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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: Special Edition!

WCW/nWo Fall Brawl

Page will face Goldberg at Halloween Havoc!!

Arn Anderson Injured in Concerted Attack by Rude and Hennig

Ric Flair Speaks Out!

"Stealth" RAW Makes a Small Impression

Blanchard/Windham Win the NWA Tag Titles

Magnum T.A. at ringside as their manager

Sunday Night Heat Report

Volume 3, Issue 359 - September 13, 1998
I will be going on a two week vacation starting Tuesday - therefore there will be no Friday Edition of the Newsletter next week or the following week. I will be around for both Mondays so there will be a Tuesday Morning Report as usual.

Correction: Several people pointed out to me that it was Norman Smiley who tried to reprimand Ernest Miller the other night on Thunder

NWA World Tag Team Title Update

For the many readers who have asked me whatever happened to Magnum T.A., I am happy to report that he was at ringside last night managing Tully Blanchard and Barry Windham as they defeated the Border Patrol to win the NWA World Tag Team Titles in Lincolnton, North Carolina. Magnum was said to have interfered on the side of his charges and was intrumental in the outcome.

John Buckley sent this transcript (which he prepared himself) of Ric Flair's comments on a recent radio broadcast. Thanks John!

Transcript of Ric Flairs comments on the JohnBoy and Billy show Friday Sept 11, 1998

Ric Flair: Everytime I hear you guys crack on Clinton about his abuse of power, you know where my focus goes, because I never met a guy in my entire life that's used his power and abused people and personnel more than Bischoff, in my entire wrestling career. I've had to keep my mouth shut up till now, but D.O. told me today I could get on here and tell what I wanna say and that's a fact.

JohnBoy:..Bischoff is really..he's really a putz. I mean he's a*.

Ric Flair: Hes a scab player. Ya know what a scab player is. It's a guy that makes the team when the all pros are sitting home. Unbelieveable.

JohnBoy: and he really is. He's really like that. Its gone to his head..

Ric Flair: Its more than gone to his head, John Boy. Its to the point where its almost embarrassing and humiliating to be working for the guy. He puts that much squeeze on ya. That much pressure its unbelievable. He's what we call a mark. He's a mark for himself. He's a mark for Hulk Hogan. Ya know what a mark is. A mark is a guy that goes to the circus or to the carnival and stands in front of the wheel that you're never gonna win a game and spends ten bucks trying to win that rabbit. He's a mark.

JohnBoy: so are ya happy to be back?

Ric Flair: I'm not back yet. We're still in lawsuit. I'm gonna tell everybody this and I never thought I'd say it, cause I saw him humiliate my best friend last night. I'm going to Greenville and Doug Dillinger and every other policeman from Charlotte that works down there is gonna have to lock me up to keep me from going in that building cause if he lets me on that TV, I'm gonna speak my piece and I will tell the entire world what they didn't know about Eric Bischoff. Bottom line

JohnBoy: I'll tell ya what. We have never had as much outpouring and as much interest and..people missing you and just saying like it's a just hurt, ya know, could not believe that you, 13 time world champion Nature Boy out, ya know.Its kind of like if the NBA decided that Michael Jordan was getting to big for his britches and threw him out of the game. Or if Nascar said ya know this Richard petty guy is starting to get on my nerves.

Ric Flair: You know what, you guys are great. Now I don't want anybody out there in Nascar world to think I put myself on the same level as Richard Petty but I'm sure that when Richard Petty walks by Jeff Gordon pit, to this day they all snap to attention. Cause they know who the big daddy is. And Jeff might be the greatest driver on the track today, but he's about 150 victories away from where King Richard is ya know what I mean. I mean its just's a trickle down affect. I can not believe that Ted Turner has let an obnoxious, overbearing person with what I call selective memory, on promises that where heart found and heart felt, run a company like that. What he said last night, Johnny, he believes..Can you imagine him telling Arn Anderson on national TV that we wrestle in front of 12 hundred people a night? John Boy you know for a fact I've spent more money on spilt liquor in 1986 than he's gonna make in his entire career. And that was just at the Raleigh Hilton. Does he think that Kevin Green wanted to grow up being Eric Bischoff. I doubt it. Look at his hair. It ain't dyed black Wow!

JohnBoy: So the deal is Ric, you will be in the building in Greenville South Carolina Monday night?

Ric Flair: One way or another. If I have to get dressed up in drag I'm gonna be in the five oh Center. I prefer to be in a tuxedo Horseman style, but I'm gonna be there and if I can get my hands on a mike, I will tell the world what they need to hear firsthand about Mr Bischoff. Hey I love you guys, Ya know I missed talking to ya. I appreciate the support. I hear ya all the time. I know you guys say many nice things about me. I wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart.

JohnBoy: You are the man!

Ric Flair: Hey guys..Tuesday morning your gonna have a tail to tell your grandkids! Whoooo..

Some other odds and ends Ric Flair comments to end the show..

Hope everyone enjoyed reading.

It's hard to tell how this should be taken. It sounds like the set-up for an angle to me. Notice that Flair talks about Bischoff's "humiliation" of Arn on Thunder as if that wasn't an angle..? We can probably expect Flair to appear on Nitro Monday and make an "unscheduled shoot statement".

"Stealth" RAW Makes a Small Impression

After searching through my online cable listings for RAW on Saturday, I happened to be looking at the good old TV Guide around 7:40 PM and realized that RAW had started at 7!

Apparently a lot of the program consisted of "exclusive" footage features from recent PPV's including the "Lions' Den" match from SummerSlam and Sable in action from SummerSlam and WrestleMania.

There was a tag match in which Too Much was way overmatched by Southern Justice and Jeff Jarrett ended his match with Edge by braining him with his guitar.

Dustin Runnels took on Vader as Val Venis lurked about ringside. This was the best match I saw all night, as a matter of fact. Runnels was holding his own until he allowed Venis to distract him. A Vader bomb ended that one.

Al Snow and Head made an appearance in the ring, although he didn't wrestle. He occupied it and stated that he wouldn't leave until a "WWF official" came down. He got Patterson, Brisco and Slaughter - who Snow proceeded to berate, referring to them as "stooges" and making fun of their names. Slaugter read him the riot act but it went right over his head (no pun intended...). Brisco put in his two cents but Snow was on a roll. He wanted to know who his opponent would be - they all insisted that he wasn't scheduled to wrestle. So he administered a low blow to Patterson and then split.

Mark Henry and D'Lo Brown faced the Headbangers in turned out to be the sleeper match of the evening. The Bangers are probably the second best team in the WWF (right behind Southern Justice in their tag team continuity). Others, like Kane and UT or Owen Hart and the Rock are great because they consist of two devastating singles wrestlers, but when you talk about teamwork its hard to beat the Bangers and the Godwins. The match, by the way was going pretty good when Chyna ran in and spoiled it by attacking Henry. That part was fun to watch I have to admit. The Outlaws came out and rescued Henry by hauling the Amazon away.

The main event was an 8-man tag match featuring DX vs. Kaientai - I think the mistake that HHH always makes is letting the Road Dog, who is a much better mic talent, make his speech first and then following it with his lame Michael Buffer take-off. The match itself just pointed out the weaknesses of Jesse James' wrestling skills (he always seems to need a hand to make any headway) as the Japanese quartette ran circles around the WWF's top stable. Every time DX would get control they would tag in the Dog in and throw it away. Fortunately for them they had Billy and X-Pac to carry the team to victory.

One thing I have noticed recently is that X-Pac generally uses the old Wolf Pack version of the "crotch shot" gesture. Someone pointed out to me a few weeks ago that, although the gesture as a wrestling gimmick originated with the old Wolf Pack (Hall, Nash and Syxx), that DX did their own version which involved crossing the arms to form an "X". I kind of think of this as splitting hairs but I have been noticing that when X-Pac does it he usually eschews the crossed-arms version. Interesting...

WCW/nWo Fall Brawl Report

The announcers are talking about the "revised" rules for War Games. They cut to video of an altercation involving Ernest Miller before they went on the air. They tell us that DDP and Bret Hart will be the first entrants into the double cage. The announcers are saying that the revised War Games rules mean that it is possible for the match to be over before all 9 participants have entered the ring.

Mean Gene is starting a speech when he is interrupted by Chris Jericho who says that he is going to have a Title vs. Tile with Goldberg tonight. Okerlund says he has to confirm that.

The Dancing Fools vs. The British Bulldog/Jim Neidhart - I can't imagine that the Fools have much of a chance in this one - but you never know. The Bulldog starts with Wright. Davey Boy, of course has a huge power advantage - Wright is probably more intellegent but they are about even in wrestling skill. Wright is easily overpowered by his opponent so both sides change partners. Neidhart steamrolls Disco a couple of times then pauses to taunt his dancing opponent. Moments later Disco uses a drop-toe hold to put his opponent on the mat then puts the boots to him. Neidhart bulls his way to his feet but can't keep up with his lighter opponent. The Bulldog tags in and immediately succombs to the double-team attack. Wright takes over and keeps Davey Boy reeling for several minutes then tags in Disco who drops a knee to start his attack then gets tossed out of the ring. Neidhart hangs him up on the railing then picks him up and drops him on it. He rolls Disco back into Davey Boy's clutches and now the Fools are on the receiving end. He escapes by stomping on the Bulldogs foot but then gets dropped onto the second rope. Neidhart comes in and continues the assault. He pushes his victim into the corner and gnaws on his forehead! Bulldog comes in momentarily then tries to slingshot Neidhart back in but misses the move. The tables are turned and the Fools are back in charge for a moment. Davey Boys comes back then the match see-saws twice more before he manages to get Disco into position for his running powerslam and the pin.

Mean Gene is in the back trying to run down a rumor about Scott Steiner trying to weasil out of his match with Rick tonight. Steiner and Bagwell appear and show us two little bandages on his left arm and a note from his "doctor" saying he can't compete. JJ Dillon shows up and calls the document "bogus" - he says Steiner has to compete or be banned from WCW.

Chris Jericho's music plays and here comes the TV Champ with his "crack security staff". Again they can't seem to find their way to the ring. His music plays on and on as they start out into the parking lot then finally find the right path. He emerges from around the side of the Jumbotron and finally makes his way to the ring.

Now Goldberg's music is playing but I am suspicious until we actually see the World Champion. It isn't Goldberg, of course, but a little guy with a shaven head and a fake tatoo on his arm. The "match" is a mockery as Jericho just runs right over the little guy then beats him with a Lion Tamer. Jericho looks into the camera and shouts "whose next!?". What a card...

Mike Tenay interview the Dogfaced Gremlin at the internet position. Then we switch to a replay of the incident the other night wherein Ernest Miller interrupts an interview with the Armstrongs. Norman Smiley then confronts Miller before security breaks things up - leading to the next match...

Ernest Miller vs. Norman Smiley - Miller interrupts his own music to proclaim that he is "required by law" to mention that he is a Karate Champion. He offers Smiley a chance to leave. Smiley waits him out and then attacks and knocks Miller out to the floor. Miller lures Smiley out to the floor the attacks with a back kick. Back in the ring, Miller is all over his opponent. MIller comes back with a headbutt to the mid-section but Miller comes right back with vicious karate blows. Smiley eventually outwrestles Miller and takes the upper hand. Miller back away but when Smiley moves in he gets his face raked. Miller goes to work again with martial arts blows. The match see-saws as Smiley regains his composure. Smiley has a long run now but can't get the pin. Miller comes back with another flurry of karate and eventually gets the pin.

Promo for the Brother vs. Brother match.

Scott Steiner (w/Buff bagwell) vs Rick Steiner - Rick comes in to a new theme song. They go right at each other fists of fire and Scott loses the first encounter. Scott then comes back briefly but is again overwhelmed. He leaves the ring but is followed out by Rick who throws him over the railing and into the stands then throws him back toward the ring. In the ring again, Rick goes for a suplex but Scott spins around and delivers a low blow. He puts the boots to his brother and then tosses him back out to the floor. He follows him out and continues his assault. Back in the ring Scott pauses to pose but then goes right back to the attack. He goes for a butterfly suplex but Rick blocks it then delivers a DDT. Bagwell pops up onto the apron and distracts Rick so Scott can blindside him. Buff falls by the wayside and the fight goes on - but wait - Bagwell is still down and Scott is abandoning the match to see to him. Rick stands aside as the trainer comes out to examine Buff who lays on the apron. The whole thing grinds to a halt - but this has got to be a bluff...

...or maybe not. A guerney is brought out to the ring. Rick is still suspicious of all this but the trainers tell him to back off. Bagwell is like the boy who cried "wolf!" The announcers seem convinced that this is really happening - but it seems awfully convenient for Scott Steiner. Bagwell is hauled away by Scott and the trainers.The camera follows them all the way out to a waiting ambulance. Eric Bischoff has joined the ranks of the concerned and both Steiner Brothers are right there as Buff is loaded. The doors are closed with Scott inside - Rick turns to return to the arena when Scott and Buff suddenly burst out of the ambulance and attack Rick! It was all a sham. Security is right there so Rick is not punked.

Silver King vs. Juventud Guerrera - Cruiserweight Title match - this match is fast and furious from the get-go as these luchadores go at it. Silver King has the size advantage and is also very agile. They trade blows then go into a high speed cris cross routine. Juventud is knocked to the outside but comes back in with a flying Frankensteiner. Juvey has the upper hand. A moment later Silver King repeats his move from the other night when he elevated his opponent and then drop-kicked him in mid-air. Silver King has the upper hand now. He hoists Guerrera above his head and delivers a rather unique shoulder breaker. The fight goes out to the floor where Silver King connects with a plancha. Back in the ring, Guerrera goes for a sunset flip but misses and lands flat on the back of his head. He comes right back with his Frankensteiner and almost gets a pin. He follows up with a missle drop-kick. Silver King executes a suplex and gets a two count. He then hangs himself on the top where Juvey gets a reverse Frankensteiner - a move I have never seen and sends Silver King to the mat. Still it isn't enough. He gets part of a Juvey Driver then follows up with the 450 Splash to get the pin.

Konnan is back in the internet position with Lee Marshall - Scott Hall interrupts and throws a cup of ice in Konnan's face.

Video replay of the events leading up to the match coming up between Raven and Saturn.

Saturn vs. Raven (w/Lodi) - stipulations are that Saturn must rejoin the Flock and be Raven's servent if he loses/Raven must disband the Flock if he loses - the match is going to be fought under "Raven's Rules" and Kanyon will be handcuffed at ringside so he can't interfere. In his pre-match rant, Raven says that he will enslave Saturn before the match is over. Saturn counters with a statement that the match is about honor and "you have none." Raven tries for an immediate pin even before his jacket is off. He is all over Saturn from the get-go. Saturn escapes and goes right to work himself. He gets a two count within seconds then hits a big splash and tries again. No cigar. He hits Raven on the apron and sends him careening into the railing. Saturn then suicide dives on both Raven and Lodi. Moments later, Lodi evens the score by interfering and turning the tables for his leader. Back in the ring, Raven gets a snap-mare then drops and elbow. He can't get the pin. The scuffle and trade pin attempts then Raven hits a clothesline. He follows with a sleeper - but Saturn uses a jaw-breaker to escape. Raven still tries a pin - but no soap. A backslide gets a two-count for Saturn. Raven comes back with two Russian leg sweeps in rapid succession then gets caught with a low-blow. Both guys are down and struggling to their feet. Raven comes back with a low-blow of his own. Now Raven introduces a chair and drops Saturn onto it face first. Sick Boy and Horace now show up with a table. The rest of the Flock is there as well. Suddenly Kidman attacks Raven!! He is chased from the ring as Saturn gets the DDD. Lodi distracts the referee until it is too late for Saturn to get the pin. Both guys are down again - lying on the mat. Saturn is back and doing his suplex-machine bit but he can't get the pin. A sort of Juvey driver also fails to get him the pin. Saturn puts on the Rings of Saturn but Lodi interferes. Lodi climbs to the top but is upset by Saturn. Raven flings Saturn into the ref and he is out. Kanyon gets the key and releases himself then executes a flatliner on Saturn. Raven is dragged onto Saturn and Kanyon revives the referee but Saturn kicks out! Saturn picks up Lodi and powerslams him onto the table on the outside. Then returns to the ring and gets DDT'd. Still Saturn kicks out!!! He then hits the DDD again on Raven and gets the pin. What a fantastic match that was!!

Tony tells us that he has received the information that Jim Duggan's surgery was successful. Way to go Hacksaw! This is followed by video of the Malenko/Hennig feud including Arn Anderson's return.

Dean Malenko vs Curt Hennig (w/Rick Rude) - if Malenko was smart he would bring back-up to the ring - but he doesn't. Malenko goes after Hennig right on the bell and drives him from the ring. Tenay points out that tomorrow will be the one-year anniversary of the night Hennig smashed Flair's head in the cage door...hmmm... Malenko is definitely going after Hennig's left leg. That leg is braced because of recent surgery. Malenko goes for the Texas Cloverleaf but gets a finger to the eye to break it up. Hennig is limping. Malenko continues to stake out the injured limb. Rude helps Hennig on the outside of the ring. Hennig's leg is in bad shape. They try to leave but Malenko won't allow it. He attacks and then rolls Hennig back into the ring. Now Hennig is begging off - but Malenko drop-kicks him on the knee!! Hennig is screaming and cursing in his agony. Malenko applies a leg bar but Rude drags his partner to the ropes. Malenko goes right back to a leg vice. Hennig drops his good leg to escape but Malenko attacks the leg again. Rick Rude interferes again but it isn't enough to stop Malenko's momentum. Malenko hits a fisherman's suplex and has the ppin when Rude enters the ring and causes the DQ. They start to punk Malenko as Arn Anderson runs in - but Rude gets the drop on him and now they are trying to cripple the Enforcer. They leave Arn and Malenko lying in the ring.

Scott Hall (w/Vincent) vs. Konnan - Hall looks under the weather, his eyes are a little glassy looking - Vincent looks uneasy about his charges demeanor as they approach the ring. In the ring, Hall has difficulty mounting the corner and discovers that he is in the wrong ring. He grabs a mic and delivers a shaky version of his usual survey (after sipping from a beverage given to him by Vincent). The response is less then enthusiastic and he even notices that the Wolf Pack gets the big pop - but denies it as usual.

Konnan makes his entrance and gets the accustomed response to his call and response schtick. Hall abandons the correct ring and is followed to the other by Konnan then they come back and start the match. Hall holds his own at the beginning grabbing an arm bar then paintbrushing the back of Konnan's head. Konnan comes back and returns the gesture. Hall goes back to the arm bar but Konnan powers out. Hall is slow getting up. Now Hall wants a test of strength but won't lock up. They criss cross and Hall is clotheslined. Konnan then stuffs Halls body between the rings! Hall crawls over to the other side as Vincent distracts Konnan. But Konnan senses Hall's presense behind him and spins around to catch Hall sneaking up on him. Hall is acting like he's drunk. He takes the advantage with a kick to the gut then applies a surfboard. Konnan refuses to submit. He stands and then turns into the pressure but Hall kicks him to regain the hold. Konnan rallies again and escapes this time. Hall back kicks a low blow then goes for a pin but fails. He gets the fall away slam and is looking a little sharper now. He applies an abdominal stretch then accepts his drink from Vincent again as he holds his opponent. He is then caught using the ropes for leverage. He drops Konnan who reverses into an abdominal stretch of his own. The match see-saws and Konnan starts to come back. Then he is downed by a big clothesline. Hall is going for the belly-to back from the second turnbuckle and gets it. He takes another sip of his drink. Konnan revives - as Hall turns his drink is kicked right into his face. Konnan gets the Tequilla Sunrise and Hall taps out.

Michael Buffer introduces the War Games match.

Sting/Kevin Nash/Lex Luger vs. Hollywood Hogan/Stevie Ray/Bret Hart vs. Diamond Dallas Page/Roddy Piper/the Warrior - War Games match for the #1 contender to the WCW World Title - DDP and Bret Hart are to start the match for 5 minutes then the rest will enter at 2 minute intervals - any participant who scores a pinfall at any time will be the winner and will be given a Title shot against Goldberg - Page detours through the crowd on his way to the ring. Bret Hart does not.

Both men are cautious to start the match. Hart grabs a wrist lock and starts pounding on DDP'd upper arm. Page goes for a pin the first chance he gets. He fails but goes for it again almost immediately. Then he goes for a Diamond Cutter, but no soap. Hart turns the tables and goes to work as the time counts down to three minutes left in the first period. At two minutes, Page turns the tables momentarily but Hart comes right back with a back breaker. The struggle and Page drops Hart with an arm bar but Hart fingers Page's eye then hits the Russian leg sweep. An inside cradle doesn't even get him a count. Page gets a short clothesline as Stevie Ray comes down to join the frey. Stevie attacks Page immediately but doesnt try for a pinfall. He and Hart are cooperating against Page. Mostly Hart stands aside and lets Stevie do the damage. Next into the cage is Sting who is met at the door by Stevie. Sting turns the tables as Page and Hart battle in the other ring. Stevie runs away and Sting flies over the ropes to grab him again. All four are in the same ring now. Sting has Stevie's number until he launches himself into the cage wall. Roddy Piper is the next one in. He attacks everyone he comes in contact with making good on his claim that there would be no teams in this match. He runs Page and Hart together head to head. Now he is fighting with Page. Stevie is stomped between the ring by Sting as Hart attacks Piper. Luger is the next up and takes his time getting to the ring. He strides right in and attacks Stevie. Hart gives him a high sign. But then Luger attacks him! Next Piper and Luger get into it then Hart attacks the Package again. Stevie is all over Piper but Piper reverses to a sleeper. Kevin Nash is the next one in and attacks Piper first then Stevie. Hogan appears outside the cage then slips inside before his time! He grabs Stevie Ray and they attack in tandem. Hogan is using a weapon!! He knocks everybody out except Stevie! He drops the big leg on Nash then stops to pose with Stevie. We are waiting for the Warrior to appear. As the count goes down the ring fills up with smoke. The Warrior appears Hogan hits him from behind. There is another blast of smoke and the Warrior vanishes! Then he comes running out from the entryway!! (As a former professional magician I can guess how this was done but I will keep it to myself - sorry) He is taking on Hogan and Stevie - then Hogan leaves the cage! He and the Disciple lock the cage - but wait - if the Warrior gets the pin then he will get the title shot regardless of what Hogan does. But the Warrior is obsessed with Hogan and doesn't try for the pin. The Warrior batters out a corner of the cage and takes off after Hogan!!! Hogan runs away. back in the ring the others are coming around. DDP hits the Diamond Cutter on Stevie Ray and gets the pin. Page will face Goldberg at Halloween Havoc!!

Sunday Night Heat Report

As they did last week, the WWF seems to be putting all its eggs into this basket this week

Vader vs. Ken Shamrock - Shamrock starts strong but Vader runs through him with his bulk after taking a couple of shots. Shamrock comes back with a clothesline and goes for a pin but fails. He applies an arm submission hold but Vader escapes and rolls out to regroup. Back in the ring, Vader gets two splashes and almost gets the pin. Next Vader goes for an ar submission but Shamrock escapes. Vader rushes the corner and misses. Shamrock comes back with a martial arts kick but can't topple the monster but then gets a powerslam as Vader rushes in. Vader recovers and downs his opponent again then goes to the second buckle. He launches himself but Shamrock sidesteps, grabs the armbar then switches to the ankle lock and gets the sdubmission. Shamrock makes a statement after the match. He feels that he deserves another title shot (he has only had one since he has been with Titan. He wants to challenge Stone Cold for his belt! Redundantly, he challenges him to meet him "anywhere" and also"anyplace". We see Austin watching in the back with a bemused look on his face as we cut to commercial.

Sable is shown on the set of Pac Blue. Looks like she will play an inmate in a womens' prison. She challenges Jaquelyn to an evening gown match.

Val Venis vs. Marc Mero (w/Jaquelyn) - Mr. Cheese starts out with his usual raunchy intro speech, comparing his "bat" to Mark MacGuire's. Val gets an eyefull of Jaquelyn then drops down for a drop toe-hold to start the match. He dominates the early going. But then Jaquelyn jumps on his back and gets her man DQ'd. Val throws her off hard (no pun intended) before he realizes who it was. After the match, Jaquie accepts the evening gown match. Meanwhile in the ring. Dustin Runnels is attacking Mr. Cheese and mopping the floor with him. He removes his belt and uses it on the the "Big Valbowski". Referee's break it up. Cut to commercial.

Taka Michinoku (w/Yamaguchi-san) vs. Gangrel - it's good for Taka that his title isn't on the line here. Gangrel is probably above the weight limit. Taka attacks before the bell but the vampire throws him off. Yamaguchi distracts the big guy so that Taka can blindside him. He throws in a baseball slide and an Asahi moonsault for good measure. Gangrel counters with a butterfly suplex that drops Taka on his head. The match is in see-saw mode for a moment but Gangrel is starting to assert his authority. Taka is a gamer though and won't go down easy. They continue to exchange heavy shots with Taka starting to gain ground - but then Gangrel turns things around with a massive DDT and gets the pin. Jeff Jarrett threatens X-Pac with bodily harm as we cut to commercial.

D'Lo Brown (w/Mark Henry) vs Kane (w/The Undertaker) - this is a joke right..? D'Lo doesn't think so - he is terrified on the outside as Kane makes his entrance. He avoids contact at first but then gets caught and escapes. Kane misses a rush to the corner then stands there and lets D'Lo hit him. Brown rolls out and comes face-to-face with his opponent's brother. Back in the ring he manages to down the monster who sits right back up. D'Lo mounts the corner and gets caught there and toppled. Kane clotheslines him over the top to the floor. On the outside UT is running Mark Henry into Brown while inside the Rock attacks Kane with a chair. Back in the ring D'Lo attacks but Kane is back up. Henry runs in and attacks Kane from behind. UT is in and D'lo gets chokeslammed. Henry is double-chokeslammed then D'Lo is planted in a spiked Tombstone. I think D'Lo was DQ'd when Henry entered the ring. Cut to commercial.

X-Pac (w/DX) vs. Jeff Jarrett (w/Southern Justice) - Lumberjack match - X-Pac does his Wolf Pack style crotch shot yet again. Jarrett tries to leave the ring immediately but is scared back in. X-Pac is then thrown out and mugged by SJ. But Jarrett gets the same treatment moments later at the hands of DX. Back in the ring they exchange blows then Waltman propels himself spreadeagle into the corner. Now it is all Jarrett. He throws X-Pac out to his guys for a beating. Back in the ring, he puts on a standing verticle suplex but then misses a rush into the corner. X-Pac is back in charge. They crash head-on and and are both down as we cut to commercial.

The match seems on an even keel as we return but X-Pac is making his move. DX lends a hand but then X-Pac is thrown out to the floor. SJ try to use the guitar but the Dog runs around and grabs the guitar. Dennis Knight is creamed. Back in the ring, with the ref still distracted on the outside., Mark Canterbury powerslams X-Pac giving Jarrett the win.

Replay of Ken Shamrocks redundant statement then cut to commercial.

Steve Austin comes to the ring to a huge pop as we return.He gives the Undertaker credit for sticking to a one-on-one match at SummerSlam. He vows to be "no more Mr. Nice Guy" as the Triple Threat looms. He offers Ken Shamrock his title shot right now, right here. Shamrock comes to the ring so Austin tells the referees to ring the bell. But here comes McMahon and his stooges. Austin demands that Vince ring the bell - Vince is demurring as we run out of time.

Not bad for a Sunday night show.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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