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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Wars Edition

The Disciple Joins OWN!

Jaqueline Wins the WWF Womens' Title

X-Pac the new European Champ

Volume 3, Issue 361 - September 21, 1998
I am currently on a two week vacation and will be out of town from tomorrow until Saturday - therefore there will be no Friday Edition of the Newsletter this week. I will be home by next Sunday but that is my wife's birthday so there will be a WWF Breakdown Edition but I will be taping the program and reviewing it after the fact, therefore it will not be an Interactive Report. Next weeks Monday Night Wars Edition will be published as usual.

Nitro Report

We open with a drunken Scott Hall ordering Doug Dillenger to go look at his car which he claims has been wrecked. Nitro is live from the Fleet Center in Boston, Massachusetts. Tony hypes the card and then we cut to the Nitro Grrrls dancing on the platform. Now Tony is hyping the Halloween Havoc card as Legendary Larry takes his kudos from the crowd. We are told that Ric Flair is in the building as well.

The ring fills up with smoke and then when it clears the Disciple lays unconscious face down in the ring. Hogan and Bischoff stalk out with the entire nWo Hollywood faction trailing them. The lights flash and the smoke comes again as they enter the ring. Disciple has vanished! The Warrior calls down from the rafters beneath his Warrior symbol. He has the Disciple, who is kneeling at his side and out of it, and rants down at Hogan. Hogan rants back - they disagree about which of them is running from the other. The Warrior suggests that the Disciple is going to be the first one to join the "Warrior Revolution". Cut to commercial.

We get the opening montage as we return.

Barry Darow vs. Fit Finley - we haven't seen Finley for quite some time on Nitro. Both of these guys are double-tough and wily veterans. Should be a good match. Tenay tells us that Finley has been wrestling in Europe and also recoveing from an injury. Darsow loses the first exchange but comes roaring back with a giant punch to the face of his opponent. Finley demonstrates his superior wrestling technique as he retakes the advantage then shifts into brawling mode to keep the initiative. Darsow shows some savvy wrestling himself and the match begins to see-saw. It goes this way for several minutes then Finley manages to execute the Tombstone and take the pin.

Video review of Ric Flairs triumphant return to WCW last week then cut to commercial.

We get a review of the Warrior appearance earlier as we return.

Nick Densmore vs. Wrath - Densmore had a pretty good match over the weekend against Evan Korragious (or however it is he miss-spells it...) I don't look for much from him here. Sure enough Wrath runs right over his opponent. Out on the floor he continues to dominate. Back in the ring, Densmore gets in a drop-kick that does nothing. A second one is swatted away. That is the begining of the end. The Meltdown eventually tells the tail. Cut to commercial.

Rick Fuller vs. Rick Steiner - we see Shawn Stockman of Boyz 2 Men at ringside as Fuller makes his entrance. Fuller is a big, rough guy, but Steiner is a wrestling machine. He is all over his opponent from the get-go and pins him after a suplex within two minutes of the bell. After the match he grabs a mic and rants at his brother. He says that their record is about "9000-0" in his (Rick's) favor and that the HH match will make it "90001-0". Maniacal laughter fills the arena as we cut to commercial.

Voodoo Child blairs forth and Hogan stalks out to the ring again with Bischoff and Stevie Ray. No posing tonight - they cut the music and Hogan rants at the Warrior and calls him out, "Right now..."The lights dim and the Warrior appears on the platform and invites Hogan to follow him as he turns and leaves. The entryway is filled with smoke as Hogan heads to the back. In his dressing room he finds burning Warrior grafitti on his wall and the Disciple lying in the bathroom. The smoke comes yet again and the Disciple vanishes once more. Hogan is beside himself as we cut to commercial.

Video review of the Flock's disbanding.

The Villanos vs. Raven/Kanyon - Kanyon tells everyone to shut up then hands the mic to Raven. Raven whines about the loss of his followers then attacks one of the Villanos with the mic. Moments later the two of them execute a combination Neckbreaker - Spiked Powerbomb that ends the match. Villano Villano IV (I think) is hurt bad. The trainers come out and check him over. Meanwhile we get multiple replays of the move. Eventually IV makes his way out under his own power with an assist from the trainer and his brother. A videotape from earlier today shows Disco Inferno weighing in for a Cruiserweight challenge tonight. He is overweight and has two hours to try and lose the required poundage. Cut to commercial.

Alex Wright vs. Diamond Dallas Page - Wright harrangues the crowd in German then lapses into slow English for us "stupid Americans". He runs down the US, the American wrestling fans and DDP. He calls Page out to face him for his Title shot at Halloween Havoc. Page detours through the crowd on his way to the ring then enters only to be attacked as he slides under the ropes. Wright dominates the early going after that start. Page suddenly stops his momentum, grabs him in a belly-to-back suplex (which Wright flips out of) then hits the Diamond Cutter and gets the pin.

Mean Gene interviews Page. He acknowledges Goldberg's superior record and athleticism but says that he (Page) has as big a heart as the Champion. He promises the Champ a "bumpy-bumpy ride" at Hallween Havoc.

Tony shows a Nitro Party tape, we cut to Nitro Grrrls in the ring then to commercial.

Video review of the various incidents involving Ernest Miller.

Ernest Miller vs. Lenny Lane - this match is a joke as Miller gives Lane a chance to leave and he takes it! He calls him back, shakes his hand then attacks before the bell and just steamrolls right over his opponent. Scott Hall appears staggering down the ramp asking "Hey, what about my match..?" Dusty Rhodes intercepts Hall as he climbs onto the apron and argues with him then leads him back. In the ring Miller is finishing off his opponent. Afterwards Miller rants his usual rant. In the back, Disco Inferno comes off the treadmill and finds that he has lost the weight needed to qualify for his Cruiserweight Title match. Cut to commercial.

Replay of Chris Jericho's antics at Fall Brawl.

Saturn vs. Jerry Flynn - Saturn outwrestles his opponent in the early going. Flynn launches a martial arts attack so Saturn bests him at that as well. Flynn uses the ref for distraction and puts on a leg bar submission hold, but Saturn gets to the ropes. They trade punches then Saturn puts him down with a side kick. He goes out and sets up a folding table. Flynn turns the table as Saturn returns and now it's all Flynn. But not for long. Saturn gets a suplex then Flynn hits a leg sweep. The match see-saws. Flynn grabs a cross-arm breaker but Saturn goes to the ropes again and escapes. Saturn comes back with a series of suplexes but Flynn isn't done yet. The fight goes to the floor where they fight next to the table. Flynn tries a kick and hits the corner post. Saturn positions him on the tabel then launches himself off the top corner,demolishing Flynn and the table. Back in the ring, Saturn hits the DDD and gets the pin. Cut to tape of Scott Hall's embarrassing behaviour last week then to commercial.

Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell come to the ring. Scott rants about his brother and insults the Boston crowd. Then they call Bret Hart out, and like an idiot - he comes to get punked. Sting runs out to save his bacon. As Steiner and Buff retreat backwards, Rick Steiner shows up and runs them off.

Kidman vs. Disco Inferno - Cruiserweight Title match - Kidman has some new music - Disco looks pooped, and well he should. Kidman hits him with a drop-kick the moment the match begins. He is just beating the tar out of his exhausted opponent. Disco uses a face rake to turn the tables. But then he staggers around the ring and collapses. He rolls out to buy some time (and some breathy I imagine). Kidman suicide dives on him then rolls him back in. In the ring it's still all Kidman as we cut to commercial.

Kidman is still in control as we return. Lodi shows up on the ramp with some idiotic signs declaring his dependence on Raven. He tries to convince Kidman to come back and distracts him so that Disco can get a piledriver but no pin. Now Disco is moving better and dominates the match - but he's wasting his time dancing..! He goes to the second rope and misses a knee drop. Kidman comes back with a bulldog - no cigar. Disco hits a neck nreaker but likewise fails at the pin. He goes for another piledriver but Kidman reverses to a flap jack. He downs Disco with a powerbomb then climbs up to get the Shooting Star Press and the pin.

More maniacal laughter - sounds like Hugh Morrus...

Tribute video to the Horsemen followed by a commercial.

Konnan vs. Chavo Guerrero, Jr. - Guerrero apes Konnan's usual intro rap and then wants to join the Wolf Pack. Konnan's answer is a drop-kick and running Chavo out of the ring. Back in the ring, Konnan continues his attack until Chavo drop-kicks him in the knee then pauses to ride Pepe around the ring. Konnan stops him in his tracks and retakes the advantage. He grabs a combination submission hold then releases it. Chavo fights back and reverses the momentum with a flying forearm followed by a drop-kick. He drops into a reverse chinlock. Konnan reverses it then gets a sunset flip as we cut to commercial.

Guerrero is still in charge as we return. He applies a surfboard on his opponent then releases it and kicks him in the back. He then rushes into the corner and buries hius shoulder in the post. The fight goes out to the floor where Konnan uses a chair then slams Chavo into the steps. Back in the ring, Chavo regains the initiative with a knee lift but Konnan comes right back. The match see-saws several times with Konnan in the ascendancy. He finally gets the Tequilla Sunrise and the submission victory. Great match!

Replay of the confrontation between Eddie Guerrero and Bischoff last week. Guerrero was sent to Japan apparently.

Bischoff comes out to the ring with Miss Liz. He toots his own horn for a while then turns his guns on Flair and the Horsemen. He says Flair won't be here tonight (don't bet on it, hair boy...) He says Flair has a contract but he is not allowed to wrestle. He repeats his statement that the Four Horsemen are history. Flair and the Horsemen appear on the platform then head for the ring. They are met by Doug Dillenger and security forces. Flair and Doug talk, then Dillenger stands aside! The Horsemen continue on to the ring. Flair grabs a mic and calls Bischoff a liar on several points. Bischoff dares Flair to hit him - but he demures. He goes into the reasons why he didn't show up for the at Nitro program months ago - he took his son to a National Wrestling meet and the boy won, by the way. For that he was suspended and sued. Flair makes the distinction between Bischoff and the WCW company - meaning the wrestlers, and tells him that it's the wrestlers that put the butts in the seats - not Bischoff. Flair says the Horsemen are going to be in Norfolk, VA next week - Biischoff says, "don't show up". They back him into the corner and shove the Horsemen hand gesture in his face as we cut to commercial.

Michael Buffer introduces the next match.

Stevie Ray/The Giant vs. Kevin Nash/Lex Luger - Scott Hall was supposed to be in this match but fails to appear. He shows up at the broadcast position instead as the match gets underway. Stevie Ray dominates Luger at first but ZLuger turns the tables. Meanwhile Hall is falling off the platform then heads for the ring. In the ring. neither man is really dominating the action. Hall shows up and climbs onto the apron. His nWo team mates are disgusted with him. He throws the referee out of the ring. Nash comes in and steps aside as Hall swings at him. He ends up on the mat face down. Nash is non-plussed and the Giant decides to take advantage of the situation. Luger goes out and gets a chair to break up the melee. Hall is left alone with the Wolf Pack. He attacks Nash who sidesteps and sends him sprawling on the floor. The Giant and Stevie pull him away from the ring area. Nash expresses his frustration by challenging Hall to a match at Halloween Havoc. The announcers discuss the situation then are interupted by nWo music.

Hogan and Bischoff come down again and throw out another challenge to the Warrior. The Warrior appears again and then is joined by the Disciple who turns around and displays a OWN insignia on his back. Hogan is getting excited again as we fade to black.

RAW Report

RAW is coming to us on tape from Sacramento, California. The Rock makes an entrance to join Mr. McMahon, Ken Shamrock and Mankind in the ring. Vince has the mic and warns Steve Austin not to try and interfere. Kane and the Undertaker appear on the platform to watch his back. He rants about the coming card on Sunday and his "master plan" then turns to the three wrestlers with a proposition. He orders Austin to find a partner and face the Scary Brothers in a tag match tonight. His order to the three is that none of them are to be Austin's partner. In return he offers them all shots at the WWF Title. The catch is that they will have a triple threat match tonight to decide the #1 contender for the world belt after Austin loses on Sunday.

Billy Gunn (w/Road Dog/X-Pac) vs. Jeff Jarrett (w/Southern Justice) - the back-up troups are all sent away from the ring. Jarrett attacks on the bell but Billy comes right back and grabs the advantage. The match goes into see-saw mode with Billy seeming to hold the initiative until Jarrett snaps his neck off the top rope. Billy recovers but Jarrett still has the advantage as he tosses Billy to the floor then hits him with a baseball slide. On the floor he drops his opponent onto the railing and then smashes him into the ring steps. He tries to post Billy but is reversed. They both go back into the ring whwre Jarrett continues to hold the upper hand. To his discredit, he is showboating and that loses him the initiative momentarily. Billy goes for a piledriver but Jarrett reverses it to a back drop and both guys are down. They both recover slowly then Billy starts his comeback. He rushes to the corner and hits his head on the buckle. As he turns he runs into the referee who is dazed as Jarrett goes out to get his guitar. The ref is not completely out of it however and grabs the guitar, distracting Jarrett and allowing Billy to use a neckbreaker and win the match.

Michael Cole interviews McMahon, who says that Austin will face Kane and the Undertaker whether he can find a partner or not. Cut to commercial.

Steve Austin makes his entrance as we return. Austin starts his rant by tearing into UT - he contends that it is personal now. He describes Vince's stipulations about the main event at Break Down as "bullsh*t." He says he doesn't care whether he has a partner tonight or not. He changes his famous tag line to "Austin 666" before he leaves the ring. Cut to commercial.

We see video off UT and Kane arriving earlier today. Everybody gives them a wide berth.

The Headbangers vs. The Oddities - the Headbangers join in with the Oddities' dance at the beginning with Silly String, then Pearl Harbor their opponents with some kind of sprayed substance to their eyes. They tear up the Cartman doll of Golga then beat all three of the Oddities before they split. We never do find out who their opponents were supposed to be.

UT and Kane are in the back with Mike Cole and warn Austin that they intend him harm tonight. Cut to commercial.

Sable vs. Jaqueline - WWF Womens' Title match - this is the first match for this title since Alundra Blaze (Medusa Micelli) skipped to WCW a couple of years ago. Sable wins the first exchange with some wicked kicks in the corner but Jaquie roars right back and shows her superior wrestling ability. Marc Mero gets involved from the outside but then Jaquie straddles the second rope and hurts herself. Now Sable is back in charge with a backdrop and two clotheslines. Jaquie is tossed to the outside then Mero jumps on the apron and takes a flying forearm from Sable. She tries to suplex Jaquie back in but Mero trips her and then holds her leg so that Jaqueline can get the pin and the Title.

Kane/The Undertaker vs. Steve Austin/Billy gunn - we see McMahon and his toadys chortling in the back as Austin enters the ring alone. Then Billy shows up to help even the odds a bit. The match erupts before the bell with Billy vs. Kane outside as UT and Austin face off in the ring. Kane is smashed into the steps then Billy tags in and fares pretty well for a while. He tags Austin back in and UT levels the rattlesnake with a clotheline. Kane tags in and loses the advantage. Austin beats him down then tags in Billy. Billy gets distracted and then hauled out and posted by UT. Back in the ring, Kane continues the assault on Billy. Now UT and Kane are isolating him. They double team him as Austin is suckered in to distract the referee. Kane almost pins him but Austin makes the save. Moments later he saves Billy a second time. Billy finally back elbows Kane then downs him with a clothesline. Both are down and being counted. Then Billy gets the tag and Austin coems in blazing. He Stuns Kane - in the confusion, the referee is knocked down. UT chokeslams Billy and pins him but actually Austin (who is battling Kane on the floor) was the legal man. Austin gets a chair and brains both of the Scarey Brothers before we cut to commercial.

DOA (w/Paul Ellering) vs. Southern Justice - Canterbury starts against 8-Ball. Neither man really dominates the action. They change partners on both sides and Knight takes the initiative. But Skull comes right back. All four are in for a moment then Canterbury and 8-Ball go to the floor to brawl. Jeff Jarrett runs out and brains Ellering with the guitar. In the back, McMahon is interviewed by Michael Cole - he says that UT and Kane are unhappy about Billy volunteering to help Austin and he expects them to be causing some havoc as the program continues. We cut to commercial as, I assume, the match in the ring continues.

Steven Regal's new character is revealed to be a "real man's man" - whatever that means.

Al Snow (w/Head) vs. Sgt. Slaughter - Boot Camp match - Slaughter attacks outside before the match then hauls Snow in and beats him with his belt. Snow takes it then comes back with a back kick to the Sarge's considerable chin. Now he has the belt and Slaughter is being whipped. The fight goes to the outside where Snow continuwes his assault. He tries to hit his opponent with a chair but hits the post instead. Slaughter gets the chair and lays Snow out then goes for a pin. No cigar. Snow recovers and takes it too the Sarge with a vengence. He throws a moonsault off the barrier but can't get the pin. Back in the ring, snow tries a moonsault with the chair but misses. Sarge slaps on a Cobra Clutch. Snow levers him into the turnbuckle to affect the break. Slaughter re-applies the Clutch. Snow executes a low blow, on advice from the Head apparently. Slaughter tries to hit him with his boot but Snow boots him in the groin again. Then he brains him with the Head and gets the pin. Patterson and Brisco attack Snow until Scorpio shows up to drive them off. Cut to commercial.

The Rock is interviewed by Mike Cole - he intends to be that #1 contender.

Val Venis vs. Owen Hart - Dustin Runnels joins the broadcast team for this one. Mr. Cheese would seem to have little chance of a victory in this contest. His opponent is superior and Dustin is sure to interfere before this is over. The match is fought in split screen as Dustin is questioned by Jim Cornette. Venis does well in the early going but Owen is relentless and soon turns the tables. Now it is all Owen. Suddenly Dustin jumps up and runs in to attack his nemesis. Venis gets the drop on him and ties him up in the ropes. He shows his latest video, called "Something About Terri" - Terri is shown in bed talking to Dustin then Venis emerges from under the covers. Cut to commercial.

X-Pac vs. D-Lo Brown - European Title match - the match is a see-saw affair from the get-go. D-Lo assumes control by virtue of his superior size. But then he rushes into the corner and misses. Moments later X-Pac makes the same mistake. D-Lo is all over him, using his chest protector as a weapon repeatedly. He takes too long going to the second rope for a moonsault and misses. X-Pac makes his comeback and rides the bronco in the corner. D-Lo comes back with a whip followed by a Sky High slam. Again he takes too long climbing the corner and launches himself only to be caught and slammed face first to the mat and pinned. X-Pac wins the Title.

Rocky Maivia vs. Mankind vs. Ken Shamrock - triple threat match for the #1 contender to the WWF Title - Mankind is in the ring as we return - we cut to an interview conducted earlier with Mankind - he expects to win of course although he expresses himself rather strangely. Ken Shamrock enters next and then the Rock. Mankind sits in the corner as the other two start the match. Mankind joins the Rock in beating Shamrock down then attacks Maivia. They go to the floor then Shamrock hits Mankind with a baseball slide. He then slams Mankind into the steps and kicks the Rock before returning to the ring. In the ring, Mankind rushes Shamrock in the corner and creams him. The Rock watches from the sidelines. Both guys in the ring are down as Maivia re-enters. He attacks mankind in the corner then turns to meet Shamrock's fist. Maivia turns the tables and drops the People's Elbow then tosses Shamrock out. Mankind is up again and drops the Rock with a DDT. Now it's all Mankind until he rushes into the corner and misses. As the Rock is whipped, Shamrock reaches in from the outside and drags him out to the floor and posts him. Shamrock re-enters the ring and get creamed by Mankind but avoids the Mandible Claw. He slaps on a sleeper but the Rock grabs a sleeper on Mankind. Shamrock executes a jaw breaker to escape. Mankind goes for the claw on Shamrock but he reverses it and gets his ankle lock. Maivia pretends to be the referee and taps Shamrock then clotheslines him. Mankind is attacked on the outside by Kane and UT and downed. The match goes on in the ring with repeated pin attempts but no conclusion. Shamrock goes to the floor and is attacked by the Scarey Brothers - then they enter the ring and attack the Rock. They put a double chokeslam on him. They start to leave but turn back to attack Mankind again. Stone Cold runs in from behind and attacks Vince - UT and Kane run him off - they show what just happened again then fade to black.

That's it for now. I'll be back on Sunday for the PPV. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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