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Sunday Night Heat Overview

RAW Report

The State of the PPV Wrestling World: Part 2

By Ervin Griffin, Jr.

Volume 4, Issue 412 - January 18, 1999
Editors Note: Although it was later corrected, I inadvertently reported that the PPV last night came to us from Charleston, South Carolina, when in fact it came from West Virginia. Solie's regrets the error.

And by the way...Solie's wishes to wish a very Happy Birthday to former NWA, WWF and WCW wrestling superstar Ted Dibiasi.

The State of the PPV Wrestling World

Part 2

By Ervin Griffin, Jr.

Hello readers. We are still focusing on WCW PPV's in this part. Here we go:


Another good PPV that was screwed up!! It started in 1993 in Atlanta, GA and it was originally intended to be a tribute to the sports legends. I still have that PPV on tape and it was a tremendous card. It featured a young "Buff" Bagwell & 2 Cold Scorpio against an also young Chris Benoit and "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton (who's career was on the way down by that time), Arn Anderson VS. Barry Windham for the NWA Title, Davey Boy Smith (in his, arguably, his prime) against Vader (back when he was something) for the WCW World Title and the Hollywood Blonds ("Stunning" (Stone Cold) Steve Austin/Brian Pillman) against Rick Steamboat/"Shane Douglas" (the masked partner was not Douglas by the way). It also featured three legends bouts that were entertaining as well. A six man tag with Wahoo McDaniel/Jim Brunzell/Blackjack Mulligan VS. Don Muroco/Jimmy Snuka/Dick Murdoch, a tag team bout with Brad Armstrong (subbing for his father Bob Armstrong)/Thunderbolt Patterson VS. Ivan Koloff/Baron Von Raschke, and a singles bout with Nick Bockwinkle VS. Dory Funk, Jr.

The following year's card was just as good and it is available in some video stores for around $9.95. It featured "Stunning" Steve Austin VS. Johnny B. Badd, a legends bout between Terry Funk and Tully Blanchard, a wild match with Cactus Jack/Kevin Sullivan VS. The Nasty Boys under Street Fight Rules and a good bout between Ric Flair and Barry Windham. Since then, Bischoff and Co. have pratically butchered this event. In spite of itself, though, the card has produced some memorable moments. In 1996, it had a good WCW World Title bout between Sting and The Giant on an otherwise horrible card. In 1997, the six man tag team bout with Ric Flair/Roddy Piper/Kevin Greene VS. Kevin Nash/X-Pac (then known as Syxx)/Scott Hall was a highlight as well as a competative contest between Jeff Jarrett and Dean Malenko for the U.S. Title. Who knows what it will bring this year.


This is another legendary card that has lost some luster over the past few years. It began as an NWA staple in the summertime in 1985. That card, which originated from Charolette, NC, featured the first confrontation between then-NWA World Champion Ric Flair and Nikita Koloff. Also featured was then-NWA United States Champion Magnum TA VS. Kamala (in which Magnum executed a belly to belly suplex on the 400lb. man/an unheard of feat at that time), then-NWA World Tag Team Champions Ivan Koloff and Krusher Krushev VS. then-AWA World Tag Team Champions The Road Warriors (in a rare champion VS. champion bout, though only the NWA belts were at stake) and then-NWA World TV Champion Tully Blanchard VS. Dusty Rhodes in a cage.

Over the years, this particular card has had an impact on feuds, matches and titles. Even moreso, IMO, than even Starrcade. The Bash saw the introduction of WarGames in 1987. That bout featured The Four Horsemen combo of Lex Luger, Ric Flair, Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard with JJ Dillon as a partner VS. Dusty Rhodes, Nikita Koloff, The Road Warriors and Paul Ellering as their partner. They say that the original is usually the best and, in this case, I would have to agree. The only WarGames that I have seen that even comes close to this one was in 1992 when Sting's Squadron (Sting, Nikita Koloff, Barry Windham, Dustin Rhodes, and Rick Steamboat) took on The Dangerous Alliance (Rick Rude, Arn Anderson, Larry Z., Bobby Eaton, and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin/I might point out that Austin was known as "Stunning" Steve back then but I'll use his current moniker to avoid confusion). Back to GAB, it has seen other big bouts as well.

In 1988, Lex Luger defeated Ric Flair.....or so we thought. Actually, the win was taken away from Luger due to the fact that he was bleeding and the ref had stopped the bout before Flair submitted to Lex's "Human Torture Rack." This set up the big PPV rematch at Starrcade '88 later that year. It also saw the first use of The Tower Of Doom cage bout. In 1989, GAB had to be ranked as one of the best cards that year (if not ever). We saw "Hardcore Legend" Terry Funk take on Ric Flair for the NWA World Title, a great bout between Rick Steamboat and Lex Luger for the NWA United States Title, and the beginning of an all too short career of Brian Pillman.

Other memorable bouts and moments include Sting winning his first world title (1990), Vader winning his first world title (1992), the attack on Eric Bischoff by Kevin Nash and Scott Hall (1996), Steve McMichael becoming a Horsemen (1996), and Booker T's heroic two match performance against both Chris Benoit and Dave "Fit" Finley for the WCW World TV strap (1998).

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Sunday Night Heat Overview

Mr. McMahon calls the Rock to the ring to offer him an apology at the top of the program. Corporate Thugs and Stooges surround him. Vince apologises for making the Kane/Mankind match last week on RAW. Maivia accepts the apology but wants to know what Vince was thinking. Vince announces a match between the Bossman and Mankind, another between Billy Gunn and Test and then turns his attention to Chyna. He concedes that she is the #30 competitor in the Royal Rumble but says that she will have to face him (Vince) in an arm wrestling match tonight. He refers to his biceps as "the 20 inch guns." Shane leaves the broadcast table to announce that Shawn Michaels has just called in and excercised his perogative as WWF Commissioner to book a main event for tomorrow between Kane and the Rock!

Tiger Ali Singh faces Gillberg in tonights farce of the week. Don't they realize that WCW already did this spoof several weeks ago... Singh destroys him of course - I wonder if it occurs to them that they are also destroying the credibility of their Light Heavyweight Title (or maybe that's the plan) - I wonder what would happen if anyone in the WWF actually had to face Goldberg in a match...

Shane McMahon is up to something with Luna...

Mark Henry vs. Scorpio - Henry seems dejected and doesn't want to fight Scorpio. But Scorpio persists so Henry obliges him but is lethargic in the ring. He eventually takes the advantage but is a sort of offhand way. Chyna appears on the platform and tells Henry he has 24 hours to "make a decision". The distracted "Sexual Chocolate" is pinned by Scorpio.

The Scarey Brothers Lite (Edge/Gangrel) vs. The Pissed Brothers (Jarrett/Hart) - I can only hope that Debra will get the Bloodbath treatment this week...naw! The Road Dog runs in during the match to attack Gangrel on the floor while Edge gets doubleteamed and pinned in the ring. In the back, Pat Patterson sucks up by letting McMahon beat him at arm wrestling.

Goldust has painted up Head to match his own make-up.

Goldust vs. The Godfather - as the match begins, Al Snow drags one of the garden tolls under the ring and takes her place so he can steal head back. Goldust is distracted and pinned then chases after Snow. It wasn't clear if he got Head back or not.

Vince mcMahon vs. Chyna - arm wrestling match - Shane goes to the ring to tell his father that he has "taken care" of it. He brings Luna out as the substitute opponent but Sable attacks her before she can get to the ring. So much for the substitute... Chyna then comes to the ring and she is jacked. McMahon looks a little nonplussed. At the table he flinches away from her stare. He tries to distract her by claiming she's oiled up or something. He pulls away just before they start and has to reset. Finally they begin. The struggle is titanic but she defeats him in the end, thank to the Stooges, who in their bickering stumble into Vince and upset his balance. She is declared the winner and afterward the stooges each say they want to face her in a real wrestling match (sounds like a contradiction in terms doesn't it...) tomorrow night on RAW. She says she'll face them both in a handicap match.

That's the show...back tomorrow...

RAW Report

The program starts with a short tribute to Martin Luther King.

Steve Austin comes to the ring for an interview to start the show. He praises Mick Foley's winning of the World Title but says that he intends to be the opponent for Mankind at WrestleMania. He reminds us that there is a $100,000 bounty on his head for the guy who eliminates him in the Rumble but promises that isn't going to happen. He also promises Vince McMahon the beating of his life. He downs a Steveweiser then dumps the dregs on the announcers to the delight of the crowd. In the back Road Dog is gathering his weapons for a Hard Core Title defense against Gangrel coming up next. Cut to commercial.

Road Dogg vs. Gangrel - Hard Core Title match - James goes through his intro in an altered version which includes Billy...who isn't there. Gangrel doesn't get the chance to spew any blood - JJ breaks a cane over his head as he stands on the apron so he spits it in the Champ's face. The match is on the floor from the get-go and spills right into the stands. The Dog tosses a tables into the ring and drops Gangrel face first onto it before he even sets it up! He then sets the table up only to get powerbombed through it himself. He comes back with DDT - on the table. Then he goes out for a second table and sets it up ringside. Back in the ring, Gangrel uses a piece of the broken table to attack his adversary. The match goes back to the floor where the Dog uses a chair on his opponent then sets him up on the table. He splashes him off the apron but the table doesn't break. Twice more he drops elbows to destroy the table and Gangrel. He reverses a whip which puts the challenger on the table again then hits him twice more with the chair, the second time off the apron, and takes the pin. Austin is still hanging around back stage. Cut to commercial.

Billy Gunn vs. Test - Test comes to the ring wering a t-shirt that reads, "Guns don't kill people - I kill people." He bulls his opponent into the corner to start but Billy levers him around before they separate. Test bulls him in again and gets in a boot to the chest. He is dominating Gunn for several moments before Billy comes back and gets a suplex. He delivers a flying elbow from the second rope. The referee is Teddy Long who demonstrates that officiating is what he does best. The fight goes to the floor where Billy regains the advantage. Back in the ring he starts out on top but Test turns it around almost immediately. He goes for a pump handle but Billy thwarts it. Billy goes for a piledriver but Test backdrops him instead. Suddenly Ken Shamrock hits the ring and starts pounding on Billy. He takes Billy to the floor and pummels him around the broadcast table. He then smashes Billy onto the stairs and applies the ankle lock submission hold and refuses to release it. Now Billy is clutching an injured leg and Shamrock has the bell hammer but doesn't use it. Shamrock leaves as the officials tend to Billy. Cut to commercial.

In the back a trainer is working on Billy's ankle as he squirms and screams. Cut to the Pissed Brothers are being interviewed when the Tag Team Champs attack them. Shamrock is on a tear tonight.

We get another McMahon training video. In this one he takes on various jobbers in the training ring. Cut to commercial.

In the back, the Bossman is beating up on Mankind. As we watch, Foley turns the tables and takes out the camera.

Dan Severn vs. Steve Blackman - Blackman attacks his opponent before the bell and takes the immediate advantage. Severn coems back with a belly-to-belly suplex then beats Blackman's head against the mat. Blackman comes right back with a gut buster and a scoop slam. At ringside, Lawler is doing his best Bobby Heenan impression as he alternately picks various people to win the Rumble. In the ring, Severn hits a low blow and gets disqualified. He puts on a Dragon Sleeper after the bell. Backstage Austin is still lounging and the Bossman and Mankind are still brawling as we cut to commercial.

Video tribute to the upcoming "I Quit" match between Makind and the Rock.

Here come Mankind and Bossman brawling down the ramp toward the ring. Bossman is taking the worst of it as Foley smashes him into the steps. Finally they are in the ring and the bell sounds. I see - this the Hard Core rules match (for the Title? - that hasn't been made clear). Mankind still dominates the action. In fact, the Bossman is getting zero offense at this point. They go back out to the floor again where the Bossman finally turns the tables by ramming Foley's head onto a chair then smashing him into the steps repeatedly. Back in the ring, Bossman leaves off his attack to strut around the ring before going back to work. Foley is whipped to the corner and springs back out to collide head-to-head with his opponent. He then gets a DDT then brings out Mr. Socko. He grabs the Mandible Claw but the Rock runs in and waffles him with a chair. Maivia makes a statement at the broadcast table then goes back and drops Foley's head on the chair for good measure. Backstage Mark Henry is following Chyna around pleading with her as Steve Austin continues to wait ominously. Cut to commercial.

Vince is talking to Kane in the back as we return then we cut to the ring for Chyna's entrance and a review of what happened around the Chyna/Henry angle last week. Chyna calls Henry to the ring to make his "decision". He comes to the ring and admits that there was no physical contact between them. Chyna then says "roll the footage". It shows Sammi doing the nasty on Henry (oral sex is implied though it isn't really clear). He caresses her then discovers her "manhood" and has to go throw up. Henry's mother, who is ringside, chastises her son, not too severely however. After the buildup occasioned by Bob Ryder's comments last week, this turned out to be anti-climactic. I doubt that a child watching this would have understood the implications. Cut to commercial.

Al Snow (w/the Scorpio) vs. Goldust (w/Head) - the winner gets Head (not like Mark Henry) - Goldust comes on strong from the bell and takes Snow out to the floor. Back inside, Snow takes the initiative for a bit but Goldust comes back again with his sliding uppercut maneuver. He continues to dominate as the match goes on. They struggle back and forth and Snow starts to gain ground. Eventually he gets the pin on a roll-up and turns to celebrate after Head is returned to him. Goldust blindsides him and sets-up the Shattered Dream. After delivering the blow he takes Head and splits with him. In the back Brisco and Patterson are bickering again - this time over who the boss wants to take the pin on Chyna (as if either of them will get the chance). Cut to commercial.

"Mideon" (I read that Dennis Knight was renamed "Minion" but UT clearly pronounces it "Mideon") is blabbering to the announcers about something as we return. Jeez! They're going to pummel us with another of those stupid Undertaker skits. UT states that the next sacrifice we'll take place at the Royal Rumble. He doesn't tell us who it will be but promises us we won't believe it (I can't believe he is going on with this lame angle...) Cut to commercial...please!!!

Chyna vs. the Stooges - Handicap match - the Stooges argue right down to and into the ring. Undoubtedly this will be their undoing. Brisco and Chyna trade waist-lock take downs to begin the match. Patterson comes in and sticks his finger in her face - she almost breaks it off but he hangs in there and gets an airplane spin on her. Only it makes him dizzy. Brisco gets an atomic drop for his trouble then Brisco kicks Patterson in the groin! He comes back with a low-blow...sorry Pat that doesn't work on a woman. She grabs them both by the testicals to get revenge. But then she is tossed to the floor. Sable starts down to the ring but is waylaid by Luna. The Stooges take Chyna back into the ring and Brisco drops his version of the Corporate Elbow on her. Now they are arguing about who gets the cover. Chyna recovers and starts to whale on them but Brisco throws powder in her eyes. They take turns copping feels but give her a chance to recover. They try a double team whip but she returns with a double clothesline! She demolishes them both and tops it by putting DDT's on each of them then pinning them both! In the back Austin is still lurking around.

The McMahons are trying to assure the Rock that Kane won't be any problem in their match, coming up next. Cut to commercial.

The Rock (w/the Corporation) vs. Kane - Rock is so confident that he wears his $500 shirt to the ring. Vince takes the mic and assure us that nothing is going to happen. He wants Kane to do the Hogan/Nash bit with one finger. Kane gets the Nash role. Kane isn't buying it so the Corporation attacks him en masse. The Rock halts the carnage to say he will take care of Kane himself. He dominates until Kane gets him by the throat then Kane comes back. Maivia gets a DDT but Kane sits right up. They leave the ring and brawl on the outside (the announce table is taking a real beating tonight - they must have reinforced it). The Rock stops to don the headset and lay down some smack, thn goes back to work. Back in the ring, Kane starts to recover and then whales on the Rock. he goes for the Tomstone but Maivia wiggles away and delivers a low-blow followed by the Corporate Elbow. Kane answers with a chokeslam - then gets one on Test. Bossman comes in and Kane is overwhelmed. But here comes mankind with a chair! He clears the ring. Maivia backs up the ramp right into the clutches of Steve Austin. he is distracted and blindsided by Foley with the chair as we fade to black.

That's all for tonight. I'll be back tomorrow with the Nito report and a new From the Top Rope column from Joe Holt. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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