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Thunder Report

ECW Guilty As Charged PPV Report

By Ervin Griffin, Jr.

Volume 4, Issue 414 - January 22, 1999

Stylin' And Profilin': The Legend Of Ric Flair

By Ervin Griffin, Jr. and Matt Benaka

Part 32: Enter Vader

After failing to defeat "Ravishing" Rick Rude at Halloween Havoc '93, Ric Flair got a shot at then WCW World Heavyweight Champion Big Van Vader (the name was later shortened to Vader after a legal dispute with New Japan over the name). Vader and Flair had actually met at some house shows over the summer for the WCW crown. Most of those bouts saw Flair win by DQ with Vader retaining his title. Add in the fact that old enemy Harley Race was Vader's manager and you had the makings of great feud. The first televised match between them took place at a Clash Of The Champions special in early November. Flair won the match by DQ due to interference from "Stunning" Steve Austin (for the record, this is the same man that is now the wildly popular "Stone Cold" Steve Austin). Flair then challenged Vader and Austin to a tag match for WCW Saturday Night with Sid Vicious as his partner.

Off of the subject, let me say that Vicious had been fired from WCW by the time that WCW title match was aired. The reason for that was in London, England, he and Arn Anderson got into a fight in a hotel in which scissors were involved and where Arn and Vicious was stabbed. Arn was suspended but was allowed to come back in February of the next year while Vicious was suspended entirely. So, the tag match was actually taped a few weeks earlier. What happend was that Vicious was attacked by Vader and The Awesome Kongs before the bout. Flair was forced to pick another partner and he chose Arn Anderson. This bout was probably the greatest tag team match ever held on WCW Saturday Night as they fought to a no-contest.

Then came WCW BattleBowl in Tampa, FL. Flair participated on the card but came with a surprise challenge to Vader for a match at Starrcade in which if he didn't win the WCW World Title, he would retire from pro wrestling entirely. The main event was going to be Sid VS. Vader but the above mentioned incident put an end to that plan. Anyway, Flair was paired with Austin as they faced 2 Cold Scorpio and Maxx Payne. Austin and Flair handled them fairly easily as they advanced to BattleBowl. From there, Flair was strechered out during the battle royal as a result of an attack from Austin and Vader. Flair would not be able to continue on that night but you knew that Flair would be back.

NEXT: The Title or The Career

If you have a question, comments, criticism, or just want to talk pro wrestling, e-mail me at or

Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian and also contributes to the Ringside Insider on a regular basis. Many of his previous articles are available in the Articles section of the website. Check out Ervin's Pro-Wrestling Fan Fiction web site.

ECW Guilty As Charged PPV Report

By Ervin Griffin, Jr.

Hello readers. In this article, I will go back and review ECW's Guilty As Charged PPV. I know it has been over a week but these are strictly my opinions on the card.

FBI (Full Blooded Italians)VS. Danny Dorring/Roadkill VS. Balls Mahooney/Axel Rotten (Three Way Dance) - This match was originally scheduled to be a tag team bout between FBI and Dorring/Roadkill but Axel and Mahooney put an end to that by coming out at the beginning of the bout. The match was slow at first but picked up when Dorring and Roadkill were eliminated by FBI (who were represented by Tracy Smothers and Little Guido in this match). Mahooney and Rotten, however, provided stiffer competition for the FBI. I especially loved Axel's version of Dusty Rhodes' "flip, flop and fly" blows on both Smothers and Guido. I was rolling on that!! The match ended when Axel and Mahooney executed their respective finishers on the FBI (Nutcracker Suite from Mahooney/a backward suplex/Scorpion Deathdrop combo by Rotten) and got the pin. A decent opener to the card.

Tenjiri VS. Super Crazy - This was an international bout of Japan VS. Mexico. Both men showed some spetacular manuvers in this match. Tenjiri is defintely talented while Super Crazy could whip most of WCW's luchadors and give Juventud Gurrerra, Eddy Gurrerro, and Rey Mysterio Jr. all they could handle. The match ended when Tenjiri executed Chris Benoit's former finisher in The Dragon Suplex (full-nelson suplex) for the win. ECW fans should keep their eyes on these two.

John Kronos VS. ? - Kronos came into this match to face a mystery opponent picked out by former ECW referee "Judge" Jeff Jones. The mystery opponent turned out to be Sid Vicious (aka "Sycho" Sid, Sid Justice)!!! To put it bluntly, he kicked the talented Kronos' ass!!! This beating included a chokeslam from inside the ring, over the top rope, and through a table!! He also "whipped" him with a steel chair and, of course, powerbombed him for the win!! How long will Sid stay there is anyone's guess but his style fits pretty good with ECW.

Rob Van Dam VS. Lance Storm (ECW TV Title Match) - Originally, it was supposed to be Mastato Tanaka taking on "Mr. Monday Night" but travel conflicts prevented that so Lance Storm took the match and nearly defeated the nearly-unbeatable RVD in a 20 classic. In fact, Storm actually had RVD pinned for about ten seconds but the ref had been taken out of action earlier by RVD's "VanDamanator" move. RVD ended the bout with a basic German suplex with a bridge for the win but Storm deserves credit for putting on a great show.

The Dudley Boys VS. New Jack/Spike Dudley (Street Fight Match) - In this unscheduled match, New Jack (whose former team of The Gangstas were broken up by The Dudleys) and Spike (who formerly teamed with The Dudleys) took on D-Von and Buh Buh Ray Dudley. This was a wild affair that saw some good foriegn object shots and good moves from both sides. Call me dumb or whatever but I think that The Dudley's are the best tag team in America right now (with the New Age Outlaws and Sabu/Rob Van Dam not far behind). I love that finisher of theirs (3-D) and they pull it off so damn smooth!! Anyway, the match ended when they executed 3-D on Spike Dudley for the pin. After the match, they immediately challenged The Public Enemy to a match (rumors are flying that they will be back in ECW soon).

Tommy Dreamer VS. Justin Credible (Stairway To Hell Ladder Match) - This bout was slow and predictible but still pulled off some good spots. The man that could climb the ladder and get the Singapore cane could use it on his opponent. Credible held the advantage for most of it but Dreamer kept fighting back. At one point in the match, Dreamer and Credible had seperate ladders and raced for the cane. Dreamer then pulled off a Diamond Cutter from the ladder!!! ECW commentator Joey Style's comments on that move had me laughing:

Anyway, Dreamer did get the cane but Terry Funk came down and leveled Tommy with a trash can!! Credible quickly took advantage by tombstoning Dreamer into the ladder and getting the win. After the bout, Funk nearly beat Dreamer to death with the garbage can.

TAZ VS. Shane Douglas (ECW Heavyweight Title Match) - Outside of WCW and WWF, TAZ is my favorite wrestler. He doesn't brag or pose, he hits the ring, kicks your ass and leaves!! Everyone talks about "Stone Cold" Steve Austin but TAZ would kill Austin. Remember Austin's neck injury? Well, while I do give him credit for coming back from it, TAZ suffered a similar injury against 2 Cold Scorpio in 1995 and he WALKED out of the ring on his own!!

Anyway, TAZ and Douglas put on a good match. I have to give it to Douglas, he really put on a good performance considering that he was working with an injured wrist. The match also saw some events that is going to make ECW an interesting place for the next few months. Sabu, the man who TAZ injured to get this title shot, showed up and beat the hell out of both men!! Then, Chris Candido and Tammy Lynn Sytch got into it with both Francine and Douglas. Candido left Douglas' Triple Threat and made it official by slugging Douglas in the face. This gave TAZ to opportunity to slap on his "TAZ-mission" (kata-hajimi) chokehold on Douglas. To his credit, Douglas never tapped out (he even flipped off TAZ and the referee when asked would he give up)!! Finally, Douglas passed out and TAZ was the new ECW champion.

A pretty good card. Of the three PPV's that I have seen from ECW, my favorite is still "Heatwave '98" from last August. Still, so long as my stepdad has USSB, I will tune into these shows!! See ya.

If you have a question, comments, criticism, or just want to talk pro wrestling, e-mail me at or

Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian and also contributes to the Ringside Insider on a regular basis. Many of his previous articles are available in the Articles section of the website. Check out Ervin's Pro-Wrestling Fan Fiction web site.

Thunder Report

A replay of "Mr. President" Flair's podium statement as shown at the PPV last week is followed bu scenes from Nitro, the Horsemen attack the nWo limo, Flair offers up the company and his hair if Davis can beat Bischoff, etc. In the end Flair makes the match - himself against Hogan for the World Title.

Thunder is live from my hometown, Indianappolis, Indiana. We cut to more footage, from Souled Out - the nWo whips David Flair. Tony sends a camera to the back to see Stevie Ray trying to stir up the nWo "B Team" against the Wolf Pack. Vincent gets a telegram from "the Boys" saying that Hogan and Company either will be late or won't be here tonight. He and Stevie seem to be lining up on either side of the argument with the rest falling somewhere in between.

Disco Inferno vs. Jerry Flynn - Disco is still wearing his Wolf Pack colors. Significantly, Scott Hall isn't around to help him tonight. Flynn dominates the early going after Disco's initial assault. Disco ducks out of the ring to regroup then catches his opponent as he returns. Now it is all Disco. He gets a swinging neck breaker while continuing to elude Flynn's flying feet. He grabs a reverse chinlock, releases the hold to batter his opponent then goes back to the chinlock. Flynn escapes and applies a cross-arm breaker but Disco escapes then falls prey to a belly-to-belly suplex followed by a spinwheel kick. Disco sidesteps a side kick then gets a chart buster for the win. Back to the nWo dressing room. Norton and Horace are testing out a pair of walkie talkies. Horace is sent out to watch for the Wolf Pack's arrival. Cut to commercial.

We return to the dressing room - Stevie is agitating again. Vincent offers to call Hogan on his cell phone. Horace reports in the the Wolf Pack limo has arrived. It turns out to be the Horsemen and they punk Horace as Flair heads into the arena. Tony says the limo was an nWo car. Flair goes to the ring to talk to Mean Gene. Flair says he wants to talk about Hall and Nash. He declares that the finals of the Tag Team Title tournament will take place a SuperBrawl (he is restarting the tournament tonight) whether they like it or not. He then addresses Hogan. He declares that, as a wrestler, Hogan can't and never could carry his (Flair's) jock strap. He's going for the Title for the fourteenth time. He warns Hogan not to "train for a cosmetic appearance, train for the hardest match of your life against the dirtiest player in the game..." Back to the back again - the "B Team" is helping their fallen member to his feet - he's lost his walkie talkie and his nWo shirt. Cut to commercial.

Video review of Jericho's confrontation with JJ Dillon on Monday. Saturn must wear the dress for 90 days whenever he is in a wrestling arena.

Perry Saturn vs. Al Greene - tonight Saturn has a new dress - a little red spaghetti strapped number. This one is a little too tight around the legs and ends up hampering his movement - giving an immediate advantage to Al Greene. Greene dominates the early going. Then he pulls up the dress and pinches Saturn's butt. That fires him up and Greene starts going down. He starts using the dress to his advantage. He gets a DVD and takes the pin. He turns to the camera and recites his new motto, "Life's a drag!" Cut to commercial.

Video review of the "Raven at Home" skits.

Glacier vs. Kenny Kaos - Kaos establishes his power advantage early then proceeds to outwrestle his opponent. Glacier tries to get the jump by using the referee for distraction but it doesn't work for him. Glacier puts a finger to the eye to turn the tables. He punds on the youngster then turns aside to pose. He tuns back and gets a boot to the gut. He has to struggle to regain the advantage then goes to the top and gets caught in mid-flight. Kaos is back in control. In a matter of moments he uses his power advantage to put Glacier down and get the pin.

Back in the locker room, Vincent is losing the argument but manages to pursued them to go out and punk somebody (the Horsemen?). After they leave he strips off the black and white shirt to reveal a Wolf Pack shirt underneath.

The "B Team" comes to the ring as we return. Stevie Ray, Brian Adams, Norton and Horace. Vincent joins them after a delay and takes the mic. He calls the Horsemen out. He throws Adams' and Horace's names into the Tag Team tournament (without asking them) then volunteers himself, Norton and Stevie Ray for a 6-man street fight against the Horsemen tonight. The others look a less then enthused about all this. Cut to commercial.

Norman Smiley vs. Booker T - something tells me Smiley is going down in this one. Booker grabs an arm bar that forces Smiley to the ropes to start. Smiley gets a little offense here and there but it is primarily Booker in control here. Tony tells us that the Horsemen have accepted the nWo challenge for later tonight. In the ring, Smiley is holding his own but still on the receiving end. He finally gets on top and has an extended flurry. I have to say that I like that wind-up slam of his. He takes the fight to the floor and continue his assault. Booker is starting to look a little peaked. Smiley is doing his "big wiggle". Booker T comes back and gets a desparation powerslam and starts to make his move. He gets a succession of pin attempts. The fight goes back out to the floor and this time it is Booker in charge. He rolls Smiley back in - Smiley is back pedaling. he tries the finger to the eye again but this time it doesn't help him much. Smiley takes a scissor kick then rolls out and splits. He is counted out. Cut to tape of Scott Steiner sexually harrassing the Nitro Grrrrls (and specifically Kimberly) then to commercial.

Horace/Brian Adams vs. Kidman/Chavo Guerrero, Jr. - Tag Team Title tournament match - the announcers are speculating that the Wolf Pack may have been waylaid by the Horsemen. Horace starts the match against Kidman and dominates him by virtue of his size. Kidman comes back with a drop-kick and tags in Chavo who is subdued in short order. Adams beats on him after he falls out to the floor then tags in to continue his attack in the ring. Kidman interferes and Chavo is able to turn the tables. Kidman comes in and falls victim to a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Adams tries to cover Kidman with one foot but fails just before we cut to commercial.

Chavo is taking it again as we return. Schiavone's sniping at Heenan is getting worse and worse. Give it a rest, Tony. Horace tags in and almost immediately loses the initiative. Chavo gets a bulldog on Horace and tags in Kidman who takes the big guy down again and again. As it begins to look bad for the nWo, Vincent uses Stevie's slapjack to knock Kidman out so Adams can pin him. Cut to commercial.

Backstage, Stevie is complaining about Vincent taking the slapjack out of his flight bag. He questions him about the shirt. Vincent says a fan gave it too him.

LaParka vs. Rey Misterio, Jr. - again the little guy is taking on a big guy. Rey is way to fast for his opponent but he does suffer due to the size disparity. He springboards into a Frankensteiner first in the ring, then once again out on the floor. Back in the ring, LaParka pancakes his opponent to regain the advantage. He gets several good shots in - Rey is reeling. LaParka jumps off the top and gets a pair of boots to the face. He recovers and the match see-saws. LaParka climbs to the top and is knocked off balance. Rey flys around his head (literally) then bulldogs him down for the pin. Cut to commercial.

Mean Gene is in the ring as we return. He calls Diamond Dallas Page to the ring. DDP is insensed over Scott Steiner's stalking of his wife. He warns that "muscle-bound freak" to stay away from Kimberly.

We go back to the locker room where Vincent is demanding to be called "Vince" from now on. After the rest leave, "Vince" tries to down a tumbler full of raw eggs but can't handle it. He pushes his face up to a camera and then we pull back to see the Wolf Pack watching him on TV in their limo. Hmmm...

nWo "B Team" ("Vince"/Stevie Ray/Scott Norton) vs. The Horsemen (Chris Benoit/Steve McMichael/Ric Flair) - Michael Buffer intos this match as usual. Mongo starts against Stevie Ray. Vince tags in and is destroyed then Benoit comes in. Vince tags out in a hurry bringing in Norton. Norton dominates Mongo, who is back in, and tags Vince back in. Ric Flair comes in almost immediately and Vince is on the ropes. The other four drop to the floor to fight while Flair gets the Figure Four and the win. Benpoit the applies the Crippler Crossface for good measure. Fade to black.

I'll be back for the Royal Rumble report on Sunday. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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