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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: Special Edition!

WCW/nWo World War 3 Report

Kidman is the New Cruiserweight Champ!

Kevin Nash will face Goldberg

wins WW3 Battle Royal

Stop Crying!!

Editorial by Ervin Griffin, Jr.

The Way I See It...

Opinion by Earl Oliver

Volume 3, Issue 387 - November 22, 1998

Stop Crying!!

By Ervin Griffin, Jr.

Hello readers. Recently,

I ran across a report in "The Bagpipe Report" newsletter that was both an outrage and very sad. It was about a man who, much like Earl Oliver, has an interactive report on the night of PPV's for WCW and WWF. This man held a chat room where folks could comment on the events happening on the card. As far as I could tell, the man orders the PPV, has a some people over, comment on what they see, and fans can joining on the comments.

Anyway, WCW recently ordered the host of this man's site to shut it down or they will file a lawsuit against them and him. Now, if this man was making any profit from this venture or if he was receiving the PPV illegally in any way, then I could see the sense of WCW's lawsuit. As far as I can tell, however, this man was not doing anything illegal at all. It isn't illegal for someone to order a PPV and invite his/her friends over to watch so why is it illegal to have a chat room going while the PPV was on?!

Now, this is just personal opinion, but I think this guy was picked on at random. Earl himself does an interactive report at nearly every PPV (and a good job I might add). What next? Shut down his web site too? Why don't they shut down mine while there at it? Granted, there may be more to the story than what I read but it sounds like to me that this guy is getting screwed big time by both WCW and his site host. Is it his fault that they are not getting big ratings or something? Maybe if they would put on a better product, then more people would actually buy their PPV's.

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Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian and also contributes to the Ringside Insider on a regular basis. Many of his previous articles are available in the Articles section of the website. Check out Ervin's Pro-Wrestling Fan Fiction web site.

WCW/nWo World War 3 Report

We get a look at Goldberg arriving earlier today in a white stretch limo.

The big speculation among the announcers is why Hollywood Hogan is not entered in the Battle Royal?

Glacier vs. Wrath - here are two traditional enemies from the "Blood Runs Cold" storyline that never really amounted to anything. Tenay announces that Glacier is calling his Asian Spike the "Icepick." The crowd is loudly proclaiming their distain for the Ice Man as the two circle each other warily. The first lockup results in Glacier being shoved out through the ropes to the floor. He returns to the ring and manages to hit a couple of his martial arts blows to virtually no affect. He is tossed out again then is followed out and creamed, basically. The three rings create a little different ringside geometry because the corner of one ring butts up against the apron of another. Back in the ring, Wrath continues his assault. Glacier is at his mercy now. He drops out of the ring and strangles his opponent by pulling down on his head over the bottom rope. Back inside he whips him piller to post then lays in the boots on the back of his head. He helps him to his feet and then mows him down with a clothesline, then he helps him up and tosses him out to the floor again. Outside, he wraps a TV cable around Glacier's neck and squeezes. He brings him back in with the cable still wound around him. The referee removes the cable then Wrath grabs a reverse chinlock. Glacier finally ducks a rush to the corner and gets in a Cryonic Kick to the back of Wrath's head. He tries to apply the Icepick but Wrath blocks it. The pump handle is next into the Meltdown.

Via video, Bret Hart brags about the wrestlers he's put out of action.

Stevie Ray (w/Vincent) vs. Konnan - on paper this match seems pretty even. Stevie has the size but Konnan is a very talented grappler and deceptively powerful in his own right. Stevie throws his weight around for the first lockup. He bulls Konnan back into the corner and pummels him. The he whips him the the opposite corner and tastes leather followed by a somersault clothesline. Konnan applies a seated abdominal stretch on his larger opponent then releases it and rains blows into his midsection. He whips Stevie and then drops his head and gets caught. Stevie beats on him then tosses him out for Vincent to work over. We can see the blackjack in Vincent's back pocket. Konnan is rolled back in and Stevie grabs a reverse chinlock. Konnan escapes then grabs a backslide but fails to get the pin. He is exhausted and collapses on the mat where Stevie tries for a pin. No cigar. Stevie misses an elbow drop which gives Konnan his opening. He whips the big guy and buries a boot in his gut. Vincent tries to use the blackjack but hits Stevie by mistake. Konnan knocks Vincent off the apron then starts punching Stevie as he lies on the mat. He is DQ'd for failing to let up when the referee tells him to. Booker T shows up and helps his brother to his feet but is then rebuffed.

The Cat/Sonny Oono vs. Kaz Hayashi/Saturn - special challenge match - Sonny brings his own training staff to ringside. Hayashi starts the match with Miller. Miller does his five second schtick - he turns his back and Hayashi tags in Saturn. Miller turns back around and gets creamed. He bails out immediately. Hayashi is tagged in and loses the momentum almost immediately. Miller is all over him is a flash. Miller puts him down then tags in Sonny who starts throwing kick with little or no affect. He offers money to no avail. Kaz decks him. Oono tags Miller back in who makes short work of Hayashi. Saturn comes in and turns the tables for a moment but then Miller gets in a kick and regains control. The match see-saws and Saturn goes down again prompting Miller to tag Sonny in. Sonny is reluctant to say the least. He finally comes in and delivers one kick then tries to leave, but Saturn catches him and starts to put on an STF. Miller breaks that up Now things are starting to move quickly. Oono ends up in with Hayashi - but Miller hits him from the apron and then Oono struggles over and gets the tag. Miller is all over Kaz again and subdues him then tags Oono back in. Oono stays in too long and ends up facing Saturn. Miller tries to sneak in but Saturn catches him. He decks Miller and then suplexes him. He turns his attention back to Oono. Miller sneaks in a kick from behind and fells Saturn so that Onoo can get the pin.

Kidman vs. Juventud Guerrera - Cruiserweight Title match - Mean Gene accosts Juventud on his way to the ring because he is wearing an LWO t-shirt as a cape. Eddie Guerrero intervenes to explain that Juvey has made the right choice. Rey Misterio comes out to find out what's going on. He is upset because he feels like his Title shot was stolen from him. He finally leaves but warns that he will "do something about this...". Juvey continues on to the ring. The match is, as expected, a fast and furious affair, but mostly mat wrestled in the early going. Juvey is showing a new propensity to showboat but it doesn't seem to adversly affect his performance. He dominates the action for several exchanges. Kidman finally recovers and now he is in charge for a moment then the match goes into see-saw mode with Juventud regaining ground. Suddenly Kidman runs his opponent chest first into the turnbuckle then hits a clothesline. He sets Juvey on a corner buckle then charges right into Juvey's boots. Juvey snaps Kidman's neck on the top rope as he drops to the floor but then he returns only to be caught with a headscissors. He ends up on the floor again but leaps up as Kidman starts to mount the top. They struggle for position and both tumble to the floor. Juvey rolls Kidman in and slowly returns to the ring. He goes for a cover but fails, then hits a brainbuster and fails again. Juvey grabs a reverse chinlock. Kidman escapes and hits out at Juvey's midsection - Juvey retaliates with a drop-kick to his seated opponent. Kidman leaves the ring where Juveys hits him with a springboard splash on the outside. Back in the ring, Juvey hits a guillotine but still fails to get the pin. As Kidman struggles up, Juvey has taken a position in the next ring over. He springboards off the top rope of one ring and then does the same off the top rope in the second ring before hitting a missle drop-kick. Juvey is definitely in charge now. He takes too long getting to the top and Kidman knocks him off then suplexes him into the next ring. He climbs to the top and hits a splash from ring to ring. Juvey struggles to his feet and ducks Kidman's rush. The latter ends up hung up on the top rope of the adjoining ring. Back in the same ring they struggle again and after two false starts, Guerrera gets the Juvey Driver. Still no pin. He goes for the 450 splash but Kidman moves - but Juvey lands on his feet. He gets a Frankensteiner but still fails the pin. Now Kidman starts his comeback. He downs his opponent and goes up for the Shooting Star - but Juvey is up and thwarts it. Juvey tries to reverse the field but there is Rey holding Kidman's tights. Juvey falls to the mat and Kidman gets the 450 splash and the pin. Kidman is the new Cruiserweight Champ! Eddie and his thugs come out and confront Rey - "either you're in or your out." says Eddie. Rey chooses to be out and runs away before they can grab him.

Scott Steiner (w/Buff Bagwell) vs. Rick Steiner - the nWo is supplying the referee for this one. It doesn't look good for the Dogface Gremlin - but then again - that's when he seems to be at his best, so we'll see. Rick is introduced but fails to appear. The camera goes back stage and we see a phalanx of nWo thugs beating up on him! They bring him to the ring and throw him in. Buff stays in the ring and holds Rick while Scott pummels him. Is this a Tag Team Title match? That part hasn't been made clear. Rick makes a comeback and Scott is on the receiving end - but Rick's arm is injured. He takes out the "referee" with one punch but that distracts him so that Scott can get a low-blow in. Now Scott is all over his brother until Goldberg comes running in. Scott flips the bird in his face then starts trying to beat him down. He whips him, Goldberg ducks two clothesline attempts the spears Scott. The referee jumps on his back and is gorilla pressed and thrown into the next ring. The Champ chases the thugs from the ring then helps Rick to his feet. They embrace and shake hands.

Scott Hall (w/various nWo thugs) vs. Kevin Nash - Eric Bischoff follows them out and starts talking about it being "survey time" - he then says "survey says...get him!" The thugs attack en masse and Kevin Nash runs out to save his cookies. Together they clear the ring. Hall and Nash face each other across the ring and the crowd starts chanting "Outsiders!" Hall decides to give in and holds up his hand in the sign of the Wolf Pack - but Nash doesn't trust him and turns away. Both leave the ring.

Bobby Duncum, Jr. vs Chris Jericho (w/Ralphus) - TV Title re-match - Jericho fares no better at the beginning of this match. Dumcum out powers him and forces him from the ring. He returns and outmaneuvers his opponent to tie up his legs. He applies a surfbaord but Duccum is a little to large to hold that way. Dumcum turns the tables again and Jericho bails out once more. As he returns he is suplexed back over the top and then Duncum grabs a reverse chinlock. Jericho maneuvers himself under his opponent and uses a jawbreaker to escape. Duncum comes roaring back and knocks Jericho to the floor where he follows up with a whip to the railing then to the apron then to the far railing. He rushes Jericho who sidesteps him thus forcing him on the railing. Back in the ring, Duncum uses brute strength to escape again and takes charge once more. He applies a cross-arm breaker but is in the ropes. He releases the hold, they struggle for position and Duncum is springboarded onto the top rope. He falls out where Jericho hits him with a springboard splash. Duncum is rolled back in and the Jericho tries an arrogant cover which fails and enrages Duncum. Jericho applies another surfboard variation then releases it and starts choking his opponent in the corner. He helps him to his feet and whips him but Duncum rebounds and knocks Jercho down again. Still he is out of it and Jericho retains the advantage. Back on their feet again, Duncum once more uses power to turn the tables. He is all over Jericho now but can't get the pin. Jericho comes back with a lariet followed by a Lionsault but fails in his pin attempt. He climbs the corner too slowly (showboating again) - Duncum upsets his balance and then gets a super plex. Jericho is right back and goes for a Lion Tamer but Duncum powers out of it. It looks like Duncum has a shot at it but Ralphus gets involved and distracts him. Jericho grabs the title belt and waffles his opponent to get the pin.

World War 3 Battle Royal - Alex Wright, Barry Darsow, Bobby Blaze, Chip Minton, Chris Benoit, Ciclope, Damien, Saturn, the Disciple, Disco Inferno, Eddie Guerrero, El Dandy, The Giant, Hector Garza, Horace, Chris Jericho, Booker T, Wrath, the Cat, Scott Steiner, Scott Hall, Riggs, Rey Misterio, Jr., Barry Horowitz, Bobby Eaton, Stevie Ray, Kidman, Juventud Guerrera, Psychosis, Dean Malenko, Steve McMichael, Kaz Hayashi, Lex Luger, Konnan, Kanyon, Kevin Nash, Johnny Swinger, Renagade, the Putz, Silver King, Super Calo, Chavo Guerrero, Jr., Tokyo Magnum, Van Hammer, Villano V, Vincent, Kendall Windham, Kenny Kaos, La Parka, Lenny Lane, Lizmark, Jr., Mike Enos, Lodi, Norman Smiley, Prince Iaukea, Sgt, Buddy Lee Parker and Glacier are the competitors.

Everything is in confusion to start - some highlights: Norman Smiley and Lizmark are knocked out first. Kevin Nash eliminates seven men almost immediately. He and Van Hammer are working on LaParka then he is out and so is Mike Enos. Van Hammer and Nash are alone for a moment then Hammer is eliminated. In ring 1 the Giant is just standing around. In ring 2 - Psychosis is eliminated early. Hall is fighting with Rey Jr. Nash is just standing alone in Ring 3, waiting for more opponents. Kanyon tries to eliminate Kidman but gets levered over the top himself. Horace and the Disciple eliminate each other. The Giant tosses Chavo out then does the same to Alex Wright, but Wright holds on. Suddenly six guys try to eliminate the Giant. As a result, both Guerreros are thrown off. Wait, what is it with Chavo - he seems to have been taken out twice but he's still in there... Things are really slowing down as we get down to 24 competitors. When it gets to 20 - the rest will move into ring 2. Nash is still in ring 3. Rey Misterio falls out and we are down to 20. Ring 2 fills up. Saturn and Miller are fighting on the floor. Neither has been eliminated, or maybe they have. Now it is a 20 man battle royal in one ring. The Guerreros and Alex Wright are eliminated by the Giant. Nash faces off with Scot Steiner. Konnan is still in as is Wrath, Melenko, Mongo, and Benoit. Stevie Ray, Booker T, the Giant, Scott Hall, Lex Luger, Kevin Nash, Scott Norton. Hall and Nash team up to battle the Giant then try to dump him out. Norton gets involved and the Giant escapes. Stevie Ray is eliminated by Luger. Mongo eliminates Norton then is tossed out by Nash. We are down to ten now. Bam Bam Bigalow appears at ringside and runs in. Security surrounds him and starts to hustle him away but Goldberg comes down and now we have a fight at ringside. The guys in the ring have stopped to watch the brawl! They are separated and the match goes on. Scott Steiner has been eliminated in the meantime. Booker T is out and now it is Wolf Pack plus nWo plus Hall and the Horsemen (Malenko and Benoit). Konnan goes out first. Nash tries to stir the remaining guys to eliminate the Giant. They succeed in putting him over the top. Now it's Luger, Nash, Hall, Malenko, and Benoit. Benoit and Malenko are eliminated in quick succession. Luger, Hall and Nash are left. They attack each other simultaneously. No more allegances now. Luger nails both of his opponents with the bionic elbow. He hoists Hall out then is eliminated by Nash who wins the battle royal.

He and Luger embrace after the match then Nash looks at the camera and says, "Looks like I'm next..." as he leaves the ring.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Bret Hart - US Heavyweight Title match - Page detours by the announce position and through the crowd on his way to the ring. Hart lingers outside the ring so DDP drops a splash on him! He then flings Hart into the steps, puts the boots to him, runs him into the railing. Back in the ring they trade punches. Then Hart is tossed out again. Again Hart is flung into the railing then rolled back into the ring. He absorbs a couple of blows then bails out. DDP gets too close and is upended. Now Hart is back in the ring and in charge. Hart puts on a DDT and gets a two count. Hart goes for a verticle suplex but Page blocks it and gets a cradle. Hart escapes and chokes Page against the second rope. He grabs a snap mare and a rear chinlock. Page escapes and comes back with a swinging neck breaker then goes for the Diamond Cutter but Hart slips away from it. They roll out to the floor and Page is rammed to the railing then rolled back in. Inside, Hart gets an atomic drop then a lariet. He stands on Page's throat. He follows up with a Russian leg sweep. He goes for a Tombstone piledriver but Page flips it over and gets the move himself. Unfortuanately he doesn't have the energy to put it on properly and Hart escapes the pin. Hart roars back with a legdrop and then administers a headbutt to the gut. He stands Page up in the corner and pummels him. Page escapes and gets a belly-to-belly. He then lays in a pancake slam but Hart partially blocks it then comes back with a clothesline that takes both of them over to the floor. Hart rolls back in and fishes something out of his tights. Page hits him before he can use the weapon and it drops onto the mat where the referee grabs it. Meanwhile Page is putting a Sharpshooter on Hart! But Hart scoots to the ropes and forces the break. Hart gets the upperhand and starts working on Page's left leg and knee. He drags Page over to the corner and starts wrapping it around the ringpost. Then he applies his peculiar figure four leglock. The referee forces him to break the hold so he runs the leg into the post a couple of more times. Back in the ring, Hart keeps the pressure on the knee. Page is helpless now. Hart puts on a conventional figure four then grabs the ropes for leverage - the referee makes him break the hold. He stands Page up in the corner and wraps his leg around the bottom rope. Page screams in agony as Hart continues to pour it on. He goes for another torture move but Page gets his good leg under him and levers Hart out to the floor. He follows Hart out and is limping and hopping but maintains control. He gets Hart to the post and applies his own (Hart's) weird Figure Four around it. The referee forces the break again. Page grabs a chair and follows Hart back into the ring. The referee grabs the chair away and gets creamed. Steiner's fake referee runs in and hits Page with the chair. Meanwhile, Hart has fished the weapon out of the original refs pocket. He hits Page with it then slaps on a Sharpshooter. The fake ref declares Hart the winner. But here comes Micky Jay, senior referee, who says the match must continue. Hart is distracted, arguing with Jay - he turns around and gets hit with the Diamon Cutter and pinned. DDP retains the US Title.

The Way I See It...

By Earl Oliver

Eric Bischoff's supposed "firing" of JJ Dillon last week on Nitro is yet another example of both major promotions' increasing tendency to insult the intelligence (and, in this case, the memory) of the wrestling fans.

Am I remembering wrong or didn't we see a storyline some time back wherein Bischoff was stripped of his financial responsibility and his ability to take part in hiring and firing of WCW personnel?

In fact, it was on Nitro on March 3,1997 when Dr. Harvey Schiller suspended Bischoff for his firing of Randy Anderson and his stripping of World Tag Team Titles from the Steiner Brothers after the first Souled Out PPV and later doing the same to The Giant and Lex Luger after SuperBrawl '97. He was told that he would continue in his position as Vice President of Turner Sports for the legal reason that he had a contract, but that he was henceforth suspended from all corporate responsibilities.

So how come Bischoff has been able to, in recent weeks: prevent Ric Flair from competing, bar the Horsemen from various arenas and, most greviously, fire JJ Dillon from his position as the Chairman of the Championship Committee?

Do the bookers at WCW really believe that nobody remembers exactly what Bischoff's corporate status is supposed to be? I don't remember that suspension being lifted - do you? It was certainly kept quiet if it was...

Of course this is all fantasy - the firing of Randy Anderson, the original suspension of Bischoff and the firing of JJ Dillon - but please, Eric, you need to get your storylines straight...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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