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Thunder Report

Ric Flair Interview from John Boy and Billy Show

Report by John Buckley

Volume 4, Issue 418 - January 29, 1999
Editor's Notes: I was interviewed on background by an Inside Edition producer last week. Look for a story on the wrestling business on the program in the near future. Dave Scherer also mentioned the program in today's edition of the Daily Lariet. He expects it to be a "hit" piece, which I gathered from the tenor of the questions I was asked. Mostly, I was asked to suggest people in the business to contact.

Scherer also confirmed that the new "Black and Blue" Blazer on RAW the other night was Mo - formerly of Men on a Mission.

I received my copy of Capt. Lou Albano's (w/Bert Randolph Sugar) new book, "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Pro-Wrestling" ($14.95 + shipping and handling from and am finding it to be a good read, although the material on recent wrestling history (the last ten years or so) is riddled with inaccuracies. The earlier history stuff is pretty sound and I was gratified to see that Solie's Vintage Wrestling is prominently listed as one of the best places on the web for wrestling information. I will review the book here once I have finished reading it.

Ric Flair Interview from John Boy and Billy Show

Solie's reader John Buckley sent me this account of what went down when Ric Flair appeared on the "John Boy and Billy" radio show on January 27th. Mean Gene Okerlund also put in a few words via telephone. Thanks John!

Since I didn't have a recorder with me, I had to try and catch just the highlights of the interview with Flair and John Boy and Billy..This not a word for word transcript as I was taking fast notes, but you get the gist of it. Nothing of any significance was mentioned during the interview.

John Boy: good morning Rick

Ric Flair: welcome to the really big show

John Boy: we haven't talked to you since you took over..whats been happening

Ric Flair: its been fun.the biggest problem I've had is dealing with Human Resources. I wanted the Nitro Girls in thongs the first week I was in charge and they told me I couldn't do that!

John Boy: (does a review of two weeks ago, with David getting beat on and then Bischoff getting shaved) Mean Gene then joins them on the phone*

Mean Gene: (mentions meeting in Atlanta yesterday that Flair was not at. Mentions Bischoff painting the parking lot.

Mean Gene: how interesting it is to see stars of other events at WCW shows..Hershel Walker, Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van-Damme..McMahon must be seething to see the star of the show that preceeds raw on USA sitting in the front row at a WCW event.

Ric Flair: Jean Claude left with all the Nitro girls

Mean Gene: I think he actually left with Marcus Bagwell

John Boy: Lets talk about shaving Bishoffs said you were going to shave other parts.did you get the two mixed up?

Ric Flair: well not everything you can show on tv

John Boy: so many days you have left as president

Ric Flair: 64 more days..plenty of time..Mean Gene and I meet after every show and conspire

Mean Gene: We want to hire more Nitro girls..some that aren't so tight with the goods! Hey Ric I did a little investigative reporting. We have a peeping tom in the ranks. Actually a peeping Scott..Talking about Scott Steiner I saw him a couple weeks ago with a near the ladies locker room with a hand drill..he said he was looking for beaver..we don't have any animals in the building!

John Boy: So where are you guys off to next?

Ric Flair: Next Nitro in Minnepolis, then Providence, Buffalo, Tampa, Las Vegas, Boston, San Francisco, Oakland for the big ppv

John Boy: Hey I know a good job for Bischoff in San Francisco. How about a bath house atendant?

John Boy: we haven't talked much about Jesse the body. How about that?

Ric Flair: Yeah isn't that great. I guess the people are just tired of hearing about the day to day politics and wanted something new. Thats why.

John Boy: You could be something big if you ran

Ric Flair: Yeah you're right..with the backing of the John Boy and Billy show.. I am good friends with former Prez Bush and his so the Governor of Florida.

John Boy: yeah Ric Flair for governor!

Ric does a promo for his appearance at a new Golds Gym in Hickory Point that he is opening tonight. They play a song written for Flair..then lots of commercials and local breaks..

Back talking about Ric Flairs appearance in Hickory Point and general banter and chatter.

Nothing of significance was mentioned..

Also: Corey Hickman at Piledriver Press let me know that the entire segment can be downloaded in RealAudio at The Piledriver Press web site. Thanks Corey!

Thunder Report

Thunder is pre-recorded tonight.

Psychosis vs. Hugh Morrus (w/Jimmy Hart) - hard to tell who will win this one (not!) Morrus shoves his opponent onto his can in what is a preview of how this match is likely to go. Psychosis manages a pretty fancy roll-up but can't hold the big guy down. He is then turned inside out by a massive clothesline. Moments later the Luchadore gets a flying head scissors that sends his opponent to the floor and then drops a suicide dive on him. Back in the ring he gets a missle drop-kick and thus ends his effective offense. Morrus slaps on a rear chinlock. Psychosis escapes and drop-kicks his opponent to the outside again but then makes the mistake of following the big guy out where he is smashed into the steps then left to the tender mercies of Jimmy Hart while Morrus returns to the ring. Psychosis is fighting an uphill battle as he attempts to return to the ring. Morrus repeatedly downs him and attempts to get a pin. He slaps on the chinlock again and Psychosis seems to be going out. He struggles to his feet and escapes but runs into the brick wall that is Hugh Morrus. Another pin attempt fails but Psychosis' struggles are becoming more feeble. He takes longer to gain his feet and is immediately pounded back to the mat. Morrus goes for a flying move but misses - then Psychosis misses a moonsault. Morrus gets a slam and then hits his moonsault (No Laughing Matter indeed!) to get the win. Cut to commercial.

Video review of the trials and tribulations of the nWo B-Team. I notice that during one of their conversations Vince referred to the Wolf Pack as "the boys" only to be countered by Horace saying, " mean the Jabrones?" One thing I find confusing is that, though it was Vince that made a fool out of himself, it was Curt Hennig who suffered the attack at the hands of "the boys."

Chris Jericho (w/Ralphus) vs. Silver King - Tony is unusually cutting in his comments about Jericho tonight. I hear Jericho is to be "jobbed out" until his contract expires - we'll see I guess. This match could be a good indication. Silver King starts out by keeping his opponent on the defensive but soon falls prey to Jericho's attack. The former TV/Cruiserweight Champ is taking control of things as we go to commercial.

Silver King has turned the tables during the break. He knocks Jericho to the floor and then splashes his opponent from the inside-out. Back in the ring, Jericho regains the advantage by reversing a suplex attempt into a pancake slam. Jericho almost loses control during a standing verticle suplex. He knees his opponent hard in the sternum, sending him back out to the floor then chokes his man with a TV cable. Back in the ring, Silver King returns the favor using his lariet, but Jericho reverses the hold and whips his opponent with the rope. He goes for the Liontamer but is thwarted. Silver King executes an airplain spin and then a somersault leg drop. Gets him a two count. He follows with a DDT and another two count. Jericho gets a powerbomb a succeeds in applying the Liontamer for the win. Cut to commercial.

Super Calo vs. Fit Finley - apparently this is Luchadore night on Thunder. Again there seems little doubt about the outcome of this match. Finley must have 50 lbs. on his opponent. Still, Calo is an unusually talented high-flyer and has his moments. Finley withstands his aeriel attack then takes the smaller man to the floor to beat on him. Back in the ring he is merciless. Calo is going down. Finley drags his opponent to the apron and bashes his face on it. He goes for a chair but the referee prevents it. Back in the ring Calo gets one more short offensive flurry before Finley lays him out. Calo escapes to the floor but can't get away far enough. Finley follows him out and pounds on him some more before rolling him back in. Back in the ring Calo again comes alive briefly, then Finley slams him like a rag doll. Calo comes back with a series of kicks then connects with a spinning splash. He goes up again and loses his balance. The Tombstone tells the tale.

Bobby Duncum, Jr./Mike Enos vs. Wrath/Van Hammer - Tag Team Title Tournament first round match - is this the fourth tournament match for Enos and Duncum? Apparently not. Van Hammer has been laid out in the back and Disco Inferno is standing over him. Wolf Pack music plays and here come the Outsiders. Enos and Duncum make room for them in the room. Hall takes the mic implies that the Outsiders should just be given the tag straps. He invites Duncum and Enos to leave but they aren't interested and attack instead. The Outsiders are taken by surprise and scattered as this settles into a regular match. The Outsiders recapture their composure and Duncum finds himself on the receiving end. Nash gets a jack knife on him and that is the end of it. Does this mean the Outsiders are now part of the tournament? Beats me... Cut to commercial.

Disco Inferno vs. Hector Garza - sooner or later this dancing fool will get his comeuppance, count on it. For now, however, he is riding high on his Wolf Pack flunkydom. In this match he is the favored one. Garza is a real talent but hasn't yet reached his potential. He outmaneuvers Disco who scoots to the floor and tries to hide as we cut to commercial.

Disco is whaling on his opponent as we return. He continues his assault for several moments then Garza gets a drop-kick in that knocks Disco out of the ring. He tries to follow up with a moonsault onto the floor...and eats concrete. Disco rolls him back in and hits a Chartbuster to take the pin.

Video from Monday night. More B Team adventures plus humiliation for Bischoff. Leads to the program ending as WCW swarms all over the nWo.

Bam Bam Bigalow vs. Kaz Hayashi - this is the silliest mismatch yet tonight. Kaz is manhandled with ease. Bigalow is almost twice his size. The smaller man tries to even the odds with a sleeper but that plane don't fly... Bigalow's huge suplex almost puts his opponent out. Brad Smith (whoever the hell that is) is identifying himself with a big sign ringside. Bigalow just stands there scowling as Hayashi lays in some ineffectual chops. The big guy goes for his top rope headbutt but misses. Kaz manages to down him with a body block then gets a roll-up but can't hold him down. Bigalow delivers his "Greetings from Asbury Park" and takes the pin. Cut to commercial.

The Outsider (w/Disco Stooge) vs. Konnan/Rey Misterio, Jr. - one (short) segment is consumed by the Wolf Pack's entrance, then we cut to commercial.

Konnan does his usual schtick - including Rey in his remonstrations. Hall and Nash answer with crotch shots. Misterio faces Hall to start. Hall is lax and immediately Rey is all over him. Hall comes back and spits in his eyes then tags in Nash. Rey feigns a lockup then turns and tags Konnan. Konnan runs into Nash's typical raised knee as he goes for a lockup. Nash stands him in the corner and drives his foot into his throat. Konnan fights out of the corner then clears the ring after Hall tries to interfere. They try to send Disco in and the referee allows it!The Outsiders stand on their corner as Konnan takes Disco apart. They refuse to tag back in at first but Hall finally relents. He and Konnan face off as we cut to an final commercial.

Misterio is down in the ring as we return. Hall tags Nash in who puts the old Snake Eyes move on the little guy. Hall comes in and executes his fall-away slam. Nash is back in right away and delivers the jumping sidewalk slam. Hall tags in and sets Rey on the top turnbuckle then delivers a superplex. Rey kicks out. Nash executes the world's biggest beale then tags in Hall. Hall stands over Rey and prods him with his boot. He stands him up and downs him with a discus punch. Hall is in and takes some body shots then thwarts a sunset flip. He throws Rey at Konnan giving him the chance to tag out. Konnan cleans house and goes for the Tequilla Sunrise on Nash but here comes the nWo to break it up followed by Liz and Hogan. Vince, Adams and Norton stretch Rey out for Hogan to whip with his weight belt. Konnan is held so he has to watch. Rey is painted then Konnan is punked. Hogan turns to the camera and rants at Flair (who isn't present tonight). Fade to black as the Wolf Pack strolls away.

I thought maybe Thunder had turned a corner with better shows last week but this was a wasted two hours...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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