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Monday Night Wars Edition: Part 1

Sunday Night Heat

RAW Report

NAO Have Not Sold out!

The Undertaker Crucifies Austin!!!

Volume 3, Issue 393 - December 7, 1998
Editor's Note: By popular demand I have instituted a Sunday Night Heat wrap up. It will not be a blow-by-blow account, but more of a highlight reel in order to tie developing storylines into the RAW Report. For the forseeable future I will be including this feature into the Monday Night Wars Edition: Part 1 each week. Tonight this issue also includes the RAW Report. The Nitro Report will be published tomorrow evening.

Sunday Night Heat

Taka Michinoku is up for the first bout. Challenging for the Light Heavyweight title against Duane Gill. Gill arrives with his Job Squad cohoorts and gets kicked as he enters the ring. Michinoku is all over his opponent, although he seems inordinately disturbed by the fans' ire shown towards him. Gill, as usual has minimal offense (i.e. none...) Taka just pounds him from piller to post running a Tornedo DDT and other devestating moves. At the last moment he tries to execute the Michinokuy Driver only to be rolled up and pinned. Kaientai hit the ring followed almost immediately by the Acolytes once again raining brutality for no apparent reason.

Moments later we see Steve Austin entering the building. Austin is not scheduled to be on the show.

LOD (no longer 2000 apparently) did some serious damage to Scott Taylor of Too Much. Droz clips his leg then applies a submission hold that wrenches on it. I can't wait for Hawk to come back - they are obviously setting Droz up as the "renegade Warrior" or something. Hawk'll come back and accuse Droz of pushing him off the scaffolding with Animal in the middle trying to figure out who the villian is...

Back in the locker room a trainer is tending to the whimpering Taylor. Meanwhile, out front, Owen Hart is getting ready to make an "blockbuster" announcement. He says that Steve Blackman has "desecrated the spirit of the Blue Blazer" and he says he'll come out of his bogus retirement and fight Blackman at the next PPV. He never actually reveals any "blockbusters" as far as I could tell :-)

Now DX (HHH, X-Pac and Chyna) are seen entering the building. They're not scheduled to appear tonight either - Gosh, this wasn't going to be much of a program apparently.

Here comes the Corporate Champion to wrestle in a tag match. We see video of the "corporate champs" (Rock/Shamrock/Bossman) meeting with Michaels. This is a six-man tag match with the three of them against the Brood. Shamrock attacks Edge as soon as it becomes apparent that he is his opponent. Edge escapes and tags in Christian, exactly as they hoped he would. Christian barely holds up then tags in Gangrel who finds himself facing the Rock. Gangrel is isolated for quite a while as his opponents take turns brutalizing him. He awakens just in time to see the DX boys come rolling in. First HHH and X-Pac to attack the Corporate guys, then the NAO attacks the Brood. Together the two factions clear the ring but it is evident they are not really together as the Tag Team Champs leave the ring after a stare-down contest.

D-Lo and Mark Henry strut to the ring. Henry is to face Jeff Jarrett. Henry looks like he considered his date with Chyna as a success. The match is short. Henry chases Jarrett out of the ring - Debra interferes, Jarrett tries the guitar trick but D-Lo twarts him and brains him on his own pitard (so to speak...) Debra is tending her man when Goldust appears on the platform and challenges Jarrett to a match at the PPV - a sort of "strip wrestling" match. Goldust offers to strip to his "birthday suit" if he loses, but Debra has to show us "her tastycakes" if Jarrett loses.

The Oddities dance awkwardly to the ring. Kurrgan and Luna are to face Tiger Ali Singh and Babu. Luna attacks Babu before the bell and quite efficiently takes him apart. She throws him out to the floor then flings him into the steps then tosses him out into the crowd and assaults him there. The referee throws the match out.

A tribute video to Mankind is followed by the man himself stalking to the ring to face the Undertaker in the main event. UT and Paul Bearer come to the ring looking none the worse for wear for the traumatic experiences they each had Monday. Steve Austin comes out and takes a ringside seat for this one. UT comes down to confront him and gets spit in the face. Mankind uses the distraction to get a quick start. They brawl around the ringside area and a chair gets involved almost immediately. They re-enter the ring and the bell sounds. The match has just officially begun. This is a very fast-paced match considering the size of both these men. In a flash they are brawling outside the ring again. UT uses a cable to throttle his opponent. Back in the ring he continues his assault with little or no opposition. Foley finally stretches his opponent's neck over the top rope and gains a little ground. He's about to shove Mr. Socko down UT's throat when the Rock runs in and gets his tongue dirty. Austin runs in and we have a four-way brawl as we fade to black.


RAW Report

The program opens with a montage of images related to the recent feud between Steve Austin and the Undertaker followed by the odyssey of Mick Foley. This week's main event is a tag team match pitting Austin with Mankind against the Rock and the Undertaker. DX music plays - we get an extended video opening then HHH appears with X-Pac and Chyna. The absense of the the Tag Team Champs is noted ominously. HHH starts the party by calling on the NAO to make their stand known - have they sold out or not? NAO music plays and the Champs stroll out in corporate attire - the Dog parodies his former introduction and shocks the crowd into silence. Billy does the same. Then they introduce "Commissioner" Michaels who gets right in HHH's face, accusing him of "gimmick infringement" - his theory being that HHH rode his coattails to success (sounds right to me...) Helmsley comes right back with plenty of conviction but very little to back it up. He tells Michaels to "S*ck It!" Michaels replies with an order to HHH and X-Pac to face Shamrock and Bossman in a tag team match later tonight. It will be an "anything goes" match so that means the Tag Champs can get involved as well. Shawn, Billy and the Dog meet the McMahon's and the stooges at the top of the ramp. Cut to commercial.

We return to an inside look at a conference among DX - Chyna is delegated to watch the team's back. Is she going to turn?

D'Lo Brown (w/Mark Henry) vs Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra) - D'Lo is too busy jawin' at Henry to notice Jarrett sneaking up on him. He gets blindsided and dominated for about 10 seconds - then he roars back. The fight goes to the floor where Jarrett is caught between a rock (Henry) and a hard place and dumped back into the ring. Jarrett comes back with an elbow and a splash that gets him a two count. The match goes into see-saw mode with Jarrett gaining ground. Debra is pacing - then Jarrett gets caught in a massive running powerbomb. D'Lo is coming back when Goldust shows up in a trench coat. He flashes Debra to get her undivided attention, she misses her cue to help Jarrett - who then himself gets drawn into a second flash - and rolled up and pinned. Cut to commercial.

Video of Vince appearing at the Oxford Union (Solie's will have a first person account of McMahon's appearance in tomorrow night's edition from our UK correspondent, Tom Mayne!).

The Brood vs. Headbangers - Christian is the odd man out in this one. The Brood show some good tag team work in the opening moments of this match. Then the fight goes to the floor and Edge proves to be the weak link. He is doubleteamed into a pin attempt but escapes but is still being isolated. Suddenly Luna runs in and clotheslines Mosh in the aisle then dives into the ring followed by Tiger Ali Singh and Babu followed by the rest of the Oddities who clear the ring. Cut to a storage room somewhere - Mankind babbles to himself and strokes some stacked folding chairs. Cut to commercial.

Video of the "disposal" of Paul Bearer is the "Re-Wind" feature. In the back, Vince McMahon and the Rock harrasses Paul Bearer about the Undertaker having to tow the line and cooperate with his partner tonight...sure, that's going to happen...

Owen Hart vs. Goldust - this is Owen's debut match since his "retirement" a few weeks ago. Goldust is on his way back - his act is getting way over the top again. He moves around like a spider. Owen loses the first exchange but then turns the tables immediately. He dominates the next several minutes with Dustin making periodic comebacks. Owen gets a couple of pin attempts then Goldust turns the tables and starts a comeback. Jeff Jarrett head to the ring with Debra in a trench coat. She flashes Goldust, but it is Hart who gets transfixed and rolled up for the pin. We see Mankind and Austin in different parts of the building, waiting to go on, then cut to commercial.

Video Footage of the WWF in England for Capitol Carnage in the London Arena. British fans have some fun.

The Godfather/Val Venis (w/garden tools) vs. The Acolytes - the girl in the blue dress is a freak of nature (or something) - Mr. Cheese dances with them as he removes his towel. The Godfather offers to give one of his ladies to a fan. A beefy guy at ringside flashes a wad and is invited to the ring. His name is Bob and the Godfather lets him leave the ring with both of the girls. Faarooq and Bradshaw hit the ring after the skit is done and the fight goes right to the floor. It continues while the referee has the bell rung - throwing the match out - but the battle goes on until we cut to the back, where Austin is headed for the arena floor, then to commercial.

Austin makes his entrance as we return. He's here to talk about his situation. He whines and cries about the Undertaker has tried to do to him lately then reminds us that he (Austin) won all those encountered. The Undertaker's music and voice fills the arena suddenly as Ut does his best Warrior impression and his "Undertaker's Symbol" (a stylized crucifix figure) appears on the platform then bursts into flame. Is anybody else noticing that the Undertaker's speeches are getting less comprehensible, or is it just me?

On second look, the symbol looks like a big T with a smaller X superimposed on it. UT talks about his "ministry of darkness" and other gobble-d-gook.

Steve Blackman vs. Tiger Ali Singh (w/Babu) - Singh attacks with his flag before the bell. He lets Blackman recover for a moment while he removes his robe then continues his assault. Blackman gets loose and applies several of his crisp suplexes (and forearms and kicks). He dominates the middle of the match then hits a boot to the sternum that puts Singh down for the count. The Blue Blazer runs in and attacks Blackman followed a moment later by Owen Hart, who takes over the assault. Cut to the back where Mankind finally locates Austin's dressing room, then to commercial.

We're looking at Austin's spread in Rolling Stone then again at Austin's closed dressing room door.

Mark Henry (w/D'Lo) vs. Droz (w/Animal) - Droz gets right in the big guy's face and gets squashed like a bug for his trouble. Henry pretty much has his way with him. Then he rushes himself right through the ropes to the floor (with an assist from his opponent). Droz starts working over Henry out on the floor. He comes back in twice to break the count but continues to mount his attack on the floor. Uh oh - here comes Chyna - she hops up on the apron and distracts Droz with a punch in the face! Henry takes the pin easily.

In the back somewhere the Corporate Chumps confer with the "Commissioner". Cut to commercial.

We're back at the door... Cut to another DX entrance. The Tag Champs are still appearing in their video. HHH goes into his infamous bad impression of Michael Buffer. It hardly makes a stir.

DX vs. The Corporate Chumps (Shamrock/Bossman) - Bossman enters the ring with his night stick but then throws it away. X-Pac is overwhelmed immediately then comes back with a kick then tags in HHH who attacks Bossman with a vengence. They fall out of the ring and HHH continues his assault. He throws the Bossman into the ring steps then stands aside as X-Pac splashes him. All four are on the floor now - Shamrock and HHH brawling up the ramp - X-Pac and Bossman fighting for possesion of the ring steps - which Bossman gets in the face. X-Pac re-enters the ring to face Shamrock and gets caught in a double team. The suits appear (NAO and Michaels) as X-Pac is being held down by Bossman. Shamrock tags in and pours on the pressure. This guys has come a long way in recent months. He puts a front facelock on Waltman and starts stretching his neck and shoulders. Waltman gets loose for a moment but is pulled into the hold again. Shamrock goes for an ankle but gets hits by an insiguri. HHH is tagged in and dominates Shamrock until Michaels interferes and HHH falls out of the ring. Michaels and NAO enter the ring - Michaels has a chair. Billy asks to be allowed to hit HHH - then swings on Shamrock instead! NAO have not sold out! They clear the ring and then re-iterate their old DX lines. The crowd goes wild. Interesting that it didn't happen until the NAO rejoined DX...

DX are celebrating their reunion in the dressing room then we switch to Austin arriving in his own dressing room for possibly the first time tonight. Mankind has left him a six-pack of Coors Light and a note. Cut to commercial.

The Rock/The Undertaker vs. Steve Austin/Mankind - interestingly, the World Champ makes the first entrance followed by UT. Mankind and Austin also enter separately - Mankind comes in and starts the match before Austin arrives. The Rattlesnakes music finally starts up and both bad guys abandon the ring to attack him on the ramp. Mankind joins the frey. It breaks down to Austin vs Rock and UT vs. Mankind- all four out on the floor. Austin breaks away from his fight to attack the Undertaker. That gives Maivia the chance to attack again. They go back to the original pairing - Austin/Maivia brawling in the crowd while the two strange guys re-enter the ring. UT is dominent as Austin gets back to the ring and takes his place. Mankind is being isolated as the match settles back into the ring. UT and the Rock are tagging pretty well. Austin loses control and charges around the ring after the Rock when he interferes from the outside. Meanwhile Foley is still getting squished. Maivia sets up and delivers the Corporate Elbow. Finally Austin invades the ring and battles with UT. They fight to the floor while, in the ring, Shamrock and Bossman cuff Mankind to the corner. Austin is still brawling with UT about ringside. Maivia tries to get involved but is bowled over. UT finally wins the brawl with a chair shot then carries Austin up to the platform where his Druids have layed the UT symbol. They lash him, crucifixion style to the big T then stand it up and leave him hanging there.

It's not that I have any personal problem with this skit but I think it shows incredibly bad taste and a lack of judgement considering the numbers of Americans who are likely to find it offensive. This was a mistake, in my opinion.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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