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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Wars Edition: Part 2

Nitro Report

Bischoff Busted Back to Announcer Status

Hulk Hogan Comes Out of Retirement
Then "Wins" the World Title

Outsiders Reunite and Rejoin nWo Hollywood

The Way I See It...

Opinion by Earl Oliver

Volume 4, Issue 406- January 5, 1999
Editor's Note: Last night, for some reason, I reported that Steve Austin hit the Rock with a Stunner, when in fact he used a chair. What can I say? I'm over 50... Solie's regrets the error.

Nitro Report

We open with black and white footage of Goldberg losing his Title to Kevin Nash at Starrcade.

Nitro is live from th Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA. The Nitro Grrrrls dance in the ring resplendent in gold lame. Tonight's main event will be Nash vs. Goldberg - the rematch for the WCW Heavyweight Title. This the first show of 1999 and the first since Ric Flair won the right to run WCW for 90 days. Tony says that Hollywood Hogan will make an appearance tonight as well. Cut to a Nitro Party going on in the luxury box in the Dome - it is the Grand Prize winners' bash. A new announcer (Jimmy Barrett) has drawn the party duty.

Glacier vs. Hugh Morrus (w/Jimmy Hart) - Morrus has his head shaved tonight - this is the first time we have seen either of these guys (Morrus/Hart) in a while. Glacier sidesteps his opponent going into the second lockup and starts laying in the martial arts blows. Morrus comes back moments later with a powerslam. Glacier goes on the attack then is distracted by Hart. He turns his back on his opponent but then moves aside to allow Morrus to hit his manager. It only gives him a moment's upturn as Morrus comes back with a clothesline followed by his moonsault to win.

The announcers talk about Ric Flair and that he is scheduled to make a statement tonight concerning his new regime. Cut to scenes from last week before and after the Flair/Bischoff match. Flair in his underwear--yikes! Cut to the opening montage then to commercial.

Mean Gene comes to the ring as we switch to the outside where Ric Flair and his family have just arrived. There is a teenaged girl with the group who, I assume, is Flair's daughter. They are accompanied by Arn Anderson. Back inside, Okerlund introduces Flair as the new President of WFW. It takes a while for him to arrive as we follow the progress of the group which now includes the other Horsemen. They precede Flair to the ring - Malenko is on crutches from an ankle injury he suffered at a house show. A sign over Flair's shoulder says "RWO." Flair says it is a proud moment for him and he is happpy to be surrounded by his loved ones. He says the most often asked question is what are his intentions towards Eric Bischoff. He intends to answer that and orders Bischoff to the ring. Flair's grin is a mile wide as he asks rhetorical questions of his former boss. He says he could fire him but instead sends him over to the announcers' booth to work for Tony Shiavone! Flair mentions the firing of Randy Anderson a year ago and shows the tape of that incident. Flair invite Anderson to the ring, praises his long service to WCW and reinstates him at double his previous salary (in the announcer's booth, Tony is telling Bischoff he can talk when Tony is through talking). He welcomes Randy Savage back to WCW then books himself a handicap match vs. Curt Hennig and at Souled Out. Flair's older boy David says he wants to be his dad's partner, Flair turns him down at first but Double A says "He knows what he's doing..." and Flair relents.

Booker T vs. ? - the feed suddenly goes out as Booker heads for the ring. The screen is dark for about a minute and then comes back to show match in progress, then it goes out again. When it comes back, Booker has won - the opponent was a jobber who I have seen before but I can't tell you what his name is. Cut to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrrls dancing with chairs on the platform.

Bischoff is refusing to make any comments despite Tony's threat to report him to Flair.

Norman Smiley vs. Chavo Guerrero, Jr. (w/Pepe) - here is some competition for the obsequius Brit. Chavo starts fast and aggressive. He drop-kicks Smiley out of the ring. Smiley catches his opponent's neck on the top rope as he re-enters. Back in the ring he is all over Chavo and stares at Pepe between moves. As the match progresses it moves into see-saw mode until Smiley decides to stop and do his little dance while Chavo climbs the corner and lays a missle drop-kick on him. Back into see-saw mode then Smiley goes for his sleeper move. Chavo blocks it then executes a sunset flip and a roll-up for the pin. Smiley attacks after the match as Tony is still trying to coax Bischoff to comment. Cut to commercial.

Horace vs. Chris Benoit - Horace gets the first blow in then Benoit takes over. He gets a series of German suplexes then hangs him up on the top rope. He goes back to put on some more punshment and gets pulled over the top to the floor. Hoorace follows up with a suicid dive then goes out and drags Benoit back in. He gets a two-count (Randy Anderson is the referee in this one, bu the way). In the ring. Benoit gets a superplex on Horace then goes up to deliver the flying head butt which puts himself down for a moment. Horace side steps a rush to the corner then gets a shoulderbreaker. Benoit comes back with the Crippler Crossface to win.

Meanwhile, in the back Goldberg is being arrested! He tries to talk them out of it but is hauled away in handcuffs. Cut to commercial.

As we return Goldberg is being taken away when Kevin Nash shows up saying he has a match with Goldberg. Hollywood Hogan shows up and thinks it's all pretty funny. In the back Miss Liz is talking to detectives.

Saturn vs. Chris Jericho - this could be a good one. Saturn starts things out by slapping Jericho for his bad hairdo. Then he clotheslines him. Jericho comes back with a headlock but Saturn suplexes him and pounds his opponent into the corner. He follows up with a back elbow but gets drop-kicked to the floor. Jericho actually misses the drop-kick but Saturn dutifully sells it anyway. Jericho is suplexing Saturn on the floor as we cut to commercial.

As we return Saturn grabs opponent in a sleeper. Jericho answers that with a suplex to escape. The announcers are speculating about what Goldberg was arrested for. In the ring the match is in see-saw mode until Jericho pulls the referee into harms way then kicks Saturn in the groin. Jericho hits his Lionsault then goes for the Liontamer, but before he gets the hold applied the referee (Scott Dickenson) is calling for the bell! Saturn protests that he didn't submit but the ref is raising Jericho's hand. What the hell happened there?

Goldberg is at the police station now, under arrest for stalking an Elizabeth Lebetski. Goldberg says he doesn't know any Ms. Lebetski - the cops identify her as Miss Elizabeth and say they are interviewing her to get the details. Cut to commercial.

The Nitro Grrrls dance on the ramp. Cut to the Nitro Party in the skybox. In the back, detectives are interviewing Miss Liz. She says Goldberg accosted her at the water cooler and that he has been following her at arenas, gyms and hotels. Cut to commercial.

A video tribute to Eddie Guerrero and the LWO shows them partying with some low-rider friends. Eddie gets all the girls and wins all the pots (at cards) while the rest of the LWO looks on (or parks cars). No mention is made of his recent auto accident.

Kidman/Rey Misterio, Jr. vs. Juventud Guerrera/Pyschosis - Tornado Match (all four in the ring at once) - at least that's the way it was billed, but it starts as a regular tag match. After some high-flying shenanegans it is apparent that this match is not going to be another of those amazing exhibitions we have been seeing lately from this same group - minus Psychosis, plus Eddie Guerrero - of late. There is plenty of action but the four-way spots just don't have that sizzle. It finally takes on some semblence of a "Tornado Match" when Kidman and Rey clothesline both opponents to the floor then do a double suicide dive. Together they hit a springboard version of the Doomsday Device - the best moment of the match. Then Kidman "accidently" drop-kicks his partner in the back which sets up Psychosis' Guillotine on Rey for the win.

Back at the police station, Goldberg is telling the officers that of course he and Liz are in the same arenas, the company puts them in the same hotels and he owns the gym that Liz goes too. Cut to commercial.

Mean Gene calls Kevin Nash out for an interview. Nash says Goldberg got screwed at Starrcade and speculates that Hogan was behind it all. He calls on Flair to book a Title match tonight with Hogan tonight. Flair comes down and obliges.

The cops with Liz are starting to question her credibility (what do they think this is? Pro-wrestling?) Now her story is that she was at the Coke machine when the latest incident took place and that Goldberg was wearing red tights at the time. She says he calls her on the phone but always hangs up without talking to her...(huh? How does she knowit's him..?) Cut to commercial.

Mean Gene invites Hollywood Hogan out to talk. He wants to know how the campaign is going. Hogan says the world of pro-wrestling still revolves around him (uh oh...) and refers to Goldberg as "sexual deviant". This is not the Hogan from the Tonight Show. He then states that he owes his fans a "retirement match" and accepts Nash's challenge.

Tony Schiavone destroys whatever credibility he has left by tipping the outcome of RAW's main event and belittling Mick Foley in the process. Shame Tony, shame... Cut to commercial.

As we return we are treated to video from earlier today. Jericho is buttering up Scott Dickenson, confirming our suspicions about a set-up. Cut to commercial.

Scott Steiner (w/Buff Bagwell) vs Konnan - TCV Title match - Steiner does his usual rant, mocking the local fans and offering his body to the ladies. For some reason, Konnan's snipe says he is also the TV Champ. As the match gets under way Steiner is dominating the action. Tony is again spoiling RAW's main event and mocking their tape/live format. He is making fun of Foley. Pretty lame... Back in the ring the match is in see-saw mode with Konnan gaining ground. He is starting to put on the Tequilla Sunrise but Buff interferes and causes the DQ. The referee is disposed of and Konnan is punked. The bogus ref comes in and declares Steiner the winner. Cut to commercial.

Bam Bam Bigalow vs. Wrath - Before the match, Bischoff opens up for the first time all evening to talk some trash about Goldberg. He refers to him as "jail bait" - I think you've got your terms mixed there Eric. Wrath comes down and before an opponent is announced makes an "Ernest Millerish" speech challenging someone, anyone, to come and give him some competiton. His mic skills are no better then Millers. Bam Bam shows up to answer the challenge. The two have an extended big-man brawl that spills out of the ring and down the aisle to the dressing rooms. The match is declared a no-contest.

In the back, the detectives are beginning to unravel Liz's lies. They remind her that perjury is a serious crime (tell that to Clinton...) Liz starts backtracking and ends up apologising to Goldberg for costing him his Title shot and to the police for wasting their time. Cut to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrrls... Former Falcons head coach Jerry Glanville is shown in the crowd. Cut to the announcers where Bischoff is kicking back with his feet up on the table and ignoring his companions.

Brian Adams (w/Vincent) vs. Diamond Dallas Page - Adams starts strong but Page comes right back and Adams goes to the ropes then later, moves out to the floor. What follows is a comedy of errors as Page tries to set-up a vault onto the nWo members while they keep inadvertently moving out of harms way. They finally get in sync and Page manages to hit the move. Vincent intereferes allowing Adams to regain the advantage. Cut to commercial.

As we return, Page is hitting a clothesline in the ring. He gets a swinging neckbreaker but misses a Diamond Cutter when Adams shrugs him off. Vincent distracts the referee so that Adams can hit a low blow. Adams gets a clumsy piledriver then goes for the eyes when DDP comes right back. Adams grabs a bearhug. DDP escapes and Adams hits a Tilt-a-Whirl backbreaker and gets a two count. Page is back into it and after a series of familiar moves, hits a Diamond Cutter off the second rope and wins.

At the police station, Goldberg is being released - he says, "Take me to the Dome..."

Hollywood Hogan (w/Scott Steiner) vs. Kevin Nash (w/Scott Hall) - WCW World Title match - Michael Buffer does the honors. Hogan enters in his street clothes accompanied by Steiner. For a change Buffer gets it right - not inserting the word "Hulk" between "Hollywood" and "Hogan". Nash comes out alone and then turns back to usher Scott Hall out wearing a Wolf Pack T-shirt! Nash tears his shirt off ala Hulkamania, circles his opponent, then shoves him into the corner. Hogan winds up for a punch but then merely taps Nash on the chest with his finger. Nash goes down like a rock and is pinned. Hogan is the 5-time WCW Champion!! Now Nash is embracing Hogan! The original nWo are reunited. Goldberg runs in and takes out the nWo - he spears Hogan. Lex Luger runs in and prevents Hall form re-entering the ring. Goldberg sets Hogan up for the Jackhammer but suddenly Luger attacks Goldberg and Racks him!! The nWo falls on Goldberg and handcuffs him to the bottom ring ropes. Hall shocks Goldberg again with the cattle prod. They spray paint Goldberg and the belt (just like old times...) Bagwell and Miss Liz have joined the party as the reconstituted nWO celebrates in the ring. Fade to black...

The Way I see It...

A Night to Forget...

I hardly know where to begin.

I read the rumors at MiCasa about what was going to happen on Nitro last night and discredited them. I didn't watch all of Nitro because, as is my custom lately, I was reporting on RAW for the Monday night edition. I have been alternating my coverage - last week I reported Nitro on Monday. I have still not seen the entire Nitro program as I write this.

Around 11:15 PM I went out on the internet to upload the newsletter and was immediately aware that something was amiss. I received an email (which can be seen on the Mailroom page) from an irate reader talking about the end of the Nitro program. I turned the TV back on and backed up the Nitro tape to watch the last few minutes. There was Kevin Nash coming to the ring in a Wolf Pack T-shirt. He met Scott Hall on the ramp, similarly garbed and the two embraced - the reunion of the Outsiders was a fact. They went on to the ring and the introduction of the challenger took place. Of course it was Hogan. The two competitors eyed each other warily and had words. A little shoving ensued. When the bell sounded, they circled each other, still jawing, and then Hogan wound up for a punch...but instead he stuck his finger in Nash's chest and the big man dropped on his back! Hogan made the cover and became the five time WCW Heavyweight Champion.

Just like that...

Of course the final surprise was after Goldberg came running out only to be attacked and then Racked by Lex Luger.

I have watched in dismay over the last year as WCW storylines have gotten more and more ridiculous. One of my correspondents last night, Mike Lednicky, who writes for DDT Digest as "Big Mike" put it this way:

I know exactly how he feels...

What took place on Nitro last night was a travesty. Just when we thought is was safe to watch wrestling again, when we thought we would have a new era with a chief booker with slightly less ego, when we thought that Hulk Hogan had finally taken the hint and gone on to other pursuits - he's baaaaaack!

What was Eric Bischoff thinking?

I am sure that this newest entanglement has a lot to do with the recent deal struck between WCW and NBC. The suits at the National Broadcasting Corporation were insistant that Hogan be part of any wrestling program they carried. I am also fairly certain that Hogan's current status will be short lived. Undoubtedly, at some point (probably on NBC) Goldberg will challenge Hogan for the World strap and win it back. It follows a pattern most recently carried out during the Flair/Bischoff storyline - make the fans as angry as possible then give them a big payoff after milking that anger for all it is worth.

I sincerely hope that is where this is headed.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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