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From the Top Rope...

Opinion from Joseph Holt


Wrestling review by Trond Farestveit Helland

Volume 3, Issue 364 - October 2, 1998
A little Voice of Reason...

As this issue goes to "press" our old friend and Solie's contributor Scott Braddock (aka The Voice of Reason) informs us that his wife gave birth to Brian Zachary Braddock yesterday morning. 8 pounds 9 oz of big kid. Scott also tells us that the first thing he did was to pin Vader :-) Solie's wishes to extend congratulations to Scott and his family on this joyous event!

In this issue of Solie's Wrestling Newsletter we are pleased to introduce a new feature. We think you will enjoy the view...

From the Top Rope...

by Joseph Holt


In the world of wrestling, be it amatuer or professional, one thing remains a constant. That one thing is risk. No matter how many times a move is executed, a punch is slipped or even a set of stairs are turned slightly in order to miss a target accidents happen. Its all part of the game. When oversized men get into a small ring and throw each other from post to post or attempt to fly as they jump over ten feet into the air they must expect it to hurt. Just ask the multi-personalities of Mick Foley. That man knows what pain is. You cant expect to climb into the ring day after day without somewhere down the line an injury occuring. Some injuries are more severe than others, of course, but none-the-less its bound to happen. Its similar to Russian Roulette. No matter how lucky you are, odds are you will eventually blow your brains out. In short, to go out into an auditorium full of people and say you will never wrestle again because someone got hurt is ridiculous.

Dan Severn, UFC champion (which isn't scripted) knows the risks involved. I have seen him smash people without blinking an eye. I have also seen him wince in pain as he submitted. He is a wrestler. A real wrestler. He can cause pain and he can take it. If he is genuinely injured due to a fouled piledriver from Owen Hart then lesson learned. No matter how bad the beast is, he can still be broken.

Owen is a professional as is Dan. Many wrestlers in history have gotten seriously hurt in the ring. Some have even died due to those injuries. Its a tough business. Every wrestler that steps in the squared circle knows their responsibility is to protect themselves and their opponent while still entertaining the audience with realism and style. Sometimes that responsibility is easy. For instance, a headlock. You can either make it look good without causing immense pain or you can pop someones head right off. Other times, like a piledriver may not be as easy. I'm sure Owen's intentions were professional. Like him or hate him, he and his family have been in this sport for a long time and know what the limit is. For an unfortunate incident such as this to end his career would be a shame. He needs to stop and ask himself one question. If the tables were turned and Dan had hurt me , would he quit? I think the answer is absolutely not.

Take a deep breath Owen. Wipe the tears from your eyes. Stop feeling sorry for what happened. You were doing your job, Dan was doing his. These things happen. For all I know my computer screen could blow up in my face as I write this column, we just never know. Sometimes circumstance and chance plays a bigger part in life than direct actions. Good luck and best wishes to far as the Black Hart,...well suck it up and go on. Being regretfull is one thing, being sorry is another.

Of course, this all may be another stunt by Vinnie Mac. If this is the case then screw you Owen Hart. Screw you Dan Severn and a BIG screw you to Mr. McMahon. Faking an injury should never be used to give a twist to a storyline. Too many young kids are trying to Tombstone their little brothers and Death Drop their buddies. The potential for injury is too real to played upon. Not to say I didn't enjoy the stairs being slammed on Vince....I just wish UT had "slipped" and missed his real target....

Joseph Holt is a freelance writer in the Ft. Worth Texas area. He grew up watching wrestling NWA wrestling with his grandfather and has been following wrestling for over 20 years.. Some of his fondest memories of the sport include the Von Erichs and Bruiser Brody.


by Trond Farestveit Helland

Part 1

I was just reading through all the PPV's and supercards results of the WWF, WCW/NWA and AWA and I found out a lot of differences between the organizations. When it comes to having a system on PPV's and supercards, no one does it better than the WWF.


The WWF has held WrestleMania every year since 1985. It has always been in the late March or early April. WrestleMania has always been a regular card with big matches and special matches. The only WrestleMania that might, in itself, be considered special is WrestleMania IV, with the 14 man WWF Title tournament. Randy Savage won the tournament by defeating Butch Reed, Greg Valentine, The One Man Gang and Ted Dibiase in the final to become the new WWF World Champion.

The first Survivor Series took place on November 26, 1987 and has been held in November ever since. Of cource, the matches at the Survivor Series have changed during the years.

The cards in 1987 and 1988 was very alike. It was three 10 man elimination matches and one 10 team elimination match. The only diffrence between the cards in 1987 and 1988 was that the 1987 card had one 10 women elimination match instead of that one 10 man elimination match. Survivor Series'89 had five 8 man elimination matches. Survivor Series'90 had the same card as '89, but it also had a grand finale match with all the survivors. Survivor Series'91 had three 8 man elimination matches, one 6 man elimination match and one World Title match. The 6 man elimination match was suppose to be 8 man, but was changed to 6 because of Jake Roberts attck against Randy Savage. Survivor Series'92 was a whole lot different card than the earlier years. It had just one 4 team survivor elimination match, two tag team matches, one knightstick match, one coffin match, one WWF Title match and two regular matches. Survivor Series'93 had four 8 man elimination matches and one tag team title match for the SMW (Smokey Mountain Wrestling) Tag Team Championship. The Heavenly Bodies defeated The Rock'n Roll Express to win the titles. Survivor Series'94 had two 10 man elimination matches, one mixed 4 man elimination match ( Jerry Lawler and three midgets against Doink and three midgets), one casket match and one WWF title match with submission rules. Survivor Series'95 had three 8 man elimination matches, one 8 women elimination match, one WWF title match (No-dq. No-co.) and one regular match. Survivor Series'96 had two regular matches, one WWF title match and four 8 man elimination matches. Survivor Series'97 had one regular, one Intercontinental title match, one WWF title match and four 8 manelimination matches.

The first ever Royal Rumble was held on January 24, 1988. This Royal Rumble was not shown on PPV. The card consisted of 3 matches and a 20 man Royal Rumble match.

The superstars entered every 2 minutes and the match was won by Jim Duggan. Royal Rumble 1989 had 30 wrestlers instead of 20 and that has become a tradition ever since. The Royal Rumble cards throughout the years has been very alike, with three, four or five regular matches plus the Royal Rumble match itself. At the Rumble match in 1994 and 1997, the wrestlers entered every 90 seconds and in 1995 they entered every minute. The rumble matches from 1988 through 1991 had only the honour of winning it, but since 1993, the winner has guaranted a WWF title shot at the following

WrestleMania. In 1992, the winner would become the new WWF world champion and it was won by Ric Flair. The Royal Rumble has always been held in January.

SummerSlam started on August 29, 1988 and has been held in August ever since. There's nothing much to say about SummerSlam. It's just a supercard with super matches.

King Of The Ring really started in 1985, but was not broadcast before 1993. There was no King Of The Ring broadcast in 1990 and 1992. The cards from 1985 through 1991 just consisted of a 16 man tournament. The King Of The Ring cards in 1993, '94 and '95 had a few regular matches (Including some title bouts) and an 8 man tournament. It was actually 16 man, but the qualifying matches was not on the PPV. In 1996, they cut it down to just a 4 man tournament, so they had room for more of the other matches. The King Of The Ring PPV's has always been held in June.

The In Your House PPV started on May 14, 1995. It's a smaller card with 5 to 8 matches and is being held seven times a year. In February, April, May, July, September, October and December.

The WWF has also held other PPV's. In November 7, 1985 they held The Wrestling Classic. It was a 16 man tournament and a WWF title bout between the champion Hulk Hogan and "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. Hogan won on DQ. This event was suppose to be an annual event, but it perhaps didn't have that much interest.

To be continued...

Trond, who is known as "Dimfrost" on the Internet, is a regular reader of Solie's Newsletter and a frequent correspondent to yours truely. He is from Modalen, Norway, where he works on a tugboat and also on his father's farm. He has been watching Wrestling since the late 1991 and, although the only program he can see regularly on TV is WCW Nitro (shown on Friday night), he also views it frequently on video tape and has become familiar with WWF, AAA, AWA and NJPW through that medium.

Thunder Report

Thunder comes to us on tape tonight from an unnamed arena. Raven vs. Goldberg is being touted as tonight's main event. The match will be fought under "Raven's Rules".

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Lodi - DDP takes his usual detour throught the crowd on his roundabout way to the ring. Lodi shows up on the ramp with a mic and tells Page he is getting "banged". He actually tries to convince Page that he's going to beat him and take his World Title shot (dream on, idiot boy...) DDP meets him in the aisle and creams him then rolls him into the ring. Lodi then turns and catches Page coming in. He gets a little revenge but it hardly counts. DDP hits a round-house discus punch that flattens his opponent. An over-the-shoulder back breaker turns into a gut buster. He then helps Lodi up and drops him with the Diamond Cutter (what else..?) Cut to commercial.

Jerry Flynn vs. Mike Enos - this one is a tough call. Both these guys are basically talented jobbers. Flynn takes the early advantage with his martial arts attack but then drops his head after a whip and gets hammered to the mat. Enos elevates him and drops him across the top rope. Flynn rolls out followed by Enos. Flynn rolls back in then catches Enos as he re-enters the ring. Flynn is in charge again until he goes for a leap frog and gets caught and powerslammed. The crowd comes to its feet as the match continues - Scott Hall is stumbling toward the ring with a drink in his hand. He goes right to the ring and steps in. He wants to take a survey. Flynn and Enos are both upset - Flynn confronts Hall and gets slapped to the mat. Enos shoves Hall and gets the drink in his face then the Outsider's Edge. Vincent comes in with a fresh drink and waylays Flynn who then gets the same treatment from Hall. Hall goes on with his survey. Usual result - Hall goes on to rant about Kevin Nash. He seems to be refusing the PPV match coming up, says they will fight on "his terms". Cut to commercial.

Kanyon vs. Riggs - Riggs still uses the his Flock personna - hair in eyes, torn jeans, etc. Kanyon taunts him about his ruined eye and tells him that he is an ingrate vis-a-vis Raven. Riggs puncuates Kanyon's speech with a fist to the mouth followed by one of his perfectly executed drop-kicks. Kanyon gets dumped out to the floor then posted. Riggs rolls him back in then drags him to the corner and smashes his arm against the post. Back in the ring, he continues his assault. A high knee in the corner puts Kanyon on the mat again. He bulls his opponent into the corner and flails at him from the second rope. Kanyon grabs him and levers him onto the corner buckle then stands him up and bulldogs him. He goes for the pin but he is still favoring his injured arm and can't hold Riggs down. He retains his advantage by choking Riggs against the bottom rope. A suplex, an elbow drop and then the reverse chinlock. Riggs fights out of it then goes for a whip but is caught and flapjacked. Kanyon goes for a Frankensteiner but Riggs turns it into a powerbomb. He grabs a reverse chinlock - chickenwing combination but Kanyon levers him onto the corner buckle again. The Flatliner finally earns him the pin. This could easily be the match of the night if nothing else happens.

Raven whines about his upbringing then says he's going to beat Goldberg tonight. Don't count on it Bird boy... Cut to commercial.

Ciclope vs. Wrath - another squash match for this monster (Wrath, I mean...) Ciclope gets exactly two chops and a kick to the gut before being wasted. At one point Wrath tosses his opponent to slide face-down-headfirst under the bottom rope and out to the floor (ouch!!) Usual finisher... We hear that maniacal laughter again as we cut to commercial.

Chavo Guerrero, Jr. vs. Kidman - World Cruiserweight Title match - these two are always good for a show. Kidman looks to have a slight size advantage but Guerrero is far more experienced in the ring and has a lot of fire. Kidman starts strong and knocks his opponent to the floor and then drops a pescado on him (slingshot suicide dive to the floor). Back in the ring, Guerrero recovers and trades hiptoss attempts right to the ropes. Kidman goes over to the floor, followed closely by Guerrero with a pescado variation of his own. Back in the ring Kidman again gets the drop on his opponent but Chavo is back in it immediately and the match see-saws. Chavo grabs a head scissors on the mat then releases it and puts the boots to the Champ. Kidman tries some fancy aerial stuff but gets dropped spreadeagle on the top rope as we cut to commercial.

Chavo springbaords into a bulldog on his opponent as we return. He downs Kidman again the goes over to ride Pepe for a bit He then drops down into a reverse chinloch, which the Champ thwarts with a jawbreaker. Chave proves that that maneuver isn't as painfull as it looks by roaring right back.The match is definitely his to lose at this point. He grabs a camel clutch. Tenay tells us that Gory Guerrero (Chavo's grandfather) originated this move. Chavo releases the hold then starts booting him in the corner. A whip and then a rush comes up empty. Kidman climbs the corner but gets caught there and superplexed. Both guys felt that one but Guerrero recovers first and goes for a pin. No cigar. Moments later Kidman hits a poernomb and follows it quickly with a Shooting Star press to take the pin. Another excellent match!! Cut to commercial.

Lenny Lane vs. Van Hammer - here's a silly match for you (I knew it was too good to last...) I have to admit that Hammer has been improving lately but this match isn't even interesting. Lane is outweighed and outclassed (yawn...) He gets a all too brief flurry about 2 minutes into the match then stops to pose and throws away the advantage. Hammer's win is too easy.

Another Raven whinefest. Somebody stick a pie in this guy's face... Okay, cut to commercial instead.

Damian vs. Disco Inferno - this make-Disco's-weight into an angle thing completely escapes me. Damian takes the first exchange with a shoulder block and a flying body press. Disco makes a comeback but stops to dance and loses it right away. Disco plays possum and suckers his opponent into launching himself off the top. Now it is all Disco but he's still showboating too much. In any case he holds it together long enough to get his piledriver finisher and take the pin. He puts the boots to Damian after the win and that draws Juventud Guerrera to the ring to break it up. Cut to commercial.

Stevie Ray (w/Vincent) vs. Konnan - I would consider this a miss-match if Konnan weren't so talented and wasn't so obviously being pushed right now. Konan gets the early advantage and unloads on his opponent, but Stevie is no push-over. He comes right back and asserts his superior size. It's all Stevie Ray for several minutes. He settles into a reverse chinlock on the mat. Konnan languishes for a moment then fights to his feet. Stevie doubles him over with a knee lift then distracts the referee so that Vincent can reach and get involved. Konnan sidesteps his opponent a little later and then back-kicks the knee. Vincent distracts him from the apron so that Stevie can get his blackjack out (I refuse to call it a "Slap Jack"). Kevin Nash runs to the rescue and devestates the black and white guys. Hall appears on the platform but declines to get physically involved. Cut to commercial.

Goldberg vs. Raven (w/Kanyon) - World Title match - Michael Buffer is on hand for the introductions. He ushers DDP to the broadcast table first. Raven carrys a chair to the ring and brings his stooge along to help. Remember, this is a no-holds-barred match. Goldberg wins the first exchange with a back leg trip. He goes on to stay in control through the mext several exchanges then rushes the corner and smashes hin knee. He falls out to the floor and Raven is all over him. He runs Goldberg's head onto the steps then does it again. Kanyon provides a table then holds Goldberg on it while Raven flies...and misses. Back in the ring, Goldberg shows us a new move - a standing side-kick. Goldberg goes for the spear but Raven pulls the referee between them. Kanyon uses the chair as Page runs in. Goldberg gets DDT'd, Kanyon gets Diamond Cut. Page and Kanyon are knocked out of the ring by Raven. Raven goes for a second DDT but the Champ blocks it with a kneelift and gets the Jackhammer. Goldberg retains.

Well, there were a couple of good matches tonight.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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