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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report:EXTRA !

Volume 1, Issue 38
September 6, 1996

Diesal and Razor Ramon said to be returning to the WWF!!

Jim Ross makes the startling announcement

RAW Championship Friday

The program opens with Hunter Hearst Helmsley in the ring. His opponent enters to a huge pop - Psycho Sid. This is an IC Championship Tourney match.

Helmsley tries to avoid contact after the initial lock-up but has no where to run. This is really no contest at all. Helmsley is the superior wrestler but not good enough to overcome Sid's size advantage.

Mr. Perfect makes his appearance so Sid decides to demonstrate his Powerbomb and subsequently wins the match. Perfect escorts HHH's girl from the ring area as Hunter lays out cold n the ring. He comes to just in time to watch Hennig disappear with his chicky.

We switch to an update on the condition of Ahmed Johnson who seems to be recovering nicely. Interestingly they use a shot of Johnson powerbombing Helmsley to illustrate the story.

Pillman joins the broadcast team for the next match - our second IC Tournament match between Steve Austin and Marc Mero. Pillman seems to have dropped his "loose cannon" (sorry "ticking time-bomb") personna for this evening.

The match begins - Austin apes the Wildman's finger-over-the-eyes gesture and gets a knuckle sandwich. Sable is looking foxy with some cleavage showing for a change (usually we see the "out-sides" of her breasts). Pillman reveals that he will interview Brett Hart at In Your House. Mero dominates the match until the commercial.

As we return Austin uses a "Stun Gun" move to turn things around for the first time in the match. He loses the advantage rather quickly however - he just can't seem to do anything right. Finally he takes his frustration out on the referree and gets disqualified. Mero advances in the tourney.

Of course Austin then blindsides the Wildman and a brawl ensues. Rene Goulet and Tony Garea join the officials to break it up.

Lawler interviews Mark Henry - makes a truely tasteless joke about the Olympic bombing incident which I won't repeat here. Henry keeps smiling as the Burger King insults him then challanges him to a match. Henry stops smiling and declines the challange citing his lack of experience. He wants time to finish training before he enters the ring. Lawler calls him a coward which changes Henry's mind. He accepts the match and tells Lawler he'll give him "one Gold Medal butt kickin'". Cut to commercial.

Mankind vs. Alex Porteau - as the match begins Jim Ross makes the startling announcement that Diesal and Razor Ramon are returning to the WWF. What?

In the ring Porteau gets trashed. Mankind gets his fingers into Porteau's mouth and gets the win.

Review of the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) WWF event - Sid has a tug-of-war with an elephant.

Mr Bob Backlund is in the ring to introduce his new trainer for the wrestler he plans to bring into the WWF. Its the Iron Shiek (and they say WCW recycles has-beens!) The Shiek shows up in a suit. He and Backlund admire each other's amateur backgrounds. The Shiek says he was "lucky" to beat Backlund back in 1983. Cut to commercial.

Goldust makes his entrance on film in letterbox format. In an inset the Undertaker issues a threat to hype the upcoming "Final Curtain" match.

HBK makes his "dancin' fool" entrance with Jose Lothario in tow. Goldust tries to jump him as soon as he gets in the ring but gets tossed out twice. Next he's up on the apron trying his mind games strategy - no soap. HBK slips between his legs and pulls him out to the floor.

Back in thr ring Dustin pulls off a move I haven't seen him use in a while. He feigns a frontal attack then drops onto his back at his opponent's feet - pops him one underneath the jaw to turn the tables. Once he has the advantage he is relentless.

Now they are back outside and this time Goldy's in charge. He holds Shawn up in front of Marlena so she can blow cigar smoke in his face. Back in the ring Goldust continue to dominate until the next commercial.

As we return Shawn makes a brief comeback but gets clobbered again. Mankind is shown lurking about - he says he has a surprise for Shawn Michaels. Ross reiterates his news about Hall and Nash returning - says there will be more details on Mania tomorrow.

Meanwhile HBK seems to be losing in the ring. No, he's coming back...he goes for a cross-body off the top and gets reversed and almost pinned. Another commercial.

Michaels drops a "Savagesque" elbow on his opponent as we return then sets up for the super-kick. But Marlena distracts him and Goldy tries a "Curtain Call" - Shawn reverses the move jumps to the top rope and pulls out a moonsault then gets the pin.

Mankind runs in and the two bad guys try to surround HBK. He's too fast for them and manages to slip away. Fade to black.

The big news tonight of course is the announcement about Hall and Nash. What do you suppose that's all about? They certainly got my attention.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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