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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Wars Edition: Part 1

Sunday Night Heat Overview

Nitro Report

Bischoff Gets a New Career

Volume 4, Issue 408 - January 11, 1999
For those who might wonder what I look like - that's me (on the right) above with my friend Hitman from the Extreme Sports Network at SuperBrawl '96 in San Francisco. Thanks to Hitman and Blasse for supplying the photo.

Sunday Night Heat Overview

Vince started the program (live from San Antonio) by promising "dire consequences" when he deals with Mankind tomorrow night then gave the mic over to Shane who proceeded to harrass the Stooges. Vince then addressed the situation with Shawn Michaels. He acknowledged that HBK "rattled my cerabellum" with his super-kick two weeks ago on RAW. He then turned his attention to HHH, promising to make him "pay hard time" (you'd think he could get that phrase right - the word is "serve" Vince...) He indirectly indicated that it is this coming Tuesday when Shawn will go under the knife (thus refuting the false Internet reports that Shawn's surgery had already taken place and was a failure). He invited Jose Lothario to the ring to "accept his apologies for what happened to Shawn. Lothario wAs not willing to accept the apology and tells McMahon to his face that he "sucks". The Stooges and Vince attack the old man then toss him out of the ring.

Al Snow beat the tar out of Christian while the Blue Meanie joins the broadcast team in the first match of the evening. Meanwhile, Goldust got involved by coming down and stealing Head. The distraction gave Christian the chance to win the match.

During an interview taped earlier in the day, Sable accepted the challenge to meet Luna for the WWF Womens' Title at the Royal Rumble.

Owen Hart faced Steve Blackman in the "Lion's Den" pit cage with Dan Severn as the referee. The match was a real knock-down-drag-out affair with each competitor giving as good as he got. Steve Blackman powered out of a Sharpshooter then reversed the hold which prompted Severn to enter the cage and attack Blackman! Other referees came in and ended the match at that point.

The Headbangers defended their bogus Tag Team Titles against the Oddities in the persons of Golga and Kurrgan (how come the Giant Silva never wrestles..?) I had heard that one of the Bangers (Mosh, I think) was on the injured reserve list but that seems to have been in error. The Oddities won, by the way.

The final match was back in the cage pitting HHH against the Big Bossman. When HHH started to get the best of the Corporate thug, Shane threw him his nightstick then came in to add some punishment of his own. The other members of DX and Team Corporate (Billy, the Dog and Kane) eventually showed and battled it out to the end of the program.

Nitro Report

We open with scenes from Thunder - Hollywood Hogan calls Goldberg a coward. Nitro is live tonight from one of the all time great wrestling towns - Knoxville, Tennessee (the home of Smoky Mountain Wrestling and the legendary Knoxville Territory). Mean Gene welcomes acting WCW president Ric Flair to the ring. His purpose is to address the status of Eric Bischoff. He tosses off an extra special "Meeeean Gene" just to rub Bischoff the wrong way. He tells Hogan that he is under contract until 2001 so there won't be any Presidential run for Hollywood. He then reinstates JJ Dillon as Chairman of the Exec Committee and calls him to the ring. Dillon announces that Hogan will face an opponent at SuperBrawl for the Title. He declines to name the opponent but says it won't be an nWo wrestler (I have heard that it will be Bret Hart). He also announces the anticipated Ladder Match with the cattle prod up for grabs between Scott Hall and Goldberg for the main event at Souled Out. Flair asks the LWO to come out. They arrive with Juvey in the lead. Flair wants them to give up the LWO shirts and he will guarrentee them the money they deserve. They agree but I notice that Rey Misterio seems a little put out. Finally Flair books himself into a match against Curt Hennig. Afterward Tony shows us that Rey split with his LWO shirt still on. We go to a video tribute to "Tradition". It features images of the great stars of yesteryear set against Ric Flair's tradition monologue of a few weeks ago. Cut to commercial.

We're back and Legendary Larry takes his customary bow as Tony and Tenay talk about tonight's card. Cut to footage from Thunder wherein the nWo attacks the LWO. It just occured to me that Hogan's attire reminds me of Konnan's wardrobe.

Mean Gene is in the ring again and calls Saturn to the ring to talk about Chris Jericho. Saturn wants a rematch with Jericho to make up for the loss he suffered due to collusion between Jericho and Scott Dickenson. Jericho proposes a "dress" match - the loser has to wear a dress for the rest of his wrestling career. Saturn declines so Jericho taunts him into accepting the stipulation.

Saturn vs. Ernest Miller - Scott Dickenson sends Randy Anderson back under false pretenses in order to referee this match. He starts interfering right away and distracts Saturn to give Miller the advantage. Miller attacks Saturn's left leg then tosses him to the floor so Oono can get in some shots. Back in the ring, Saturn is limping pretty severely. Miller starts getting cocky (probabely a mistake). Nevertheless, he continues to torture the injured leg. Saturn finally catches him coming into the corner and turns the tables. He gets a giant splash off the top rope but Dickenson is concentrating on Oono who is up on the apron. Chris Jericho runs in and hits Saturn with a shovel, then Dickenson declares a DQ...and gives the victory to Miller!!! Jericho tries to put a dress on the unconscious Saturn but has little success. Cut to Ric Flair making a statement on Thunder concerning tonight's Giant vs. Kevin Nash main event then to commercial.

Nitro Grrrrls in the ring as we return.

Video of the meetings that happened at the meeting among Flair, Ted Turner, Harvey Schiller and Bischoff last Friday. We see Bischoff arrive to find his parking space occupied and his card key deactivated. He is forced to sign in, clearly he is not accustomed to such treatment. He is made to wait on Flair then summoned to the President's office. Flair is the cat that swallowed the canary as he reminds Bischoff of how it used to be. Eric denies any complicity in what went down on Nitro with Hogan and Nash et al. Flair promises to make Bischoff's life miserable over the next three months. He hands him a box of his stuff and takes him to see what he will be doing for the duration. He shows him the truck that will haul the ring to Knoxville - Eric will be working for the guy who sets up the ring!!

Mean Gene is on camera again to bring out Chavo Gurerro, Jr. w/Pepe (in a neck brace). Chavo pauses to wish his uncle Eddie a speedy recovery from his injuries suffered in an auto accident on New Years day. Today is Pepe's birthday - they have a cake for him and start to sing Happy Birthday but Norman Smiley interrupts. He says he wants to show that he is a "good guy." He wants to shake hands with Chavo - Chavo says Pepe can shake if he wants to. Smiley takes hold of the stick horse then attacks Chavo. He runs Chavo's face into the cake, slams him on the table and then hits him with the remains of the cake. He takes Pepe and splits. We follow him to the parking lot where he puts Pepe through a leaf shredder! Cut to commercial.

Another Raven-at-home skit. Raven and his brother play bacgammon. "Scotty" wants to look at his High School yearbook. He searches a closet in the garage and finds a poster depicting Roddy Piper in his WWF days. A phalanx of motorcycles drives into the parking lot escorting a limo which disgorges Hogan and Company. The cyclists wear Hells Angels jackets. The "lost members" of the nWo meet him but he brushes them off again. At least one of these guys is (apparently) a legit Hells Angel - Tony identifies him as Chuck Zito of the New York chapter. They escort Hogan right into the arena and to the ring then ride around the ring a couple of times before leaving. Hogan says he will be the President and the World Champion. Nash blows his own bugle concerning his match against the Giant later. Scott Steiner then says that he will take on Diamond Dallas Page tonight. He says after the match he will take Kimberly for his own. Hogan throws out a final insult, they show video from the end of last week's Nitro, then we cut to commercial.

Rey Misterio, Jr. vs. Kaz Hayashi - Rey still wears his LWO shirt to the ring. Hayashi has the size advantage (of course) but that is about all. He uses it well during the opening moments but then is suckered to the floor and splashed. Back in the ring Rey in control but then Lex Luger shows up. He pulls Hayashi off the apron and runs him into the rilaing then enters the ring to confront Rey. He tells him to remove the shirt. Rey refuses, so Luger attacks him. Rey comes back with a springboard drop-kick then gets a high cross body. His attempt at a Frankensteiner gets him caught and dropped. Luger racks him as Konnan comes to the ring to protest. He wants to know, "wots up?" Kevin Nash shows up with other nWo members and Konnan gets punked. Hall puts the cattle prod to him then they spray paint him with black and red letters. The crowd chants "We Want Sting!!" but he is not in evidence. Cut to commercial.

From Thunder - Hogan makes the main event match for tonight. Cut to Mean Gene in the ring calling the Giant to the ring. Giant says he doesn't care about a spot in the nWo - he just wants to kick nWo butt.

Lenny Lane vs. Booker T - gosh - I can't imagine who will win this one. Booker is all over his opponent from the get-go. A finger to the eye gets Lane about 3/4 of a second of offense toward the end of the match before he is destroyed. Cut to commercial.

A new nWo video plays - Hogan and Nash discuss the match last week, bringing in Zapruder film references, etc. Nash says he still hurts from the "blow" he took from Hogan. He says he was unconcious when Hogan covered him. Yeah...right...

They replay the footage of the Hells Angels escorting Hogan to the ring. Then the Wolf Pack music plays in the arena. Here comes Bagwell followed by Scott Steiner.

Scott Steiner (w/Judy Bagwell's little boy) vs. Diamond Dallas Page - a female fan at ringside has fun caressing Steiners pecs. Page is said to have "walking pnuemonia" as he comes takes his cutomary detour through the crowd on his way to the ring. Page is shoved off twice then gets an arm drag out of the next lock up. He grabs a wrist lock on the next exchange and drives with the shoulder. He wins the next two exchanges and "Big Papa Pump" is gettung frustrated. He rolls out to regroup. Back in the ring, Bagwell and Steiner try to surround him but he fights them both off. Eventually they overwelm him and then Steiner tosses him out to the floor where Bagwell waits. He follows Page out and takes over the assault. Back in the ring, Steiner is firmly in control but can't get the pin. He is getting frustrated again and starts trying to intimidate the referee. Bagwell is still getting involved from outside. Page keeps coming back but he is outnumbered. He ends up back on the floor where first Bagewell then Steiner attack him again. Back in the ring, Page gets a short clothesline but Steiner comes back right away. Page roars back again and gets an extended flurry that ends with a pancake slam. Vincent runs in and downs the referee then Bagwell throws powder in Page's eyes. Vincent gets his Diamond Cut but Steiner is back with a chair. He knock Page cold then applies the Steiner Recliner so that the revived referee can declare the win.

Goldberg talks calmly to the camera about his mistakes, in football, and more recently in thinking that he would get a fair match against Nash. He says he has learned his lesson and guarantees us that he won't make that mistake again. Cut to commercial.

Video of Eric Bischoff helping to set up the ring for tonight's event. He whines and complains as "Klondike Bill" supervises the construction and reminds him who is in charge (not Bischoff). Cut to more footage from the end of last week's program then to commercial.

Scott Hall vs. Bam Bam Bigalow - so Bigalow goes from challenging Goldberg to mid-card matches without ever actually facing Goldberg one-on-one. Imagine that... We cut to commercial after Hall makes his entrance and runs one of his polls ("does anybody want to see Goldberg get shocked one more time..?").

The match gets underway as we return. Bigalow wins the first encounter...and the second...and the third. Hall back pedals. Now he wants a test of strength - of course it's a ploy. Hall starts opening up but then gets crushed in the corner. He sidesteps the next charge but Bigalow roars back with a big suplex. Disco Inferno shows up ringside with a Taser. Suddenly Wrath attacks Bigalow from behind, giving Disco the chance to slip the Taser to Hall. Bigalow picks up Hall and gets shocked into submission. Hall gets the pin. Cut to more of Goldberg's interview (he turns his attention to Luger this time) then to commercial.

Bigalo and Wrath have signed a match for Souled Out (well, that will make the show...) - more commercials.

More Nitro Grrrrls...more commercials. I flip over to RAW where the Undertaker is revealing himself as the mysterious "him" (ala the Acolytes) - he slashes his own wrist to bleed into a cup then feeds it to Dennis Knight. Is this as stupid as I think it is..?

Ric Flair vs. Curt Hennig - what has become of Hennig's good buddy Rick Rude? Flair actually does look better physically then he has in a long time. His muscle tone is much firmer then it was before his "vacation". He and Hennig spar for a while with Flair dominating the action then Barry Windham appears ringside followed almost immediately by David Flair. Lets go sell something... On Raw, D-Lo Brown is getting ready to square off against Mark Henry at the behest of Terri Runnels.

Flair is still dominating the action as we return. Hennig downs him and applies a figure four leglock. David pounds the mat at ringside. Flair puts a finger in Hennig's eye to escape. He stands Hennig in the corner and chops away. Hennig reverses it and get some chops of his own. Flar is whipped to the opposite corner and does a Flair Flip but falls to the floor. He and Hennig end up trading slaps on the floor. Flair wins that encounter then returns to the ring. He suplexes Hennig back in then goed for a cover but fails to pin his man. They whip and collide - both are down. Flair recovers and stands Henniig in the corner again - this time he mounts the corner and hits down on him. Hennig rolls out right where David is. They face off and Windham decks David from behind. Back in the ring Hennig is put into the figure four which brings Windham in to interfere and cause the DQ. David trips his dad's antagonists from outside then slides a chair into the ring. Hennig and Windham retreat in the face of an enraged Flair wielding the chair. Cut to commercial.

Giant vs. Kevin Nash (w/Scott Hall) - Michael Buffer makes the intros. The Giant makes his entrance then we cut to commercial.

Nash and Hall enter as we return. The Giant overmatches his opponent in the early going but Nash hangs in there and reverses the trend on a whip. Hall interferes as Nash distracts the referee. Now it is all Nash for a a while. The Giant is getting pounded in the corner. Again Hall intereferes as Nash backs the referee away. Hall steps back in and scoop slams the Giant - but he hurts his back in the process. He whips the Giant and puts a boot in his face then signals for the Jack knife. He tries to set it up but the Giant rams him into the cornr. Hall tries to interfere again but is ejected. Hall comes back in and is crushed in the corner with Nash. Giant double head-butts them both to the mat. Nash is outside as Hall is being slammed. He finds the blue taped wrench that we saw Bischoff using earlier. The Giant leans over him and gets the wrench between the eyes. Nash re-enters the ring and gets the pin. nWo members come to the ring as the Giant lays in the center. They shock, punk and paint the big guy...who we may not see again on WCW television if what I hear is true. Fade to black...

I'll be back tomorrow with the RAW Report and a new column from Ervin Griffin. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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