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From the Top Rope...

by Joseph Holt

Volume 4, Issue 407- January 8, 1999
I received this interesting email today:

From a Press Release that can be found at Yahoo, WCW just broke ground on a new restaurant to be located in the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas.

The WCW NitroGrill will be located on the Strip and will feature merchandise, memorabilia and burgers and steaks prominent in it's menu.

Web location for the press release is:

Brian Childers

From the Top Rope...

by Joseph Holt

Fabulous Foley

I must first start of by saying by no means have I changed in my previous stand. I have not nor do I intend on watching the WWF or attending any live show. I for one will not open my wallet to provide that organization with any of my hard earned cash to further the corruption of wrestling and those watching. BUT......

Even the most horribly rotten entity can do slip up and do something right every once in a great while. To my delight as I read through a wrestling publication yesterday I learned that the hardest working man in the business has finally got his due.

Mankind, Cactus Jack and/or Mick Foley has finally achieved the pinnacle of the wrestling world. The WWF championship....and its about time. For years we have watched as wrestlers in both the major organizations have taking the easy road to the top. No one has put as much heart, soul and pain into entertaining us as Foley. He has long been the one to go the extra mile to put on a good show. Even when wrestling the jobber of the week he never fails to give all he has to make the fans happy. Without exception there is none greater.

From the steel cage match with the Undertaker in which his teeth and nasal passages became one to the hundreds of chair shots he has taken never a complaint of injury has been heard. Some may question the mind of the new champion, which is understandable, but none can challenge his dedication to the sport.

Amidst the Austin/McMahon feud many a wrestler got pushed aside and forgotten. Perhaps it was clever marketing on the part of the WWF or just dumb luck but either way Foley remained in the spotlight. The ridiculous antics of the owner and once champion could not overshadow the unpredictable nature of Foley's performances.

Some people have said they appreciate the fact that the Rock had become the champion but I really cant see why. Others have stood by Austin and his devil may care attitude no matter how far he went from wrestling to maintain the fan interest. Still others would like to see the Undertaker wear the gold but he is just not the champion type of character that can keep fan interest for a long period of time. All of these wrestlers depend more on character than actual physical talent to succeed. Although Mick Foley has had many characters throughout his career, some better left forgotten (Dude Love) the one thing that remains constant is his skills in the squared circle. These skills surpass the previously mentioned champions without argument.

The thing most impressive about Foley's victory is the modesty in which he accepted the title. It was with deep honesty and so different than the WWF as a whole usually promotes. Instead of saying he was the meanest or the most evil thus providing him with the win he simply dedicated it to his children who have watched their father continually get the stuffing beat out of him on a regular basis. With even less of an ego and more of a heart than I ever imagined the most overlooked performer in wrestling today became something more than the current (and probably former within a month) WWF champion. He became the first champion in many, many years that actually worked his rear end off for the belt and the first champion with a true heart ever in the WWF.

One last note, when Foley noticed a sign in the audience that said, "Foley is GOD" he didn't ignore it or accept it. Instead he said, "I think you forgot a letter, it should read Foley is GOOD." Foley truly is good as a wrestler. No change that. Foley is the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.....(sorry Bret)

Joseph Holt is a freelance writer in the Ft. Worth Texas area and a regular contributor to Solie's. His own web site, called Double Xposure, is located at: and features his articles on subjects besides pro-wrestling.

Thunder Report

The Flair/Bischoff saga is replayed as the program opens. Flair wins the fateful match and becomes the WCW President for 90 days. Eric is consigned to the announcers' table and doesn't try very hard...

Thunder is live from Richmond, Virginia tonight. Tony talks about Bischoff's failure to perform in his new duties on Monday and says that Flair will be out later to make some statements about the situation. He turns to the World Title debacle which also went down on Monday as well. We go to some footage from that event including some of what we didn't see on TV. After the program ended, Goldberg called Nash out and was joined by members of the Atlanta Falcons in the ring.

Mean Gene is in the ring and invites Ric Flair to come out and lay down some law. Flair looks grim as he starts his rant. He talks about "tradition" and recalls his match with Harley Race back in 1981 in this same building. He lays down in the ring and asks Okerlund to cover him as he mocks what went down Monday. He says it was his fault that the match took place because he sanctioned it. He is especially angry at Luger foe his perfidy. He talks about Bischoff's non-performance Monday and orders Bischoff to be in his office at 8 am tomorrow for a meeting with him, Turner, Harvey Schiller and other WCW big wigs to talk about his job and the World Title situation.

We return to a replay of the meeting between Chris Jericho and Scott Dickenson we saw on Monday.

Perry Saturn vs. Ernest "the Cat" Miller (w/Sonny Oono) - Miller is reluctant to lock up and stalls to lull his opponent into relaxing then attacks suddenly. He takes the inmmediate advantage and uses his karate blows to keep it. Saturn recovers and gets a suplex then takes after Oono who has jumped up on the ring. Miller hits him from behind but can't keep the iniative. Saturn has the upper hand and is about to get the pin when Chris Jericho drags the referee out to the floor. As they are arguing, Miller rolls up the distracted Saturn, Scott Dickenson runs in and makes the fastest three count ever recorded then runs out before the referee of record even turns around. Cut to commercial.

The "lost" members of the nWo are waiting as a limo pulls up and disgorges Hogan, Hall, Nash, Steiner, Luger and Bagwell - all wearing Red & Black nWo shirts. The Giant wants to know "what's up..." - Hogan puts him off and says they will talk later. Cut to video of Luger attacking Goldberg on Monday night - showing that Luger turned things around for Hogan and Co. after Goldberg hit the ring.

Psychosis vs. Kidman - Cruiserweight Title match - Psychosis has a slight size advantage here but hasn't shown us the height of talent which characterizes the Champ. Kidman knocks his opponent to the floor thn dives on him just before we cut to commercial.

Both guys are lying out on the floor as we return. Back in the ring, Kidman takes the advantage but only for a moment. The match see-saws with Kidman then again taking charge. He is about to get the Shooting Star press when Juvey runs into the ring. The Champ handles them both for a moment but eventually he is overwhelmed. Rey Misterio, Jr. runs in to help...

...and then the (new) nWo comes down and takes over the ring. They mash the Cruiserweights every which way - using the cattle prod on Psychosis who is left laying in the ring. Nash takes the mic and decries the statements of Ric Flair earlier this evening. Hogan then starts his rant - usual crap. He calls Goldberg a coward who has to be led to the ring by security, etc. As he talks, the "lost" members arrive looking somewhat grim. The Giant still wants to know what's going on. Hogan puts him off again. The Giant isn't buying it - Hogan addresses the other guys - telling them, and then the Giant, that it is his (the Giant's) fault they are in the present situation because he (the Giant) let Randy Savage fool him a while back. As he continues to rant the rest of the "lost members" seem to be lining up on Hogan's side. He talks about "trimming the fat", etc. The Giant is still not satisfied so Hogan sets up a match for Monday between Nash and the Giant to determine who will be "the giant" of the nWo. Cut to commercial.

We go to video of Raven at home with his mom and grandmother. They are urging him to go back and see a psychologist. They natter on around and past him - his sister is in on the conversation as well. Raven and Kanyon get up and go out to the patio, leaving the ladies to continue their argument without them.

Bam Bam Bigalow vs. Jerry Flynn - is in progress as we come back to the present. Bigalow puts him down in under a minute.

Mean Gene invites Barry Windham and Curt Hennig out to the bottom of the ramp for an interview. Windham tells Flair he has made a mistake by letting his kid get involved in the upcoming tag match. Hennig concurs. They figure to destroy Flair and his son. Cut to commercial.

Mean Gene is in the backstage area trying to get Juventud to talk to him. Juvey says something about the nWo having "gotten Eddie..." and splits before Okerlund can get anyything out of him.

Disco Inferno vs. Chavo Guerrero, Jr. (w/Pepe) - Pepe wears a neck brace tonight. Disco has to go over and ask what that is all about. Both these guys are talented and aggressive so the action is fast and furious with Chavo coming out to an early advantage. Disco leaves the ring for a moment then catches Chavo as he returns. He runs the show for several exchanges then Chavo turns it back around. As the match goes on, Norman Smiley comes out to harrass Pepe! Chavo is about to get the win but is distracted, caught in a Chart Buster and pinned. Cut to commercial.

Super Calo/Lizmark, Jr. vs Dave Taylor/Fit Finley - World Tag Team Title tournament match (1st round) - Gosh! I wonder who is going to win this one? Taylor is just back with a new contract. Finley starts the match with Calo. Calo is outclassed and overwhelmed. Lizmark comes in to face Taylor and fares a little better at first, but eventually he also succombs to th concerted attack of the two Europeans. Taylor finally pins Lizmark...

...then the nWo shows up again. About ten of them this time. Non-nWo wrestlers go flying every which way again - Hall is using his taser liberally. Hall grabs a mic and rants about the Tag Team tournament. He says that tag team wrestling died in WCW because he and Nash were unbeatable - he says that the Tournament isn't going to happen unless they decide to let it happen. Cut to commercial.

LaParka vs. Booker T - I just realized we haven't seen Stevie Ray running with the nWo tonight (so far). Booker is unimpressed by LaParka's dancing. He puts him down with a flying forearm. La Parka leaves the ring then uses his rentry to grab the initiative. Booker reverses a whip and lariet's his opponent to the mat. LaParka comes right back (I don't like him but he is tough...) and the match see-saws until Booker gets his talented feet involved. But it is only a momentary advantage as La Parka roars back again. He knocks Booker to the floor then rolls him back in and goes for the chair. Booker side steps him back in the ring then kicks the chair in his face and gets the pin. Cut back to Raven's mother's house. The ladies are relaxing around the pool while Kanyon skims it. Raven's brother James shows up, knocks Kanyon into the pool then goes over to talk to the ladies. Raven wants to know, "what about me..?" (as usual...) Cut to commercial.

Video of Konnan vs. Jericho back on November 30. Konnan wins the TV belt (which he then lost to Scott Steiner).

Chris Jericho vs. Konnan - we haven't seen Konnan with either nWo faction tonight, he would seem to be the odd man out. As Jericho makes his entrance, the camera goes to the back to show LaParka out cold with a "deaddman's line" spray painted on the concrete around his still form and the letters "nWo" painted there as well. Cut to commercial.

Konnan's video is run as we return and K-Dawg makes his entrance to Wolf Pack music. He goes through his usual litany to a pretty good pop but is blindsided by Jericho before he can get it all out. Jericho asserts his dominence from the get go. The referee is Scott Dickenson who as already distinguished himself earlier tonight against one of Jericho's other enemies. Konnan finally gets a bulldog to turn the tables. Then Jericho runs Konnan into the referee then digs a weapon out of his tights and waffles Konnan. Dickenson is back in it and about to make the count but Saturn runs in and drags him out of the ring. Dickenson flees in the face of Saturn's ire while Konnan rolls up the distracted Jericho - Saturn makes the count (not a fast one...) Cut to commercial.

Barry Windham vs. Chris Benoit - Tony is telling us how he graded Eric Bischoff's performance as an announcer on Monday to his supervisor. He got a "0". In the ring, Windham bulls Benoit into the corner and starts to work him over but Benoit roars back and knocks him from the ring. He follows Windham out and they brawl around the ringside area. Windham takes the advantage and returns to the ring. Back inside, it is Benoit who now turns the tables and is all over his opponent. Widham comes back with a DDT to regain the advantage. Benoit blocks a suplex and gets one of his own. The match goes into see-saw mode with Windham using his superior size to dominate the action. Benoit comes back with a couple of suplexes then a back breaker but is stopped again. Windham swings him around and the referee is downed by a stray foot. Curt Hennig runs in and gets caught in a Crippler Crossface, which gives Windham a chance to strike back. The two of them beat up on Benoit until Steve McMichaels runs in and saves his cookies. Fade to black...

That's all for now - see you Monday.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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