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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report !

Volume 1, Issue 40
September 9, 1996


Horsemen will pick another member for War Games

Nitro Report

The program begins with a review of the NWO hijinks from last week.

First up: Pat Tanaka vs. Super Calo - (Mike Tenay does the color) Tanaka dominates this debut match for the latest Cruiserweight from Mexico. Calo can't seem to get anything going - then Tanaka tries to get a Super-Plex (belly-to-belly style) on his opponent but takes too long and gets caught and squshed. Not exactly an auspicious debut for Super Calo. Pat Tanaka beat himself in this one. Outside we see youngsters in NWO t-shirts gathering bundles of flyers and heading into the building.

Mean Gene with Rick Steiner who does his usual incoherent ramble. Lugar interrupts the interview to tell us he'll beat Steiner in their match later tonight.

NWO T-shirt commercial - Hall and Nash (no Hogan - that shoots down one of the theorys I heard bandied about this weekend that we would not see Hall and Nash in the NWO commercials from now on) Cute line by Nash: "All proceeds go to the Ric Flair retirement fund."

Review of Glacier debut...yeah, so?

The Amazing French Canadians (Pierre Oulette and Jacque Rougeau - The Quebeckers from WWF) vs. The Nasty Boys - should be a barn burner, two very tough teams. Rougeau and Oulette try to sing the Canadian National Anthem but get Pearl Harbored. (Larry Legend goes off mic to retreive one of the NWO flyers - it says "You haven't seen bad - but it's coming").

In the ring the Canandians have turned the match around with their superior wrestling ability. Fortunately for the Nasties they're...well, Nasty. As Oulette goes for one of his famous off the top powermoves, Saggs whacks him with the Canandian flag to give Knobbs the win.

Nasties interviewed - again they deflect the question of where their loyalties lie - they declare "We're in WCW" and they plan to win the Tag Belts at Fall Brawl.

Scott Norton vs. Craig Pittman - touted as a Hold vs. Hold match - Pittman's "Code Red" vs Norton's similar arm-bar submission hold. Pittman is clearly the better wrestler but Norton's power is overwhelming (apparently) - he takes over early and gets Pittman in his hold. Ice Train comes out and throws in the towel over Teddy Long's objection.

Mean Gene with 3/4 of the WCW War Games team (Lugar/Arn/Flair) - shouldn't Lugar be in jail? Anyway now the Horsemen are questioning Stings loyalty because he isn't there for the interview. (So where is Sting?)

Review of the DDP/Guerreros feud...yawn.

Joe Gomez vs. Juventud Guerrera - Guerrera is giving up a lot of weight - of course Gomezis a jobber. Mike Tenay is back to call this one (apparently the regular announcers don't feel comfortable calling these Mexican Cruiserweight's matches). Guerrera runs cirles around the jobber - nice moves. He wins of course.

Outside the Outsiders are posting flyers on cars in the parking lot. DiBiase is talking to someone in the limo. The sixth man?

Lugar vs. Rick Steiner - Lugar enters. Cut to commercial.

The match begins - Lugar can't match Steiners wrestling ability plus Rick is also a powerhouse. Lex will have to do something underhanded to win this one. Steiner out-wrestles Lugar from the opening bell. (Hour #2 begins, fireworks and all) Every time Lugar gets a move in Steiner reverses it to keep the advantage.

Suddenly Nick Patrick shows up and lures Lugar out to the parking lot. We hear Sting's voice coming out of the limo!! What...??? Back in the ring Lugar is counted out. Lugar confronts DiBiase who denies that Sting is in the limo. Then Sting emerges and attacks Lugar!!! STING IS THE SIXTH MAN!!!!!

The Outsiders join in the attack then they scatter and disappear. Lugar attacks the limo driver. What the hell is going on here???? We notice that there are actually two limos now.

The announcers are stunned...who isn't?

They review the sequence of events from last week. The Sting/Lugar decision, chasing the referree out, the police car incident, the Horsemen/Doomers match, the Giant's turn and the ending melee.

Review of tonight's attack by Sting and the NWO. Eric is very subdued. Cut to another NWO T-Shirt commercial.

Outside the WCW guys are tearing the remaining limo apart. They don't find anything.

Billy Kidman vs. Rey Misterio Jr. - Cruiserweight Title match (apparently anybody can qualify for that title if they weigh under 235). The Kid Man puts up a good fight (even he outweighs Misterio) but is overmatched by the champ. Bischoff is still down in the dumps - snap out of it Eric! You're bringing the whole show down!!!

Public Enemy vs. Faces of Fear - both teams enter as Heenan is expressing surprise over Stings defection. Cut to commercial.

The match begins as we return - its pretty even early on. The Leprechaun shows up to add some confusion. Its four on two with Jimmy Hart at ringside as well.

The match is ignored while Mean Gene interviews the remaining War Games team members. Arn is in shock. Lugar is speechless. He leaves to go find Sting, saying "I know where he lives...I know where he works out...its our Gym!! Flair rants away (he is becoming less and less important in this whole thing - its wearing him down). Arn says they'll pick one of the remaining Horsemen to fill Sting's place on the team.

Oh yeah...the match. Not much happening there actually. Back and forth. The Faces seem to be in charge for the most part. Not too surprising...they're bigger, stronger, more experienced and probably smarter as well.

Outside the ring, the Barbarian sets Rocco up on his own table but then misses his attempt to splash him...Ouch! PE brings a second table into the ring and smashes Meng on it (Bobby slips and refers to Meng as Haku - moments later Eric takes great pains to explain that Haku is the name he wrestled under in the WWF - clearly he doesn't want to give MacMahon any fuel for his lawsuit). You can't keep the Faces down with mere table shots - it's just made them mad. The match is stopped - I guess both teams were DQ'd - it wasn't really clear.

Doomers in the ring with Mean Gene - Konnan is with him in his gangsta outfit. Jimmy rants at the Giant, Bubba is still whining about Glacier, Konnan challanges the NWO to come to the ring. Sullivan tells Savage he owes the Dungeon because the faces helped him out of the ring last week. What a weird interview!!

NWO commercial featuring Hogan, Hall, Nash and DiBiase. DiBiase is referred to as the "Boss" (I wonder what Springsteen thinks of that?). They demand a segment devoted to the NWO on each show and an NWO Tag Team Title tournament (what...their going to fight among themselves?)

Randy Savage vs. Big John Tenta - tenta jumps on the Macho Man right away - Savage goes outside and gets a chair to even things up. back inside he drops the big elbow on Tenta twice...then Teddy Long is at ringside beaconing Savage to the outside saying "They're back!!!" One limo departs as they arrive in the parking lot - the WCW guys search the remaining limo and find spray paint. They use it to deface the limo.

Back inside, Bobby goes on a tirade urging the WCW guys to band together and strike back (duh...). Eric wants to say something but Arn interrupts to say that Hulk Hogan wants to be a Horseman when he grows up... Now Eric gets to make his, Flair decides to rant again. Eric tries, Flair is back yet again. Eric addresses his critics, says maybe he made a mistake bringing Hogan into the WCW organization. He promises the Horsemen will get their shot at the NWO at War Games.

We watch Sting beat on Lugar again as we fade to black.

Whew...I need to get this out on the Net. I guess I'll file two separate reports tonight.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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