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Solie's Tuesday Morning ReportEXTRA!

Volume 1, Issue 41
September 9, 1996

Sting's Defection Sends the NWO Angle to a Higher Plane

Ross Backpedals (Sort Of)

Faruuk Advances in the IC Tourney

The Undertaker Makes His return to the Ring

"Stalker" Barry Winham Debuts

I have to say a word about what happened earlier this evening on Nitro. The defection of Sting to the Outsiders blasts the entire NWO storyline into a new orbit. At this point it has been pretty much decided (at least on the Net) that the Jim Ross announcement on Friday night was probably a publicity ploy by the WWF. It worked - certainly over the weekend the WWF was the number one topic of conversation, but now, personally I have very little interest in what Ross might have to say on RAW tonight. His credibility is hereafter shot unless Hall and Nash really do go back to the competition. And even that would not necessarily derail the WCW storyline, it can't happen before next Sunday in any case. As I predicted, the Outsiders' possible defection was not even touched on during the Nitro broadcast.

RAW Report

The Undertaker will make his return to RAW tonight against Salvetore Sincerely. Also we'll see the debut of the Stalker (Barry Windham).

First up Faruuk vs. Savio Vega - IC Tournament match - Faruuk dominates the early going with his power moves. Savio makes a brief comeback by capitalizing on a mistake but loses the advantage moments later. A spine buster almost gets Simmons the win. He starts unloading the heavy artillary as we cut to commercial.

Faruuk is still in charge as we come back. Now its Jim Ross's turn to make a tasteless joke comparing Savio to Tupach Chapor. Savio continues to take it until Simmons launches himself headfirst into the mat. He gets a good savate kick in but then Faruuk turns it around with a clothesline. A few more power moves and he wins it.

Sunny gets in the ring and brags on her man - says he'll run over the competition, including Psycho Sid.

Of course Sid shows up and gets in the ring. Just looking at Sid next to Simmons makes me think any contest between them will be short lived and end in Sid's favor - he dwarfs the other man. The two face off as WWF officials try to keep them separated. Jim Ross teases the next installment of the Diesal/Razor story. Cut to commercial.

HBK is introduced by one of the Spanish language announcers. He comes to the ring with Super-Sock. He is asked about the Mind Games match but wants to talk about the match between Jose and Cornette. He hands the mic over to Lothario who promises to kick Cornette's butt. Then Shawn says he'll end the rampage of Mankind at the PPV. "I'm not your mommy, I'm not your friend...but I'm sure going to be your daddy!! Don't hunt something you can't kill!"

Jim Ross again promises more info on the Diesal/Razor thing as we cut to commercial.

T.L.Hopper vs The Stalker - Barry Windham has his face painted for the occasion. He goes right to work on Hopper. Brian Pillman appears in an inset with Owen Hart. Owen claims that he and Brett have reconciled. He promises an announcement by Brett at In Your House. Jim Ross says he doesn't believe it. Then goes on to apologize for breaking the Razor/Diesal story early - he says his actions have caused a snag in the negotiations...uh huh, right. He does stand by the original story however. Okay...for now.

Back in the ring Windham is taking the Plumber apart. A Super-plex gets him the win.

They review the Perfect/Hunter (sort of) feud. Who knows where this thing is headed? Cut to commercial.

Mark Henry's confrontation with Lawler reviewed. The challange is issued and accepted.

Freddie Joe Floyd vs. Crush - this is a squash match. Crush beats Floyd down and then pulls his head up instead of pinning him. Floyd makes an intantaneous come-back but soon succombs to the Heart-Punch.

Review of Backlund/Iron Shiek thing - ho hum. The blind leading the stupid.

Here comes Salvetore Sincerely - as we cut to commercial as Ross again promises more info on Diesal/Razor - I swear they're afraid everybody's going to tune out any minute...I don't blame them, so far this show has been a real snoozer. All we have to look forward to is an Undertaker squash match and Jim Ross' "Big Story".

And a squash it is, albeit an extended one. Salvetore has no chance (and I mean that sincerely). He comes back twice, the second time he has more success. Goldust in an inset makes a statement during Sincerely's second high point. He plays with himself and issues threats.

Ross keeps promising that info - but lets go sell something first.

Sincerely still has the upper hand as we return. He can't keep UT down though. Ross repeats his claim that Razor and Diesal are in negotiations. The only new information is that Ross is backpedaling. In the ring the Undertaker pops up once more and then gets the Tombstone Piledriver to win.

They announce the Semi-Finals of the IC Tourney for next week. Owen vs. Mero and Faruuk vs. Sid.

Sorry Vince you lost this evening's battle without even being there. It was a total rout. You better come up with something better than bogus rumors about the Bad Guy and Big Daddy Cool (maybe they can get Big Ron Studd for the Diesal part...)

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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