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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Volume 1, Issue 36
September 2, 1996 (7:25 PDT)


DiBiase Shows His Colors
Drives Off in the NWO Limo

Nitro Report

This is the 1st Anniversary of the program.

Sting/Lugar vs. The Steiners and Dungeon of Doom vs. The Horsemen are announced for this evening'sDouble Main Event.

Review of the NWO's vandalism and Ted DiBiase's appearance on the show last week. They remind us that DiBiasi showed five fingers and mouthed the words "next week".

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Alex Wright - lets hope young Mr. Wright fares better then he did last week! DDP gets dumped out of the ring and splashed on the outside early on. It doesn't keep him down however. Back in the ring he regains the advantage and runs with it. Alex makes a brief comeback toward the end but DDP gets him in a flying Diamond Cutter to win the match.

Nick Patrick interview - he accuses Mean Gene of "spreading lies" about him. Cut to commercial

Mean Gene with Col. Parker and Sherri in the locker room - Parker presents Sherri (Twinkle-eyes?) with a leather cowgirl outfit.

Greg valentine/Buddy Valentino (didn't they call this guy "Valentine" last week?) vs Harem Heat - before the match begins we see DiBiase (dressed all in black) make his way throught the crowd and take a seat down front.

In the ring "the Hammer" is going to town on Booker T. He tags in his partner who immediately loses the advantage. (Mike Tenay is announced as the newest member of the broadcast team) It's all Harlem Heat for the remainder of the match.

Mean Gene interviews Harlem Heat - as the Heat vow to smash the Nasty Boys at Fall Brawl, the Nasties attack from behind. Booker T is dragged into the ring and gets a spiked piledriver put on him. The Nasties are all over Stevie Ray on the outside as we cut to commercial.

Dean Malenko vs. Chris Jericho - (Tenay is in the color chair for this one) This should be a great match! And it is!! Jericho seems to have a size and speed advantage but Malenko has a counter for every move. He effectively grounds the newcomer for much of the match (DiBiase gets up and leaves rather abruptly at this point).

Back in the ring Malenko has Jericho in a head scissors (really a kind of figure 4 headlock). He loses control for a moment but gets its back right away. Moments later Jericho powers his way out of a submission hold then uses his superior aeriel attack to splash Malenko on the outside. Back in the ring the battle see-saws back and forth until Jericho surprises his opponent with a roll-up and gets the pin. The announcers are calling it an upset.

Super Calo (fragilistic?) vs Rey Misterio Jr. video. Cut to a RAW commercial.

Brad Armstrong vs. The Giant - prepare for a squash as one of the world's premier jobbers gets his lumps. Armstrong puts a couple of terrific drop-kicks on the Giant right away to no effect. Then it's all Giant (surprise, surprise)

A limo is shown pulling up (or backing in) outside the building

Back inside Brad gets hip-tossed for a full 360 and ends up outside. As the Giant reaches down for him, Armstrong uses his weight to catapult his opponent off the top rope. Then he climbs the turnbuckle and delivers a flying drop-kick that staggers the big man. He follows the Giant into the corner, gets stopped and chokeslammed.

NWO commercial followed by another RAW commercial

We come back looking at the limo - hour two begins with no match going on to ignore.

Eric and Bobby take over - Tenay is still in the color chair.

Review of the NWO vandalism, DiBiase's appearance and the attack at the end of last weeks program.

Macho Man vs. Ron Studd (Tenay says that Ron was trained by Big John Studd and then decided to take his mentor's name...right) Admitedly he looks better at the beginning of this match then he did the last time we saw him. (We go outside to look at the limo again - the Outsiders exit but tell someone to stay inside the car while they get rid of the camera)

Back in the ring Studd is still in control but not for long. He gets hammered on the outside when Savage drops a double ax-handle on him from the top rope. Back inside Savage slams the big man (and hurts his back) then climbs to the top and drops his signature elbow on him for the win. Big John Studd would have been proud...

Savage interview - he guarantees he'll take Hogan out at Halloween Havoc, says the Giant let him down at Hog Wild.

Sting/Lugar vs. The Steiners - it seems early for this match (only 1:15 into the program) I smell a rat... (the Horsemen are outside checking out the limo which is empty now) Cut to commercial.

Back to the match...suddenly Nick Patrick disqualifies Lugar for bumping into him...what??? The wrestlers stalk him back to the dressing rooms. Cut to yet another RAW commercial.

Dungeon of Doom (Sullivan/Bubba/Meng/Barbarian) vs. The Four Horsemen - it's party time!!! Flair seems to have washed the paint out of his hair. Mongo is in against Sullivan at first - he blows an attempt to come off the ropes (very clumsy...embarrassingly so). Bubba is in now and Mongo fares better. He tags in Benoit who gets pulled into enemy territory but fights his way out. He and the Barbarian go at it (out back Sting and Lugar are still stalking Patrick who is leading them out to where the limo sits) We see DiBiase get into the limo - Sting throws a brick throught the side window (the announcers keep saying it was the windshield) - the limo drives off. Sting and Lugar comandeer a Police Car and give chase!!!

The match is being ignored while some hard blows are falling on Benoit (outside again - the cops are putting out an APB).

In the ring Benoit is getting creamed. Arn and Flair try to rescue him to no avail. The Doomers take him outside and smash him into the guard rail. Back inside its Bubba's turn. Chris almost escapes but then Sullivan comes in and mauls him. The Faces try their double head-butt move from the top and miss...finally Flair gets in. He puts the figure 4 on Sullivan - everyone else is out on the floor. Benoit gets into a shouting match with Nancy who then helps Flair to get the win over her husband.

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Suddenly the Outsiders are in the house - they're cleaning house...but here comes the Giant!! He enters the ring...and chokeslams the Barbarian!!! He starts chokeslamming Doomers and Horsemen right and left...THE GIANT IS THE FIFTH MAN!!!!!

Savage hits the ring with a chair - he creams the Giant, Hall and Nash then gets overwhelmed and squashed. They paint NWO on his chest the turn him over and paint a yellow stripe on his back.

Next they take over the broadcast booth. Hogan gets the Giant to spit on the WCW Nitro logo plaque. The Giant starts to tell the story of how he joined the group when the combined forces of the Horsemen and the Dungeon of Doom mount an assault. A pitched battle takes place behind the broadcast booth - somehow the NWO wins even thought they are outnumbered 2 to 1. We see that the Barbarian and Meng are supporting a dazed Randy Savage as they slink away.

Back in the booth Hogan says he got the Giant a part in a Schwartznegger movie. Together he and the Giant paraphrase Ric Flair (aka "the stupid little man")..."whether you like it or not...its the best thing going". They destroy the broadcast booth...fade to black.

WCW has done it again, and there's no RAW program to compete tonight.

Interview w/Eric Bischoff from Prodigy

There is no RAW Broadcast tonight so here is a recent chat transcript from Prodigy in which Eric Bischoff speaks candidly about the NWO storyline and other matters.

Question: When do we see the 4th man?

Eric Bischoff: I think we may have seen him last Monday on NITRO in Ted DiBiase, unless he aligns himself with the Horsemen. I think the biggest question now is if he is the 4th man, who is the 5th man.

Question: How are the negotiations with Bret Hart going?

Eric Bischoff: I am not currently negotiating with Bret Hart

Question:Great job with the current angles. Do you expect the NWO angle eventualy to loose it's luster?

Eric Bischoff: The NWO is obviously a very successful effort, and we are very pleased with it. It's difficult to tell how long it will continue to influence WCW programming, we will just have to wait and see.

Question:With all the excess of talent in WCW and tons of TV time, is there any thought of breaking WCW down and regionalizing it and forming a modern day NWA??

Eric Bischoff: No

Question:If the WWF moves RAW to another night, will you add a show to compete in the same time slot with them?

Eric Bischoff: That's an interesting thought, and I have to say that one of the reasons I believe NITRO has been so successful is because of the head to head aspect of it's position on Monday Night. I said in an interview with Chet Coppack that good competition will only make the industry stronger, and that has happened.

Question: you feel that the NWO could be as hated as the 4 Horseman was a few years ago?

Eric Bischoff: I think peoples emotions regarding the NWO might be at a higher fever pitch than at any other even that ever took place within WCW.

Question: Eric, what is your take on the situation with Sean Waltman?

Eric Bischoff: I think it is an unfortunate situation for Sean to be in, we are going to do everything we can to help him and give him an opportunity here in WCW.

Qusestion: There have been rumors about the location for Starcade this year. Will it be in Japan?

Eric Bischoff: That is a possibility. I will travel to Japan the week of Sept. 16 and I'll be visiting with Mr. Inoki, and Masa Saito and other executives of New Japan and we will discuss it then.

Question: What did you think of the WWPF and if it happens again this year, will WCW take part?

Eric Bischoff: I think the festival was a good idea in concept, and I would love to say I'd be enthusiastic about taking part again. On the other hand, I have to be honest and say it was a significant let down in terms of attendance and other aspects. It's unlikely there will be another one, at least not in Los Angeles.

Question: Is it true that Bret and the Bulldog are coming in, or do you know yet?

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Eric Bischoff: That is not true

Question: Eric---I'm not saying this in a bad way, necessarily, but are you trying to put the WWF out of business?

Eric Bischoff: Absolutely not. What we have done is provide competition for the WWF, something they never had in recent history. They had all the talent and no competition. I'll go back to the Coppack interview...I said I really believe in competition and it makes the industry stronger.

Question: Will there be any additional WCW programming...perhaps on HBO, as a result of the Time Warner merger?

Eric Bischoff: I really don't. I think I have all the programming I care to produce right now.

Question: What is your opinon of Vince McMahon?

Eric Bischoff: Highly overrated when it comes to creative ability. I give him credit for taking the risks he took early when he took wrestling to a national television phenomenan. He has taken credit for the efforts of people that worked for him in the past. Now, with competition, we see his real creative talent. I'm not impressed.

Question: Is Sting unhappy with WCW like rumors have been going around?? Eric Bischoff: No. I don't think he has ever been happier. We just brought him back from a movie he was filming with Jim Carey. We have created many opportunities for him. Merging with a company like Time Warner, those opportunities will grow. You would have to ask Sting, but I think he is as happy as ever.

Question: ERIC - great job!!! Question - How do you decide what Light-Heavyweight's to bring in? Do you like the high-flyers, or the shooter's like Malenko?

Eric Bischoff: Some of the cruiser weights we pursue. Others pursue us. In terms of how we decide, we look at tapes...we have people referred to us. Working with AAA has given us access to a wealth of new talent. I like the high flying action.

Question: Do you have any plans to bring in more women, to give Madusa competition?

Eric Bischoff: Yes, good question. We are working on a proposal to do that right now with Japan.

Question: Eric: How do you react to Gene Okerlund's repeatedly hurting angles by downplaying the signifance of them? For example, while all of the other announcers have shown "fear of the NWO" he has not. It comes across to viewers and reflects poorly. His handling of Juventud Guerrera Monday was deplorable.

Eric Bischoff: Everybody has a pretty strong opinion. Either you really like him or can't stand him. Overall he does as good or better job at an interview as anyone in the industry. I have a lot of confidence in Gene. If you look at his work overall, it's some of the best in the business.

Question: Mr Bischoff,Congatulations on the sucess with Nitro. Now how long do you think it will be before the WWF will be Dead and ECW is your main comptition?

Eric Bischoff: I don't think the WWF will go away. While Vince has created the illusion of being beat up by big bad Ted Turner, he has made millions and will be around a long time.

Question: Any thought for a wrestling show dedicated to showing matches from organizations allied with WCW such as NJPW in the States?

Eric Bischoff: We have tried to develop that, but interestingly enough because of the relationship that New Japan has with TV Asahi it is kind of a rights issue and becomes a problem. We'd like to do it, but it might be impossible logistically.

Question: Eric---Are you looking at any specific talent from ECW?

Eric Bischoff: No

Question: Who helped you the most in the wrestling world?

Eric Bischoff: Tough question. I'm the type that will always give credit to the first person that opened a door for me. That was Verne Gagne. Bill Shaw gave me a big opportunity here, and took risks in the process. I owe a lot to him. It's a close call.

Question: Thanks, for coming tonight Eric!! Can you tell us about any meetings you may have had with Vince and how they went?

Eric Bischoff: I never really had a formal meeting with him. I was there on an interview in 1990, and had a chance to meet him casually. It was a very cordial meeting.

Question: Is there real heat between Benoit & McMichaels and you for not including them in Main event of War Games??

Eric Bischoff : No, I don't think so at all.

Question: Eric---With the WWF thinking of putting on a weekly PPV, because of it's ratings loss to Nitro, do you think they will benefit?

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Eric Bischoff: I don't think it will ever happen. Viewers Choice and Request both turned it down and there is no practical way to go direct.

Question: Eric, it seems some people out there just won't give you any respect. What are your feeling on these people who still believe WWF "can do no wrong," and WCW "can do no right."

Eric Bischoff: Oh, it doesn't bother me. I realize alot of people grew up with WWF, much like I grew up with AWA. When you grow up with a product, or can't help but look at anybody else but being intrusive to break into your territory. It's human nature, but I don't take it personally.

Question: Would you be up to the idea, if it ever came to pass, a joint PPV with WCW and WWF?

Eric Bischoff: Again, I'll go back to the Coppack interview. I was asked the same question. I don't think it would be a good idea. I think WWF should continue to do what they do, and we should do what we do. We should give viewers a choice, because that is what competition is.

Question: When you 'Thought up' the New World Order angle, did you ever think in your wildest dreams think it would go over this well with fans?

Eric Bischoff: I hoped that it would, but I would be fairly arrogant to suggest that I knew that it would. I'm grateful it worked as well as it has.

Question: Mr. Bischoff- Where do you see WCW in 5 years in relationship to the WWF?

Eric Bischoff: I don't think about the competition with WWF that much anymore. We have gotten beyond all of that. I see WCW as a company that not only produces Wrestling programming, but other types that takes advantage of our wrestlers and our assets and experience.

Question: So, it is true that Bobby Heenan may be leaving WCW?

Eric Bischoff: No, it's not true at all.

Question: Will Hall & Nash eventually get better names and be used separately?

Eric Bischoff: They may wrestle separately. I wouldn't suggest to them that they have badnames.

Question: Are you involved as a member of the NWO???

Eric Bischoff: Absolutely not

Question: Did you really try out for a WWF comentator position?

Eric Bischoff: Yes, I did.

Question: Will the NWO get an hour of Nitro in the future?

Eric Bischoff: They have suggested that that would be a great idea, and they suggested they get an hour. I'm not inclined to give them that opportunity.

Question: Eric---Do you think that Steve McMichael is a 4 Horseman caliber wrestler?

Eric Bischoff: I think his ability speaks for itself and is improving on a weekly basis. People were surpised at how good he was at the Great American Bash. What is unquestionably 4 Horseman caliber is his intensity, agressivness, and ability as an athlete.

Question: Eric, did you ever envision Nitro as being as successful as it has been?

Eric Bischoff: I knew it would be sucessful, despite what others may have thought. I didn't think it would be as successful as quickly as it has been. I'm a very competitve person, and I generally achieve my goals once I decide what they are. My goal is to make NITRO the #1 show each and every week.

Question: What is your opinon with ECW?

Eric Bischoff I really don't watch it. I can't get it on TV where I live, and traveling so much, I don't get to watch it. I really don't have an opinion.

Question: I was at the Wrestling Peace Festival in Los Angeles. Did you see any other wrestlers there besides Jericho that you either signed or would like to sign?

Eric Bischoff: Nobody that really stood out. I think what came out of that was a chance to see AAA wrestlers, and my desire at that time was to enter a formal relationship with AAA.

Question: Eric, when you created The Leprechaun, what the hell were you thinking? With all the good things you're doing with Malenko, Mysterio, Benoit, Guerrero, etc, why would you bring in a WWF style kiddy character like The Leprachaun?

Eric Bischoff: First, I didn't create the Leprechan. Secondly, one of the things you have to realize about wrestling, is that everybody doesn't always like the same thing. It's a little like a restaurant. You have to have something on your menu that appeals to everybody.

Question: Eric, would you ever consider bringing back guys who left on rather "bad" terms, like Mero, Austin, and Vader?

Eric Bischoff: No, I don't think so. I think they have all made their career decisions. They all left on less than favorable terms and on less than favorable circumstances.

Question: When will we see Glacier? And did you intentionally try to make him look like the Mortal Kombat 3 Sub-Zero?

Eric Bischoff: Glacier, I believe will debut on Saturday morning...this weekend. We didn't intentionally make him look like anybody.

Question: Eric, why doesn't Arn Anderson get the push he deserves? I'd rather see him as head of The Horsemen than Flair.

Eric Bischoff: I think Arn Anderson is very happy with his position in WCW. Arn Anderson has gotten a fairly substantial push, and if I'm not mistaken defeated Hulk Hogan on NITRO not long ago.

Question: ERIC - what would you say to everyone that thought you'd fold, or that WCW wouldn't make it?

Eric Bischoff: I've been listening to Steve Beverly predict my demise and WCW's demise for going on 3 years now. I take particular satisfaction in exposing how little someone like him knows about me, my abilities, or the potential of WCW. Actually, I've had a hell of alot of fun proving them wrong.

Question: that the Booty Man has been effectively destroyed by both the Horsemen and the NWO...what's next for Ed Leslie...and even more importantly, what new role will Kimberly take on?

Eric Bischoff: I don't know what's going to happen to Ed, and quite frankly don't know what's going to happen to Kimberly.

Question: Eric: Tickets for Halloween Havoc go on sale this Saturday. Will they be available at 10am PST and through where....or will they be available through Ticketmaster at 10am EST?

Eric Bischoff:10am locally in Las Vegas is my understanding.

Editor's Note: As is usual with chat transcripts, this one was shot through with mispellings and punctuation errors - I have tried to correct them where ever I noticed problems. Regarding the substance of the interview - in my opinion his comments about Sting's current state of mind and whether or not DiBiasi will be part of the NWO angle were probably disingenuous, also I thought his attitude about Ed Leslie was rather cavelier (but on the other hand it could be that he has plans for the Bootyman and simply didn't want to tip his hand). I must say I couldn't imagine ever hearing Vince MacMahon make such candid comments about his storylines and angles - it speaks volumes about Erics attitudes vis-a-vis the fans.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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