out to the floor where Silver King tosses a chair to the Champ and then drop-kicks it into his face! The referee calls for the disqualification as they re-enter the ring.

Tony is with JJ Dillon at the foot of the ramp. Dillon reveals that he has been doing some investigation into the whereabouts of Scott Hall and says that Hall has been spending his time at the beach and on the golf course. He tells us that a match has been scheduled for Hall against Konnan at the PPV on Sunday. Cut to commercial.

We go to a tape of something that happened during the break in the back. Jim Neidhart and the British Bulldog attack Lex Luger before the Security team breaks it up.

Wrath vs. Chris Jericho - TV Title match - it's about time they gave Brian Clark some competition. Jericho's "security detail" is an old man and and another putz who can't seem to find their way into the ring. They end up out in the parking lot where Jericho reveals that they aren't actually locked out by pulling the door part way open then closing it and pretending that he can't get in. Wrath watches this on the video wall then stalks out to let him in. He kicks the door open then chases Jericho around the parking lot as the two of them are counted out. Too bad...but it was pretty funny. Cut to commercial.

Tony sets up a video of Jim Duggan making a statement in the ring on Tuesday night in Mobile. He talks about his history in the sport. He reveals that he has been diagnosed with cancer and that he is going in for surgery. He is weeping as he talks about his daughters and his hope that the cancer will be removed. He tells the crowd (and us) that he loves us and hopes to be back. Good luck Hacksaw...

Kanyon vs. Rick Densmore - Kanyon makes a statement before the match, calling himself the "Innovator of Offense" and protesting that he is being paired up against this "nobody". He says that he is going to have Lodi send Saturn out to take the match. He specifies that Lodi should tell Saturn that he can't hit Kanyon. Saturn walks to the ring carrying a "Lodi Rulz" sign. In the ring he switches to a "Lodi's Not Here" sign. No fool, Kanyon catches on that this means that Saturn hasn't been instructed not to hit him. Saturn suplexes him then whips him piller-to-post, then sticks Kanyon's thumb into the corner buckle and breaks it! Raven appears on the platform and orders the Flock to attack Saturn. They comply but he fights them all off with ease. Raven and Saturn have words concerning what will happen at the PPV. They don't agree of course. Cut to WCW Motorsports.

Steve McMichael vs. Curt Hennig - there has been a lot of speculation that Mongo will be the first casualty of the reformed Horsemen. I don't think so. I think that is just wishful thinking by the McMichael detractors on the Internet. Mongo starts off strong and really lays into Hennig. Of course his assault only lasts until Hennig regains his composure then it is all Hennig. His strategy is to attack the left leg of his opponent and he is quite effective at it. He lays Mongo out then slaps him. This wakes Mongo up and as soon as he regains his feet he is all over Hennig. Stevie Ray appears on the apron to distract McMichael so he can be blindsided by Hennig then Slap Jacked. Buff Bagwell throws a chair to Hennig but before he can use it Dean Malenko runs is and prevents clears the ring. Then Arn Anderson runs in with a 2X4 and that seals the deal. The nWo guys retreat. Tony says he's going to go talk to Anderson in the ring. Cut to commercial.

Tony calls Arn back into the ring. He asks Arn to explain his actions. Arn is livid about what has been going down. He turns to Malenko and says that he's not saying that the Horsemen are coming back but that he has changed his miind about Malenko and would be proud to call him a Horseman. This brings Eric Bischoff to the ring. He says that it is his call if there will ever be a new Four Horsemen. He demands that Arn tell him (Bischoff) who he works for. Arn refuses to name Bischoff so Eric says it for him. He then pulls out Arn's book (I'm glad to see it exists - I haven't seen my copy yet) and questions whether Arn was authorized to write a book while under contract to WCW. He then starts insulting Ric Flair and gets choked for his trouble! He backs away but asserts that he is Arn's boss then challenges him to an arm wrestling contest with the prize being Ric Flair's return to the ring. Arn agrees - seems like Flair really is on his way back. Cut to commercial.

Lodi shows up at the broadcast position and says that Saturn threw him into the river. He pulls a fish out of his tights. Funny stuff.

Jim Neidhart/Davey Boy Smith vs Lex Luger - this was supposed to be a singles match between Luger and Smith but apparently Luger wanted this two-on-one situation. I always knew Luger was a lame-brain... He devastates them at the beginning but eventually succombs to their overwhelming attack. Bret Hart comes to the ring as they are doubleteaming Luger - he jaws with them and then they turn to attack Luger again. Hart then attacks his brothers-in-law and becomes Luger's partner! Luger tags him in and Bret goes to work. He subdues Neidhart then tags Luger back in. Luger racks Neidhart as Hart holds off the Bulldog until Neidhart submits. After the match, Hart offers a high five, which Luger accepts. Cut to commercial.

Replay of Dillon's announcement earlier concerning Scott Hall.

Disco Inferno (w/Alex Wright) vs. Konnan - Disco wants to know why he and Wright haven't been asked to join the Wolf Pack. They say their ready to join. Konnan says they don't run with "saps" so he gets attacked. Wright leaves the ring and the match is underway. Konnan makes short work of his opponent and wraps him up in the Tequilla Sunrise.

On video from earlier today Mike Tenay attempts to interview the Armstrongs but Ernest Miller shows up to interrupt. They tell him to back off and he complies. They resumes the interview but then Miller comes back and attacks. A "fan" (maybe) decides to get involved and they are separated by security guys then hustled away from camera range. Cut to commercial.

Tony is in the ring as we return and calls Roddy Piper to the ring. You can tell that Piper is not here to fight tonight because he is wearing his sporin (that's the pouch that hangs in front of his kilt). He rants about War Games until he is interrupted by Diamond Dallas Page from the gallery. He reminds Piper of a few home truths - that he (DDP) didn't ask to be the team captain, that he (DDP) didn't ask Piper to join the team and that they both wanted the Warrior to participate. Then he agrees that the War Games will be and everybody-for-himself situation. Cut to commercial.

Goldberg vs. Rick Fuller - Gosh, what a great championship event! (heavy sarcasm intended) I can't remember the last time the World Champ had a decent opponent. I suppose it was the match with Meng a couple of weeks ago. Fuller matches the Champ size-wise but give me a major break...please. Fuller hardly even tries to defend himself at the beginning. He finally does get in a kick and a whip but that is the extent of his offense. Hogan and the Disciple hit the ring suddenly and try to doubleteam the Champ, but he clears the ring in a flash then finishes Fuller off. Cut to commercial.

Stevie Ray (w/Vincent) vs. Kevin Nash - Nash apes Hogan as he tears off his Wolf Pack shirt. He bulls his opponent into the corner and gets thumbed to the eye. He comes right back, refusing to surrender the advantage. Eventually he rushes into the corner to quickly and gets back elbowed. Now Stevie is a house afire plus Vincent is getting involved from the outside. Nash is reeling. Stevie grabs a reverse chinlock. Nash fights to his feet and delivers a low blow from behind. Now it is Nash in charge as he puts a boot upside his opponent's head. He goes for the Jack Knife and gets it even though Vincent attacks. The bell sounds as Nash powerbombs Vincent. Then Scott Hall appears in the ring and uses a weapon on Nash. Hogan and his thugs comes to the ring as Nash is out cold. Hall seems to be finished and drags Vincent out of the ring but then goes back to deliver some more punishment. Hall looks a little off balance through all of this. The thugs eventually depart and leave Nash lying in the ring. They arrive backstage to find more Warrior grafitti on the wall in the hallway as we fade to black.

This was a fast paced program - a step above the usual Thunder fare.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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