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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

WCW Souled Out Report

Saturn Must Wear Dress

Tainted victory accorded by Scott Dickenson

All Pro Wrestling Card in Hayward, CA

House Show Report by Earl Oliver

Volume 4, Issue 411 - January 17, 1999

All Pro Wrestling House Show Report

Hayward, CA - January 16, 1999

It was almost two years ago that Dr. Mike Lano invited me to come out to see this local indy promotion in action. I had met him at Planet Hollywood in San Francisco where we were both covering an autograph session prior to SuperBrawl '96 at the Cow Palace. We have since corresponded a few times and each time he renewed the invitation.

I am ashamed to say that I never made the time until tonight. It was my loss because these guys put on a great show! Actually, I was watching WCWSN this afternoon, saw an ad for the card and decided on a whim to check it out.

The scene was at Tennyson High School here in my current home town of Hayward, CA., where several hundred fans crowded into the small gymnasium for the show. I wore one of my Solie's t-shirts and was gratified to be approached by several fans and even one of the security people who recognised the logo. Two people even asked me for autographs!

$20 got me a VIP seat in the first row ringside. While I waited for the show to start I had someone point out the promoter, Roland Alexander, to me and went over to introduce myself. I found out that Alexander actually graduated from Tennyson and now presents these fund raiser cards every other month in this location. They also appear regularly in Pinole and San Jose. Their TV broadcasts can be seen on TCI Cable in several Bay Area locations (every other Tuesday at 6:30 PM here in Hayward).

The crowd was just beginning to get restless when the lights dimmed around 7:50. By 7:55 they were stamping their feet when the lights went out and then a modest smoke and light show signaled the beginning of the event.

Al Getz lead "Filthy" Frank Murdoch and their stooge "Funboy" Donovan Morgan to the ring to a chorus of boos. Getz got under the skin of the crowd immediately by demanding that they stand and "show proper respect." He introduced his charge, Murdoch, who promised that he would destroy his opponent ("Bad Boy" Boyce LeGrand) during their match later this evening. He insulted the students at Tennyson, Alexander and Haywardians in general then left after reciting his tag line, "What Al wants, Al gets..." (cute)

El Chicano Flame #1 vs. Maxx Justice (w/ Shane Dynasty) - actually, this match never happened. Flame's music (by Santana) played then Flame was carried out over the shoulder of Maxx Justice and dumped into the ring. Justice then proceeded to try and remove Flame's mask while his cohoort stood out on the floor and and demanded an APW Heavyweight Title match tonight for Justice against current champion Mike Modest. Alexander came to the ring and refused to grant the Title shot. Justice then attacked the two young security guys who had entered the ring until Boom Boom Comini ran him off. Comini demanded and got a match against Justice for his efforts.

"Shooter" Tony Jones vs. Vinnie Valentino - Jones came to the ring only to be interrupted by the Shane Dynasty and Mack Daddy XXXpress who offered to make him their new leader. Valentino entered and seemed to have his opponent's number during the early going. The match went to the floor where he retained the initiative. Back in the ring, Jones finally turned the tables with a belly-to-back suplex followed by a big clothesline. It was all Jones as he threw repeated suplexes, a big monkey flip then a sidewalk slam and went for the pin. No cigar. Now Val came back with a surprise DDT followed by a Russian leg sweep, but Jones slipped away from a second suplex attempt and got a DDT of his own. He got a two count on a roll-up then the pin after a Curtain Call. Time of the fall 8:39.

Mack Daddy XXpress (Nathanial Sweete/Jason C. Clay w/Cholo Marquez & Shane Dynasty) vs. "Gigolo" Vinny Massaro/Chris "Psycho" Ward - Massaro and Ward entered to the "Theme from Shaft" Massaro faced Sweete to start the match and dominated the action due to his superior size. Ward then came in and continued the assault. Sweete was isolated for quite a while, Clay had to interefere twice to prevent a pin. Sweete finally reversed a whip and got a swinging neckbreaker. Both teams switched at this point, Clay pulled his opponent's shirt over his face but got bealed out of the corner anyway. Sweete returned to the ring and tossed Ward to the floor. Ward came back in and actually got the tag but the referee didn't see it. Clay was tagged in again and suckered Massaro into the ring to distract the referee. Ward got creamed with Marquez' boom-box at this point and ended up crawling around the ringside area while his partner faced two opponents in the ring. Massaro holds his own and, once he is alone with Sweete again, executed a powerbomb. Clay tagged back in and knocked Massaro to the floor, where Sweete waited to get in some shots. Back inside, the XXpress tried to doubleteam but get caught in a double clothesline by Massaro instead. Ward was still out of it on the floor. Massaro managed to get a double DDT on his opponents then hit a B*tch Slap (chickenwing DDT) on Sweete to get the pin. Time of the fall 12:42.

The XXXpress, lead by "Shoot Daddy" Tony Jones, attacked Massaro after the match but were chased off by Ward with a chair. Jones was declared to be the new leader of the Mack Daddy XXXpress.

Maxx Justice (w/ Shane Dynasty) vs. Boom Boom Comini - another match that failed to materialize. Justice attacked Comini in the aisle, dragged him back the entryway and whaled on him with a chair then dragged him out to the ring where his henchman set up a table. Justice failed to put his opponent through the table and then was confronted by Mike Modest who agreed to a match later tonight. Roland Alexander came to the ring and insisted it would not be a Title contest.

"Filthy" Frank Murdoch (w/Getz/Morgan) vs. "Bad Boy" Boyce LeGrande - for me, this was the match of the night. Murdoch was all over his opponent to start the contest but then LeGrande stopped his momentum with a clothesline followed by a standing verticle suplex. He got a backdrop and a two count then Murdoch rolled out to the floor. LeGrande chased Murdoch around the ring only to run into a sneaky clothesline by Morgan. Back in the ring, Murdoch applied a full nelson suplex then distracted the ref so that Getz could take some shots from ringside. Murdoch was fully in control at this point until LeGrande came back with a drop-kick. A second one knocked Murdoch to the floor. On the outside he knocked Getz and Murdoch's heads together. Back in the ring, Murdoch then turned the tables a suplex then sent LeGrande back to the floor where Getz tried to stomp a mudhole in him. Back in the ring again, Murdoch seemed to have it in hand - Getz said it was all over...but it wasn't. Murdoch missed three elbow drops in a row then Morgan jumped up on the apron and distracted LeGrande so that Murdoch could roll him up and get the pin. The bad guys ganged up on LeGrande after the match until a security guy ran in and took them all three out with Steve Austin style Stunners. The security guy (Steve Kennedy) then made a speech saying that he had been setting up the ring and seats for two years and that what he really wants to do is be a wrestler. He cited Stone Cold Steve Austin as his favorite grappler. Al Getz got hold of the mic and called Steve stupid for his actions and threatens to sue Steve and Roland Alexander. He started to leave but was dragged back to the ring by Mike Modest and Vinnie Masarro. LeGrande hit him with a super-kick and Steve got another Stunner on him! A new star is being born... Getz had to be stretchered away - the attendants managed to drop him on the floor as they left to the delight of the crowd.

During the intermission, while fans mobbed the ring for autographs, Alexander told me that Steve is in training and should start appearing in the ring in about six months. He will be known as "Steve Stoneberg".

El Chicano Flame #2 vs. "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels - Flame started the match strong then the battle went into see-saw mode with some very fast and furious action. Daniels is clearly more experienced, but Flame #2 is a real comer. Daniels rolled out to regroup and ended up on the receiving end of a plancha. Back in the ring, Flame got hung up in the corner and landed on his head but quickly shook it off and applied a crucifix. He continued to score until he attempted a flying head scissors and was dropped on his face. Now Daniels was in control for a moment but Flame came back with a suplex then sat Daniels on the corner buckle. He bounced off the ropes and right into Daniels flying clothesline. Daniels applied a stun gun maneuver in the corner then dumped Flame out to the floor. Flame attempted to post his opponent but Daniels turned it into a spectacular move as he vaulted onto the corner then hit a plancha coming back out. He then returned to the ring only to hit a second splash. Back in the ring he started to drop an elbow but changed his mind and went for a pin instead. No dice. He took Flame up for a superplex but got reversed. Flame took over with a spinning back kick then followed with a single-footed drop-kick from the opposite corner. He put on a spinning Frankensteiner from the top turnbuckle but couldn't get the pin. Next a Tornado DDT still failed to win him the match. Another DDT and then he missed a big splash. Both were down for the count. Daniels recovered first and hit a spinning neck breaker (he calls it "Hell's Kiss") for the pin. Time of the fall 13:22. Another fine match.

Mike Modest vs. Maxx Justice (w/Dynasty) - Dynasty distracted Modest from the get go to give Justice the immediate upper hand. Justice has the size advantage but Modest is by far the better wrestler. Modest soon turned it around with a drop-kick which knocked his opponent to the floor. Justice took his time returning but once inside he was pancaked and then further out-wrestled. He next attempted a powerbomb but Modest turned it into a Frankensteiner - finally a sidewalk slam turned things around for him. Dynasty got involved while Justice distracted the referee, then he punished his opponent with an illegal choke in the corner. Modest fell out to the floor, was posted then rolled back into the ring. He immediately came back with a high cross-body block but was then grounded again. Justice applied a reverse chinlock but Modest fought out of it. Justice tried a chokeslam but Modest thwarted it with a forearm to the head. Justice executes a verticle suplex and finally got his powerbomb. The referee counted two and Justice pulled his opponent up. Not very smart... Another missed chokeslam and then he got clotheslined to the mat. Modest sprung off the ropes but was pressed overhead and slammed. The next powerbomb attempt was overshot and then Modest came back with a DDT. Modest followed with some chops in the corner, a beal to the center of the ring, a back drop and a big splash. He got a two count. At this point, Dynasty popped up on the apron and distracted Modest which allowed Justice to execute two chokeslams and get the pin. Time of the fall 11:52.

After the match, Dynasty wanted to put Modest through a table and brought the furniture to the ring for that purpose. Justice was trying to position the unconcious Modest on the top turnbuckle when Boom Boom ran is and saved his cookies. Justice then split leaving Dynasty to take suffer the ire of Boom Boom and the recovered Mike Modest. In the end Dynasty was stretchered out of the hall - a satisfactory outcome despite the Champion's loss of the match.

A great evening of wrestling! I will certainly try to catch these Hayward shows from now on.

WCW Souled Out Report

Ric Flair opens the program standing at a podium made to resemble the one used by the President of the United States and says that WCW is alive and well. Souled Out is on the air live from Charleston, West Virginia.

Tony, Tenay and Heenan are the hosts. They outline the card, talk about the WCW Hotline then Tony says there is a disturbance back stage. A camera shows us that Goldberg is seated on the floor of his dressing room holding an injured leg and raging at someone unknown.

Mike Enos vs. Chris Jericho - Tony tells us that Goldberg is being attended to backstage as the match gets under way. The two wrestlers lock up and roll along the rope to the corner. Enos takes a shot and gets a chop in return. He comes back and pummels Benoit in the corner. He backs up and allows Benoit to advance to the center of the ring. They engage in fisticuffs and Benoit is knocked down. Enos is going all out, using his superior size to dominate the action, but Benoit roars back and turns the tables. He stomps Enos in the corner then leg whips him out to the center again. Benoit is all offense now until Enos catches him bent over. Benoit tries for a Crippler Crossface but Enos lifts him up and gets a back breaker. Enos is really looking good in this one so far. He slaps on a bearhug. Benoit escapes and lays in some chops but Enos absorbs the blows and downs Benoit with a knee to the solar plexus. He grabs a head-vice and hears down on Benoit. He releases the hold and goes for a leg drop but misses. Benoit is still out of it and as he rises, Enos goes to the bearhug once more. He again releases the move and applies a standing verticle suplex. He fails to get the pin and the two then get into a slapping contest. Enos goes for a suplex but Benoit over balances and escapes. Benoit gets two German suplex then follows with his diving headbutt off the top. Enos comes back with a back elbow but then Benoit grabs an arm and drops down for the Crippler Crossface and the win by submission. Good opening match.

We get a video montage that documents the origins of the ladder match between Goldberg and Scott Hall later tonight.

Norman Smiley vs. Chavo Guerrero, Jr. - Smiley comes out carrying an urn which supposedly contains the remains of Pepe. He taunts Chavo with it before the match begins and takes his time getting into the ring to face the insensed Chavo. When he does enter he is immediately clotheslined and knocked back to the floor. He returns and is again knocked out and then splashed. Chavo rolls his opponent back in abd continues his assault. Smiley finally thrusts to the throat to turn the tables. The match see-saws and then Smiley drops Chavo onto the top turnbuckle. Now it is all Smiley. He does his wind-up slam and then stops to dance. He grabs a head scissors ob Chavo then switches to a reverse chinlock. Chavo escapes and the match see-saws but Smiley is again on ahead of the curve and comes out on top. He grabs a surfboard then switches to a body scissors. This match is turning into a clinic on submission wrestling. Chavo is still fighting but Smiley is clearly in command. I don't care much for Smiley but I can't argue with Tony's description of him as the "complete" wrestler. He displays a little of just about every style I have seen. He takes Chavo up for a superplex and gets it after a struggle. Both men are hurt by the move. Smiley recovers first and does his wiggle dance before delivering a devastating suplex. He returns to submission wrestling then grabs a sleeper. Chavo escapes and goes for a side headlock but gets caught in a belly-to-back suplex. Chavo is tossed to the outside. Smiley waits for him to return and catches him coming in. Chavo has regained his composure and gets a little offense before flinging himself into the empty corner hard. Smiley applies a "Gory Special" backbreaker but Chavo escapes. He gets two roll-ups in succession but fails to pin his man. This time he hits the forearm in the corner. Smiley comes back with a chickenwing attempt that fails. Chavo fails to get his Tornado DDT. Smiley gets to the urn and throws sawdust in Chavo's eyes and then gets the chickenwing submission for the win.

Konnan complains about recent events to Mark Madden at the Internet position.

Van Hammer vs. Fit Finley - the last two matches were questionable as PPV material - though both turned out to be good contests. This one is just silly. I can't see Hammer winning this match. It's good to see Randy Anderson back in his officiating capacity. Hammer uses his superior reach to dominate for about 20 seconds then Finley turns the tables and throws the 280 pounder around like a rag doll. Hammer comes back with boots to the gut and a knee-lift. Finley waits him out then takes the advantage back, but Hammer has had a taste of glory comes roaring back. He grabs a leg scissors so Finley starts tearing at his face. Hammer moves away then comes back to boot Finley in the chest. Finley absorbs it again and knocks Hammer to the floor. Now Finley is keeping Hammer out of the ring for a while. Back inside, Hammer does a leg dive but Finley kicks him off. Hammer is on the move again immediately and regains the advantage temporarily but then ends up getting his hair parted by the Tombstone Piledriver.

That match was also surprisingly good. Obviously the undercard is trying harder tonight.

Wrath vs Bam Bam Bigalow - Wrath bulls his opponent into the corner to start then they part abd Bigalow returns the favor. They whip across and Wrath gets a boot to the face which sends Bigalow rolling out to the floor. He returns and they lock up. A whip and Bigalow downs Wrath with a tackle. They lock up again and go to the corner again. Wrath grabs an armbar but releases it - Bigalow whips him to the corner and splashes him. It has little affect. He draps Wrath's head over the decond rope and chokes him, then goes back to the center and grabs a reverse chinlock. He releases the hold and they exchange grows with Bigalow retaining his advantage. Wrath finally turns the tables and knee-lifts Bigalow repeatedly in the corner. Bigalow comes back with a tackle and grabs a rear chinlock on the mat.Wrath struggles but can't escape. He finally struggles to his feet and hits knee-lifts again but Bigalow just absorbs them. Wrath backs off and gets a drop-kick. He has a little offense but then lauches himself right into a powerslam. Bigalow almost gets the pin. They criss cross and clothesline each other. Both are down. Wrath recovers first and dominates for a few seconds but then runs into the top turnbuckle face first. Bigalow gets his "Greetings from Asbury Park" finisher to win.

Konnan vs. Lex Luger - grudge match - Konnan alters his schtick to exclude references to the Wolf Pack but get his customary pop. He invites Luger to "toss my salad and peel my potatos" (whatever that means...) Luger takes the mic upon entering the ring. He decries Konnan's anger and offers to let him out of the match. He decribes what down as the formation of an "A Team" and "B Team" - Konnan answers with his fists. He overwhelms Luger with his initial assault. Luger takes a hike to regroup. Konnan won't let him back into the ring then follows him out and attacks him again. Back in the ring Luger is still on the receiving end as Konnan unleashes his wrath on the "Total Package". Luger finally gets loose by hanging onto the ropes then makes his come back. He is all over K-Dawg. He focuses on the neck and back, going for the Torture Rack in time. Konnan recovers and the match see-saws but Luger is very intense and turns th tables again. Konnan is tossed out and followed to the floor by Luger who pummels him some more before rolling him back inside. Luger applies a bearhug in a kneeling position. Konnan escapes for a moment but is put down again by a clothesline. Back they go to the floor. Then back into the ring right away. Konnan avoids an elbow drop and rolls back out followed by Luger who whacks him one then returns to the ring to taunt the crowd with a pose. Konnan is almost counted out but Luger interrupts him. Back in the ring Konnan gets his second wind and turns the tables. Uh oh - here comes Miss Liz. She walks up the ring as Konnan is putting on the Tequilla Sunrise and spray paints him in the face! Luger racks his opponent and gets the win. Yet another good match...

Konnan is helped away by a trainer and Mickey Jay.

Saturn vs. Chris Jericho (w/Ralphus) - Dress Match - the loser of this match has to wear a dress fr the next 90 days. Jericho has had another bad hair day as he carries a paper bag to the ring. Scott Dickenson is the referee and Saturn isn't happy about it. Saturn wins the first exchange ad Jericho bails out then comes back and throws a little tantrum. Dickenson seems to be making a show of impartiality but I wouldn't trust him. Jericho grabs a side head lock but is thrown off. Saturn seems to have his number. Jericho finally turns the tables with a jaw breaker and follows with a spin kick to the jaw, but Saturn roars right back and continues to dominate the action. On the outside, Ralphus is examining the dress - a two piece number of faux leopard skin (ugh!) Saturn is drop-kicked out of the ring then splashed as Jericho takes the initiative for the first time in the match. He returns to the ring as the referee counts away. Saturn returns to the ring via suplex from the apron but he gets some good shots and has to be warned about using his fists. Jericho comes back with a boot to the face then grabs a reverse chinlock for a while. He drops a leg on him and tries a cavelier cover with predictable results. Saturn comes back and turns the tables, getting a T-Bone Suplex as Jericho comes off the top. Jericho comes back with a funny little suplex then misses a drop-kick when Saturn applies the brakes. Jericho is knocked to the floor then hit with a baseball slide. Back inside, Saturn downs his opponnent again and they trade pin attempts repeatedly. Jericho jumps to the top corner but Saturn upsets his balance. They struggle some more then there is a roll up. Saturn seems to have the pin but Jericho rolls it the other way for just an instant and Dickerson does a super fast count. Saturn is upset but agrees to don the dress. He has trouble finding his way into it but finally pulls it up. Dickenson tries to help him with the zipper but thinks better of it and splits the ring. He and Jericho have a big laugh at Saturn's expense.

Juventud Guerrera vs. Kidman vs. Rey Misterio, Jr. vs. Psychosis - Four Corners Cruiserweight Title match - Misterio and Kidman start the match after some wrangling with the other two. They start it very fast and end their second exchange by hitting simultaneous flying body blocks. Rey tags Psychosis who seems hesitant to enter the frey so Kidman tags in Juventud. The action is still fast paced as each attempts a pin right off the bat. There is series of standing switches then both rtry to tag out but Kidman and Misterio have dropped to the floor! Juvey and Psychosis confer as the other two sneak in and attack them both in a tag team double team! What is the point of this? It seems to be deteriorating into a weird tag team match as Kidman and Misterio get stereo powerbombs from the apron to the floor. Back in the ring, Kidman and Rey cooperate on a Doomsday Device on Psychosis. Things start to really get confused now - it's hard to figure out who the legal men are because they keep fighting each other inside and outside the ring. Juvey and Rey battle in the ring - trading pin attempts until Psychosis gets involved to break it up. Kidman braks up the next pin attempt and now there are definitely no partners here as Juvey attacks Psychosis and Kidman attacks Rey. The whole structure of this match has just gone right out the window. Bodies are piling up outside on the floor now. Kidman and Juvey return to the ring and Juvey has the pin but Psychosis prevents it. Rey truns away to attack Psychosis on the outside, meanwhile Kidman downs Juvey and hits the Shooting Star for the win.

Jercicho and Booker T have a little set to back stage and the result is a match for tomorrow night.

Ric and David Flair (w/AA) vs. Barry Windham/Curt Hennig - Hennig and Windham hang back as Ric enters the ring ith a chair. Windham challenges David to start the match with him - david wants to do it but Ric is hesitant. Finally it starts - David wrestles amateur style and bulls the bigger man into the ropes. Windham threatens with a fist but the ref prevents it. Windham and David lock up and David is taken down but counters with a head scissors and shocks his opponent. They separate and then come together again. Widham boots to the gut then punches but David absorbs it and comes back with some good chops. Windham is astounded! And so are we. David tags his dad in - Flair holds his own against both opponents as they try to double-team him. Hennig is in with Flair and taking it at first then he comes back. Flair is roughed up and then tossed into a Flair flip which deposits him on the floor. Windham attacks him on the outside then rolls him back in. Flair comes back briefly but is overwhelmed again. he is being double-teamed now and David is distracting the referee. On the outside Arn is watching David's back as Hennig tries to sneak around on the floor. Hennig is back inside and Flair is still on the receiving end. Hennig gets a figure four as Windham provides extra leverage from the outside. Hennig releases the hold and tags Windham in. Flair is coming back but is avoiding the corner where his son waits to tag back in. David is distracting the ref again and Hennig and Windham double up. As they go for a double clothesline, Arn catches Windham and drags him to the floor to pummel him. In the ring Ric has the figure four on Hennig. Things really start to break down and David is tagged in again. Windham has him at his mercy but AA comes in and hits him with a tire iron. Suddenly nWo members are in the ring - here comes the Wolf Pach. They destroy Ric and Arn then taunt David. The kid is subject to a schoolboy trip and flies at Hogan. He has to be torn off. Ric is handcuffed to the ropes while Hogan hits David with a belt then spray paints EZE on his back. Ric is in anguish as they beat david again with the belt. They pull David to his knees so Hogan can punch him in the face. They finally shove David over to Flair as the father threatens to kill Hogan.

Scott Hall vs. Goldberg - Ladder Match for the Stun Gun - Michael Buffer intros the match and explains the stipulations. The first man to zap his opponent with the shock stick wins the match. Hall comes to the ring with his taser and makes a speech before Goldberg is introduced. He claims that Goldberg wet his pants, slipped in it and injured himself and therefore there insn't going to be a match tonight. The answer for that is Goldberg's music starting up. Goldberg comes out with a heavy brace on his left knee. He has a pronounced limp as he approaches the ring. Randy Anderson attaches the taser to a rope and it is hauled up out of reach. They lock up and Hall is shoved to the mat twice. They lock up again and criss cross - Hall is tackled and downed again. Hall keeps attacking and getting knocked on his can. Hall tries to dive for the leg but is punched to the mat again. He goes for a scoop slam but Goldberg won't let him get it. He reverses the move. Moments later Goldberg gets a powerslam and we can see that he feels the pain in his knee. Hall downs him, levers the injured leg against the bottom rope and beats on it. They tumble out to the floor where Goldberg's leg is smashed against the post. Hall goes after the ladder but Goldberg attacks from behind. Hall drops him onto the ladder and we can tell it hurt but Goldberg comes right back and runs Hall onto the railing. They drag the ladder with them as they head back to the ring. Goldberg is run into the ladder again then Hall tosses it into the ring. Now they are both back inside with the ladder lying on the mat. Hall works on the leg some more then puts the ladder up. He starts to climb but Goldberg upends the ladder - Hall comes down with an elbow drop - a brilliant move. He positions the ladder again and starts to climb, but Goldberg gets behind him and suplexes him off to the mat. Hall folds the ladder and uses it to jam into the injured leg then across the back of his opponent. He sets up the ladder again as Goldberg struggles to his feet. Hall almost gets the taser but Goldberg pushes the ladder over which drops Hall on the top rope. Goldberg goes for the ladder but Hall is right there to attack again. Hall sets up the ladder in the corner and tries to whip his opponent into it but Goldberg reverses the move. Now Goldberg is using the ladder as a weapon. he gets four good shots with it then sets it up again. He starts to climb but Hall gets up and drop-kicks the ladder. The ladder is bent and wobbly making climbing it problematic. Hall gets the upper hand again and starts to climb. Goldberg pushes the ladder over again and this time Hall straddles the rope. Goldberg is free to climb the ladder but as he gets to the top, Disco Inferno runs in and sends the ladder flying. Goldberg hangs up his neck on the top rope! Hall gets the ladder up and has the taser! But Goldberg is holding him off. he gets a spin kick and the taser flies out of the ring. Goldberg goes after it and gets it - but here comes Disco. Goldberg turns and zaps Disco! He then threatens Hall but doesn't use the stun gun right away. First he spears him and jack hammers him - then he stuns him. Bam Bam runs in and attacks both of them. As he is working on Goldberg, Hall gets the stun gun and starts using it on both his adversaries as we fade to black...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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