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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

WWF Breakdown Edition

Austin Loses the Title
But the Championship Status is in Doubt

A Conversation with Gordon Solie

Conducted by Jeremy Hartley
Transcribed by Earl Oliver

Volume 3, Issue 362 - September 27, 1998

A Conversation with Gordon Solie

Conducted by Jeremy Hartley
Transcribed by Earl Oliver

Part 1

This interview, which is the one most eagerly anticipated by yours truely, was conducted earlier this month by telephone. It is of considerable length and so will be broken up into several segments over the next few months.

Jeremy Hartley: How did you become interested in wrestling and the wrestling business, were you an announcer before you broke into the business... why don't you, if you can, take us from there, the best you can.

Gordon Solie: Well, okay. My original goal of course, was to be a radio announcer, that's the way I started off. When I got out of the airforce in 1950 I took a job at a radio station in Tampa, a little independent 100 watter. They didn't have a sports show. Of course, I had always been very intersted in sports and participated, you know sandlot stuff - baseball, that sort of thing, and so I asked them if I could start a sports show on the station and they said, "Sure." So I started doing 15 minutes a night, I not only covered the line scores and that sort of thing, but I also looked around locally to see what kind of sports were involved. I knew that wrestling was held once a week, they had auto racing twice a week, we had smoker baseball - and then of course we had society tennis and society golf. The big stations, the network affilliates were very much into the society stuff. You know, I'd go out to the stock car races and there would be 3000 people out there and I'd go to a society golf match and there would be 40 people.

Jeremy Hartley: (laughs)

Gordon Solie: And so I decided, "Well, hell, I'm going to go where the people are." I'd go to the wrestling matches and there would be five or six hundred people - so I got a hold of the promoter, Cowboy Lutrell, and I said, "Send me a couple of your wrestlers every week, the night you're going to wrestle in Tampa, and I'll interview them." Well, he flipped out, he thought that was marvelous, and so I started interviewing the wrestlers and interviewing stock car drivers...we had some damn good boxers in the area at the time too - the late Chino Alverez, Danny Nardico, Tommy Gomez, Willie Depp was living down here, so I did some interviews with them too. So I became sort of known as the guy who handled the "black leather jacket, dirt under your fingernails" sports...

Jeremy Hartley: Right (laughs)

Gordon Solie: ...then one day Cowboy Lutrell called me and told me that his ring announcer had quit, and would I be interested in ring announcing. And I said, "Well, what does it pay?" and he said, "$5.00 a night" - well, I was making 50 bucks a week as a radio announcer, so that was a 10% increase in pay - so I said, "Sure!" Of course, I was, in a sense, terrified because it's one thing to have them on your studio, when you're in control - but now it's going into their "happy hunting ground". I would rap rather timidly on the dressing room door and go in and get weights and all of that. Everybody was very cordial, but also I noticed that when I walked into the dressing room all conversation stopped, and the environment was not hostile but it was very guarded.

"When television finally came to Tampa, he immediately got it, but he didn't even think of me. He right away wanted to get a known personality...

Jeremy Hartley: Right.

Gordon Solie: So this went on for, oh, a couple of years a a matter of fact and then I started going on the road with the Olaf Swensen Thrillcade in the summer months, which made my employment at the local radio station rather iffy because they knew that I was going to take off during the summer - so then Cowboy told me his publicity guy left and he wanted to know if I would be interested in working publicity as long as I was there doing the matches on Tuesday nights anyway, and I said, "Sure" - so I started doing that, one thing led to another and eventually he got television. When television finally came to Tampa, he immediately got it, but he didn't even think of me. He right away wanted to get a known personality...

Jeremy Hartley: And wasn't that really the norm of the wrestling matches at the time where it was more important to get a well-known personality calling the matches to try and draw the folks to the televisions, for example a game show host or something similar...

Gordon Solie: Right. In other words, it was thought that would #1 - lend credibility and viewers - and so Cowboy got a fellow by the name of Guy Bagly, who was the sports director from the only television in the Bay Area at that time, it was Channel 38. So he got Bagly to do his wrestling show. Well Bagly, he's now departed, but he did it because of the money. He was a light Colonel in the Air Force reserve, he had flown in WWII, was a hell of a pilot and a hell of a guy - a frustrated baseball player. Like I said, he agreed to do the wrestling show for Cowboy strictly because of the money. Didn't really have any real interest in the sport. Well, that didn't last too terribly long. Then they went to another fellow, Bob Jones, who did the show with Cowboy. Cowboy sat on the show with him. Cowboy learned that he better be there to get across what needed to be gotten across, because he wasn't going to get it from his announcer. You've got to remember too that this was a very close-knit organization, not like it is today...

Jeremy Hartley: Yeah...there's no such thing as close-knit anymore when you consider wrestling and sports in general really...

Gordon Solie: Exactly. So he got Bob Jones - well, a funny thing happened, one day Cowboy was calling Bob Jones about something and the guy at the station said, "Just a minute, I'll get him." and he put the phone down. (laughs) And this is hearsay, since I wasn't there, but the way I got the story is that the guy said, "Hey Bob, Cowboy Lutrell's on the phone..." and Cowboy was sitting on the phone waiting and was alledged to have heard Jones say, "What does that old fart want?"

Jeremy Hartley: (laughs)

Gordon Solie: Well, that ended Jones career. Cowboy was a very explosive man. So they finally got around to getting perhaps the most popular sports personality we've ever had in the Bay Area, "Salty" Saul Fleishmen...

Jeremy Hartley: Hmm, now talk a little bit about him, I not familiar with that name.

Gordon Solie: Well, Saul was a sportwriter and a sportscaster on radio, he made the transition to Channel 38, or Channel 13 rather and was just extremely well liked. He liked Cowboy and Cowboy liked him. So we had a big breakfast and Saul and I were introduced as the broadcast team, we had all the sportwriters and so on and so forth for this big breakfast - and we were introduced as the new broadcast team. Well, it was obvious that Saul was going to be the lead announcer, the anchor, and I was there to provide color. Saul had, I guess, high blood pressure but - things happened - the show went on for about three weeks and then something happened during the show one day, we had the Von Breuners, and of course, here they were the German storm troupers managed by a Jewish manager, Saul Weingroff, and here's Fleishman and he took umbrage that Weingroff would be managing Germans because you know WWII was really fresh in everybodies minds. So anyway, something happened and Saul disclaimed any knowledge or any responsibility or anything else on the air, he said, "I had nothing to do with this..." and he said he just couldn't do it. Cowboy said, "No, I think you're right, I think it would be better if we changed..." - so then it dawned on them, "Hey, we've got this announcer whose been doing color, and you know, has a better understanding of the business then anybody else, and he not that bad looking so I guess we can use him. I guess we can use him, see how it worked out.

Jeremy Hartley is a longtime friend of Solie's and a regular contributer to the newsletter. His "EYE on Wrestling" columns can be found in the "Articles" section of the web site. His previous interviews with Bob Blackburn, Lou Thesz, Bob Ryder and Buddy Landel are currently to be found in the "Interviews" section. You can also hear any of these interviews in RealAudio by visiting Jeremy's web site, Up Close Wrestling

Sunday Night Heat

Tonight's program comes from the same arena as the PPV (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada). McMahon and his buddies come to the ring to make an announcement. He tells us that there will be a re-match of the Triple Threat contest pitting Maivia, Shamrock and Mankind for the #1 contender's spot - it will be fought in a cage during the PPV. A fan holds up a sign that says "Impeach McMahon". Vince annouces a new stipulation for the Title match tonight. Any outside interference will cost Austin the Title. He also takes advantage of the moment to insult the Canadian crowd. He guarantees that Steve Austin will not leave the ring tonight as the WWF Champion.

The Oddities come to the ring and we see some video of their match against the Headbangers last Monday as we cut to commercial.

Mosh vs. Golga - Mosh attacks early but Golga just shoves him off then starts dropping elbows on him. Thrasher distracts the big guy which allows Mosh to come back. He downs his opponent but can't hold him down. They criss-cross and Mosh is caught in mid-flight, slammed and pin. Thrasher comes in and gets powerbombed for his trouble by Kurrgan. We rush to the back and are told that HHH has been attacked before we cut to commercial.

As we retrun, Mike Cole is in the locker room telling us that HHH has been attacked - this is to cover his previously injured knee so he won't have to compete tonight. Mark Henry, who was suppposed to be his opponent at the PPV, comes to the ring and protests that he is owed an Intercontinental Title match tonight. He refers to Chyna as his "girl friend" and calls HHH a coward, then starts to leave. McMahon comes out and waves him back into the ring. He offers Henry a non-title match against "another Champion" on this program. He wants Henry to help him test the strength of the cage which is suspended over the ring. Henry is dubious until McMahon says the match will be against Steve Austin! Cut to commercial.

Cole is outside the building showing us the Rock, Mankind and Shamrock being told that they are competing in the cage tonight.

Kaientai (Funaki and Teo) vs. The Hardey Boys - the newcomers appear to be no match for their Japanese opponents. The contest seems like an extended squash. The Hardeys take the advantage for about 5 seconds then Jeff Hardey throws a suicide dive which lives up to its name when their opponents side step him. Kaientai try to hit the remaining Hardey Boy with their flag but miss the blow and do each other in. The Hardeys set-up a combination double splash and legdrop which devastates their opposition and gains them the upset victory. Cole tries to interview Austin but can't find him. Cut to commercial.

Billy Gunn vs. DOA (w/Paul Ellering) - Handicap match - this is punishment for Billy volunteering to be Austin's partner the other night. Of course he almost no chance of winning. He starts strong but is overwhelmed in no time. Southern Justice and Jeff Jarrett run in suddenly followed by the Road Dog and X-Pac and a melee ensues. DOA split as DX is punked. Cut to commercial.

McMahon enters with the Scarey Brothers as we return. The cage is on the ring as McMahon enters to check it out. Mark Henry's music plays but he fails to appear. Cut to the outside where Chyna is laying into Henry with kicks to the stomach. She is restrained momentarily by officials but then gets loose and takes a steel pipe to Henry!! Back in the ring, a technician locks the door with McMahon inside then turns and strips off his disguise to reveal it is really Steve Austin! He punks McMahon then stalks away as UT and Kane climb over the walls and we cut to commercial.

We return to a replay of what just happened plus some footage of McMahon chewing the Scarey Brothers out during the break for allowing him to be attacked again. After another break for hype, he vows again that Austin won't be the Champion after tonight.

WWF In Your House - Breakdown Report

The PPV comes to us from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Edge vs. Owen Hart - Edge slumps in the corner ala Raven as Owen enters the ring (actually, it was Jake the Snake who originated this kind of cavalier stance at the beginning of his matches many years ago). Owen gets the immediate advantage via superior wrestling ability. Edge comes back with his unorthadox attack and takes the initiative. Owen rolls out to the floor and thinks he's outsmarted the youngster but gets a baseball slide to the chest. Edge goes back to the apron and throws a dive but gets powerslammed on the floor. Back in the ring, Owen is consolidating his advantage. The crowd takes up the "Nugget" chant and distracts him momentarily, but not enough to lose his concentration. He continues his assault and then grabs a reverse chinlock. Edge fihgts his way to his feet and then escapes but gets a rake to his face. He charges the corner and eats leather. Owen grabs a victory roll but then has it reversed. He escapes and comes right back with knife edge chops. He ends the flurry with an Insagurie but Edge is only down a moment. Hart tries for a reverse Frankensteiner but is caught and dropped on his face. Now Edge retakes the advantage. Owen again thinks he outsmarted the youngster as he moves out of the way when Edge comes off the top - but Edge lands on his face the downs his opponent again. They struggle for position and Owen gets a bridge suplex but no cigar. Edge recovers and puts Owen on the corner, goes for a super-plex but is shoved off. Owen tries to slap on a Sharpshooter but Edge throws him off. Suddenly a starnger jumps the railing - he looks like a slightly smaller version of Edge. Edge stares at him and is blindsided by Owen and rolled up for the pin.

Al Snow (w/Head)/Scorpio vs. Too Much - I would have expected Too Much to have the teamwork advantage here but actually, in the early going, Scorpio and Snow seem to hold all the cards. Certainly they have the size advantage by a long shot. About mid-way through the match, Snow takes Christopher out to the floor and just creams him. But then he returns to the ring leaving young Master Lawler to his own devices. This proves to be a mistake as Christopher interferes from the outside to turn the tables. It is all Too Much for several minutes until Snow starts swinging the Head around. He brains everyone, including his partner! Eventually, Snow pulls off the victory via a Snow Plow finisher.

Michael Cole interviews the Scarey Brothers. He wants to know which of them will take the fall for the other to win the Title. UT just promises to end the career of Austin and leaves the rest to our imaginations.

Marc Mero (w/Jacqueline) vs. Daren Drozdov - Mero goes to work right from the get-go. Droz counters by elevating his opponent and dropping him on his face (ouch!) The fight goes out to the floor where Droz consolidates his advantage but then gets caught returning to the ring. Mero retakes the initiative for a bit but this big kid is hard to hold down. Mero manages to toss him out of the ring and then throws a forward roll over the top to down his opponent. Back inside, Mero tries a slingshot splash and meets the Drozian knees to his discomfort. Mero comes roaring right back and now he starts to take shortcuts. He uses his wrist wrap to choke out the Droz then distracts the referee so that Jacquie can brain him with her high heel shoe. He throws his tucked version of the Shooting Star press to take the duke. Cut to commercial..? (yes, that's what I said - they're hawking t-shirts at this point).

Vader vs. Bradshaw - No Holds Barred match - Vader is looking in much better shape these days. Bradshaw has shaved his handlebar mustache and comes out to a new theme song. Without his mustache he looks a lot like Bart Gunn, actually. Bradshaw bulls his opponent into the corner and starts pounding on him to start the match. Vader finely gets his superior mass moving and mows his opponent down. A big splash almost gets him a three count. Bradshaw comes back with a big clothesline then follows his opponent out to the floor. On the outside he uses the ringbell to brain Vader then downs him with a standing clothesline. He then stands Vader up against the post and throws a punch...only to smack the steel with his fist (ouch!!!) Vader runs him into the steps then picks them up and drops them on him. Back in the ring, Vader grabs a side headlock but gets suplexed for his trouble. Bradshaw bounces off the rope then misses a clothesline and tumbles to the floor. Vader follows him out and savages him for several moments before rolling him back in. Vader goes for a splash off the second rope and connects big time. He then climbs back up and hits the Vader Bomb - but Bradshaw kicks out with authority! He roars back with a big clothesline, fails at the pin then hits another one. He follows that with a neck breaker and gets the pin.

Kevin Kelly is with impressionist Jason Sensation and one of the Pritchard brothers (Bruce, I think). Jason runs through several of his wrestler voices.

D-Lo Brown vs. Gangrel - this is a miss-match in my opinion. As talented as Brown is, this newcomer has been awesome so far. I am surprised that this isn't Edge vs. Gangrel but wouldn't be surprised to see Edge become involved before this one is over. Gangrel rushes his opponent who ducks out of the way but then gets caught on the rebound. The next few moments are all Gangrel. D-Lo finally turns it around but Gangrel seems to be enjoying the beating he's taking until D-Lo hits a low-blow. A running power-bomb cements D-Lo's advantage but then he stops to showboat and squanders his edge (no pun intended). Still he manages to hold onto the initiative for several more exchanges. The biggest flaw in his attack is his tendency to cockiness. The match see-saws but D-Lo maintains the offense. He takes Gangrel to the top rope but then is shoved off. Gangrel seems to be running out of gas as the match continues, it looks like D-Lo is in better condition. Gangrel finally mounts a comeback, which brings Mark Henry to ringside. Henry pulls the ropes down and Gangrel tumbles to the floor where he is posted. D-Lo catches him trying to re-enter the ring and suplexes him to get the pin. Henry comes in to congratulate his team mate and both of them are attacked by the revived Gangrel who spits blood into Henry's eye then suplexes the victor before splitting.

Video from the triple-threat match on RAW last week.

Ken Shamrock vs. Mankind vs. Rocky Maivia - Triple Threat Cage match for the #1 contender to the WWF Title - this is a re-run of the match on RAW which was ruined by the Scarey Brothers. This time they hope to avoid interference. The cage itself is a welded steel affair - it looks very solid. The rules say that a competitor can win the match by pinfall, submission or by escaping from the cage through the door or over the top. Shamrock attacks Maivia on the bell while Mankind starts to slip out the door. He is stopped and downed then the other two go back to work on each other. Mankind gets involved and Maivia is the immediate beneficiary. Shamrock is a whirlwind in this one. He grabs an abdominal stretch on Mankind then gets one put on him by Maivia! He hip-tosses his attacker then Mankind does the same to him to break it up. As the match goes on it is clearly Shamrock who seems to be doing the most damage. Mankind tries to escape again, this time over the wall but the Rock drags him back. Next Shamrock gets the door open and struggles with Maivia to escape until Mankind joins the Rock's effort to drag Shamrock back into the ring. Now Maivia and Foley are cooperating against Shamrock. As soon as Shamrock is out of it, Maivia attacks Mankind. The Rock tries the overland routs but is pulled back by Shamrock.

Now Shamrock and Maivia are doubling up on Mankind. They take turns putting the boots to his head. Shamrock goes for his ankle lock but but Maivia breaks that up. The Rock ends up on the receiving end from both his opponents again. The crowd clearly favors Maivia as the match continues. They boo the other two. Mankind is coaching Shamrock concerning double-team tactics as they continue to cooperate. The Rock thwarts both of them then sets them up for a double People's Elbow!! He starts climbing but they are right on him and drag him back to the mat. Mankind and Shamrock are still cooperating but the People's Champion keeps out maneuvering them. The crowd starts a "Shamrock Sucks!" chant much to his chagrin. Now Mankind is out of it as Shamrock grabs an ankle lock on the Rock. Foley comes to in time to break it up then tries to get over the wall. He gets to the outside but the Rock grabs a handfull of hair to stop him. They both straddle the top and pound on each other. Shamrock gets into it and brings the rock back to the mat. Now Mankind has his chance to escape but instead decides to emulate his hero Jimmy Snuka and attempts to throw an elbow drop off the top of the cage. He gets nothing but canvas. Shamrock is trying to escape through the door but Foley recovers and prevents it. Shamrock is going out head first and manages to snare a chair as he is pulled back. He tries to use it on Mankind but misses and smacks the cage wall. Foley gets the chair and brains Shamrock, then starts to climb out. Unfortunately for him, Maivia saw what happened and calmly pins Shamrock before Foley can reach the ground. The Rock will be the #1 contender. His face is bloody as he leaves the ringside area. Shamrock throws a fit in the ring afterward. He leaves with the chair in hand looking for a victim.

Dustin Runnels vs. Val Venis (w/Terri Runnels) - this contest is preceded by a montage of video concerning the feud that lead to this point. Terri is almost wearing her dress as they bump and grind their way to the ring. Val attacks the praying Runnels as he enters the ring but doesn't manage to take the advantage. He wins the first exchange but then Dustin comes back strong. The match see-saws then Dustin leaves the ring. Mr. Cheese goes after him and brings him back. Turns out to be a mistake as Dustin retakes the advantage on the way back in. He rushes into the corner too quickly and loses his initiative. Terri is providing distraction to make his task that much more diffficult. JR gets in the best line of the night when Dustin is dropped onto the broadcast table. Lawler says, "They almost destroyed the table..." JR says, "That would be a heirloom like that..." In the ring, Venis is firmly in control with a reverse chinlock-sleeper. Dustin fights out of the hold and reverses the field with a DDT. He then takes way too long going to the top. Val catches him there and then gets a super-plex that drops Dustin on his face outside on the floor. Somehow he manages to come back and downs the Cheeseman before returning to the ring. Terri helps Venis up and Dustin is treated to the sight of his wife being fondled right in front of him. The distraction allows Val to slip back into the ring and get the drop on him. The Money Shot proves decisive. Mr. and Mrs. Cheese cavort shamelessly in the ring as Dustin slinks away.

Jeff Jarrett/Southern Justice vs. The New Age Outlaws/X-Pac - we see video of DX getting punked by the combined forces of SJ and DOA on Sunday Night Heat earlier this evening before the introductions. The Jarrett forces are in the ring as X-Pac comes down. The NAO sneak in from behind and clear the ring. Jarrett and X-Pac start the match with Waltman holding the advantage. Road Dog comes in and throws it away (as usual - Gunn needs to get a better partner). Dennis Knight is tagged in and continues the assault. Jarrett provides distraction while SJ doubleteams the Dog. James recovers for a moment then stops to dance and gets creamed again (idiot..!) Jarrett comes in again and the Dog is still on the receiving end. They collide head-to-head and both are down. X-Pac is tagged in and starts to reclaim the advantage but then gets cheapshot and now he is being isolated. The Southern boys are tagging smoothly as usual. Waltman is losing steam. Billy and the Dog are not helping as they continually distract the referee from the other side's illegal tactics. Jarrett grabs a sleeper in the center of the ring and X-Pac starts going down. Waltman finally starts his comeback - he escapes but Jarrett grabs the sleeper again. X-Pac reverses it but Jarrett turns into it and escapes - they rebound and collide - both go down, struggle to get up and make the tags. Jarrett and Gunn meet head on and Billy gets the press slam. Waltman rushes the corner and rides the Jarrett bronco. Canterbury knocks him to the mat as Jarrett goes for the guitar. As he tries to re-enter the ring, Billy grabs the guitar away then goes to use it himself but is stopped by the referee. On the outside, Jarrett recovers the guitar and brains Waltman with it - in the ring, Gunn is getting the pin on Canterbury. Waltman appears to have an injury to his right eye as he is helped up and led away by his team mates.

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Undertaker/Kane - this is supposed to be a Triple Threat match for the Title but the way it's set up it reads like a handicap contest. The Scarey Brothers are prohibited from pinning each other. Also, any outside interference will cause Austin to lose the Championship. After the usual build up we see video from Heat of Steve Austin, disguised as a technician, suckering Mr. McMahon into a cage and then whaling on him. Austin attacks the Undertaker with a chair as he approaches the ring then hits Kane as well. The fight starts out on the floor. Austin and Kane enter the ring and the bell sounds. Kane comes back with a scoop slam then mounts the corner. He launches himself but is sidestepped by Austin. UT is now approaching the ring chair in hand. He looks shaken. Kane throws Austin out to the floor where UT attacks him but gets reversed and slammed into the steps. Austin grabs Kane from the outside and maneuvers his legs over to smack them against the post. Back in the ring Austin gets the stunner and goes for the pin but UT grabs him and drags him out to the floor. He pounds on him then returns him to the ring. Back inside, the Undertaker has the advantage as Kane sets it out in the corner. Austin comes back with a Thesz press but his advantage is momentary as UT comes roaring back. Kane grabs Austin from the outside and drags him out to the floor again. UT joins the attack and accidently hits his brother. They face off and Austin uses the distraction to run them together from behind. He tries to use a TV cable but they get it away and use it on him instead. Now the two of him are doubleteaming him on the floor. They take him back inside and continue the assault as McMahon's stooges (Larry, Moe and Churly...) come out to scout the match.

The fight goes out to the floor again and Austin is really getting pounded. Then suddenely he comes alive. He almost gets a piledriver on UT but is backdropped instead. So much for come backs. Austin is staggering around and catches sight of the Three Stooges - he attacks Jerry Brisco and gets blindsided by Slaughter for his trouble. The Scarey Brothers drag him back to the ring. Austin lies face-up in the ring as the Brothers enter. UT grabs a legbar as Kane starts dropping elbows and choking Austin. Kane retreats for a moment and Austin comes alive again. He escapes then attacks Kane in the corner. UT catches him on the rebound and his drive fails. Austin is booted out of the ring and grabs a chair. Kane leans over him and gets brained. Austin re-enters the ring and tries a cover but UT uses the chair on Austin. He goes for the cover but Kane prevents it! They go back to cooperating and Kane gets the chance to pin - but UT drags him off. Kane goes back to work on Austin - but UT attacks Kane! Now Kane and Austin are cooperating against UT!!. UT is tossed out and Kane faces Austin. Austin is downed and UT returns to the ring and start cooperating again. Austin is rolled out to the floor as UT and Kane discuss the situation and seem to come to an agreement. Kane goes out to continue the attack. The Undertaker follows him out and they go back to doubleteaming again. Back in the ring UT goes for a pin and is again thwarted by his brother. Now Kane and the Undertaker are fighting each other!!

The Stooges are looking concerned on the outside. The Scarey Brothers end up clotheslining each other. Austin comes back and attacks both of them. Kane stops his momentum with a scoop power-slam then misses and elbow drop. He scoops Austin up again but Austin struggles against it. UT is climbing the corner as Kane stumbles into the rope and drops UT. The Brothers recover and manages to jointly down Austin and pin him. Austin has lost...but who has won?? McMahon runs in and steals the belt then retreats to a limo and starts to leave. Back in the arena, Austin is tearing into the Stooges. He creams them then heads to the back with the camera following. McMahon is waiting to confront him in the door of the limo. "See this," he says, "you don't have it...the belt is mine!!" He flips Austin off before he drops back into the car and is driven away as the program fades to black.

A very entertaining show, even the Val Venis atrocity was well, if not tastefully, done

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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