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Monday Night Wars Edition: Part 2

Nitro Report

Barry Windham Turns on Flair

Goldberg Jackhammers the Giant

From the Top Rope

by Joseph Holt

Volume 3, Issue 389 - November 24, 1998
Editor's Note: My wife and I will be flying to Los Angeles on Thursday morning to spend Thanksgiving with my parents, therefore there will be no Friday Morning Edition of the Newsletter this week. Last night I ran the RAW Report. Tonight I am running the Nitro Report - and also a new "Off the Top Rope" column from Joe Holt. Solie's Newsletter will be back again next Monday night.

From the Top Rope...

by Joseph Holt

Nitro Report...(well sorta)

This is Monday Nitro coming to you live (except on the West coast...).The usual hype precedes the first match as we see the Nitro girls dance in bright yellow costumes. Fans pack the arena waiting to see the main event of the evening. Goldberg defends his title against Bam Bam Bigelow.

I shall skip the lesser matches as they are really not that interesting anyway. As always there are alot of replays of last weeks brawl between Bam Bam and Goldberg. Finally the match of the evening begins.

Bam Bam enters the arena first. The crowd chants for Goldberg. They won't have to wait long for their hero. The pyro show starts and the music plays. Enter your champion. The cheers are deafening. Before Goldberg gets to the ring the fight begins. This is no wrestling match, its a street fight. Bam Bam is getting the better of the "unbeaten" one. After ten minutes they finally enter the ring. Blood drips from Goldberg's face. This may be the night the champion falls. BUT WAIT! Suddenly Goldberg springs to life. Punches to the face, kick to the midsection and a whip into the corner face first! Goldberg sets up for the spear. OH NO!!! The NWO is running to the ring. The black and white begins to punk Goldberg. Bam Bam takes this opportunity to escape with all his limbs still attached. Goldberg is starting to resemble an undefeated pulp. Various members of the NWO kick the fallen one. Even without Hogan at their side they take it upon themselves to destroy the champ. Eric Bischoff laughs madly.

Once again the fans erupt. Lex Luger is dashing to the ring to make the save. NWO bails out but instead of chasing them away, Luger turns on Goldberg. The semi-conscious champion is too wasted to fight back. A stunned NWO re-enters the ring and continues the barrage. From the entry way we see the now retired ex-leader of the NWO, Hollywood Hulk Hogan slowly walking to the ring taking in the whole joyous event. He nods his head in approval as he climbs through the ropes. Is there no one to help our hero Goldberg?

This seems to be hopeless. Goldberg has taken such a beating that even if he does escape the assault he will be out of commission for a long time. The it happens. Like it has happened so many times before. The eyes pop wide open and the arms begin to shake. Goldberg coming back to life? Hardly. Its Hogan. Without warning the Hulkster turns Luger around and picks him up. He then tosses him towards a few NWO members sending them all to the floor. The remainder of the NWO fall victim to dynamic punches from Hogan. Stunned, the NWO turns tail and runs toward the dressing room. Hogan stands at the edge of the ring and points at Bischoff who stands shaking then wets himself.

Hogan then directs his attention to the fallen Champion. The referee, who had been hiding under the ring during the slaughter, climbs onto the apron with championship belt in hand. Hogan approaches him. A frightened ref stands without movement as Hogan takes the belt from his hands and stares at it. He shakes his head and walks over to Goldberg. He then helps Goldberg to his feet and hands him the belt. Hulk then raises the champ's hand as the crowd goes wild. The two then leave the arena with Hogan assisting Goldberg down the isle.

Cut to the Nitro girls ( the bright yellow) then to commercial.

As we return, we see Hogan in the locker room. He is cleaning out his locker then opens his duffle bag. He pulls out a pair of yellow trunks with the red "Hulkamania" emblazoned across the back. He then shakes his head up and down and walks out, still clutching the trunks.

The show then closes with the theme "I am a Real American" playing softly. Is this for real? Is Hogan really back? Can it be true? This is what we need A.. A real American. Someone who can lead the WCW. Someone who can lead the fans. Someone who can lead the other real Americans. We need Hogan. Hogan as not only the wrestler but as...YES!!! The president of the United States. Uh, yeah right. Sorry folks. This is total garbage....this could never happen.........or could it????????

Joseph Holt is a freelance writer in the Ft. Worth Texas area and a regular contributor to Solie's. His own web site, called Double Xposure, is located at: and features his articles on subjects besides pro-wrestling.

Nitro Report (for real...)

We open with the Nitro Grrrrls dancing in the ring. Nitro is live from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Legandary Larry leaves the podium to acknowleddge his fans as Tony and Tenay discuss the outcome of last night's WW3 Battle Royal. Tony says there will be an announcement by Hogan on the Tonight show but claims not to know what it is about. Makes me think Hogan's retirement just might be a work. They show some stills from Sunday's PPV featuring the appearance of Bam Bam Bigalow and mention that Eric Bischoff and Flair will have a face-to-face meeting tonight.

Mike Enos vs. Lex Luger - this should be a cakewalk for Luger but, because it is pro-wrestling, I expect Enos to make a good least initially. Luger wins the first exchange and stops to "Lion" pose. My expectations are being thwarted as Luger continues to dominate his opponent rather handily. Enos bails out to get a breater after losing ground for several lockups. Luger tries to suplex him back in and gets his face raked - now Enos is getting in his requisite shots. He gets a piledriver on Luger and a two count. He grabs a reverse chinlock after the pin kick-out. Luger fuights free but Enos retains control with a whip and a powerslam. He grabs the rear chinlock again, Luger fights free again then runs into a back elbow. Enos puts him on the corner buckle and goes for a superplex but Luger sghoves him off then hits him with a flying lariet. Luger goes for the superplex and gets it but doesn't get the pin. He grabs a reverse chinlock and Enos escapes with a jaw breaker. Moments later Luger mows his opponent down again and then gets the Torure Rack and the submission. Better then the average Luger match, actually.

A white limo arrives out back and disgorges Goldberg, immediately behind it is a black limo from which comes Kevin Nash and Konnan. The Wolf Pack members joke about Nash being "next." Then Nash says, 'What do you say, Bill?" Goldberg, in perhaps his longest speech in several weeks says, "You know, funny thing, being next isn't a great place to be, just ask your girlfriend..." They all seem to share a laugh. Cut to commercial.

Mean Gene stands on the ramp and then invites Kidman out for an interview. Kidman seems obsesessed with his social life. He invites Rey Misterio, Jr. out and offers him a Title shot on the program tonight. They shake hands and start to leave but Eddie Guerrero and his mysterious bodyguard waylay Misterio and bring him back. Eddie shows Misterio a contract which binds him to the LWO, then gives him an oversized LWO shirt to wear. Again, like last night, Misterio says he'll have to "do something" about this.

Chris Benoit vs. Norman Smiley - Smiley wins the first lock-up and kicks Benoit in the back. He gets his face slapped in return, then Benoit starts to tie him up. Smiley throws him off then stops to do a little dance. Dreadfull mistake! Benoit pounds him into the corner but then Smiley comes back and regains the advantage. He is all over Benoit, but he keeps showboating. Benoit recovers with a series of three German suplexes. He goes to the top and delivers his diving headbutt. He follows with the Crippler Crossface and gets the duke. Cut to commercial.

We view a Nitro party tape as we return. This one from Highland, Indiana. More stills from WW3 - Scott Hall is attacked by the nWo and saved by Nash.

The current (healthy) Wolf Pack members come out to the ring. Three members of the audience hold up signs that spell out "HBK" - so much for WCW consfiscating pro-WWF signs... Konnan and Lex give their takes on the results from last night then Luger introduces Nash as "the next World Heavyweight Champion." Nash talks about the nWo taking out Savage and Sting then uses his new tag line, "...I'm next!" The crowd chants "Goldberg" but they are still with him as he completes his rant. Okerlund intercepts them on their way back. He wants to know what is up with him and Scott Hall. Nash says Hall has to prove himself before he'll take him back. Goldberg strolls by with two cops and tells Nash not to worry about watching his back, rather to look out for "...the truck that's going to run you over." Nash's response to the camera, "Hey Bill, cut down on the cafeen..." Cut to commercial.

Tokyo (don't call me) Magnum vs. Kanyon - Kanyon's music plays but no Kanyon. The camera goes to the back where Kanyon is trying to convince Raven to snap out of his funk. He fails to convince his mentor to accompany him to the ring. Kanyon starts to do his schtick but says, "forget it..." Tokyo Magnum takes advantage of Kanyon's distraction over Raven to get as early advantage but is soon upset as Kanyon puts on a "super" Russian leg sweep off the top corner. Tony is talking about the appearance of Hogan on the Tonight show Thursday. In the meantime, Magnum is squashed to a BB by the Flatliner. Cut to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrrls in silver lamme...

Glacier vs. Bobby Duncum, Jr. - Duncum demonstrates his superior power in the first exchange then Glacier starts with the martial arts blows. But Duncum comes right back with a headbutt to the solar plexus then grabs a headlock. The separate and then collide, Glacier is knocked to the floor. Duncum follows him out and deals some more punishment before rolling him back in then hitting him with a flying lariet off the top. He then walks right into a sidekick and is downed. He comes right back with a clothesline. He scoops him and slams him then drops an elbow off the second rope. Glacier reverses a whip then takes a boot to the head, but as Duncum rebounds he is powerslammed. The cowboy comes back with a forearm shot and a slow DDT then goes for his bullrope, but the ref grabs it away. Duncum pancakes his opponent, turns him over and pins him. His first victory in WCW.

Mean Gene brings the Giant to the ring for an interview. The Giant is pissed at Kevin Nash because he masterminded the move to throw the Giant out of the ring Sunday night. He calls Nash a coward who refuses to face him one on one. Then he changes tactics and challenges Goldberg to a Title match tonight, figuring to get at Nash by being the Champion at Starrcade. Cut to commercial.

Silver King vs. Saturn - a silly match if ever there was one. Taking nothing away from Silver King, but come on - he's a senior citizen for gosh sakes... Saturn throwa out a challenge to Ernest Miller to face him in the ring instead of sneaking up on him like he did Sunday night. He then turns his guns on Silver King and pretty much takes him apart. SK gets about 20 seconds of offense then it's all downhill. As Saturn is running his opponent into the ring steps, the Cat shows up on the platform with Sonny Onoo and turns down the challenge. In the ring Saturn goes back to destroying his opponent. The DDD tells the tale. Saturn runs toward the entryway, apparently trying to run his nemesis down. Cut to commercial.

Stills from the WW3 Battle Royal.

Rey Misterio, Jr. vs Kidman - Cruiserweight Title match - Rey appears wearing the oversized LWO shirt then throws it down in the middle of the ring. As expected, this ia a match of high speed proportions. Rey seems to have his opponent's number through much of it. At one point Rey is in position to be powerbombed but pounds on Kidman's forehead and causes them both to tumble to the floor. They fight at ringside and Rey gets his face smashed against the ring apron. He is rolled back in a Kidman slingshots into a legdrop and gets a two count. Rey comes right back and attacks the Champ's knee with a low drop-kick. Kidman seems little affected and comes back with a flying tackle off the top. Almost immediately he rushes Misterio who ducks and sends his opponent back out to the floor. Kidman rolls back in then rises in time to put a drop-kick between himself and his flying opponet. He gets another two count then applies a seated abdominal stretch. He releases the hold and gets a whip but then runs into an upraised boot. Moments later, Rey goes for a moonsault off the second rope but is caught in mid-air - undaunted he tries to slide into a sunset flip but Kidman reverses the field, going for a pancake suplex. Somehow, Rey reverses the field again and turns it into a modified DDT! He gets a two count. Kidman comes right back with a whip followed by a springboard clothesline. He then tries to elevate his opponent, but Rey grabs his head and forces it to the mat. Rey climbs the corner but gets caught and upset, they struggle for position and both fall to the mat. Kidman comes back with a bulldog then goes for a Shooting Star. Rey is playing possum and beats him to the ounch then puts on a superplex. He goes up again for his flying Frankensteiner but Kidman catches him and powerbombs him. Eddie Guerreo and Juventud Guerrera run in to interfere at this point. Kidman attacks Guerrero but meanwhile, Juvey is laying out Rey. Kidman gets his Shooting Star, having not seen what happened to his opponent, and retains the Title. Another great match from these two (despite the screw-job). Cut to commercial.

Mean Gene is in the ring with Eric Bischoff as we return. Bischoff says they are going to "settle this thing" between him and Ric Flair tonight because Flair deserves it. He then invites Flair to the ring. Flair comes down looking pretty wary - funny thing... Flair says he's overwhelmed with the fact that Bischoff has extended the courtesy and has the guts to face him eye-to-eye. Bischoff re-affirms his point that Flair deserves that much. He makes the point that he (Bischoff) runs the company. Flair agrees reluctantly. Bischoff then asks Barry Windham out to discuss the proposition that Flair doesn't have the authority to hire of fire anyone. Windham comes out and joins the group in the ring. Bischoff says that Windham is going to knock Flair on his can. Flair disputes that, Bischoff disagrees then Bischoff slaps Flair. Flair attacks and then is in turn attacked by Windham! Together, Windham and Bischoff punk Flair. Where are the rest of the Horsemen? Oh, here they come...but they are being cut off by the nWo thugs! Windham and Bischoff finish there dirty work in the ring and then the camera pans back to the aisle where Mongo. Benoit and Malenko have been overwhelmed. Cut to commercial.

Stills of Konnan vs. Stevie Ray from Sunday night.

Konnan vs. Booker T - this stems from what happened between these two at the PPV. Tony says the Horsemen have left the building leaving Malenko alone because he has a match against Bret Hart later. Booker T dominates this match from the get-go. Konnan takes it for several exchanges then slips in his somersault clothesline to turn the tables. But Booker T is more then equal to the task and comes roaring back. We here as this is going on that Kevin Nash will face Wrath later as well. In the ring, Konnan has gotten some more offense in and has turned the tables again, but again only for a moment. Uh oh, here comes Stevie Ray. He whacks Konnan with his blackjack right in front of the referee and causes a DQ on his brother. Afterward Booker tells Steveie to stay out of his business. Stevie answers with a veiled threat. Cut to commercial.

Mean Gene is in the ring again and invite Bret Hart to come on down. His intro draws the ire of the announcers. Gene points out to Bret that he lost Sunday night. Hart rants about Page's "cheap, shallow victory." He says he's not through with DDP and he wants a rematch. He says he intends to make examples of his opponents until he gets his rematch with Page. He singles out Malenko, who was injured in the knee earlier tonight. Cut to commercial.

Nitro Grrrrls dance in the aisle...

Wrath vs. Kevin Nash - something tells me Wrath is about to be handed his first defeat - unless this turns out to be some kind of a screwjob. Wrath is almost as tall as his opponent. They trade insults before the first hookup. Wrath wins the first exchange with knee lifts in the corner then whips Nasjh to the opposite corner and takes a mouthfull of boot. He comes right back with a big boot to the face then knocks Nash out of the ring. Nash comes back then throws a knee to the midsection and pounds Wrath back into the corner. He elevates his opponent but rath wriggles out of it and gets a belly-tp-back suplex. Clearly Wrath is the better wrestler here. He continues to lasy in the heavy shots then runs into a big boot and is almost pinned. He comes right back with a flying shoulder block and gets his own two count. Next it is Nash's turn to put a boot into his opponent's face then he executes the Jack Knife and gets the pin. Cut to commercial.

Mean Gene is getting too much face time tonight. He brings Chris Jericho out to be interviewed. Jericho wears another of his infamous hairdos - who comes up with these things..? Gene even comments on it. Jericho says he fels a little betrayed because the Jerichoholics are not cheering him loud enough. He is asked about Bobby Dumcum, Jr. and proceeds to badly mispronounce the name. Ralphus appears on the platform and is hogtied by Duncum. Jerichoo goes up to help his "security man"...after Duncum departs. Cut to commercial.

Jericho is still untying his guy as Scott Hall comes out to nWo music - he runs away when he notices the (former?) nWo member. hall goes to the ring and says tonight will be the final survey. He says the black and white express told him he was out last night. He disputes that, saying that he started the nWo... He mentions that nash told him that he had to "prove something to him, and maybe you fans think I need to prove something to you.." but he maintains that he only needs to prove some things to himself. He says he'll start with Alex Wright.

Scott Hall vs. Alex Wright - Wright is as arrogant as usual, and pays for it early on in the match. He abandons the ring aftyer the first exchange, then comes back, drags Hall out to the floor and starts to whale on him. He rolls Hall back in then climbs the corner and gets a missle drop-kick. He stops to dance, of course - what a marroon... Hall takes a couple of hits then coms back with a discus punch. The fallaway slams follows then he signs for the Outsider's Edge. The crucfix drop does the job for him and he gets the pin. Cut to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrrls...

Dean Malenko vs. Bret Hart - Malenko is limping as he comes to the ring. Hart offers a handshake before the match but Malenko waves it off. Hart attacks the injured knee immediately. Dean can't get a breather or any offense. He finally responds with a series of forearm shots and goes on the attack himself. He boots Hart into the corner. He manages to stymie Hart for several moments so that Hart rolls out of the ring to regroup. He is returning to the battle as we cut to commercial.

Malenko is still in control as we return. He gets a verticle supplex but hurts his knee in the process. Hart turns the table with a short punch to the throat and now is staying off the knee. The match goes into see-saw mode. Malenko plays possum so that Hart will commit to an elbow drop and miss. He gets a whip and a sleeper. Hart sinks to the mat then fights back to his feet and gets a belly-to-back - but Malenko hangs on to the side headlock. Hart escapes again and rolls out followed by Malenko who pounds on him then rolls him back in. Now Hart is backing off but Malenko is relentless as he pounds Hart in the corner. The referee separates them and Hart uses the break to attack the knee again. As Hart lifts th bad leg, Malenko hits him with an insiguri but both are out for a moment. Hart recovers first and chokes Malenko over the bottom rope. The crowd is jeering Hart, Malenko is still fighting back. He hoists Hart onto the top turnbuckle but has trouble positioning him so he shoves him off to the floor. This time, Malenko waits for Hart to return. He is still in charge but his leg is hurting. He goes for the Cloverleaf but id too close to the ropes. He tries again but doesn't have the leverage. He falls out of the ring and Hart falls right on his opponent's knee. Hart goes for a chair but Malenko makes use of it first. Hart rolls back in as Malenko throws the chair in. Hart grabs the chair, the ref grabs the chair and Malenko gets a missle drop kick. Hart is limping now. On a whip, Malenko goes for a leapfrog and lands wrong on his injured limb. Hart drags him to the corner and whips his leg around the post, rolls back in and DDT's him on the chair causing the DQ. Hart knocks the referee down then starts to attack the leg with the chair, but DDP runs in and prevents it, taking a chair shot himself. Hart goes for a second one but Page pulls his leg away then goes for the Diamond Cutter - Hart avoids it and splits from the ring. DDP taunts him from the ring. He says, "You called me out...where are you going?" and calls him a wuss. He then issues a challenge for a match next week. Cut to commercial.

Goldberg vs. The Giant - my friend Mercedes saw this match at the Oakland Coloseum a few months back. The Giant is waiting in the ring as we return then Goldberg makes his usual entrance. Michael Buffer makes the usual introduction with both wrestlers in the ring. The Giant attacks on the bell and is rebuffed initially. He comes back and crushes the Vhamp in the corner then gets the chokeslam. Goldberg kicks out! He recovers and whips the Giant then hits the spear. He elevates the Giant and Jackhammers him! before he can get the pin, Bam Bam Bigalow runs in and attacks him, followed by a phalanx of security men who force them apart. Kevin Nash comes to the ring and then charges right in. The Number 1 contender and the Chamion are straining to get at each other as we fade to black.

There is supposed to be another hour of Nitro tonight but I don't expect it to amount to much. If anything happens I will append it to this edition later this evening. Until then...or next Monday...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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