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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Wars Edition: Part 2

RAW Report

The Rock fights his way
back into Survivor Series

Tuesday Night Nitro Report

Volume 3, Issue 381 - November 10, 1998
Editor's Note: I was reliably informed today that the documentary film "BRET HART, Wrestling with Shadows" (which was reviewed in this space this past Sunday) will make it's debut on A&E on December 20.

RAW Report

RAW comes to us on tape from the Reunion Arena in Dallas, Texas.

X-Pac vs. The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) - this one will have to be a squash - Waltman is talented but...really. He wins the first exchange by ducking away then throwing some kicks but that is all he gets. The lights go out immediately and Kane appears on the platform then starts toward the ring. He climbs right into the ring and faces UT who is still manhandling X-Pac. Kane points his finger and a fire ball shoots right into X-Pac's face! (the old flash-paper shooter - I know it well as a former magician) UT Turns and leaves as the New Age Outlaws run in to lend assistance. I hope Waltman isn't really hurt - I have never advocated fire in the ring and using a shooter is the height of recklessness - there is no way to control that fireball once it leaves your hand. Cut to commercial.

We return to a replay of the incident we just witnessed then cut to the back where the Outlaws are assuring Waltman that he will be okay. I hope they are right...

Mr. McMahon is in another part of the building telling Mankind that he will defend his Hardcore Title against Ken Shamrock tonight. He wants to do a "makeover" on Mick's appearance. They move off to take care of that.

Val Venis vs. Steve Blackman - they replay the interview from this weekend where Mr. Cheese revealed that he had a vasectomy many years ago - ergo, he can't possibly be the father of Terri's baby. That raises interesting questions... JR and the King naturally assume that it has to be another WWF wrestler. Venis sends Terri away from ringside then the match gets underway. Blackman takes the early advantage with his pure martial arts attack. Val can't seem to get anything started. He finally ducks a drop-kick and turns the tables but then just as he is taking charge, Terri runs in and delivers a low-blow from behind. She is quickly followed by the Blue Blazer and Owen Hart who start punking on Blackman. Cut to the back where Mick Foley is getting a haircut and talking about Vince - referring to him as a "cuddly teddybear" - yeah right... Cut to commercial.

Road Dog vs. D-Lo Brown vs. Mosh - triple threat match - this is the typical 3-way contest. Nobody can really win because there is always that third, non-combatent member to break up any pin attempt. One guy sits out while the other two brawl - ad nauseum. Shane McMahon is the referee and immediately makes a rookie mistake by calling for the bell before the third competitor is in the ring. D-Lo and the Road Dog seem to have the most animosity for each other so Mosh ends up doing a lot of standing by and watching. Mosh finally gets the ppin over D-Lo as the result of a Stage Dive (Thesz Press off the top rope). Cut to Mike Cole with Jeff Jarrett and Debra McMichael. They have some cruel things to say about Al Snow. Cut to commercial.

Now Foley is getting a pedicure.

Goldust vs. Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra) - Terri trails Dustin to the ring who tells her that she's been a bad girl then tells her that the time has come for her to "forget she ever heard the name of Goldust." She leaves looking pissed. The opening is pretty even then Goldust seems to get his opponent's number. He takes Jarrett to the outside and drops his face on the ringsteps. Debra then distracts him so that Jarrett can blindside him. Back in the ring, Jarrett drops his head too soon and Dustin drops down and hits him with the uppercut. He pounds Jarrett in the corner and then sets him up for the crotch shot - but Debra gets between them and distracts him again, this time by getting him to kiss her. He turns around and Jarrett brains him with his guitar. DQ - the match goes to Goldust but Jarrett doesn't seem to care. Cut the Rock arriving backstage, then to clips of Jesse Ventura in his various WWF costumes, then to an editorial cartoon in a local Memphis paper featuring Lawler, then to commercial.

Michael Cole angers the Rock with his statements about Maivia's future in the WWF. As he walks out of camera range, Goldust comes running by and attacks Jeff Jarrett - then the Blue Blazer attacks Goldust. The Blazer splits and Goldust and Jarrett go back to brawling as referees try to separate them. Cut to commercial.

Mankind vs. Ken Shamrock - Harcore Title match - we get a replay of what just happened as the introductions for this match go on in the background followed by a clip of the last encounter betwee these two competitors. Mankind comes to the ring in a tuxedo, his hair is cut and slicked back and he has been shaved. Shamrock loses no time in attacking the Champ. McMahon and the stooges watch from the platform. Mankind gets his shoe off and starts pounding on his opponent with it - then uses his suit coat to strangle him. He ties Shamrock upside down in the corner then jumps on his face. Out on the floor he goes for a verticle suplex but Shamrock gets a cradle and a two-count. He sits Foley in a chair and hits himn the face with his own Title belt. He punches him a couple of times and then rushes in only to be backdropped onto the announcers' table. Foley throws a chair into the ring but Shamrock gets to use it first as he reverses a piledriver attempt. The fight goes outside again and Shamrock gets slammed into the ringsteps. They cross the barrier then come back to the ringside area whwre Shamrock uses a camera cable to choke Mankind. Foley counters with a Mandible claw then gets dropped on the steps. They fight in the aisle and Shamrock takes control until Foley hits a low blow then follows with a chairshot and then a DDT onto the chair. He fails at the pin then chases Shamrock up the ramp missing with his chair shots. Shamrock gets the chair away and executes a belly-to-back suplex but can't get the pin. Mankind hits a suplex of his own and both guys are winded. Shamrock gets a chair shot but then the Bossman interferes and hits Shamrock with his nightstick. Foley retains his Title. In the back, Mike Cole is telling us that the Rock has been attacked - EMT personnel rush down a hall and we cut to commercial.

The Rock is being tended to in his dressing room. Cole tells us that nobody saw anything but Maivia has been struck in the head.

Steve Austin comes to the ring to rant about McMahon's perfidy. The Bossman appears on the platform and and threatens to put Austin in a wheelchair. Austin quotes the "Bossman" character from "Cool Hand Luke" in the next section of his rant then challenges the Bossman to come to the ring. Traylor demures and says their fight will come at Survivor Series. In the back the Rock is getting impatient with the emergency people. Cut to commercial.

Sitting next to an ambulance, McMahon reiterates his ruling that unless the Rock defeats the Mark Henry tonight he will be unemployed. He expresses surprise that Maivia hasn't shown up at the ambulance yet.

Al Snow (w/Head) vs. Tiger Ali Singh (w/Babu) - Singh says Babu is going to wrestle this match but Babu thinks otherwise and tryies to leave. Snow knocks him to the floor and the idiot gets up and returns. Singh distracts Snow so that Babu can get some offense. Actually he gets in some pretty good blows. Meanwhile, on the outside. Debra has shown up and is toying with Head. Snow is distracted so Singh snealks in and drops him on his head then takes the pin. Cut to Sable workout video.

Mike Cole says that McMahon and the Bossman have gone to the Rock's dressing room - but we're going away to sell something.

Cole asks the EMT's about the Rock's condition. McMahon interrrupts to say that soon he will be unemployed.

Kane vs. Edge (w/Gangrel/Christian) - Edge runs into a brick wall in this one. Kane brings a gas can and a butane torch with him to the ring. Edge gets no offense whatsoever through most of the match. He hits a couple of kicks to the mid-section then gets creamed. Later he avoids an elbow drop and throws a couple of punches with no affect. Even a DDT won't put Kane down. Edge looks stunned at that. Kane elevates his opponent and tosses him to Gangrel on the outside then goes out and creams both of them. Finally all three of the brood attack him on the floor and cause a DQ. Eventually he takes all three out anyway. He chokeslams them one at a time in the center of the ring then adds the referee to the pile. He grabs his gas can and douses them with it. He turns to light his torch but a gaggle of officials run in and roll his victims out of the ring. Cut to commercial.

Clips from the last match as we return.

Mr. McMahon is wheeled down to ringside for the next match. He rants about his feelings regarding the Rock and orders him to come out right now. He taunts the Dallas crowd then takes off on the Dallas Cowboys, some of whom are in the audience. Shane appears on the ramp with a mic. He tells McMahon to "cut the crap..." and accuses him of taking his frustrations over Shane out on everybody else. Vince tells him to shut up and leave or suffer the consequences. He threatens his son with a beating. Shane refuses to leave so Vince sics the Bossman on him. This brings Austin in to save his cookies. McMahon is livid, of course but restrains the Bossman from going after Shane and Austin as they leave. Cut to commercial.

Replay of what just happened.

The Rock vs. Mark Henry (w/D-Lo Brown) - Henry comes to the ring and then Maivia's music plays but he doesn't appear. His music starts up again and Maivia staggers to the ring. He comes to life as he hits the ring and pounds Henry into the corner. The crowd is certainly behind him as he continues his assault. He leaves the ring and drags Henry over to the apron so he can lay in some elbows. Then drags him out to the floor and smashes him into the steps. The next whip is reversed and Maivia is run into the safety barrier but Maivia roars back with a clothesline. Henry hits a low blow to turn the tables. Back into the ring, Henry is throwing his weight around (about all he really knows how to do). Maivia blocks and reverses a standing verticle suplex but Henry still manages to overpower him during the next exchange. Henry grabs a bearhug. The Rock punches his way free. Henry slips in a knee lift but the Rock comes back with a powerslam. A series of three clotheslines is followed by a Russian leg sweep. The ref is distracted by McMahon which allows Maivia to get in a low blow of his own. Henry comes back with a powerslam of his own out of the next whip. Maivia staggers to the corner where the Bossman tries to handcuff him but cuffs himself instead. D-Lo enters the ring after decking the referee and gets ejected. Maivia gets the Rock-Bottom on Henry but there's no referee to administer a count. The Rock executes the People's Elbow but there's still no...wait! Shane McMahon runs in and makes the three count! The Rock is back in the Survivor Series!! Maivia grabs Vince and tosses him into the ring then has to go through the stooges to get at McMahon. Vince then faces him and slaps him across the face! He gets Rock-Bottomed and has the People's Elbow dropped on him. The Bossman is still cuffed and has to stand by and watch this happen. Fade to black...

Tuesday Nitro Report

This program was taped last night after the regular Nitro broadcast.

Goldberg will defeat somebody...I mean, defend his title in the main event. The opponent will be Meng.

El Dandy vs. Rey Misterio, Jr. - the best thing about the LWO is that all these guys get to come out to Eddie Guerrero's cool music. Dandy attacks Rey as he jumps into the ring but it doesn't buy him much. Time after time, Rey dumps him on his back, on his head and on other parts of his anatomy. In moments members of the LWO run in and attack Misterio. Kidman tries to help but hits Rey by mistake. Together they manage to fight off the troups but Rey is confused about what went down. Cut to commercial.

Replay of the challenge of Rick Steiner to his brother and his partner's little boy.

Saturn vs. Sick Boy - Sick Boy jaws at his opponent before the match begins and gets a side kick to the face in response. Saturn dominates until he knocks his opponent out of the ring then gets to close to the ropes and gets snapped by his neck. Sick Boy comes back in and takes control with a series of suplexes. He goes for a cover but fails to get the pin then takes his eyes off Saturn to argue with the referee. Big mistake. Saturn surprises him with a head-over suplex then gets a second one for good measure. He hits the DDD and then finishes with the Rings of Saturn. Cut to commercial.

Nitro Grrrrls a dancin' in the ring.

Disco Inferno vs. Booker T - Disco pauses before his opponent comes to the ring to insult the crowd. He congratulates them for being the largest gathering of scumbags in history. Booker seems to be having a good time tonight. he starts out by really laying into Disco with his fists then decks him with a flying forearm and gets a two count. He continues his assault and Disco is reeling in no time. He eventually gets to the outside for a breather then uses the ropes to turn the tables as he returns to the ring. He grabs a reverse chinlock and hangs on for dear life. Booker escapes but then Disco buries a knee in his midsection and retakes control. Booker escapes again and gets the axe-kick to turn the tables. He follows it with a side kick. Disco comes back one more time but then goes for an axe handle off the second rope and gets caught in mid-air, slap jacked and pinned. Cut to commercial.

The Nitro Grrrrls are back but wearing to much for my taste...

Fit Finley vs. Steve McMichael - I just heard that Mongo was out with a leg injury, guess not. This will be Tombstone against Tombstone. Mongo has the power edge but Finley is the real wrestler here. The match seems pretty even as the contest proceeds. McMichael dominates after a few exchanges but then Finley goes for the eyes and turns the tables. Once he has the solid advantage he is relentless. Mongo gets his knees up on a rush to the corner and retakes the initiative until Finley goes at the eyes again. Now it is all Finley for a while then he rushes and hits the post with his shoulder. Mongo gets his Tombstone and the pin. Cut to commercial.

Replay of Hollywood Hogan's "political" announcement from last night. This is almost as stupid as the "Eric Bischoff Show." Hogan can't seem to remember whether to refer to himself in the third person or the first. Occasionally he throws in a "royal we..."

Goldberg vs Meng - World Title match - Gosh, didn't Wrath just beat this guy recently? You'd think he'd get a Title shot before Meng. They lock up and neither one gives an inch. They collide again and again, both go down but pop right back up and neither is even affected until Meng knocks Goldberg down and then turns his back. He turns back around and gets speared. For the first time he doesn't pop back up. The Jackhammer tells the tale and the program ends.

I'll be back on Friday morning with the Thunder Report and a new "Off the Top Rope" column from Joseph Holt. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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