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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: Special Edition

Special Survivor Series Edition

Shane Turns on Austin!!
Then the Rock Turns on the People!!

Maivia wins the WWF Title

The McMahons reveal the extent of their plot against Austin and Mankind

Sable is the New Womens' Champ!

The Way I See It...

Opinion by Earl Oliver

Volume 3, Issue 383 - November 15, 1998

WWF Survivor Series Report

After the usual hype of the Free-For-All, the program gets underway. Live from the Keil Auditorium in St. Louis, Missouri, the twelth annual Survivor Series is on the air.

First things first, we get a glance at the bracketing for the tournament and then Mr. McMahon is introduced. He says that he has guarranteed us a new WWF Champion and a Survivor Series we will never forget. Then he introduces Mankind, one participant in the first match of the evening. We still don't know who his opponent will be.

McMahon then introduces the mystery opponent. He debuted in 1990, he had an "unparelleled" win-loss record then jumped ship to WCW. He has been sidelined for the last two years. He introduces Duane Gill..?

Duane Gill vs. Mankind - Survivor Series 1st round - this match (Gill is a jobber from the early 90's and currently an elementary school coach) is a very quick squash. Mankind advances (duh...)

Kevin Kelly interviews Sable concerning the attack she suffered at the hands of Jaqueline tonight on Heat. She says she's more determined then ever to win the Womens' Title tonight.

Al Snow vs Jeff Jarrett - 1st Round SS match - Snow is momentarily distracted by Debra but catches Jarrett trying to sneak up on him. The brawl at ringside then get into the ring where Jarrett seizes the immediate advantage. Snow comes back by slipping out to the apron and snapping Jarrett's neck. He goes for a leg drop off the top but misses. Jarrett is back in control but just for a moment. The match swings to Snow who dominates until he hits an atomic drop which throws Jarrett into the ropes and back to collide head-to-head (no pun intended). Jarrett recovers and as Debra distracts Snow again. Snow goes for the guitar. But the referee jerks it away and Jarrett gets brained with the head. Snow gets the pin and advances. He will face Mankind later.

Doc Hendrix interviews Ken Shamrock who says that tournaments are his kind of match.

Big Bossman vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin - 1st Round SS match - Austin enters and tears right into the Bossman as he tries to attack the Rattlesnake in the aisle. In the ring he retains his advantage until the Bossman slips in a low blow. He goes to work on Austin's back. He pounds on Austin for a while then grabs a reverse chinlock. Austin fights back to his feet and escapes for a moment then the Bossman plants a boot in his face and stops is momentum rather abruptly. He grabs a head vice. Austin fights to his feet again and then drives his shoulder into the Bossman's midsection in the corner. He boots him down to the mat then the Bossman slips out to the floor. Austin follows him but the Bossman has gotten hold of his night stick. He uses it on his opponent and is disqualified. He continues to beat on Austin after the bell. Austin advances but what kind of shape is he in..?

X-Pac vs. Steven Regal - 1st Round SS match - the guy with the lamest gimmick since the Mountie probably will win this one because Waltman already has the European Title. He has a large size and experience advantage. None-the-less, X-Pac dominates the early going. Ross starts referring to Regal as Blackman until the King corrects him. Meanwhile, Regal has asserted himself and is establishing his authority. He manhandles Waltman pretty effectively. His style of mat wrestling is the perfect foil to a lightweight flyer like X-Pac. The DX'r is thoroughly grounded. He grabs a head scissors on the mat and holds it until Waltman turns him over and reverses to a leg bar. He gets in a few kicks but Regal absorbs the blows and re-asserts himself. He takes X-Pac to the top and executes an underhook suplex from there. X-Pac is all tied up on the mat again. Regal lets him up and whips him to the corner. X-Pac rebounds and they collide head-to-head. Regal recovers first, or seems to but X-Pac is playing possum. He turns the tables and gets the bronco ride in the corner then a suplex of his own. Moments later the fight goes out to the floor and both guys are counted out. McMahon sends Sgt. Slaughter to the ring to order a 5 minute overtime. Waltman is out on his feet and walks away. Regal runs back looking for him - in the back McMahon is fuming because, since the match isn't continuing, Austin will get a bye on the next round.

Clips from a fan event at Union Station.

Ken Shamrock vs. Goldust - 1st Round SS match - Goldust makes his classic entrance, under Gold lights, on film in letterbox format. Shamrock's left forearm is heavily bandaged. He starts right in laying in punches and forearm shots. Goldust tries to come back with a lariet but misses the target. He comes back and hits a clothesline then gets a scoop slam. Moments later he whips Shamrock into the corner. Shamrock rebounds with a clothesline and reverses the field. He starts working on Dustin's back. After a bit he grabs a reverse chinlock. He lets him up and Goldust gets a moment of offense before flinging himself shoulder first into the corner. The match goes into see-saw mode. Goldust goes for a powerbomb but Shamrock punches his way out of it. Goldust turns it around again and gets a slam then sets Shamrock in the corner for his crotch shot. The referee won't let that happen however, Shamrock moves to the top and gets a flying Frankensteiner. He grabs the ankle lock and makes Goldust submit. Shamrock advances.

The Rock vs. HHH - 1st Round SS match - instead of HHH we get Pat Patterson and Jerry Brisco who come out to tell us that Helmsley is still recovering from knee surgery and isn't here. Brisco says that he has been given permission to fine HHH for his no show. Patterson introduces the replacement - the Big Bossman!

Bossman runs into the ring and is immediately rolled up and pinned!!

We cut to some hype for a Home Shopping Network sale that will go on after the PPV.

The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) vs. Kane - Quarter-final SS match - Ross reminds us that UT won his first WWF Title from Hulk Hogan at Survivor Series in 1990. He also mentions that Kane debuted in this facility a year ago October. UT goes right to fisticuffs to start. Kane comes roaring back and puts UT on his back with a boot to the face. He clotheslines his big brother over the top but Ut lands on his feet. The brawl on the floor and UT re-asserts his advantage. Kane is rolled back into the ring followed by UT who continues his assault until Kane reverses a whip and gets a powerbomb. UT pops right up and grabs back the initiative. Now he is working on the left knee of his opponent. Every time Kane gets on his feet, UT kicks him in the leg. Kane is reeling around the ring and showing very little offense. UT starts throwing punches but Kane is shaking them off. He tries for a whip piller to post but Kane blocks it. UT burys a couple of knees then gets the whip but as he rushes in Kane gets a boot up. The match see-saws then they start punching each other. Both get the choke simultaneously but Kane shrugs off the hand and succeeds in getting the chokeslam. UT pops up and gets the Tombstone after Paul Bearer distracts Kane. Bearer holds Kane's foot and UT gets the pin to advance. Kane decks the referee afterward.

Mankind vs. Al Snow (w/Head) - Quarter-final SS match - Snow attacks Mankind right out of the chute. This is pretty much a straight brawl and the fight f=goes out to the floor almost immediately where a chair gets pulled into the action. In the back, McMahon is revealing that it was he who stole Mr. Socko and made a headband out of him for Head. Meanwhile, back in the ring, Mankind has taken the advantage and in a free moment discovers that Mr. Socko is wrapped around the "fore of Head". He pounds on Head which gives Snow a chance to recover and attack again. They struggle for position but Mankind now has Mr. Socko back where he belongs. He grabs the mandible claw and gets the win to advance to the semi-finals. He will face Steve Austin.

Ken Shamock vs. The Rock - Quarter-final SS match - the Rock dominates the early going with fists and boots. He chokes Shamrock over the top rope. Shamrck comes ack with boots in the corner and then gets a snap suplex. The Rock slumps in the corner and is playing possum. As Shamrock rushes in he hits him with a clothesline. The fight goes out to the floor where Shamrock re-asserts himself by running Maivia into the steps. Back in the ring he continues to dominate the action with a flying back kick and a Russian leg sweep. A couple of knee-lifts puts Maivia on the mat. Shamrock grabs a reverse chinlock. The Rock fights to escape but is kneed again and put back into the hold. The Big Bossman shows up at ringside as Maivia sinks to the mat. He fights back to his feet and gets a couple of punches in but then misses a shot and falls prey to an armbar take down. Shamrock grabs the ankle lock but Maivia resists it and gets to the ropes to escape. The two combatants criss cross then collide. Both are down. They get up together and the Rock gets a DDT then a scoop slam followed by the People's Elbow and a two count. Maivia goes for the Rock Bottom but Shamrock blocks it and gets a suplex. The Bossman tries to toss his nightstick to Shamrock but the Rock intercepts it and uses it. The referee, who has been distarcated by the Bossman, turns back and makes the count. Maivia will face the Undertaker in the semi-finals.

Sable vs. Jacqueline (w/Marc Mero) - WWF Womens' Title - Mero distracts Sable at the beginning so that Jacquie can grab the advantage. Sable comes right back however, gets a slam and then a TKO. Mero pulls her off before the count and gets a kick to the grin and a Sable-bomb on the floor for his trouble. Jacquie attacks from behind and tosses her back into the ring. She continues her assault with boots to the midsection and illegal chokes. She goes for a powerbomb but Sable backdrops her instead. Jacquie tries to come back with a Tornado DDT but is blocked and dumped again. Sabl gets the powerbomb and the pin. Sable is the New Womens' Champ!

Mankind vs. Steve Austin - Semi-final SS match - Austin looks pretty much worse for wear as he comes to the ring. His left arm is obviously hurt. He attacks Mankind immediately and beats on him in the corner then tears off his tux jacket and shoes. He hits Foley with his own shoe! McMahon shows up with the stooges as Austin continues his assault. Mankind turns the tables just about the time that McMahon arrives at ringside. He grabs one of his cast-off shoes and brains Austin with it. Austin comes back with a Thesz press and whales on his opponent. Mankind rolls out of the ring and starts to run away but is caught and escorted back by Patterson and Brisco. Austin meets them in the aisle and creams the two synchopants then tries to piledrive Mankind but is back dropped instead. He is run into the the steps and Mankind re-enters the ring. McMahon wants the referee to count Austin out but Mankind goes out to attack again. Back in the ring, Mankind grabs a modified Camel Clutch. Austin fights to his feet and they start throwing punches then clothesline each other. Both are down. McMahon is loudly encouraging Foley yelling, "Come on Mick!" The fight resumes and Austin takes the initiative - stomping Mankingd in the corner. He tries to jerk Foley into the ring post but the move is reversed. Back in the ring, McMahon distracts Austin as Foley grabs a chair. He rushes in with it but Austin gets his feet in the way. He tries to straddle Mankind on the rope but misses then rebounds onto the chair. They struggle some lore and Austin gets a Stunner on the chair. Before the referee can count, McMahon drags him out and decks him! Back in the ring, the fight goes on and Austin gets the Stunner again. Shane McMahon runs in and counts two then stops and flips Austin off!! Patterson runs in a brains Austin with the chair - then Shane makes the three count. The McMahons' run out to a limo and take off. Vince seems to be heeled suddenly. Austin follows them, commandeers an SUV and gives chase. The McMahons' have fooled everybody!!

The Undertaker vs. The Rock - Semi-final SS match - UT attacks immediately but misses and gets pounded in the corner. UT reveses the field and goes out to the floor to beat on the Rock on the apron. They struggle on the outside and the Rock comes back for a moment then gets clotheslined. UT stands him up and head-butts him. Back in the ring, UT thrusts to the throat then smashes Maivia's head into the corner. It is all UT for the next several exchanges. He is using his old tactics, different kinds of chokeholds. He ties Maivia up in the ropes and whales on him. He backs up to deliver a clothesline and gets levered over the top to the floor. The Rock follows him out and runs him into the broadcast table then flings him over the safety barrier. They brawl out there and UT regains the initiative. Back to the ringside area then into the ring. UT continues to assault the Rock with Paul Bearer getting involved as well. The Rick side steps a rush to the corner and turns the tables momentarily but then UT buries a knee. They struggle and Maivia gets a Samoan Drop. Both guys are down and now the Bossman is headed for the ring. Mavia gets a DDT - the referee is distracted a moment while Maivia delivers a low blow. He goes for the People's Elbow but the Bossman trips him. UT comes back but attacks the Bossman! UT gets ready for a chokeslam but Kane runs in and delivers the move himself - thus getting UT disqualified! It will be the Rock vs. Mankind for the finals. UT and Kane brawl back through the crowd after the match.

New Age Outlaws vs. Mark Henry/D-Lo Brown vs. The Headbangers - Tag Team Title Triple Threat match - this kind of match is the height of stupidity regardless of which promotion puts it on. We are shown a clip from Heat of NAO being attacked by their rivals during an interview. D-Lo starts the match against Billy. Billy goes for a high flying elbow drop and misses. Mosh is tagged in and takes advantage of BIlly's being down but D-Lo is right back in. He is whipped face first to the corner then crushed there by Mosh. Mosh tags D-Lo back in and the Outlaws are suddenly in and working over D-Lo/Henry in opposite corners. Its kind of confusing trying to figure out who is legal. They are telling us that there are supposed to be three people in at once - one from each team. That assures that it is almost impossible for anyone to get a pinfall, of course. NAO seems to be wandering about the outside a lot in this one - not very sound strategy for the reigning Champs. I'm losing track of who is legal as people keep running in and out of the ring. D-Lo has a long run against Mosh and the Road Dog where both of the latter are out on the their feet. He tags in Henry who gets in some shots then leaves the ring. The Bangers are running doubleteam numbers, seemingly with impunity. The referee seems to be as confused as I am. D-Lo seems to be carrying everybody in this match. The Dog finally tags out after being thoroughly beaten and Billy starts to clean house but is stopped dead in his tracks by D-Lo. Mark Henry comes in, gets a splash on Mosh and almost gets a three count. Then Billy finishes the job on Mosh and gets the fall.

The Rock vs. Mankind - Final Survivor Series Match - in the back, the McMahons have returned and are sending the Bosman out to find Steve Austin. The two finalist start the match rather cautiously. They open upp soon enough and the Rock dominates the early going. He kicks Mankind out of the ring then follows him up the aisle. Foley turns the tables and runs Maivia into the steps then tosses him back into the ring. Back inside he slaps on a reverse chinlock.

The McMahons swagger out to the ring together. Vince isn't even limping and Shane is grinning ear-to-ear. Meanwhile the Rock fights to his heet and gets a suplex. He punchs Foley who tumbles out to the floor. Foley catches him coming out and tries a suplex but Maivia reverses it. He spots the McMahons and feins turning his attention to them - as Foley sneaks up from behind the Rock suddenly turns around and nails him. He pounds on his opponent and tosses him back into the ring. Inside it is his turn to slap on the reverse chinlock. Mankind gets back to his feet, Maivia throws some punches bt Mankind gets a gut shot that doubles Maivia over. He is knocked to the floor the followed out by Mankind and chaired. Foley picks up the ring steps but Maivia hits them with the chair several times then whacks Foley himself when he drops his weapon. Back in the ring, the Rock continues his assault until Mankind gets a low blow from behind. Mankind starts choking and working on the Rock's neck on the apron. Maivia ends up lying on the floor - Foley hits his flying elbow on the floor then runs his head into the braodcast table. He grabs the cowling and hits him with that as well. The two announcers scatter as Mankind drops a leg on Maivia over the table at them. Back in the ring. Back in the ring, Foley goes for the pin but fails. Now they are both up and trading punches - the Rock is knocked over the top to the floor. On the outside Foley rolls him back in. He goes for a whip to a backdrop but drops his head and gets DDT'd. Foley recovers quickly and tosses Maiia to the floor. Then he tries to drop and elbow on his but misses and destroys the Spanish announcers' table. Back in the ring, the Rock gets a slam then signals for the People's Elbow and hits it. But he can't get the pin. Foley comes back with a double-arm DDT then loads up Mr. Socko and grabs the Mandible Claw. The Rock starts to fadebut hangs on as the referee checks his arm. He escapes and gets the Rock Bottom but can't follow up. Both guys are being counted. Maivia gets a feeble cover but fails. He gets up and grabs a Sharpshooter! And McMahon immediately calls for the bell! In a strange parody of the Bret Hart Screw Job - he has handed the Title to Maivia. He and Shane enter the ring and embrace the Rock!!! The Rock was in on it from the beginning apparently. Vince makes a speech telling the crowd that "the People screwed the People." and that Mankind is an idiot. He declares that the Rock has contempt for the fans then congratulates his son on an "Academy Award Performance." The Rock makes his own speech telling the People to kiss his a$$. Mankind protests that he wasn't pinned or made to submit - Vince distracts him so that the Rock can hit him from behind with the Title belt. They continue congratulating each other until Austin reappears. He charges the ring, sending the McMahons running and attacks the Rock. He drives him from the ring then throws his new belt at him. Mankind crawls back into the ring and gets stunned. Austin's music plays and he leaves the ring to attack Maivia again then splits.

The Way I See It...

This week, Jim Ross was quoted regarding the documentary film "HITMAN HART, Wrestling with Shadows" In my view, Ross has just done more damage to his own credibility by making such an obviously mean spirited and self-serving statement. Any one who views this film, whether they agree with it or not, will tell you that it is no way "amateurish." If nothing else, it is a superbly produced movie.

I can remember when Jim Ross was considered the most credible analyst in the wrestling business. His work in the NWA and WCW was ground breaking for its savvy and true understanding of the athleticism and the personalities involved in this great sport. You could always count on Jim Ross to give an honest, hard-hitting assessment of what was going on at any given moment.

Since he has joined the WWF team we have witnessed a steady erosion of this quality brought on, in my view, by the control that Vince McMahon exerts over everything and everyone associated with his company. When Bret Hart left the WWF, McMahon put out a series of character assassination "Why, Bret Why...?" TV spots clearly intended to convey the message that Hart had "sold out." This was no surprise, since it is the way he has consistently portrayed atheletes leaving his promotion under less then ideal circumstances. What was surprising and disappointing, at least to this reporter, was Jim Ross' participation in these clumnies. It marked a significant new low in the descent of what used to be a fine wrestling commentator.

Don't get me wrong, Ross' mic work at ringside is still up there with the best in the sport today - unfortunately everytime he strays out into stating opinions he seems to turn off his own brain and lets the WWF propaganda take over.

The character Ross plays on the RAW broadcasts is that of a slightly disgruntled WWF employee while, in fact, his on and off-camera statements of opinion consistently parrot the McMahon/WWF party line.

To redeem himself, Ross needs to start showing some backbone (outside of his characterization) for a change...but I'm not holding my breath...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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