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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Wars Edition

D-Lo Brown is the two-time European Champ

Flair's Son Tackles Bischoff

Volume 3, Issue 365 - October 5, 1998

Nitro Report

We open with a little video review of the treachery of Bret Hart. Cut to Nitro Grrrrls in the ring as Tony hypes tonight's card without actually revealing any of it then cut to a Halloween Havoc promo.

Nitro is live from the Columbia Coloseum in Columbia, South Carolina. Tony says we have a great main event - Bret Hart vs. Sting for the US Title. Cool! Assuming the nWo doesn't step in a spoil it... Cut to video of Bret Hart, seemingly turning face back on September 14th after getting dressed down by Roddy Piper. Back to the announcers complaining about Harts perfidy, yatta, yatta, yatta... More video review, this time Hart is saving Sting from a whipping by Hollywood Hogan. Cut to commercial.

We return to the Nitro opening montage.

Lizmark, Jr. vs. Saturn - as we pan down for Lizmark's entrance a very prominently placed sign reads "Baseball is Fake!" This match is a decidedly one-sided affair. Lizmark essentially crumbles under Saturn's assault during the early going. He makes quick recovery and has a short flurry but the match see-saws for a moment and then goes Saturn's direction right to the end in under 3 minutes. The DDD tells the tale. Cut to more HH promo video (I think I've figured out that the Warrior reads his lines off a teleprompter attached to the ceiling...), then to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrrls as we return. Cut to the Nitro Party contest promo.

Kaz Hayashi (w/Sonny Oono) vs. Ernest Miller - Miller goes into his spiel about how great he is, yatta, yatta... He warns Kaz about what he is in for and invites him to leave. Kaz probably doesn't understand a bit of it. Miller turns around, kicks his opponent in the chest and flattens him. Hayashi takes it for a moment then reverses a wristlock. Miller actually uses a wrestling move to to regain the advantage then grabs a nerve hold on Hayashi's underarm area. Hayashi gets loose and downs the Cat then climbs the ropes and launches himself. Miller recovers and throws a kick that misses Hayashi by a mile, but the youngster obligingly goes down anyway. Afterward, Oono tries to recruit Miller for his stable and walks away from the seemingly unconscious Kaz. Cut to a Nitro Party video. This one features elementry school-aged kids. Cut to commercial.

A tribute video lauds Diamond Dallas Page and Goldberg as we return.

Jerry Flynn vs. Juventud Guerrera - a size mis-match but otherwise, this is probably in Juvey's favor. Disco Inferno shows up to push Mike Tenay aside and take his place at the announce table. He bables as the match continues. In the ring, Flynn is dominating the action. Juvey gets loose and takes to the air to turn the tables. Flynn comes back with a back kick and the match see-saws. Flynn is knocked to the outside, Juvey throws a plancha which connects but just barely. Back in the ring, Juvey shows some surprising power as he hoists his larger opponent (without the benefit of momentum) and gets the Juvey Driver to win. Cut to more HH hype, then to Tenay who is talking to fans outside about Goldberg/DDP, then to commercial.

The program is overflowing with Halloween Hype tonight. And it is still three weeks away!. Heaven help us...

Villano V vs. Wrath - the V-man is a good wrestler but give me a break... When are they going to get this guy some competition..? Legendary Larry gets in a good line, "We're going to need some more Villanos..." More HH hype...this has gone way past ridiculous...

More Tenay outside with the fans - on tape, apparently. This is also HH hype. Cut to commercial.

A humvee limosine drives up as we return. The Wolf Pack disembarks and stalks into the backstage area where they are searching for something. Konnan is carrying a broom. They attack several members of the nWo Hollywood faction including Vincent, Bagwell, Stevie Ray and others. The fight goes on for several moments as we watch and the security guys show up and try to break it up. The Wolf Pack is outnumbered but it doesn't seem to phase them as they tear into their enemies. Bodies are flying every which way. The fight spills out into the hallway and see-saws but the Wolf Pack continue to get the best of the black and white. Sting is looking for and finally finds Bret Hart. They struggle and Sting runs him into a dressing room door before being pursuaded to back off by police officers and Dillenger. Cut to commercial.

Sting is driving a forklift in the parking lot as we return. He rams the Hogan faction's limo and then lifts it high into the air and drops upside down on the tarmac! Nash takes a sledge hammer too it as police stand around keeping their distance. Sting walks around cutting the tires as Konnan takes the hub caps. Cut to commercial.

Damian vs. Hector Garza - Garza comes out to music we usually associate with Silver King. This very fast paced but they miss their moves a lot. Eddie Guerrero shows up and interrupts the match. He has a mic and says he wants to talk to the wrestlers. He questions them about what Eric Bischoff has done for them. He points out that the Luchadores don't get many opportunities to wrestle the top talent. He says they have to share traveling expenses and hotel rooms because Bischoff is so cheap. He seems to trying to form a union among the latino wrestlers -the LWO - Latino World Order..? He has t-shirts and everything.

Mike Tenay is out in the lot with the Wolf Pack trying to get an interview. Nash talks to him and says they are going to go looking for Scott Hall (bar hopping, basically) Tenay follows them with the camera as we cut to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrls as we return.

Kidman vs. Psychosis - Cruiserweight Title match - Kidman gets a pretty good pop for his entrance. Psychosis tries a little intimidation at the outset but it gains him nothing. In fact Kidman seems to have his number from the get-go. They fall out of the ring where Kidman beats on him some more then they roll back in. Psychosis finally gets a break but then halts his attack to grab a reverse chinlock. Kidman fights to his feet and comes back with a great drop-kick. The he gets bealed right over the top rope to the floor (ouch!!) Pyschosis drops a leg on him as he lays on the floor then smashes him into the ring steps. The challenger rolls back in to stop the count then goes back out to throw a drop-kick. Kidman is rolled back inside but can't be pinned. Kidman rverses a whip and gets a clothesline, still no cigar. The match see-saws then Psychosis has the upper hand but stops to harrangue the crowd. He almost gets a pin on a Frankensteiner. The match is going Pychosis' way until he misses a Frankensteiner attempt. A shooting star press does the trick for Kidman.

Taped interview with the Warrior. Is this guy boring or what? He goes on and on and on and on...and doesn't say anything, really...

Tenay is driving the car as the cameraman tapes from the back seat - they are still following the Hummer.

Buff Bagwell leads Scott Steiner to the ring. The announcers say they aren't scheduled for this time. Scotty pumps up his own ego as usual. Rick shows up and heads for the ring - he has a mic and rants at them as he approaches the ringside area. Rick says he has Buff's mom with him and produces her. Mama takes the mic and goes right to the ring to confronts her boy. She harangues him proper about his injury and how she stuck by him. He grabs the mic away and tells her to shut up. He claims that he supports the entire Bagwell family. She grabs the mic back, yells at him some more then slaps his face. Scott tries to intervene but Rick takes care of him while Mama Bagwell drags her errant son away by his ear. Cut to commercial.

During the break, Brian Adams has joined the attack on Rick.

Brian Adams vs. Rick Steiner - Scott stays at ringside and keeps interfering in the match until JJ Dillon shows up and orders him to the back. This hands the advantage to Adams and he keeps it for quite some time as the match continues. He has a reverse chinlock-sleeper on in the center of the ring. He releases the hold then puts a boot in his face. Adams continues to dominate, mostly by using choke holds and nerve pinches. Steiner finally manages to roll out of the way of a knee drop then comes back to life. In no time he has Adams down but Adams comes back with a reverse Atomic Drop. Rick comes back with a DDT then climbs to the top. He waits for Adams to rise then bulldogs him to the mat and pins him.

Meanwhile the olf Pack have invaded a bar with Tenay trailing them. No luck in their search so far. They all head out again and we go to commercial.

Erich Bischoff and Hollywood Hogan come to the ring as we return. Hogan seems more concerned with the Warrior then anything else. And he doesn't seem to worried about that at all. He rants his usual egotistical crap. He calls the Warrior out as he has done several times lately. Refers to himself as "Wood" again and adds "Woodster" as another appelation (along with "the God Of Wrestling", of course...) His rants are getting as silly as the Warrior's. He doesn't even mention what has been going on all night with the Wolf Pack. Cut to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrls....

Kanyon (w/Raven) vs. Diamond Dallas Page - DDP almost gets a pin right out of the chute as he drags Kanyon off the second rope. Raven lurks about ringside, of course. Page dominates the early going through sheer force of personality. Lodi comes out and manages to distract Kanyon so that they both get creamed. The ref goes out to break it up as DDP rolls back in. Raven puts a neck breaker on Page and Kanyon almost gets a pin...but not quite. Kanyon gets in some good shots but Page is still in it. The match see-saws and we see some furious action for several moments. Both end up lying on the mat as the referee counts to 8. They both rise and DDP takes the advantage. He's all over his opponent now. He gets a succession of pin attempts then Raven jumps up on the apron. Page is distracted and rolled up but no cigar for Kanyon. Page comes back with a Tilt-a-whirl slam then Lodi and Raven hit the ring. Raven is hitting Page with a microphone until Goldberg runs in and clears the ring. Page and Goldberg are face to face until Dillon runs in and gets between them. More HH hype...

Ar break, another bar. This one is said to be one that Hall has visited in the past. They look around but there's still no sign of Hall.

Disciple vs. Lenny Lane - Lane does a bad Warrior impression to lull his opponent but it does no good. This is an extended squash match. Lane keeps stopping to pose for some weird reason. Leslie just runs him down time after time then gets his neck breaker. He takes a mic after the match and denounces Hogan then stalks away. Hogan and Bischoff follow him into the back area but can't seem to find him. They trail him back to Hogan's dressing room where a mysterious image of the Warrior appears in the mirror. Bischoff doesn't seem to see it but we do.

Back in the car with Tenay. Now they have pulled up to a road house - a real dive. They finally find Hall inside and Nash goes right to town on him.The fight onto the pool table then into the mens' room. It gets quiet after a bit - except for the bar patrons having a good time. The door finally opens and we see that Hall has been stuffed head-first into the toilet.

Back to the arena and Bischoff is heading for the ring. he looks like he has a headache... He mentions Hogan briefly but then starts tearing into Ric Flair. He says he has been looking for Flair but he's not around tonight. Arn Anderson swaggers down the ramp. He tells Bischoff that Columbia is a Horsemen town. He says he is "in charge of head games" then says that Flair is here and then invites Flair out. Young (10 year old) Reed Flair comes out wearing his wrestling medal and dressed in his singlet (Ric's youngest son). Arn holds the mic for him and Reed delivers a classic Flairesque statement. Says he's going to handle his dad's "light work". The kid is the spitting image of his dad. Bischoff throws a fit and turns his back - Reed tackles him a couple of times!! Arn talks some more trash then Reed flashes the Four Horsemen gesture at Bischoff. Bischoff is raving as they leave and we cut to commercial.

Bischoff is still in the ring and has called Miss Liz out to the phone. He wants her to call Flair on his cell phone. She can't reach him at first then she finally connects. Bischoff is talking to Flair's wife Beth and she is apparently reading him the riot act. Then the Flair misic plays and the man appears, goes straight to the ring and strips off his coat. nWo troups show up but are cut off by the Horsemen. The five of them and Reed occupy the ring. Flair's older son David is there as well. The thugs retreat.

Wolf Pack music plays - it's time for the main event.

Sting vs. Bret Hart - US Title match - Hart seems reluctant coming to the ring. He actually turns back and returns to the platform. He disappears into the entryway. Sting pursues him and we have a fight happening in the hallways. Hart keeps retreating until he gets his jacket off then turns and makes his stand in the cafeteria. He gets the drop on Sting and suplexes him through a table. Then he hits him with a trash can. He starts smashing his achilles tendon with a chair. He folds the chair around Stings leg and hits him again. Sting makes a comeback by running a rolling cart int his attacker. Both are down. Sting has one leg useless as he gets to his feet but shakes it out and attacks again. They end up in the programming office. Now Sting has the upper hand and is punishing Hart's leg against a door frame. Hart tries to start a golf cart like vehicle but can't get it going. They start jabbing each other with metal poles then Sting gets a choke hold. He then grabs a Scorpion on the concrete. He sits back a moment then releases the hold. Hart rises and has a pole again but security has shown up and rstrains him. Doug Dillenger brings a chair and Stings starts to sit down as we fade to black.

RAW Report

Video review of Steve Austin's shenanegans with the Zamboni last week and the subsequent run in with the Scarey Brothers. Last night on Heat, McMahon had a satelite hookup to his hospital room until Austin tracked down and cut the cable. RAW is on tape tonight.

X-Pac (w/Chyna) vs. D-Lo Brown (w/Mark Henry) - European Title match - D-Lo is dominating the proceedings as a process server again serves Chyna with papers. mark Henry watches this happen with a big smile on his face. In the ring the match starts to see-saw as each man misses his moves. Still the avantage seems to favor Brown. He goes for a Frog Splash and misses. Both guys are down. X-Pac wins the next exchange then the one that follows. He dumps D-Lo in the corner and Busts the Bronco on him. As Waltman backs up into the ropes he is tripped by Henry. He turns and launches a body block to the outside but Henry catches him and smashes him into the corner post. He is rolled back into the ring and pinned easily. D-Lo Brown is the two-time European Champ. Cut to a shot of McMahon in his hospital bed harrassing a nurse, a scene on a football field with the Oddities then to commercial.

The Headbangers come to the ring and take the Insane Clown Posse to task for interfering in their matches. They challenge them to a fight. The Oddities show up but the Bangers aren't interested in them. "Go get the clowns..." says Mosh. ICP comes to the ring, rather cautiously with the Oddities trailing them. The bangers continue to say, "you guys (ICP) not you..." (Oddities) And the idiots go for it! The clowns are punked royally then Tharasher goes out for a chair and smacks both of them with it. Finally the Oddities come back to break it up but the damage has been done. They haul their mascots away as we watch a tape of Austin last night, cutting the remote feed with an axe. Cut to commercial.

More tape from last week. The Zamboni incident is run again. The the attack by the Scareys, etc. We go live to the hospital. The nurse is telling Vince that he has a visitor, a really big visitor who is threatening the staff. It turns out to be Mankind. He brings candy then reveals that he has brought another guest. McMahon's heart monitor starts to race until Foley reveals that the visitor is a "her". A female clown comes in and starts making balloon animals. Foley then produces a sock puppet (Mr. Socko) and starts making babytalk noises - Vince finally explodes at him and tells him to leave. Cut to commercial.

Sable makes her entrance as we return. She greets the fans from inside the ring then joins the broadcast team.

Vader vs. Marc Mero (w/Jacqueline) - this may be the last time we see Vader in the WWF. I understand he has been released. Vader dominates the first encounter with shots to the body. Mero rolls out and uses Jacquie as a shield when Vader follows. Mero rolls back in then catches Vader coming in but Vader shortly steamrolls over him. Mero is out on the floor again, and using his lady as a shield again. This time the strategy works and he gets the jump on his opponent as they re-enter the ring. Now it is all Mero. He stops to pose in front of his wife then goes back on the attack but too late. Vader has recovered and is doing his steamroller impression again. Vader gets a splash and a two-count. Jacquie launches herself off the top and is caught in mid-air. Vader turns her loose - but she has done her job and distracted the mastadon. Mero hits his low blow from the blindside then takes the pin with a Shooting Star press. Jacquie throws out a challenge to Sable, who immediately enters the ring. Mero talks some trash and gets slapped. Jacquie downs her from behind and cuts a lock of her hair - I think actually it was just part of the fall she was wearing but I could be wrong. A nurse is trying to get McMahon's to take a thermometer. Cut to commercial.

Edge vs Owen Hart - last night Owen faced X-Pac and was considerably subdued after the incident with Dan Severen's injury. He let Waltman cover him. Tonight he isn't even in wrestling gear. He comes to the ring and asks for the mic. He makes an impassioned speech about how he didn't mean to hurt Severen. He is in tears as he apologizes then leaves the ring. Edge just watches this happen and gets the victory via forfeit. Cut to Ken Shamrock warming up in the back then to commercial.

Owen is leaving the arena. Mike Cole asks him what's going on. Owen just says, "It's over..." and walks away.

Kane vs. Ken Shamrock - we see McMahon watching this from the hospital as Kane enters the ring. Shamrock may well be the world's most dangerous man but I don't see him taking this monster without assistance. The big guy dwarfs him in the ring. Shamrock exhibits a strike and retreat strategy early on but he has limited success. He manages a leg take down but Kane just shrugs him off. Shamrock then flies right into his opponent's arms and gets slammed. He comes back with an ineffectual drop-kick and tries a Frankensteiner but gets powerbombed. Now it is all Kane. but his covers are cavelier. Shamrock kicks Kane right in the face and has no effect whatsoever. Kane continues to get two-counts using lazy covers. Between covers he uses rest holds puctuated by kicks to the body. The Undertaker appears and heads for the ring. Shamrock manages another leg takedown then avoids the contact in a corner rush. He gets the Frankensteiner the second time but Kane sits right up and clotheslines his opponent. UT mounts the apron and as Kane climbs to the top he shakes him off! Shamrock joins him at the top and hits a superplex to get the pin.

Val Venis (w/Terri Runnels) vs. Gangrel (w/Christian)- Mr. and Ms. Cheese make their slinky entrance. I expect we'll here from Goldust again tonight. Venis goes out of his way to insult the crowd, calling himself the "real Magic Johnson". Gangrel's companion is alledged to be Edge's younger brother. He is dressed like Gangrel. Venis takes the early advantage with a good flurry of wrestling maneuvers then he stops to pose and do his schtick. Gangrel comes back and turns the tables - the match see-saws. Edge comes running out of the crowd and confronts Christian. Gangrel abandons the fight to punk Edge with the latter's brother and is counted out. As Val and Terri cuddle in the ring a movie usher shows up with a gold envelope which he hands to Mr. Cheese. Val reads the contents, he looks shocked and then Terri tears up the paper as the video wall presents another "Shattered Dream Production" - Goldust says to watch for his "world premiere" next week. Cut to video from last night. Austin intimidates Shawn McMahon then tears up Jeff Jarrett and his stooges in the ring before we go to sell something.

Al Snow (w/Head) vs. Jeff Jarrett - Jarrett comes to the ring on his own but I wouldn't expect it to stay that way. Snow outwrestles his opponent thn stops to consult his companion. Jarrett blindsides him but Snow comes right back with headbutts as he pins Jarrett's arms. The fight goes to the floor where Snow grabs a chair but Jarrett beats him to the punch. Snow rams Jarraett into the odd security railing we've seen lately on the WWF shows than uses the chair for a springboard to throw a leg on his opponent. Snow tries to snneak up on Sgt Slaughte who has appeared at ringside but gets caught with the chair by Jarrett. Back in the ring the match starts to see-saw. Snow tries to take a shot with the Head but Jarrett thwarts the move. Snow suplexes him then goes to the top with Head poised to strike. Slaughter shakes the ropes to upset his balance - but the referee see this and DQ's Jarrett for outside interference. McMahon is demanding a new nurse. Cut to commercial.

Road Dog (w/X-Pac) vs. Marc Henry (w/D-Lo Brown) - the only thing Jesse James has going for him is Henry's inexperience (and maybe some help from his cohoorts). This guy is a prime loser despite the NAO's success. He carries an inflatable sex doll to the ring in place of his missing partner and wears both Tag belts. The King has the document that was served on Chyna earlier. Henry is suing her for sexual harrassment... In the ring the Dog is being pounded into the mat. The Dog comes back with some quick right hands then a flying body block which takes Henry down. He is easily kicked off. Henry comes right back and repeatedly flattens his opponent (literally...) James finally comes alive again and bounces off the ropes but is tripped by D-Lo. D-Lo starts to retreat but runs into Chyna (or, more to the point - she runs into him). Henry is distracted, blindsided and pinned. Henry grabs a chair and lights out after DX as we cut to a replay, watch McMahon trying to get more juice, and then go to commercial.

We go back to the hospital where McMahon is getting his blood pressure taken, then yet another replay of the events of last week. Is there anyone in the world who hasn't seen Austin drive that Zamboni into the arena..? UT misses Vince's leg with the steps again then we go back to the hospital. Vince is harrassing his nurse again for taking his blood presssure. Steve Austin shows up in scrub attire and a surgical mask and starts beating on his leg, hits him with a bedpan, knocks him off the bed, zaps him with a heart stimulater (why that would be in his "private room" I don't know) and continues the mayhem as we go to a break.

Replay of what just happened.

The Rock vs The Undertaker - no doubt Kane will facilitate Maivia's victory in this match. UT wades right in and starts whaling on his opponent. He chases ref out of the ring then goes back to work. sMaivia comes back with a couple of punches but is again overwhelmed. The Rock is going down fast as D-Lo and Mark Henry show up. UT is distracted briefly but then takes Maivia to the floor and beats on him Maivia comes back with a whip-reversal into the steps. Back in the ring they are slugging it out when Kane shows up ringside. Maivia is distracted and then powerslammed big time. Kane intimidates the rest of the Nation into leaving then turns back toward the ring as UT continues to dominate. UT walks the ropes and then crashes down on the Rock. He grabs a reverse chinlock. Maivia fights to his feet and drops UT with a neck breaker. He can't get the pin. Ut recovers and tosses Maivia to the floor. He follows him out and smashes him into the railing then drags him back and runs him into the ring steps. The Rock has problems. back in the ring UT throws him into the corner headfirst, puts the boots to him then chokes him in the corner. He back up a moment to look for his brother then runs right into Maivia's boot to the gut. It's not enough, UT comes roaring back. Now the match see-saws briefly then UT takes the advantage once more. Kane is just watching tyhe proceedings. Maivia gets a clothesline but can't get the pin. UT answers with a boot to the face and a pin attempt. He goes up for his rope walk again but this time Maivia drags him off. They criss cross and Maivia gets a swinging neck-breaker. He follors with a Russian leg sweep then drops the infamous elbow. Ut is whipped back into the corner and downs the referee. They combatants collide and both go down. Kane finally makes his move, grabbing a chair. UT sits up then Maivia rises as well. The Rock is shaky but as UT back up to the rope he is hit with the chair by Kane. Maivia gets the Rock Bottom but the referee is still out of it. The chair has been thrown into the ring by Kane - who has departed (no pun intended) - UT gets the Tombstone onto the chair and the groggy referee counts him to victory.

That's it until the Friday edtition. Untill then...

At least that's the way I see it...

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