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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Wars Edition: Part 1

Shane McMahon Rehires Austin!!

From the Top Rope...

Opinion by Joseph Holt

Volume 3, Issue 373 - October 26, 1998
I am presenting the Monday Night Wars Edition in two parts this week because of a severe strep infection which I have been fighting since last weekend. The RAW Report will be filed this evening, I will hold off on filing the Nitro Report until tomorrow. Otherwise I would have to stay up past 1 AM tonight, something my doctor tells me would be foolish in the extreme.

My comparison of Vince McMahon to Bill Gates last evening generated some reaction. Check out the Mailroom page for the latest.

In my editorial comments, I referred to a "From the Top Rope..." column which had not yet been published. Please excuse my error - chalk it up to my weakened condition.

Here then, is that article:

From the Top Rope...

by Joseph Holt

Beyond Enough

The violence in the ring is real. No match is predetermined, its a genuine contest of skill, ability and even chance. The sleeper hold renders its victim unconscious. The pile driver is an extremely dangerous move which forces the person's body weight to the mat directly through their head. The Undertaker really is a demon from the other side who set his younger brother Kane on fire years ago. Hunter Hearst Helmsly is truly an aristocrat bored with high society.

Dont believe any of that? Me either.

Does WWF as a whole, especially Vince McMahon, want you to at least partially believe that? Absolutely.

Do we know that the antics and drama of a wrestling contest is mainly a scripted event in which the parties are paid professionals who rarely suffer serious injury? I hope so.

BUT In all reality there are many people who believe that professional wrestling is genuine. Most of them are children. Once again I insist...there must be a level of responsibility on the shoulders of those who influence society. Yes, wrestling does influence society, at least to a point. If that were not true then the twenty dollar t-shirts with WWF/WCW personalities would not be selling as well as they do.

Vince McMahon has gone over the edge this time. With great contempt I add Stone Cold Steve Austin.

To date ,controversy has been a WWF money-maker but in this instance, instead of gaining interest with the controversy, he has come one minuscule inch from losing a lifelong viewer and hopefully I am not the only one. Guns have no place in wrestling. Knives have no place in wrestling. Hunting Bows have no place in pro wrestling. A competition between two well conditioned athletes in a controlled environment is wrestling.

On Monday Night's RAW, wrestling was not the main attraction, portrayed kidnapping, aggravated assault and many other felony crimes was what we were given to digest. In the society we live in, the last thing we need is someone to promote this degree of violence. On every street corner in most every city in the entire world we are subject to the increasing possibility of a violent crime being committed on ourselves or someone we know. I refuse to climb to the top of my soap box and preach to the masses on this particular fact. We all know its true. The most popular anti-hero of modern pro-wrestling should now be in jail.

As should the president of the WWF.

Just a note, in some States the scene portrayed on RAW is punishable by law. There are many laws that , in short, state, "if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it must be a duck and if its not a duck it was made to resemble a duck to the point that a reasonable and prudent person would believe it to be a duck, therefore by all legal means - its a duck." Not to mention that a growing number of States are allowing concealed weapons to be carried by John Q. Public who are just looking for an excuse to see what a .45 will do to a human head at close range.

Arguably the kidnapping and gun pointed at the head of Vinnie could lead a reasonable and prudent person to believe his life was in jeopardy, thus permitting the legal use of deadly force. Now, to those of you who say I'm taking this too seriously, you need look no further than your local newscast to find various acts of violence by the youth of today. Some people really believe in the character and message of SCSA. Like I have mentioned in earlier articles, he is probably the most copied and mimicked personality in wrestling today.

That, in itself, should be more than enough to make my point. Just because most people know when to stop the mimicking and rebuke Austin for his misdeeds does not mean that all of the little rattlers do. Time to stop this insane charade before it goes farther. I for one, don't want to see the latest show relived on the school playgrounds or backyards of America. Vince McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin both can kiss my ass for this one

...and thats the bottom line cause I said so............

Joseph Holt is a freelance writer in the Ft. Worth Texas area and a regular contributor to Solie's.

RAW Report

We start with a replay of the in-ring party at the beginning of last week's program. We never did learn the contents of the letter that Austin put in McMahon's pocket. Cut to opening montage.

We return to see Steve Austin arriving at the arena "earlier tonight". Cut to McMahon getting ready to make a speech, surrounded by stooges and lawyers (other stooges...) He mentions that Austin is in the building tonight against his (McMahon's) wishes. He tells the fans that he holds Austin and the fans responsible for what happened last week. He actually questions their humanity and values - playing his part to the hilt. He speaks of the humiliation of begging, crying and peeing his pants. He turns on his cronies, wanting to know where they were that night. The crowd chants "A$$hole!" as he continues. Poor Vince says his leg was reinjured and his feelings were hurt. The letter was a legal document according to Vince, and he says he will fight Austin in court, but he doesn't reveal what it actually was. Austin appears on the Titantron and tells McMahon, in effect, to stuff it. Lawler mentions that Motley Crue will appear for a "live" performance on this taped program.

X-Pac vs. Steve Blackman - European Title match - Waltman comes out alone - Chyna has taken a leave of absense to take care of her legal difficulties. Seems to me like Mark Henry has been the harrasser - but what do I know.

We return to McMahon surrounded by his legal team who placate him with platitudes. Cut to the match in progress. X-Pac is in control then gets kicked in the chest and downed. Blackman bulls him to the corner and delivers a martial arts blow then whips him viciously to the other side. He grabs a head vice, pausing momentarily to deliver blows to the head then takes him to the corner again and does it some more. He whips him to the opposite corner then rushes in too fast and eats leather. He recovers immediately and knocks the Champ to the floor. Suddenly Steven Regal (a real man's man) attacks X-Pac and causes the DQ. DX runs in to chase him off. Obviously he wants to challenge for the European Title - a perfect candidate. Cut to McMahon seen through a window in a conference room berating his lawyers. He mentions something to the effect that, " wrote it, you can break it!" Looks like Austin found some clause in his contract that constrains McMahon in some fashion. Cut to commercial.

Michael Cole stands outside a dressing room with Syeve Austin's name on the door and says he will try to ferrit out the mystery.

Droz (w/LOD 2000) vs. The Rock - little question who will win this one - the only thing to wonder about is how Hawk will be involved in the outcome. The crowd chants "Rocky! Rocky!" as the match begins. Maivia outweighs his opponent slightly and outclasses him by a long shot. Droz might be a little more powerful and that sustains him throughout the match. Maivia suckers Hawk onto the apron so he can deliver the "People's Low Blow" while the referee is distracted. Droz comes back with a powerslam and then follows up with a flying tackle that misses. The Rock gets the Rock Bottom and then delivers his elbow drop and gets the pin. Hawk has some harsh words for the youngster but Animal gets between them.

Backstage, Mike Cole wants know what the letter was all about. Austin politely says he's been advised not to comment but that "they" will have a statement later tonight. They? Cut to commercial.

McMahon's lawyers are leaving now - one comments to another, "He just doesn't get it..."

The New Age Outlaws and X-Pac come out and introduce Motley Crue who rock out on "Wild Side". Tommy Lee is looking his age. The bass player has a great vintage Gibson Firebird bass that I would love to own, unfortunately he has painted it flat black. DX join them during the instrumental and are only mildly disruptive (though annoying). A fan runs onto the ramp at the last moment and is carried off. Cut to Jim Ross hawking the Crue's Greatest Hits album then to another commercial

McMahon is railing at two of his lawyers saying, "You can't break the contract.?" as we return. They try to sooth him.

Kane vs. Gangrel (w/Christian) - this will be a hoot - perfect match for Halloween week. Kane attacks as Gangrel enters the ring. I don't see this as being much of a match. He beats his opponent in the corner then whips him into an upraised boot. Christian distracts him and he leaves the ring. Gangrel jumps him from behind but it does him no good. Back in the ring, Kane is all over the vampire. He hits a sidewalk slam then starts to the top. Christian tries to interfere and is kicked to the floor. Gangrel suffers a similar fate when he tries to knock the big guy off the top. Kane gets the chokeslam and the pin. Gangrel and Christian attack and are repulsed until Edge joins the assault. They beat on him but finally have to retreat and leave together. There's a twist...

Mike Cole confers with Shane McMahon tells us that the "McMahon family" will have a statement concerning Austin after the break. Cut to the break.

Austin make his entrance as we return. He has a statement for Vince. He reveals that he let the cops know that the gun he was carrying last week was a toy. He reminds McMahon that he had told him there would be no pain and that he wouldn't get hurt. Two stunners don't count I guess. He says he has brand new contract with the WWF and displays it. He says it guarrantees him at least one World Title shot. McMahon appears on the platform and calls his attorneys incompetent then says he has a plan to make Austin quit. He tells Austin he will compete in an "I Quit" match against Ken Shamrock tonight. He talks about how Austin achieved the new contract and implies that it involves Shane. Shane appears and goes to the ring as Vince tries to call him back. Shane says he doesn't listen to Vince anymore and reveals that he, as an officer and stockholder, hired Austin back. He berates his dad for being an ego maniac and says that he has lied all his life when people asked him what it was like to be Vince's son. He continues with an emotional rant about how Vince has never cared about him. Vince's stooges comfort him as he looks stricken throughout this. Shane says "I'm not your little boy anymore, I'm a man..." and says he finally found the brass to stand up to the old man. Not a bad little morality play... Look for Austin to regain the Title at Survivor Series. Cut to commercial.

We see Shane leaving the arena, Austin stops him and throws him a "Steve-weiser".

Tiger Ali Singh (w/Babu) vs. The Godfather - finally this guy is actually going to wrestle. Kama stops to make a statement on the ramp then runs in to attack. Singh retreats to the floor, slaps his valet then is attacked. He turns the tables immediately and puts the boots to his opponent. He prevents the Godfather from re-entering the ring then gets dragged back out to the floor. Singh gets back to the ring and catches his opponent coming in. They exchange blows and Singh goes down. The Godfather now has the advantage. He removes his belt and whips Singh who comes back with a flying DDT and a one count. Singh goes for a clothesline and is levered pout to the floor where he uses Babu as a shield to no avail. Back in the ring the match see-saws then they start a slug-fest that results in a double DQ. Five referees and Tony Garea separate them. Cut to commercial.

McMahon is on his way out of the arena, he is apparently a broken man.

Kaientai vs. Kuurgan/Golga/ICP - this is the Insane Clown Posse's first official match. Kaientai try without success to down Golga to start. They finally get him down with a three man schoolboy trip. It doen't help at all. Kuurgan tags in andfares about the same - he destroys three of them then tags in a member of ICP (Violent J). VJ goes right for a choke - living up to his moniker. He also shows us sme wrestling savvy as he hits a suplex and drops an elbow to the head of his opponent. Shaggy something or other then throws a nice guillotine leg drop but then ICP continues a two-man attack that gets their team DQ'd. Luna gives them a tongue lashing after the match. Cut to replay of a portion of Shane's speech. then to McMahon being wheeled out to his car. His cronies promise to make Austin say "I quit" before the night is over. Don't hold your breath stooge boys... Cut to commercial.

Shamrock tells Austin that he is the world's most dangerous man.

Marc Mero (w/Jacqueline) vs. Goldust - I was thinking the other day about how Mero told everyone he left WCW because Bischoff wanted him to participate in storylines involving Kimberly that violated his "Christian ethics" - hmmmm - I wonder what ever happened to those..? Dustin makes his classic entrance as the Golden One then gets right to work. The crowd starts chanting "Sable" as the match begins. Goldust dominates the action until Jacquie distracts him so that Mero can slip in his low-blow (so Christian of him...) Mero then distracts the referee so Jacquie can get in some shots. Goldust retakes the advantage and prepares to administer the "Shattered Dream" but Jacquie distracts him. He plants a "big wet one" on her then lays it on Mero anyway. He is DQ'd for the move (he kicks the second corner buckle, by the way, not Mero's crotch). Sable comes out and uses improper grammer ("...just you and I) to challenge Jacqeline to a Title match at Survivor Series. The word is "me", Sable. Cut to commercial.

Mike Cole interviews Al Snow and mankind concerning their Tag Team Tile match tonight.

NAO vs. Mankind (w/Mr. Socko)/Al Snow (w/Head) - Tag Team Title match - Road Dog does his intro then the juveniles (physical and mental) yell "Suck It!" these two are made for each other. What great Champions they would be... Snow and Billy lock it up and Snow gets elevated then tags in Mankind. Billy out punches his opponent then tags in the Dog who immediately squanders the advantage but makes a quick comeback. Snow intervenes and the Dog is on the receiving end. He is taken to the floor and smashed against the railing by Foley. Snow rolls him back in where Foley waits. He apes the Dogs movements the delivers the double-arm DDT. He loads Mr. Socko but Billy runs in to break that up. The two crazies clash over the head but then go back to work on the Dog. Again Billy comes in illegally to clean house. Mankind and Billy brawl on the outside while Snow gets the Snowplow on the Dog in the ring. Unfortunately the referee is out on the floor. Now Mankind and Snow are arguing over who gets to apply his finisher. In the confusion, the Dog gets a roll-up and pin on Snow. D-Lo Brown and Mark Henry run in to attack the Tag Champs then split. The crazies hold each other's companions hostage then agree to trade. Cut to commercial.

Ken Shamrock vs. Steve Austin - No DQ I Quit match - McMahon's stooges are in attendance before Austin makes his entrance. Shamrock attacks before the bell and pounds him in th corner. He uses Austin's vest to take him down. Austin fights back then uses the vest to choke his opponent. He dominates the next few exchanges then throws Shamrock to the floor then follows himout and smashes him into the broadcast table and chokes him with a mic cord. Shamrock comes right back and throws Austin over the barrier. They brawl in the crowd then cross back over the ringside area. Austin gets smashed into the steps twice. Shamrock hits two knee lifts the throws Austin back into the ring. He pounds him in the corner again and then whips him to the opposite one. It is all Shamrock now. He grabs a camel clutch. Austin gets to the ropes. Shamrock gets in a couple of more shots then Austin comes roaring back. Jerry Brisco grabs Austin by the leg while Patterson decks the referee. In the ring Mankind has appeared and put the Mandible claw on Shamrock! Austin re-enters the ring with a chair and knocks Shamrock cold. He gets the win then lays out McMahon's stooges as they attack. Fade to black as Austin retreats up the ramp.

I'll be back tomorrow with the Nitro Report and a new article by Joe Crowe. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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