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Nitro Report

Out Of Time '98

Dream card by Ervin Griffin, Jr.

The Way I See It...

Opinion by Earl Oliver

Volume 3, Issue 380 - November 9, 1998

Out Of Time '98

by Ervin Griffin, Jr.

Hello Solie readers.

Last year, around this time, I wrote a highly successful vote by e-mail dream card called "Out Of Time '97." It was the most response that I have ever received for one of these cards.

Well, it is now back with different matches for you to vote on. Granted the matches are pure debate and all but, hey, have fun with this. It works just like before with wrestlers with a year beside the name (signifying their best year or time) and wrestlers without a year beside their name (meaning that they are from today's era).

Here we go:

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin VS. Stan "The Lariat" Hansen (1986) (Texas Death Match)

The "toughest S.O.B." in the WWF would be in for the fight of his life against the bad man from Borger, TX. In 1986, Hansen was AWA World Champion (back when it meant something to hold that belt) and was a wild and crazy man (much like Austin is today). How a Texas Death Match works is that pins to not count towards a victory. When a wrestler wins a fall, there is a 30 second rest period. After the 30 seconds, a wrestler must answer a ten count. If he doesn't, then the match is over and he loses. Austin can pin Hansen five times but if Hansen keeps getting up, the match will continue. This will be brutal folks.

"Nature Boy" Ric Flair (1985) VS. Goldberg (NWA World Title VS. WCW World Title/Steel Cage Match)

I couldn't resist this one. I'll give Goldberg his due, he does have talent but I think WCW pushed him too fast. Still, everyone talks about how unstoppable he is. I wonder what Flair from 1985 would have to say about that? Seriously, Flair fought Nikita Koloff that year and Koloff is almost a mirror image of Goldberg. Having it in a steel cage would see who really would be the better man.

The Rock VS. Ricky Steamboat (1987)(WWF Intercontinental Title Match)

A year ago, I wouldn't have even made this match. Now, I think The Rock would've given Steamboat all he could've handled and more. Maivia, truthfully, always had the skills but the attitude change has done him a lot of good. Steamboat, in 1987, had an up and down year. He won the WWF Intercontiental Title from Randy Savage but lost it later to The Honky Tonk Man. Steamboat always gave 100% in the ring and you have to say the same about Rocky Maivia these days. This would be an interesting matchup.

Rob Van Dam/Sabu VS. The Midnight Express (1988)(NWA World Tag Team Title VS. ECW Tag Team Title Match)

In 1988, the MX version of Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane were a dynamic duo. While they didn't take the chances that RVD and Sabu do, they were no less spetacular. Many have already called "Mr. Monday Night" and "The Human Sacrifice" the tag team of 1998. Both teams have/had annoying managers. Jim Cornette was a proven winner at that time. Bill Alfonso has been a proven winner in ECW. Interesting enough, I have had this match take place twice in my "what-if" stories with both teams holding a victory over the other, I think they were that close in ability. High level tag bout.

TAZ VS. "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer (1982)(No Disqualification Match)

"The Human Suplex Machine" VS. "The Mad Dog." When he was living, Sawyer was as physical, brutal, and technically sound as anyone walking the planet. The same can be said for TAZ. Both are about the same height, weight and build. Both are terribly intense but Sawyer might be a little bit crazier than TAZ. I see a brutal match up here.

The Great Muta (1989) VS. Chris Jericho

A great matchup between two technically skilled competitors. Muta was hot during 1989. His feud with Sting was legendary. Jericho, despite his annoying character, has proven himself to be a worthy opponent. I think, however, his showboating might get him into a little bit of trouble. It is the "LionTamer" boston crab VS. the moonsault splash here.

Well, I am making this "Out Of Time '98" event shorter than last year's. Send your votes and comments to either or I will print some of the comments made about the matches. See ya.

Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian and also contributes to the Ringside Insider on a regular basis. Many of his previous articles are available in the Articles section of the website. Check out Ervin's Pro-WrestlingFan Fiction web site.

Nitro Report

The program opens with a shot of the White House and various other patriotic scenes. Nitro comes to us live from from the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, Long Island, New York. Tony introduces Legendary Larry and Mike Tenay and then says that "the President" is set to be on hand later tonight. Hollywood Hogan is supposed to announce his candidacy for President tonight. Cut to Nitro Grrrrls dancing in the ring. Then cut to Mean Gene and Bobby Heenan who are waiting out in the back supposedly for the arrival of the President of the United States. A couple of limos pull up and various factions of nWo spill out and start to brawl among themselves. Cut to commercial.

We return to the opening montage. Cut to scenes from the Bret Hart/Horsemen confrontation which, unfortunately I missed last week. Then to scenes from the Luger/Giant match which also featured a run-in by Hart. Back to the announcers to set-up the next scene, then to footage from Halloween Havoc - Hart beating on Sting with his own baseball bat.

Kaz Hayashi vs. Juventud Guerrera - Hayashi's snipe says that he is accompanied by Sonny Oono, but we know better then that. Kaz atarts out by slapping Juvey's face. Never a good tactic with the volatile Mexican star. Eric Bischoff interrupts the announcers to reiterate that the President will be here tonight. Back in the ring, Guerrera is dominating the match but then misses a splash and lands on his face in the ring. Hayashi takes him out to the floor and crashes him into the railing. Back in the ring, he continues his assault. He sends Juvey out between the ropes and then hits him with a twisting suicide dive. Back in the ring again and Kaz is still in control but he is taking his time and allowing Juvey to partially recover between exchanges. We cut to commercial as Juvey is being harrased in the corner.

Juvey regains the advantage just as we return. He hits Kaz with a suicide dive of his own. Back in the ring, Hayashi gets a knee to the gut and turns the tables. Juvey is still in it and keeps slipping in roll-ups and cradles as Kaz continues to dominate until he lisses a drop-kick then Juvey lays him out on the top rope. They trade pin attempts then suddenly Ernest Miller comes charging out to ringside with Oono. He's saying he needs to whup somebody - meanwhile the match in the ring has gone into see-saw mode. Miller jumps on the apron and distracts the refereee while Oono crawls in and lays a kick upside Hayashi's head which allows Juvey to roll him up for the pin (although, Guerrera didn't see the interference).

More Nitro Grrrrls on the platform this time - wearing too much clothing (sigh...) Cut to commercial.

Scenes from 2 weeks ago on RAW when Scott Hall ran a number on Kevin Nash during an interview segment. He and the Giant attack and beat him silly then run him through a wall.

Alex Wright vs. Barry Horowitz - for a while they were giving this guy some competition then they spoil it with this match. Not that I have anything against Horowitz - he's a tough customer but sheesh... Wright has the ring announcer demand silence from the crowd during his match (don't hold your breath Aryan Boy...) Horowitz gets some scattered offense but this is no contest from the get-go. "Secret Service" agents seemingly are scouting the ringside area as the match goes on. Wright takes the fight to the floor, then suddenly the Wolf Pack call goes out from the sound system. Their music starts and here they come - they scare Wright out of the ring then help Horowitz to his feet and send him packing. They go through their usual litany - Nash says they're "in the house" and Konnan does his call and response schtick. Nash quotes Popeye the Sailor telling the crowd, "That's all I can stands, I can't stands no more..." then goes on to complain about the Black & White trying to thin the Wolf Pack's ranks. He then throws out a challenge to any nWo combination but especially he wants to face Scott Hall. Luger reiterates the challenge to Bret Hart. Bischoff shows up on the ramp accepts the challenge but fails to specify who the nWo guys will be. He retreats telling them to stick around. Cut to commercial.

Lodi vs. Scott Norton - Tony tells us that the main events will be Nash vs. Hall and Giant/Hart vs. Luger/Konnan. Something tells me that Lodi won't be getting any lucky win tonight. In fact the match lasts less then a minute. (ho hum...)

Tony is in the ring and calls the Disciple to the ring (despite the fact that nobody really cares about anything he has to say). His story is that he is now his own man. Horace, Stevie Ray and Vincent show up to interrupt his spiel. Horace rants at him as Leslie stands his ground seemingly fearless in the face of 3 to 1 odds. Disciple answers the rant by telling Horace to take his stooges and split. Horace the attacks Disciple and gets the better of him as his companions look on. As soon as the Disciple turns the tables he is swarmed on. They are all three on him when the Warrior shows up and clears the ring. He has an OWN t-shirt which he tries to stuff down Horace's throat as we cut to commercial.

The second hour begins as we return. We're still waiting for the President to appear. I am sure now that will be Hogan, probabley in a suit or something. Cut to Bobby and Gene back in the docking area again. They watch as a motorcade approaches their position. The cars have American flags on the fenders and are walked in by "Secret Service" agents. They tell Bobby and Gene that "this is a restricted area..." but the two announcers stand their ground. Cut back to the announce table where Tony laments that "...the President is coming and we have the Weasil to greet him." Cut back to the back where the agents are clearing the area. Back to the announcers who kill time until a rather cheesy version of "Hail to the Chief" begins playing. Hogan appears on the ramp dressed in black and white feather boas and escorted by the "Bogus Service." An American flag unfurls. Red, White and Blue balloons and confetti fall from the ceiling as Hogan goes to the ring. Bischoff introduces him as the " President of the United State." Hogan starts his rant by congratulating Jesse Ventura on his win in Minnesotta. Bischoff seconds that emotion and then Hogan starts ranting about how everybody wants him to run (right...) He then announces his candidacy (of what party is not specified). The very pinnicle of stupidity... Cut to commercial (mercifully...)

Nitro Grrrrls in Las Vegas video. Then cut to the real Grrrrls dancing on the platform. Cut to a clip from Konnan's music video then to commercial.

Bret Hart comes out for his weekly rant as we see clips of him crippling Diamond Dallas Page. He takes off on Luger first telling him he's lucky not to be laid up like Sting and DDP. He says he's finished with Luger but he wants a piece of Konnan. Cut to commercial.

More of Konnan's video. Bobby Heenan joins the broadcast team.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Misterio, Jr. - Eddie tries his bi-weekly recruitment and gets his bi-weekly refusal. They start the match very fast, as only these two can. Rey gets the immediate advantage using superior leverage. Eddie is tossed from the ring then comes back and tries to assert his superior size, but to no avail. He is tossed out again. Next he goes after the injured leg on Misterio and that proves to be his opening. Now it is all Eddie as the crowd chants "Eddie Sucks!" Misterio gets some scattered offense but this is all Guerrero. He takes Rey to the floor and bashes the knee against the ring steps. Back in the ring he applies a modified figure four. Suddenly Rey gets loose for a moment and comes to life. He springboards Guerrero onto the corner buckle then hits him with a bucking bronco in the corner. He gets a split leg moonsault and pours on the pressure until Guerrero comes back with a belly-to-back suplex. Chavo shows up with Pepe and distracts Eddie. Rey hits him from behind and gets an inside cradle. members of the LWO attack Chavo, Jr who is subsequesntly pulled free by Rey. Now the main events have switched to Luger/Nash vs. Hall Giant and Hart vs. Konnan. Cut to commercial.

Konnan's video played in it's entirety. Cut to commercial.

Eric Bischoff comes out with Miss Liz and says he has some business to conduct. First he says that Ric Flair will not wrestle tonight because he couldn't pass the physical. Then he says he has a problem with JJ Dillon handing out fines to Buff Bagwell and Scott Steiner last week. He calls out some corporate lawyers and the comptroller of WCW. He questions the comptroller's deductions from Bagwell's and Steiner's paychecks and also questions the lawyers about the same. Then he attacks all three of them and leaves them laying in the ring! I notice that he didn't make any move to actually rescind the fines... Cut to commercial.

Clips of Dillon laying his fines on Steiner and Bagwell then getting punked for a second time. Then Buff calls Kenny Kaos down to get his punking. Finally the beating of Nick Patrick on Thunder. nWo music plays and here come Steiner and Bagwell. In the ring the acting senior referee is telling Micky Jay that no WCW referee will be allowed to officiate a Scott Steiner match from this point on. They depart as the wrestlers arrive in the ring. Steiner does his sexual inuendo rant then Buff rants about how the nWo recogizes no authority. He says they have "bought their own referee." Steiner then says that he called out Piper last week but he didn't show. He wants an opponent so Chris Adams comes out to be slaughtered. No referee is in evidence as both Buff and Scott jump on him. Scott ties him upside down in the corner and starts working on his knee like he did on Patrick last Thursday. Rick Steiner runs out and chases them off as Scott has Adams in the Steiner recliner. Rick issues a challenge to put the Tag Belts on the line with a mystery partner against Scott and Buff later tonight. Cut to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrrls on video...then the real Grrrls again on the platform. Cut to a Lex Luger tribute video then to commercial.

Scott Steiner/Buff Bagwell vs. Rick Steiner/? - World Tag Team Title match - but wait a minute...I though Buff was still on the shelf. Rick comes out carrying his Tag Team belt then is followed by...Judy Bagwell wearing the other one! Buff is stunned of course. Rick levels Scott as Buff tries to hit mom with a clothesline - she ducks it and slaps him to the mat! The nWo guys abandon the ring. Rick says, "I knew you two girls wouldn't fight tonight..." then he challenges them to meet him and Judy at WW3 for the belts. Momma says, "Marcus, I whipped your a$$ all your life and I'm going to do it again at Auburn Hills...and I'm going to get paid!!" Scott accepts the challenge - Rick says, " bring the referee - we'll bring the belts!" Now that's theater! Cut to commercial.

Konnan vs. Bret Hart - special challenge match - we're being informed that there will be a special one-hour Tuesday Nitro program tomorrow night. I guess I'll report on that tomorrow night with the RAW write up. Konnan gets the early advantage with a very aggressive attack. He looks to outweigh the Hitman by a tad. The fight goes to the outside and Konnan keeps up the pressure. Hart finally comes back with a rake to the face. Back in the ring he takes control of things with a vengence. He is doing a lot of gouging and eye raking to maintain his position. He goes to the second turnbuckle and comes down on Konnan's upraised boot. Konnan retakes the advantage and is as vicious as Hart was a few moments ago. Then he turns to shove the referee away and gets clipped from behind. Bret goes to work on the left leg, setting up for the Sharpshooter. He pulls Konnan over, leaves the ring and slams his opponents leg against the ringpost. Back in the ring, he continues to pound on it. Michael Buffer wanders around ringside like a lost soul. Hart goes out and gets a chair. He starts pounding on the leg as the referee rings the bell. He continues until Luger runs out and chases him away. Referees and a trainer come out to help Konnan from the ring.

Mean Gene is in the ring and invites Chris Jericho to the ring for an interview. Jericho reveals that today is his birthday and that he was born right here on Long Island...and he's glad he left because it stinks. He goes on to say that he has invited Goldberg (or Greenberg rather) to meet him tonight but is convinced that the Champ isn't in the building. In the back we see Goldberg arriving at his dressing room - seeing Jericho on the monitor - tearing up the furniture then heading toward the arena. Jericho practically backs right into him! Then he gets speared in the aisle. Goldberg runs him into the railing then leaves him laying there. The announcers show us several replays and then it's time for the main event.

Michael Buffer has found his calling and does the honors.

Giant/Scott Hall vs. Kevin Nash/Lex Luger - Hall and Nash face off for the opening. Hall throws his toothpick and gets spit in the face in return. Hall takes the first exchange but then Nash comes back with knee lifts in the corner. Hall fights back but is overwhelmed. Luger is tagged in and retains the advantage. Hall gets a finger to the eye and tags in the Giant. Luger is on the receiving end for a bit then th Giant rushes the corner and eats leather. Hall interferes and the Giant retakes the advantage. He drops a huge elbow on Lugers chest then tags Hall back in. Hall lays in the heavy punches then changes to kicks to the gut. Luger manages to turn the tables momentarily but Hall tags the Giant and Luger is down again. The Giant stands on his chest with both feet. He head butts him then tags Hall back in. They have been isolating Luger for several minutes now. Hall starts slapping the back of his head then hits a fall-away slam. hall starts to set-up the Outsider's edge but takes too long - Luger dumps him. He struggles over and gets the tag. He hits the Giant then Snake Eyes on Hall. Hits the Giant again then straddles Hall on the bottom rope. Giant comes in but Luger knocks him out of the ring. They brawl on the floor as Nash handles Hall inside. Suddenly Bret Hart runs in and clips Nash from behind. He goes for a chair but Luger is back and wrenches it away from him. The nWo guys scatter and we fade to black.

The Way I See It...

I received an email from my friend and fellow wrestling commentator, Miss Pamela (columnist with Pro Wrestling's Between the Sheets) concerning my editorial comparing Vince McMahon to Bill Gates. Here is a portion of that message:

Pamela goes on to talk about WCW not living up to it's predecessors, particularly citing the "gang-bang" mentality that seems to run through all of the angles and storylines these days.

I must confess that I am probably not the best person to explain the anger at Eric Bischoff which seems to pervade the Internet wrestling community because I don't really share that animosity. They way I see it (no pun intended :-) is that Bischoff has done a pretty fair job of bringing WCW up to close competition with what used to be the WWF juggernaut. In fact, I would credit him at least partially with the upsurge in popularity being enjoyed by wrestling in general the last few years. WCW's decision to pit their Nitro program head-to-head with RAW is directly responsible for the improvement in the WWF product. You only have to look back at what McMahon was palming off on the fans on RAW before Nitro arrived to see my point.

I also must say that as a 50 year old "adult", I find a lot of most of what goes on in wrestling in general to be kind of silly, so I probably don't experience the overwhelming emotional response to Bischoff's particular brand of silliness that some of our younger brethern obviously feel on a regular basis.

The "gang" mentality issue is a little easier for me to talk about.

First of all I must point out that it is really nothing new. Indeed, the Four Horsemen pioneered the concept of a gang of thugs running in and spoiling the match whenever it looked like the Nature Boy was about to lose his World Title. In other cases they would catch the offending challenger in a dressing room or parking lot and whale the tar out of him before he even had a chance to get into the ring with Flair. Later on, Paul Heyman took the concept a step further with his much larger gang, "The Dangerous Alliance" (among whom were former members of the Horsemen). Skandor Akbar and his huge stables followed the same principle as well. So I can see no real "disrespect for tradition" inherent in that aspect of the New Word Order.

I would suppose that Eric Bischoff has done three things that help to engender some of the antipathy that swirls around him:

The first proposition goes without saying. Long before Eric Bischoff was the Internet fans' favorite whipping boy, that position was held by Hogan. Younger fans especially said that he was too old, to egotistical and unwilling to "job" to younger wrestlers coming up. By aligning himself with Hogan and handing him such power, Bischoff transformed himself into the guy those fans would most like to get in a dark alley.

Bischoff's own action are even more problematic, he has made some major miscalculations concerning the nWo storyline, In the beginning nobody expected it to go on for so long. The conventional wisdom maintained that it would take less then a year for the nWo to first take over, then overplay its hand and eventually self destruct. Remember about two years ago when the big question was, "Will Hogan make his return to "facedom" in time for the release of his Christmas movie?" That seems like a century ago now.

The overwhelming size of the nWo was, I'm sure, originally intended to contribute to the feeling of hopelessness which would make it that much sweeter when the "forces of good" finally triumphed over the evil Hollywood Hogan and his minions. That original intent seems to have been lost in the shuffle and now simply serves as an irritant to those of us who would just like to see the nWo fade away.

The Giant is against the nWo, then he joins them, then he gets digusted and quits then he joins them again... It is pathetic - no question about it. What Bischoff has done to the Horsemen and Bret Hart and especially Sting verges on criminal misconduct. The one time "franchise of WCW" was hung up in the rafters for a year and a half only to finally win the World Title then lose it again almost immediately. What can these people be thinking??

Asked about a year ago, when Nitro was demolishing RAW every week, was he planning to make any major changes in the nWo storyline? Bischoff answered something to the effect that what they were doing was winning the ratings war and why monkey with success?

Unfortunately, it now appears that he still plans to ride that horse right into the ground...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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