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Thunder Report

FCC Asked To Examine WWF Ad

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Volume 4, Issue 421 - February 5, 1999

Thunder Report

Thunder is live from the Civic Center in Providence, Rhode Island. We get a recap of the closing moments of Nitro showing Hollywood Hogan and Chuck Zito stalking David Flair. Cut to Arn Anderson on the phone with the Nature Boy assertening that David is all right. Apparently the stalking incident was a find game being played on Flair. Cut to video from earlier today - the nWo B Team is getting increasingly fed up with Vince.

Chris Jericho (w/Ralphus) vs. Scott Riggs - Riggs seems to have Jericho's number through much of this match. He out-maneuvers his opponent and then dumps him to the floor where he dishes out more punshment. Jericho turns the tables as they return to the ring and now it is Rigg's turn to be dumped to the floor as we cut to commercial.

Jericho is in charge as we return but Riggs is still in it. The match goes into see-saw mode. They trade moves for several moments then throw simultaneous body blocks and collide mid-ring. They are both down for a moment then back up and continuing with move and countermove. They struggle in the corner and Jericho turns a powerbomb into a Liontamer attempt but is thwarted. After another couple of exchanges, Jericho swats a drop kick away and gets the Liontamer and the victory. Cut to commercial.

Video review of Konnan and Rey, Jr. calling Nash and Luger out and the Wolf Pack's response. The nWo will put up Miss Liz's hair against Misterio's mask.

Disorderly Conduct vs. Konnan/Rey Misterio, Jr. - I really think it is too bad that they have allowed Konnan and Luger to horn in on Rey's angle with Nash. That "giant killer" angle had a lot going for it in my opinion. Of course Rey is no great shakes on the mic so maybe that was the reason for it. Rey starts the match with...whoever it is - I don't really care much about which DC is which. Rey sends his opponent to the floor then splashes both of them. Back in the ring, Konnan clotheslines one of them so Rey can pull off a sunset flip. Konnan comes in and hits his seated drop-kick on "Tough Tom" I guess it is. Misterio comes back in and is manhandled by his opponent. He is being isolated for the next several minutes. He finally slips away and tags in Konna who cleans house. Rey comes back in and it's 2 on 2 for a while with the Luchadores dominating. After some spirited byplay, Rey gets a roll-up on one guy while Konnan slaps the Tequilla Sunrise on the other.

More video of the B-Team - they are arriving at the arena - a second limo shows up and out climbs Vince. The others jump on him for being late and dispute his assertion that he (Vince) is in control of nWo black & white. Cut to commercial.

More B Team shenanigans.

Norman Smiley vs. The Disciple - well, here's two guys I don't care about... The Disciple/Booty Man/Zodiac/Brutus the Barber/Ed Leslie is again a wrestler without a storyline. Leslie dominates the early going (the crowd is chanting something negative - I can't tell what they are saying...) Smiley can't seem to get anything going for quite a while then finally starts chain wrestling - against which Leslie has no defense. Now it ia all Smiley (pronounced Simal-ay). Leslie has to rake the face to turn the tables but only for a moment. Smiley gets a suplex and is back in charge. He stops for the "Big Wiggle" which only serves to infuriate the Disciple. Too late, Smiley slaps on his chicken wing - body vise sumission hold and Leslie taps out. Cut to commercial.

Horace and Brian Adams are forming a pact - they plan to ignore the wrangling and just try to win the Tag Team tournament. Disco Inferno comes looking for Vince and is told "he's down there..."

The First Family (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. Horace/Brian Adams - Tag Team tournament match- I guess you could call both of these teams midcarders. I give the Faces a definite chance in this tournament - Horace and Adams? - forgetaboudit... They are dumped out to the floor within a minute as the match begins. Horace comes back in against the Barbarian and manages to dominate him then tag in Adams. Meng comes in and Adams runs their heads together - bad move...they combine to run him down. Adams is in enemy territory for a while as his opponents take turns on him until time for a commercial.

Horace is in the Faces' clutches as we return. Meng goes for a leg drop and misses - allowing Horace to tag in his partner. Adams keeps moving for a minute or so but gets booted in the head by Meng then stomped in the corner by the Barbarian. Adams comes back with an atomic drop then tags Horace back in. Horace attacks the hamstrings and goes for a pin but fails. Horace follows up with a backbreaker suplex and tries again. Still no cigar. Adams comes in and continues the assault. He gets a piledriver but Meng runs in and kicks him in the head to prevent the pin. Horace is in and applies a crucifix slam to know avail. Meng is tagged in and Horace is back on the receiving end. He is tossed to the floor and followed out by the Barbarian. Somehow, Horace turns the tables but now Jimmy Hart is interfering. Vince appears ringside and clobbers Hart with Stevie Ray's slapjack. In the ring the Barbarian is dominating Horace. He loads up his boot and delivers the Kick of Fear. Adams saves Horace's cookies. Now Vince is on the apron and brains the Barbarian (the referee is elsewhere occupied). Horace gets the pin. Cut to commercial.

Stevie Ray is looking for his weapon in the dressing room.

Video replay of the US Title situation which changed Monday after Scott Hall defeated Chruis Benoit to win the right to face Bret Hart at SuperBrawl. Cut to commercial.

Video of Goldberg ranting at Bam Bam Bigalow on Monday.

Jerry Flynn vs. His Maker (Bigalow) - this match result is a foregone conclusion. I mean - Gosh, Bigalow is facing Goldberg at SuperBrawl for pity sakes - do we really expect him to lose to a jobber like Flynn? Flynn gets a couple of early shots then is mowed down. He comes back with a spin wheel kick then is mowed down again. He keeps getting in isolated kicks and chops between steamroller passes. Flynn gets one last flurry just before receiving his "Greetings." In the back Stevie Ray is being restrained from beating on Vince - it looks like he did considerable damage before he was pulled off. Cut to commercial.

Replay of the Steiner/Kimberly incident from Nitro followed by the fury of Diamond Dallas Page.

Glacier vs. Diamond Dallas Page - Glacier taunts DDP until he gets clotheslined out of his boots and is dumped out to the floor. Glacier returns to the ring and is right back in the lion's den. Page is just tearing this guy up. Glacier finally rolls out and gets a neck snapper off the top rope from the apron but then he climbs to the top and is caught and Diamond Cut from that position. 'Nuf said. Cut to commercial.

Mike Enos/Bobby Duncum, Jr. vs. Curt Hennig/Barry Windham - Tag Team tournament match - this is what? Enos and Duncum's fifth tournament contest? Three of these guys are second generation wrestlers. Enos is on the receiving end from the get go - he takes it for a while then tags Duncum in to take his punishment. Duncum eventually gets the best of Windham but can't keep him from tagging out. Hennig is in and Duncum is taking it some more as we cut to commercial.

Enos has Hennig on the run as we return. He gets some help from his partner who interferes from the outside. Hennig comes back strong and starts asaulting the left leg of his opponent. Windham comes in and picks up on that mode of attack. Widham can still get his considerable bulk into the air to deliver his trademark lariet. Hennig tags in again but is on the receiving end of a clothesline out of the corner. Windham and Duncum come in at the same time - Windham is blasted and tags Hennig right back in. Duncum gets a bulldog on Hennig but fails to get the pin. Enos rushes in ans distracts the referee so that Windham and Hennig (or Hindham and Wennig, as Tony calls them before correcting himself) can gang up on Duncum and put him away.

Our friend Charlie Harvel sent this along from the Associated Press. I find it interesting in light of my editorial on Monday:

FCC Asked To Examine WWF Ad

AP Business Writer

NEW YORK (AP) _ Federal regulators are hearing complaints that the World Wrestling Federation went over the line of decency with its raucous Super Bowl commercial. Two TV watchdog groups said Wednesday the commercial should not have run Sunday on a program with such wide appeal as the annual telecast of the NFL's championship game. But WWF officials said most people who saw the ad - including officials at Fox Broadcasting Co., which carried the telecast - found nothing offensive about it and said they intend to continue running the ad.

Robert W. Peters, president of the group Morality in Media, called the WWF commercial "one of the most vile commercials ever aired on network TV'' even though he conceded he hadn't seen it.

The American Family Association, another group often critical of sex and violence on television, told the Federal Communications Commission that the ad fell within the agency's definition of indecency and should not have run in the early evening as it did on Sunday's Super Bowl broadcast. The American Family Association, which is based in Tupelo, Miss., filed a complaint against its local Fox television affiliate, WLOV in West Point, Miss., and urged others to file similar complaints against their local Fox stations.

The ad in question offered a typical "day at the office" at WWF headquarters in Stamford, Conn. WWF wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin says in the ad that the WWF offers "a nonviolent form of entertainment" just before he slams a folding chair against a passerby. Executives brawled in the lobby and office suites in the ad, and bodies shattered glass partitions. The scene Roberts and the American Family Association faulted showed a a couple in an embrace with the woman's legs wrapped around the man's waist as female wrestler Sable walks by saying "We never use sex to enhance our image."

"The spot was a tongue-in-cheek parody," said Jim Byrne, a marketing executive for the WWF. "Everything about it was so over- the-top that for anyone to interpret it literally is interesting." He said most people got the joke. "There will always be people who take themselves way too seriously who are extremely vocal," he said.

A call to WLOV was referred after office hours to a lawyer in Washington, and calls to Fox TV network executives for comment were not returned.

The FCC has authority to fine broadcast license holders like TV stations. Norman Goldstein, chief of the FCC branch that handles such complaints, said the agency had received 45 complaints about the ad via e-mail through Wednesday morning. Peters said there probably would have been no complaints about the ad had it run in late-night TV when children are not watching. But he said he was appalled that it was shown during the Super Bowl, which typically draws the year's biggest TV audience. "The vast majority of parents wouldn't have any concern about having their 2- year-olds watching it," he said.

No matter how you feel about these groups, their combined clout spells nothing short of a black eye for pro-wrestling. The Religious Right is a powerful force in this country these days. Depicting a public sexual act on primetime TV in front of the biggest audience of the year was a real (excuse the expresson) boner move. Expect this kind of thing to continue.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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