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Volume 1, Issue 4
May 27, 1996

The PPV that wasn't

As many of you already know, the In Your House PPV happened last night...sort of.

Actually, there was a power outage in the arena and about 1/2 hour into the show everything went black. After about an hour or so it came back on and they showed the main event before going back off the air.

This morning I called my cable company and had them take the event off my bill.

There was a couple of matches before the blackout and here is what happened.

The Tag Team Champions were set to defend their belts during the pre-event Free-For-All. Right away we were shocked to learn that Sunny had signed PIG to a contract that made her the co-manager of the Godwins! She came out in gingham carrying a little nosegay of flowers - looking like Ellie May Clampett. Hillbilly Jim and HOG don't look too thrilled over this turn af events.
The contest begins and both teams seem to be evenly matched. About five minutes into the match Sunny jumps up on the apron to protest something to the referee. Billy Gunns strolls over and grabs her. Plants a big wet one on her while PIG watches, stunned. Next thing you know Sunny is sitting on the apron looking somewhat stunned herself while Bart Gunn is rolling up PIG for the pin. The Gunns are the champions for the third time!

Obviously this is a put-up job by Sunny. Apparently she feels the Gunns will be easier to manipulate than the Godwins now that PIG has become bolder in his advances. Whatever the storyline, it will be interesting to see how this angle plays out.

Next up a weird interview with a disheveled Goldust (but then what other kind does he do?) who proceeds to call out the Undertaker "...right now..." UT doesn't bite and they fade out for the beginning of the PPV.

First match on the program is the Wildman vs. HHH. Mero injures his left shoulder a few minutes into the contest and HHH pounds on it mercilessly for most of the match. Mero finally turns the tide with a flying headscissors but then misses his over the top rope "Bad Day" move and injures his right leg. Back in the ring HHH starts to put the "Pedigree" on Mero but turns him loose when he notices that Sable has turned away. He jumps to the floor and demands that she watch the move. He jumps back into the ring and stands Mero up in the corner. He is still paying too much attention to Sable, as he goes to set the Wildman up for his finisher, Mero ducks and grabs a leg. HHH is on his back, Mero levers him up and sends him flying onto the top of the ringpost. HHH is out cold! The Wildman covers him for the pin. Mero and his wife celebrate in the ring while HHH continues to lie on his back.

An interview by Perfect with Cornette and Co. Cornette says that they have a "bombshell" to reveal later. He also mentions that Owen Hart has been granted a manager's license and will be at ringside. Clarence Mason is in a neck brace and has his arm in a sling - claims that he was attacked by Michaels.

Austin comes to the ring for the Strap match with Vega. A replay of the chauffers cap incident from SuperStars this weekend. The spanish commentators explain the Strap match rules, then Savio starts to make his entrance... blackout.

Interestingly, I was on the IRS chat channel #wrestling when this happened. I was one of the ones calling the action for those who weren't able to get the PPV. When the lights went out there was a fan who claimed that he was in the Press Box at the event. He continued to call the match as if it were still going on. Turns out it was a hoax - the lights had gone out in the arena and no matches were happening.

After an hour of bluescreen saying "WWF In Your House will be right back", the program came back on the air. They are ready to show the Main Event.

Mason makes another appearance and has Shawn served with a summons to appear in court charged with "alienation of affection". Shawn tears up the summons, BD attacks from behind, the match is underway. Shawn dominates the match for the most part. Grounding the Bulldog much the way he did against Brett Hart at Wrestlemania. Using a side headlock to keep BD under control. Switches to a shortarm scissors. BD shows tremendous strength by lifting Shawn up off the mat while trapped in the shortarm. Turns the tide for the first time in the contest. Beats on Shawn for several moments. Using a reverse chinlock to wear him down. Gets him into a backbreaker. Shawn pulls BD's hands apart and escapes. Tries a crucifix and gets slammed when BD does a fallaway. Back to the reverse chinlock. HBK is on the mat again. Escapes, they cross each other, HBK loses his footing and flys out between the ropes and into the guard rail. BD batters Shawn on the floor. Shawn battles his way back into the ring. Finally connects with a flying forearm. Pin attempt fails. Another flurry, Bulldog knocks the ref out of the ring. More back and forth action, Owen attempts a cheapshot but gets superkicked. BD backjumps Shawn again. A new official shows up. BD tries his powerslam but Shawn shoves him off, belly-to-back suplexes him on the rebound and bridges for the pin. But the ref is raising the Bulldog's hand! Looks like both sets of shoulders were down. Diana grabs the belt and brings it into the ring where BD and Cornette are celebrating. But what's this, the original ref is proclaiming HBK the winner. Confusion reigns as Diana starts to abscond with the belt. Monsoon after snatching the belt, intervenes and declares the bout a draw. A rematch is ordered - Shawn is still the Titleholder.

VinnieMac says watch RAW for details on the encore presentation at which he promises the remaining matches will be shown.

I wonder if they will show the rematch...NOT! They'll save that for another PPV so they can charge us for it again.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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