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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Wars Edition

Ric Flair Re-appears on Nitro!
The Horsemen are Reborn!!!

Kidman is the Cruiserweight Champ!!

Mick Foley Returns with
a Sledge Hammer of his own

Volume 3, Issue 360 - September 14, 1998
I will be going on a two week vacation starting tomorrow - therefore there will be no Friday Edition of the Newsletter this week or the following week. I will be home next Monday so there will be a Tuesday Morning Report as usual.

Nitro Report

The Nitro Grrrls dance in the ring as Nitro is on the air, live from Greenville, North Carolina. I have heard from a usually reliable source that Sting will win the WCW World Title tonight - we shall see. Tony is saying that the Horsemen are rumored to be reforming tonight and that Ric Flair is rumored to be making an appearance as well. Cut to Mike Tenay who is at the Greenville Airport where he is trying to confirm that Ric Flair has just landed. He is unable to question the occupants of a limo as it pulls away so he goes over to a Lear Jet. A crew member refuses to comment on Tenay's question and we cut to commercial.

They replay the Ernest Miller incident from Thursday yet again as we return.

Alex Wright vs. Van Hammer - Hammer quotes Jimi Hendrix' "Purple Haze" as he comes to the ring. He wears a tie-die t-shirt with a peace sign design. He greatly outweighs his opponent but that is his only advantage. Wright easily outwrestles him from the get-go. He is very aggressive and dominates the early going until Hammer comes roaring out of the corner and steamrolls him. Wright bails out of the ring to regroup. Hammer follows him out then Ernest Miller shows up and downs Hammer at ringside with a standing side kick. Wright is DQ'd for outside interference and splits. Miller occupies the ring and declares his greatness until security and Greenville police arrest him and haul him away. Cut to commercial.

We return to stills from War Games.

Mean Gene has an interview with Bret Hart in the ring. Hart's reception is a mix of cheers and boos. He limps on his way to the ring - he looks pretty banged up and rather dispirited as he struggles up the ringsteps and through the ropes. Okerlund says that Hart as asked for this time. Hart says that he has made a "jackass" of himself and says that Hogan was full of crap and calls him "scum". He says that he will be on the shelf for a while because of his injuries. He then says that he doesn't deserve the US Title which he holds in his hands, that he didn't earn it. Roddy Piper shows up and is limping and banged up as well. Piper reminds Hart that he told him so - and tells him that he wasn't the first guy to be conned by Hogan and warns him that he shouldn't wallow in self-pity. He needs to "soar with the eagles" according to Piper and show the people that he can live up to the trust they have given him in the past. Piper leaves and Hart turns to the crowd and asks them to give him one more chance. Cut to commercial.

More stills from Fall Brawl - this time the outline the Raven/Saturn match.

Saturn vs. Kendall Windham - Windham sneaks under Saturn's initial attack and takes the early advantage but Saturn comes right back and is all over him in a flash. Windham has to lure Saturn to the outside then catch him coming back in to regain the advantage. This time he fares better and batters Saturn down before slapping on an armbar. He changes to a hammerlock but then gets mared over. He is nothing if not tenacious and regains the upper hand immediately. The fight goes to the outside where he continues his assault. Back in the ring, Saturn comes back with a knife edge chop but Windham absorbs it and keeps coming on. He grabs a reverse chinlock. Saturn immediately turns away from it so Windham knees him in the mid-section then hits a flying lariet. Saturn gets a small package but they are in the ropes. Windham returns to the reverse chinlock. Saturn escapes again but Windham is right on him and continues to hold the cards. He positions Saturn for a belly-to-back superplex and executes the move but then mounts the second rope and misses an elbow drop. Saturn mounts a comeback with a suplex the a fall-away slam. A scoop slam is followed by a flying elbow drop. Windham blocks a suplex so Saturn turns it into a swinging neck-breaker. The DDD gets him the well-earned pinfall. A great match.

The Flock appoaches the ring and we here Raven ordering them to come back to him. They enter the ring and stand around Saturn who tells them that they are free now. Kanyon is the only one still at Raven's side. Raven and Saturn battle verbally for the souls of these athletes. For Lodi he Saturn has no encouragement. Eventually they all walk away from Raven, although Lodi has to be encouraged by Kidman to do so. As a parting shot, Saturn says , "It's a matter of mind over matter: they don't mind and you don't matter." Cut to commercial.

Wrath vs. Renegade - Renegade attacks as Wrath enters the ring - that is the end of his offense for all intents and purposes. He pulls off his reverse handspring move but it has no affect. The Meltdown takes him out. This guy needs to get a shot at Goldberg.

Voodoo Child plays and Hollywood Hogan comes down to the ring with Eric Bischoff, Miss Liz and the Disciple. Bischoff starts out by saying that "Eric Bischoff is here and Ric Flair isn't..." then hands the mic to Hogan. Hogan runs down Bret Hart and Piper then turns his attention to "that coward" the Warrior. He claims to have "beat every man up" in the War Games match - well yeah - he stiffed them with a blackjack! He challenges the Warrior to a match at Halloween Havoc. Smoke fills the ring and the Disciple vanishes. Hogan is beside himself as we cut to commercial.

Kidman vs. Juventud Guerrera - Cruiserweight Title match - the challenger was supposed to be Kaz Hayashi but he has been injured according to the announcers. This is alright with me - Kidman is a much more deserving challenger. The match itself is fast and furious and the audience seems to be cheering both men equally - they very much approve of Kidman's decision to leave the Flock. Guerrera is showing a lot of confidence and seems to have his opponent's number as the match progresses. Kidman leaves the ring to regroup then grabs the initiative as he returns. His only problem is a slight tinge of arrogance which keeps getting in his way. He grabs a reverse chinlock - but Juvey escapes and gets a flying headscissors. Moments later they both tumble out to the floor. Juvey gets the upper hand and keeps it as they return to the ring juct before we cut to commercial.

Kidman has turned the tables as we return and is taking the Champ apart. He almost gets a pin and the crowd reacts angrily when Guerrera kicks out. Kidman is starting to look frustrated. He attacks with renewed purpose but is also showing some fatigue. He is very deliberate and allows Juvey to get a German release suplex. Juvey flies off the top and hits the Frankensteiner. He goes for a Juvey Driver but Kidman reverses it to a reverse verticle suplex. Again the crowd roars disapproval as he fails to get the pin. Kidman goes up and gets caught and slammed then Juvey goes up and is likewise thwarted. Kidman jumps to the top turnbuckle and gets the Shooting Star press and the pin. Kidman is the Cruiserweight Champ!!

Mean Gene is in the back and says he thinks he saw Ric Flair. He corners JJ Dillon who refuses to confirm or deny. Legendary Larry introduces a video from Jackie Chan talking about his new movie. Cut to commercial.

Eric Bischoff is backstage in an argument with Eddie Guerrero who wants out of his contract. Eric tells him that he is going to send him to Japan.

The Barbarian (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. The British Bulldog - two powerhouses meet head on in this one. Davey Boy runs over his opponent on the third clash. He follows him outside and gets creamed on the floor. Back in the ring, the Barbarian solidifies his advantage with shots to the back then adds a neck breaker for good measure. Clearly the Bulldog has met his match powerwise. Jimmy Hart gets involved and when Davey Boy picks up his opponent for the running powerslam, Hart thwarts the move by grabbing the Barbarian's leg. Hart gets knocked off the apron, then the Bulldog throws an incredibly awkward looking powerslam and gets the pin.

Mean Gene is in the ring with JJ Dillon. Dillon is in a tux, by the way. Dillon is upset about what happened in the Steiner Brothers match last night and orders a rematch at Halloween Havoc. They seem to start to go to commercial but the lights start flickering and a maniacal laugh echoes through the arena. Cut to Nitro Grrrls dancing on the platform then to a Nitro party tape then to commercial.

Jim Neidhart vs. ? - nWo music plays then the ring fills with smoke and the Warrior appears holding the disciple by the scruff of his neck. The nWo thugs show up and approach the ring. The Warrior rants in his usual incoherent fashion. The Disciple seems completely subdued and doesn't even look up. Warrior accepts the match for Halloween Havoc then taunts Hogan - who starts to enter the ring but the smoke rises again - the Warrior and the Disciple vanish. Cut to commercial.

Silver King /Noman Smiley (huh?) vs. Scott Steiner (w/Buff Bagwell) - Silver King and Smiley together seems somewhat strange. This is a handicap match. Big Papa Pump is very aggressive and seems to be having little trouble. He gets a some help from Bagwell from the outside. Steiner ends up putting on a double Steiner-recliner on both of his opponents to take the fall. He is holding his back as he rises to his feet after being declared the winner.

More Nitro Grrrrls... in the aisle this time. Cut to commercial.

We get a replay of Eric Bischoff's appearance opposite Arn Anderson on Thunder last week including his arm wrestling challenge as we return.

nWo music plays for the third time tonight. The Giant comes down to the ring.

The Giant vs. Meng - Meng ducks under a chop and attacks the legs of the big guy. A side kick to the face almost downs him. This match is a real slug fest and the Giant looks frustrated by his inability to down his opponent. Meng just keeps coming on. He goes for the Tongan Death Grip but the Giant reaches out and grasps him by the throat. Meng swipes at him in vain, then is chokeslammed and pinned. Cut to commercial.

More nWo music.

Scott Hall (w/Vincent) vs. Lex Luger - Hall is still doing his drunk act. He carries a plastic cup this time. He stumbles around the ring and his Title belt falls off. He shakily pulls himself up on the second turnbuckle and then goes into his survey. Usual results. Usual response on Hall's part. We cut to commercial before Luger's entrance.

Lex Luger enters as we return. Hall throws an non-existent toothpick into Luger's face which elicites a grin from the "Package". Hall is stalling but Luger is patient. Hall goes over to sip from his beverage. Going back to the match he trips over the bottom rope. He can't seem to lock up properly. The next lockup attempt ends when he falls flat on his back then flips over onto his stomach. Luger doesn't know what to make of him. Hall rolls out of the ring then comes back on the apron and waits out a count until 6 then re-enters. Luger is getting frustrated and yells at Hall "What are yoy doing? Cut it out!" Eric Bischoff comes out with a scowl on his face and looks like he wants to stop the match. He is followed by Nash and Konnan. Hall is being importuned by both Nash and Bischoff now. They are about to lead him away when he spews all over himself and Bischoff! We cut away to commercial as Hall re-enters the ring.

That was very strange - echoing what has been happening with Hawk over in the other fed as of late. Somehow, tonight, this came off as sadder - perhaps because of the way his peers on both side of the fence seem to be coming together to attempt to intervene in his situation.

Here it comes! JJ Dillon is approaching the ring in is tux. He invites Arn Anderson to come to the ring. Arn looks almost like a priest in a black silk suit with his collar pulled up. First he apologizes to Arn for the things that he said to him last week. Arn anderson answers by asking, "Can you smell it! When 15,000 people blow the roof of a place - that's what a pop smells like." He explains that tonight is a new beginning for the Four Horsemen. He recounts his own history as a wrestler and as a Horseman. He goes on to talk about his surgery and the crowd starts to chant, "We Want Flair!!" He promises us that "everybody's going to get what they want". Then he introduces the "other three Horsemen" - Steve McMichael, Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko - all are resplendent in fancy dress suits. He compliments the three of them then says "we don't wear white hats, so be carefull what yoy wish for - because now you've got it." He then says, " gosh, I almost forgot the fourth Horseman - Ric Flair get out here!" Flair enters to a gigantic pop - tears are welling up in his eyes as he strides cockily to the ring. He embraces each of them in turn saving Arn for last. The roar of the crowd is deafening. It goes on and on. Flair takes the mic, still with tears in his eyes as the adulation washes over them. He has trouble controlling his emotions as he thanks the crowd - then says that sombody "told him the Horsemen are having a party tonight." He tells Bischoff to stick it - in so many words - he says "this is real" not bought and paid for. He apologizes to the crowd and to the other Horsemen for allowing Bischoff to make him disband the stable over a year ago. Bischoff comes down the aisle and tries to interrupt but Flair calls him an "a$$h*le" and refuses to knuckle under. Bischoff retreats saying that Flair will never wrestle in "my" promotion. (Don't count on that hair-boy...) That was great theater - electrifying. Cut to commercial.

Tony is calling it the greatest moment in this TV program as we return - for once I have to agree with his superlative. That was certainly one of the greatest moments in wrestling history.

Diamond Dallas Page is brought out to the broadcast location by way of the stands. He takes Heenan's headset and congratulates the Nature Boy on his return. They show clips from War Games featuring his win. He sticks around for the main event. Cut to commercial.

Michael Buffer introducs the main event - strangely, this monumental match is almost like an anti-climax after what we just witnessed.

Sting vs. Goldberg - World Title match - the crowd is really pumped, everyone is on their feet as first Sting then Goldberg make their entrances. Tenay credits DDP for bringing Goldberg into the PowerPlant and into the world of pro-wrestling. Goldberg goes into this match 143 - 0. He backs Sting into the ropes and lifts his knee into his gut then tosses him to the mat. He rushes Sting and misses. Sting scoops him up and slams him into the same corner. Back to the center and a standing verticle suplex which has no affect! Sting bails for a moment then returns to the ring. They exchange blows in the center and Sting is on the receiving end. They criss cross and Goldberg gets the drop on his opponent with a leg trip. He grabs a submission hold but Sting is in the ropes. Now it starts to look more like a regular wrestling match as Sting grabs a side headlock. Goldberg tries a suplex but Sting hangs on. Goldberg tosses him off. They go for a test of strength and Goldberg wins it easily. They lock up again and Sting is bulled back into the corner. Goldberg goes for a piledriver but Sting wiggles out of it and reverses it. Goldberg is rocked! Sting hits him with three Stinger splashes. Then Goldberg goes for the spear and Sting sidesteps him and sends him into the corner post. Sting grabs the Scorpion but Goldberg seems to be powering out of it! No, Sting maintains the hold. Hogan is sneaking up to the ring - with the referee distracted, asking Goldberg is he submits, Hogan kicks Sting in the back of the head then splits. Goldberg spears the nearly unconscious Sting then gets the Jack Hammer and the pin. Hogan is attacking as Bret Hart comes to fight him off then tell Goldberg what happened. Goldberg helps Sting to his feet and we fade to black.

Wow! My informant was wrong, or maybe he was right but they decided to change the booking - you never know with WCW. None the less that was a great match - the best one we've seen from Goldberg so far.

RAW Report

The show opens with Vince McMahon, Kane and the Undertaker in the ring. They are joined by Steve Austin. RAW is live from the San Jose Arena in San Jose California. McMahon demands that Austin's music be cut then says he's "damn tired" of seeing Austin with the belt and he doesn't expect to see that anymore after the 27th. He outlines the "Master Plan" of having a Triple Threat match with UT, Kane and Austin. He then talks about his "business arrangement" with the two Scarey Brothers. He has apparently hired them as his body guards - protection for his person against Austin's attacks. He mentions a "new stipulation" - UT is prohibited from defeating Kane and vice-versa - in other words he has set it up as a handicap match for the Title! He gets in Vince's face and paraphrases his line regarding "screwing Bret Hart" by substituting Austin's name. Austin responds with an attack on McMahon which provokes an immediate response from the Brothers. They punk Austin then double chokeslam him. McMahon then gets into Austin's face again ala Steve Austin and flips him the bird before he rolls out of the ring. The three of them retreat up the ramp then turn back. UT says, "Austin, nothing personal, it's just business..." McMahon then announces a Shamrock/Austin match for the title. Cut to commercial.

Replay of the attack on Austin. The the New Age Outlaws make their entrance with X-Pac.

Road Dog (w/Billy Gunn/X-Pac) vs. Jeff Jarrett (w/Southern Justice) - Jarrett jumps on the Dog before the bell but James comes right back and knocks him down. Jarrett buries the knee into his opponent's mid-section to regain the advantage but again the Dog bounces back. He gets an atomic drop then drops him face first on the corner buckle. Jarrett comes back again and this is a see-saw match until SJ drag the Dog out of the ring and cream him. A melee ensues on the outside, meanwhile Jarrett uses the guitar to brain the Dog and get the pin.

Replay of Ken Shamrock's challenge from last night.

Kane vs. The Rock - first we see some of the history between these two in flashbacks. The match gets underway as soon as Maivia hits the ring. He can't seem to get anything going against Kane until he bails then drags Kane over to the corner and smashes his leg against the post. Back inside, he starts kicking the injured leg but Kane gets a powerslam and ends that attack. Now it's all Kane as the Undertaker looks on from the ringside area. The Rock is going down but is still not easy to pin. Kane misses an elbow drop which gives Maivia a chance to get a DDT - but Kane sits right up. The Rock manages to pound the big guy into the corner then gets a swinging neck breaker. Kane comes back but then Maivia hits a Russian leg sweep. He goes for the People's Elbow which brings UT into the ring. The referee is downed and doesn;t see what's going on as UT tosses Maivia out of the ring then follows him out. Suddenly Mankind runs in with a sledge hammer and smacks Kane in the back with it! The Rock gets the pin as UT chases Foley away. The Undertaker comes back and challenges Mankind to a match tonight - "and bring your sledge hammer", he says. Cut to commercial.

Replay of what just happened. In the back, Mankind accepts the challenge then starts breaking up furniture with his sledge hammer.

Dustin Runnels is in the ring and says, "Welcome to hell..." he complains about the sinful situation in the WWF and singles out Val Venis for his scorn. Mr. Cheese appears on the platform and introduces his latest video. Val lays in bed with a cigar and taunts Dustin. Then the covers are thrown back to reveal Marlena in bed with him! Dustin sinks to his knees and we cut to hype for the Title match later then to commercial.

HHH enters with Chyna and X-Pac. We are informed that Jesse James has been taken to the hospital with Billy at his side. JR mistakenly attributes the "nugget business" to HHH - actually it was Shawn Michaels who introduced that phrase during the infamous "Bar-B-Q' skit.

HHH (w/Chyna/X-Pac) vs Owen Hart (Mark Henry) - Intercontenental Title match - Hart outwrestles his opponent in the early going - HHH depends on his superior size to keep things even. But Owen is flawless and seems to have the match well in hand. HHH is tenacious but Owen keeps him reeling through most of the match. Owen grabs a sleeper-headlock but Helmsley reverses it to a suplex. Now Helmsley starts to gain some ground until HHH turns the tables with a low blow. Now the action shifts to the outside as Henry and Chyna get into a tiff. On the inside, Owen is distracted and gets Pedegreed and pinned. On their way back to the dressing room - Mark Henry turns back and challenges X-Pac and Chyna to a handicap match. In the back, mankind is gathering a dumpster full of weapons for his match with UT. Cut to commercial.

Mankind vs The Undertaker - Foley brings a ladder and a table to the ring besides his sledge hammer - then we cut to commercial.

The Undertaker enters as we return. He has his own sledge hammer - and Kane with him. Mankind tries to use his as UT enters but the referee grabs it. UT hoists his hammer but Mankind sticks his fingers in UT's mouth which makes him drop his hammer. The match goes right out to the floor where we see the dumpster. Foley tries to use the ladder but UT prevents it then goes to work on Foley's hands. He smashes one of them between the two pieces of the ring steps. They continue to brawl on the floor until Mankind is flung into the propped up table and destroys it. UT smashes him again then rolls him into the ring to continue his assault. Kane looks like he is in bad shape at ringside from the hammer blow earlier. The fight goes back out briefly but UT throws him back in. Mankind slips out to the apron and hangs UT's neck up on the top rope. The fight goes back out again and UT tries to smash Foley in the face with the hammer. Kane gets in a shot then UT tries again with the hammer. Back in the ring Foley uses a chair on his opponent. Then tries to use it again and gets thwarted. Chokeslam city! UT gets the Tombstone onto the chair and the pin. Afterward UT went after Foley with the sledge hammer again but the Rock emerged from the dumpster and saved Foley's bacon. He then tossed Foley over the railing and split. Cut to commercial.

Gangrel vs. Edge - Edge enters through the crowd as usual. The opening moments are filled with action with neither man holding a definite advantage. Gangrel was body dropped over the ropes to the floor then Edge attempts a flying body press but missed and is thrown to the floor himself. The replay shows that he hit his head. Gangrel executes his patented DDT on the floor but both are being counted out of the ring. Cut to commercial.

Mark Henry vs. Chyna/X-Pac - handicap match - X-Pac starts the match and gives a pretty good account of himself but the size mis-match is just too overwhelming. Then Southern Justice and Jarrett show up to further complicate things. Chyna and X-Pac manage to double suplex Henry, then she is tagged in for real and wipes the floor with him. X-Pac comes back in and continues the assault then tags Chyna who comes off the top and gets caught and slammed. Henry pins Chyna to get the win.

Sable vs. Jaquelyn - Evening Gown match - both ladies really are knock outs in their gowns. The crowd is going nuts as a basic cat fight ensues. Sable gets her powerbomb and rips off her opponent's attire to win the match. Then she disrobes herself since the crowd is clearly looking for that result... Lawler was hoping for a draw... Cut to commercial.

Steve Austin vs Ken Shamrock - World Title match - this match begins immediately as Austin enters the ring and attacks Shamrock. Very fast paced action as we have come to expect from both of these guys. Shamrock wants to slow it down so he can use submission holds - Austin is having none of it but Shamrock is showing his superior wrestling technique by countering Austin's counters. Austin wants to brawl but Shamrock maintains his wrestling strategy as long as he can. There is a brief flurry by Austin then he grabs a headlock and slows down the action himself. Austin is firmly in control as he releases the hold and stomps on his opponent then goes for a Boston Crab. Shamrock throws him off so he goes to a sleeper but Shamrock reverses the move. Austin escapes by ramming into the corner then sets his opponent on the turnbuckle. He tries to get a superplex but is headbutted off. Shamrock comes off the second rope but gets gut shot. He is whipped but gets a cross body block and a pin attempt. Austin grabs a reverse chinlock on the mat. Shamrock escapes and the criss cross - Shamrock is tossed to the floor and Austin follows him out. He trys to whip the challenger into the steps but is reversed. Next he trys a piledriver but that is reversed into a back drop. Back into the ring and Shamrock is all over the Champ. He rushes to the corner and eats leather. Shamrock is whipped but explodes out of the corner, clotheslines Austin and gets a two count. He slaps on a Boston Crab of his own but Austin gets to the ropes. Austin hits a low blow then starts to stomp his opponent in the corner. There is a whip and they clothesline each other. Both are down. Austin goes for a cover but no cigar. Kane and UT run in and beat up on both of them. Now the Rock and Mankind are in the ring and the principals are on the outside! Austin returns with a chair and brains both of th Scarey Brothers. He then chases McMahon from the arena with his chair as we fade to black.

That was a great match and overall, the better of the two shows - but I don't think there is anything that the WWF could have done to match the emotional power of the last hour of Nitro tonight.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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