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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report:EXTRA !

Volume 1, Issue 39
September 8, 1996

Speculation Running Rampant Concerning Jim Ross's Statement on Friday Night

The fact Are Still Not Known

I've held off on making any statement about this issue so far in the hope that things would become clearer over the weekend. As anyone who reads this newsletter knows, I don't go in for unsubstantiated rumors. There's plenty of that elsewhere on the Net, and certainly a bucketfull of it concerning this story.

I've seen what was said to be a "substantiated report" that Titan and Turner have reached an out of court settlement stipulating that Hall and Nash return to the WWF. This report doesn't site any source however and my personal feeling is that it is not true (9/9/96 - 10:36 AM PDT Editor's Note: The source of this report, Scoops Wrestling Headlines, has since backed off and apologized for airing this unsubstantiated rumor as news). As was pointed out by a lawyer friend of mine, Trademark Infringement (which is what the Titan suit is about) is generally proven based on loss of profits suffered by the complaining party. In this case, Titan has an uphill battle to prove loss of profits on Hall and Nash because they are no longer employed by Titan. The WWF is no longer promoting the Diesal and Razor Ramon characters so how can they be losing money on them? Mike at Micasa Latest News printed a letter from another lawyer expressing a similar view.

I have seen speculation (especially on the newsgroup) that MacMahon plans to bring in a couple of "ringers" - two new wrestlers to portray Razor and Diesal. This would seem like a stupid idea to me. Its one thing to try and slip in a substitute for the Undertaker, who goes around with his hair in front of his face all the time, but there is simply no chance that a substantial number of fans would be fooled by "look-alikes" for Hall and Nash. Besides, where do you get a 7 foot-tall "look-alike" for Diesal?

WCW has so far has had nothing to add to the story - but then all of the WCW programs shown since Friday are on tape - something that MacMahon took into account no doubt when he allowed Ross to make the statement. Jim Ross has a good reputation in the industry as a straight shooter (unlike Gene Okerlund who has been known to report bogus information from time to time), so that counts in favor of the story being true.

On the other hand, Ross promised us "more details" on Mania and then failed to deliver. He did offer some words on his Hotline yesterday but, according to a posting on RSP-W, his Hotline Report consisted of asking "...are Diesal and Razor Ramon coming back to the WWF?" In all cases (as was pointed out by several of my corresondents) he has never mentioned Hall or Nash by name.

Finally, Ross did state on the Action Zone that "...representatives of "Big Daddy Cool" Diesal and Razor Ramon are in negotiations with representatives of the WWF." and went on to say that "if a deal was finalized" that he would report more details on RAW Monday night. This still strikes me as a "come-on".

Another of my correspondents suggested that Eric Bischoff would be likely to tear down this story on Nitro tomorrow. I have to disagree - to do that would be to admit that Hall and Nash are currently under contract to WCW - which is, in fact, the truth. But it doesn't square with the current NWO vs. WCW storyline so my guess is that Eric will not be inclined to mention this controversy at all. If Hall and Nash are headed back to the WWF then it is in Bischoff's interest to ignore the fact while they clean up the loose ends of the angle. If they are not leaving then it behooves Eric to just let MacMahon and Ross dig their own hole to bury themselves in. Talking about the story is a lose/lose situation for the WCW at least at the moment.

For my own part, I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, as a fan, I hope the story is not true because I have been enjoying the NWO storyline and want to see it play out. On the other hand, as a journalist, this story is very juicy. The spectacle of Eric and company scrambling to keep their storyline together would certainly provide plenty of fodder for my articles on the subject.

At the moment my "fan personna" holds the high ground, I would be very disappointed to see Hall and Nash leave WCW (sorry, I meant the NWO). I guess we all just have to wait until RAW tomorrow to find out more...assuming there is more to learn.

Glaicer Debuts on WCW Television

We finally got our first look at Glacier on this afternoon's WCW Pro-Wrestling program. He dominated a match against the Gambler using a blend of various martial arts and catch-as-catch-can wrestling styles. Quite impressive against a jobber but I need to see more before I can render a judgement on his ability to stay in there against a top talent. Why did they leave the blue lighting on for his match? Doesn't that put his opponent at a possible disadvantage? Why does he keep doing those forward rolls? Isn't he just wasting energy? What I see is a lot of flash...but so what? Sorry, this gimmick doesn't do it for me. I think they wasted a lot of money on hyping this guy.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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