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Roddy Piper is the new US Champ!!

February 5th ECW House Show Report

by Ryan "Rhino" Semmes

AWA Wrestling coming to the FOX Network?

by Corey Hickman

Volume 4, Issue 422 - February 8, 1999
Editor's Note: RAW is pre-empted tonight by the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on USA Network. It is set to air Saturday evening. I will be combining the RAW Report with the St. Valentines Day Massacre Report.

February 5th ECW House Show Report

Ryan "Rhino" Semmes

On February 5, 1999, I attended an ECW Houseshow at the Township Auditorium (amazingly hosted one of the first Great American Bash events) in Columbia, South Carolina. This was my first ECW show, and I was a bit unfamiliar with a few of the wrestlers. We do not get ECW on TV in South Carolina, so I thought that the crowd would not be very receptive....boy was I wrong. The crowd (which was probably no more than 1600 people in an arena that holds only about 3000) was totally into the show and knew a great deal about the wrestlers.

Match #1 - Danny Doring and Road Kill vs. Jerry Lynn and Nova

We didn't know what to make of Road Kill, pretty funny stuff. They announce that this is Jerry's return to the ring and Doring insults him about his relationship with Nova. The crowd begins a chant aboout Road Kill's relationship with sheep. The match begins, solid fighting going on. Typical distract the ref kinda stuff. Of Course a table is set up at ring side, which Doring went through Compliments of Jerry Lynn. Eventually, after a failed double team, Lynn gets the pin on Road Kill.

Solid match, enough good spots to get the crowd hyped.

Match #2 - Out strolls Joel Gertner...hmm

He comes out with Sign Guy and BIg Dick Dudley, tells the crowd how handsome he is and how backwards we are in the South. He then challenges anybody from the back to take on Big Dick Dudley....and out comes....Spike Dudley. We are told as Spike runs to the ring that the winner gets a shot the TV Title later tonight. Spike hits the ring and gets pummeled by BDD, he goes for what I assume was an atomic drop, but spike (while being held) runs up the turnbuckles and gets a swinging DDT, small cradle, 1-2-3...Spike wins in a very quick match, and he'll be back later. He runs away (smart).


Match #3 - Full Blooded Italians (w/"Wildfire" Tommy Rich) vs. Chris Chetti and some Jobber

Out comes the FBI and Wildfire....same thing as always, Italians are the best, yatta yatta yatta...(question? when did Tommy Rich become Italian?)....The match starts quickly with Little Guido getting the best of JOB...Guido is quick and he and Smothers keep their opponent isolated...eventually Chetti is tagged in, but he is no help...a lot of jumps out to the floor (which was hardwood and got really scratched up by the rails)...some decent chair shots...Wildfire eventually uses his flag on the JOB and FBI get the win.

Match #4 - Super Crazy vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri

These two guys were good!! While I was enjoying the traditional style mat wrestling, the crowd wasn't into it. They begin to chant Boring. Well, they must have heard because they almost imidiately stepped it up. Lots of High Flying action, devastating submission holds. Super Crazy held Tajiri in a surfboard for a while. Eventually, Tajiri was able to secure the clean pin on Crazy. By now the crowd was really into the match and both competitors received a healthy round of applause.

Gertner and Sign Guy come out again, this time with Bubba and D-Von. Now they have changed their tunes. Bubba talks about how great South Carolina is and that the women are the prettiest here. He then brings out three lovely ladies from the local "Gentlemen's Club" and asks the crowd if we want them to show off their racks. He tells the crowd to scream, they do and he yells "Screw You Guys, You Don't deserve it" and he kicks the ladies out of the ring.

Match #5 - Bubba and D-Von Dudley vs. Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney

Surprisingly, most of the crowd knows their theme song. This match is crazy. These guys bring their own chairs and use them quick. A couple more tables get broken and the chairs get bent. All four have chairs now and they are swinging them at each other. Sign Guy comes in and gets decked, as well as Gertner. Then Big Dick Dudley comes in and kocks out Axl Rotten. Bubba gets the pin, but wait....The music starts up and out comes New Jack with a trash can full of stuff....He hits Bubba over the head with a portable ironing board (It breaks) and he cleans house with cookie sheets, music stands, a broom, a box fan and the trash can. The Dudleys run off, and New Jack and Balls/Axl give away the broken weapons to kids at ring side.

Intermission - They announce that Francise will sign anything you buy during Intermission, and the freaks ran like crazy.

So far its a good show.

Match #6 - Spike Dudley vs. Rob Van Dam for the Television Championship

Spike comes out first, then out comes Van Dam...the crowd starts screaming "whole F'N Show"....RVD totally destroys Spike, he throws him around like a ragdoll, he throws him outside into the railings over the railings, into the ring, through the table, but Spike wont be pinned. Spike finally gets some offense and mangaes to pull off that DDT after a few failed tries, he manages to get a couple of two counts, but RVD is just too much for Spike. A few high flying moves later and RVD gets the pin. Both men are cheered when they leave, but RVD gets the most cheers.

Match #7 - One Man Gang vs. Sabu for the FTW Championship

OMG is old as hell and the crowd let him know about it. This was a good match. Sabu set up chairs in the middle of the ring and ran and jumped off of them to the outside onto the table and OMG. He did this twice, and OMG got his chain wrapped around Sabu's throat. Sabu sets up a table in the ring and OMG is put on it. He's hit a few time but the table wont break...third time's the charm. 1-2-3, Sabu is your winner.

Match #8 (First of Double-Main Event) - Justen Credible w/Jason and Some Woman vs. Tommy Dreamer

Dreamer wants to fight Justen without his buddies around and he questions Jason's sexuality and calls the woman a "crack whore." This was a cool match. Justen's stick came into play a few times, as did the chairs at ring side. At one point it appeared that Tommy hurt his jaw, he held it the rest of the match. He left the ring and went backstage, but came back with a ladder. He used it on Credible, but them got it used on him a few times. It was leaning in the corner and Dreamer got a Russian Leg Sweep on both Jason and Justen, then he got the pin.

Shane Douglas comes out with Francine. He reminds the crowd that Columbia used to be NWA country, and that we started Extreme years ago. He says that ECW isn't an Action-Adventure League or Sports Entertainment. He says that while McMahon is waiting for "Stone Cold to shove something up his $$$ again" and Turner's champ is a bad actor (To which the crowd erupted with a Hogan Sucks Chant), ECW works their butts off for the people, and to prove it, he wants to give the crowd an NWA style match with Taz for the World Title. Out comes Taz who accepts, but in order to make it worth our while, it's falls count anywhere.

Match #9 Second Main Event Match - Shane Douglas w/Francine vs. Taz for the ECW World Championship

They start out in the ring, but almost immediately go outside. By now, all the wrestlers in the back have come out, including Paul E. True to form the match spills out into the crowd and up the ramp there are a couple of pin attempts before they go out to the walkways. The come back in rather quickly and hit the seats. A few more pin attempts in the aisles, some devastating hits against the rails, and finally they are back at ring side. Both men get Tables from under the ring and rest them in the corners. They fight a little more and Taz is drilled into one of the tables, splitting it in half. Shane tries for a pin but can't get it. Taz gets a low-blow and has Shane reeling. he DDT's Shane into the other table, 1-2-3, Taz wins. After it was over, Taz grabbed the mic and offered his hand to Shane as sign of respect, shane shook it and raised it in the air, then Taz left.

It was a really great houseshow. South Carolina Regulations wouldn't allow any bloodshed, so I missed that, and no balcony jumps (this place would have been perfect for it). No Sid, No Sunny, No Chris Candido, other than that, I enjoyed it alot.

I hope you enjoyed reading about it.

Ryan Semmes is a regular Solie's reader and correspondent and was a frequenter of the old Solie's Readers' Forum under the handle "Rhino."

Wrestling coming to the FOX Network?

I received this email this afternoon:

I recently had the opportunity to conduct a telephone interview with Dale Gagne, president of the new AWA Superstars. Dale informed me that the Fox network has been aggressively pursuing a wrestling program of it's own. He went on to say that they have plans to have it's own show probably by the end of this summer. They have the funding available to 'grow' their own talent or raid the big two, if necessary.

The interview also covers several wrestling issues and provides a preview upcoming re-introduction of the AWA as a major force in pro wrestling. The entire interview can be heard in RealAudio at the Piledriver Press website.

Corey Hickman
Editor/Webmaster - Piledriver Press

Sunday Night Heat Overview

The McMahon's strutted to the ring with Chyna between them to open the program. He announced a tag team match at the Valentines Day PPV pitting HHH/X-Pac vs. Chyna/Kane. He turned his guns on Mankind, called him a thief for stealing the Rock's money and talked about the pending "Last Man Standing" WWF Title match. Concerning Steve Austin he continued to insist that Stone Cold is afraid of facing him. He then schedules a match pitting Mankind vs. Austin for the RAW Saturday show next weekend.

The oddities had a silly match (what other kind do they ever have..?) against Too Much. Kurrgan and Golga ran their opponents into the mat after Droz drew off the Giant Silva. DOA showed up late in the match to turn the tables for the ambiguously gay duo.

Al Snow gave a brilliant interview wherein he demonstrated what he would do to the Road Dog at the PPV by beating on himself with a chair, running himself into a guard rail, shooting himself in the face with a fire extinguisher and throwing himself through a table!

The Godfather brought three lovely garden tools to the ring for his match against Ken Shamrock. Just about the time Shamrock was setting up for the ankle lock, Val Venis appeared on the TitanTron embracing Shamrock's sister. Kenny split and got himself counted out. After the commercial we came back to find Shamrock beating on Venis then taking off with his sister.

Jacquline squared off against Luna to decide who would be the next one to challenge Sable for her Womens' Title. D-Lo Brown came out to distract Jacquie which handed the victory to Luna.

Speaking of D-Lo - he and Mark Henry faced off against Jeff Jarrett/Owen Hart and HHH/X-Pac in a Triple Threat tag team match. No titles at stake in this one. Brown and Henry were the first ones eliminated - leaving th Tag Champs to face DX for the remainder of the match. Chyna then showed up and delivered her second low blow in a row to HHH - thus giving the Tag Champs the win.

Nitro Report

The program opens with scenes from the Hogan/David Flair stalking incident at the end of last week's show. It continues with Flair's reaction to what he saw on the monitor after the program ended. He screams for Bischoff to be brought to him. Legendary Larry's bow to the crowd is abreviated tonight - obviously he has been told to tone it down, as was reported on the Internet last week. After some palaver, we cut to video of the phone call between Arn Anderson and Ric Flair concerning the stalking incident then back to the ring to watch the Nitro Grrrrls dancing in white spandex and spangles. Diamond Dallas Page is shown backstage watching the Grrrls (including his wife) dancing. We cut to a backstage room where Disco Inferno is admitted by Kevin Nash to find Scott Hall inside and a prostrated Arn Anderson writhing on the floor in pain. He taunts AA and wraps a belt around his fist. The Wolf Pack boys leave them alone as we cut to commercial.

I have heard a rumor that Sting is due to reappear tonight.

We come back to a pool room. An attractive blonde women approaches the camera and invites the cameraman (apparently) to join her in a limo outside. Nitro is live tonight from Buffalo, New York.

Blitzkreig vs. Rey Misterio, Jr. (w/Konnan) - Blitzkreig is a newcomer to WCW - I have heard him referred to on the Net over the last week or so. He is said to be a great high-flyer. He keeps up with Rey pretty well and gets the best of him after the first few exchanges. He throws a corkscrew splash that takes Rey down out on the floor. Back in the ring, Rey thwarts a Frankensteiner attempt then gets a springboard moonsault for a two count. Blitzkreig comes right back and gets a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker to retake the advantage. He then suckers Misterio into charging the corner and connecting his shoulder with the post. Moments later, Rey catches his opponent coming down at him on the floor with a drop kick that takes him out of the air. Back in the ring, Misterio is firmly in control but can't get the pin yet. He puts a superplex on his opponent and gets another two count. He slaps on a sleeper but Blitzkreig escapes and gets a powerbomb but no cigar. Rey recovers and grabs the sleeper again. His opponent escapes but Rey gets his own tilt-a-whirl. He then catches him at the top and head scissors him to the mat then puts him in the corner and rides the bucking bronco. Blitzkreig escapes again and goes for a corkscrew move off the top but misses. Rey gets the Frankensteiner and finally pins him. Fantastic match!!

Another "Raven at Home" skit finds Kanyon showing up at the door of yet another Levy home. "Scotty's" mom is on her way out the door and wants "Chris" to stay with him while she is gone. Raven (who is "less then sullen" today) takes Kanyon out to the garage. They climb into a Farrarri and drive off.

Fit Finley vs. Booker T - this should be a good match. Booker is a genuine phenomenon and Finley backs down from no one. Booker beales Finley after their first lock-up. He then turns his back to acknowledge the crowd and gets blindsided for his trouble. Finley pounds him down relentlessly for several moments then delivers a jaw breaker. Booker is reeling after less then a minute. He is starting a comeback but then goes for a leap frog and landing on Finley's shoulder - looks like a mistake. Both guys were hurt by the move. Finley recovers first but then Booker hits a reverse spin-kick that puts Finley down. He follows with a boot to the face and now Finley is wobbly. Booker shoots him into the ropes but Finley holds on causing Booker to throw a leg over the top rope and deliver his own low blow (Ouch!). He drops to the floor while Finley waits for him to recover. Finley knocks Booker off the apron when he tries to return to the ring. He is after him on the floor as we cut to a scene of Hogan consulting with his nephew Horace. He wants Horace to take over the nWo B-Team but keep it a secret (?) Horace leaves and Hogan chuckles cynically too himself. Cut to commercial.

Ric Flair is assigning janitorial duties to Bischoff tonight! He threatens Bischoff with breach of contract if he doesn't do the job.

Back in the ring Finley has a sleeper but Booker escapes immediately. He is still reeling and Finley has the upper hand. He tosses Booker to the floor then turns to argue with the referee. He turns back to meet Booker coming back into the ring then snap mares him into a reverse chinlock. He lets him use and perches him on the top rope. Booker elbows him off and then throws a half-twisting body block to get a one count. Booker starts to gain ground with a flurry and finally puts Finley down with a missle drop-kick and gets the pin. Another exceptional match.

Raven and Kanyon stop in at a bank where the president greets him at the door. He is given $10,000 in ones (!) and a second $10,000 in big bills. They are headed to a haberdashery to get Kanyon some new threads as we cut to commercial.

Bischoff lounges against a bathroom wall as Jimmy Hart comes out of a stall telling him they need more toilet paper. The Barbarian enters and goes into a stall. Bischoff complains about the smell and splits. Cut to Hogan talking to Brian Adams this time. He lays the same rap on Adams that he laid on Horace earlier. This means trouble... Cut to commercial.

Mean Gene (and the crowd) welcomes Ric Flair to the ring. Mean Gene brings up the condition of Arn Anderson (which hasn't been mentioned since the incident happened). Flair has spoken to Arn since then apparently. Flair and Steve McMichaels will face Hall and Nash in the main event tonight. He reminds Hogan that he only has two more weeks to be the WCW World Champ. He drops a couple of elbows on the mat (like he did the night of his "heart attack). He dismisses Scott Hall from his US Title shot at SuperBrawl and then demands that Bret Hart come out and bring the belt. He tells Hart he doesn't have the "deal that Hogan has" - he says either Hart will wrestle at SuperBrawl or else he will forfeit the Title. He also tells Hart that he will face Roddy Piper for the belt tonight! Will Sasso is shown ringside ( he is the comedian who supposedly had the dustup with Hart on MadTV - I saw the show and I think it was a work, but at least one Internet reporter has bought it and has been making a stink about it). Back to the inside of the blonde's limo where the lady is trying to get the cameraman to come sit by her (we still don't know who it is she is suppsed to be trying to seduce). Cut to a tag team tribute video then back to the platform where the Nitro Grrrr's dance for the second time tonight while DDP watches on a backstage monitor.

Hogan is now telling his story to Stevie Ray. This is going to be good...

Brian Adams/Horace vs. Curt Hennig/Barry Windham - Tag Team Title - Hennig goes right after Adams while Windham takes Horace to the floor. Adams turns the tables on Hennig while his partner does the same on the outside. Horace and Adams have the combined power advantage but the opposite team has the experience. In the bathroom some of the Luchadores are complaining because there is no shaving lotion. Bischoff offers them deoderant instead then he tries to get them to tip him! Cut to commercial.

Windham has a figure four on Horace as we return. Hennig is helping with leverage but Horace makes it to the rope. He gets a powerslam and a two count. Windham comes back with a lariet. Adams and Hennig are tagged in together. Hennig slaps on an abdominal stretch but Horace runs in and breaks it up. A fight erupts out on the floor and the referee is out of positon as Henig gets his "Hennigplex" on Adams. No cigar. Vince and Stevie Ray show up in the aisle. They get into a skirmish on the apron over Stevie's slap-jack (which Vince still has) - Adams gets waffled in the melee and pinned bu Hennig.

The camera follows the blonde through a lobby and into an elevator. She smiles enticingly as the elevator starts up. Cut to commercial.

WCW is pulling out all the stops to put on an entertaining program tonight. I recalled this afternoon that it was during the NBA Playoffs (when Nitro was off the air) that the current RAW ratings streak began. It looks like WCW is trying to re-capture the momentum.

Hogan is with Vince now as we return. He is appointing him as the "new leader" of the B Team, just like everyone else he's talked to tonight.

Mean Gene recalls the past greats of wrestling as he talks about the venue they are in tonight, then he invites Bam Bam Bigalow to the ring. Bigalow shows up in civvies. He carries a sheet of paper and exhibits it too the crowd. He is totally focused on his match with Goldberg at SuperBrawl. The paper he holds turns out to be a reprint of the USA Today article on Goldberg (see the Daily Update page for last week). Biigalow contends that Goldberg is spending too much time on othe things (his campaign to stp cock fighting). Goldberg comes down and Mean Gene hightails it as a brawl erupts in the ring. Security men run in and attempt to pull them apart as we cut to commercial.

Nitro Grrrrrls in the ring again. Dancing with feather boas. DDP still watches from the wings. DDP is then shown in the dressing room with Rita something-or-other from the "Later" show. Isn't that a sitcom star sitting there on the other couch? Can't think of his name and they don't mention it. He has been involved with WCW for several years now off and on.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Kenny Kaos - Kaos gets an armdrag to start and then crows to the crowd. DDP explodes all over him and takes him out to the floor for a beating. He rolls back in and waits for Kaos to re-enter. He outmaneuvers his opponent and Kenny rolls out again. DDP lets Kaos return unmolested, they lock up and DDP gets a belly-to-belly suplex. Kaos comes back and snaps Page's neck off the top rope. H follows with a springboard lariet then chokes Page against the bottom rope. A belly-to-back gets him a two count. He pounds DDP down in the corner then turns his back to crow some more. Bad move. Page explodes again but Kenny gets another suplex then slaps on a rear chinlock. He is using the ropes for leverage as the referee is busy asking Page if he wants to concede. DDP escapes and hits a big clothesline then follows with roundhouse punches and another lariet. They struggle some more and Page gets a Diamond Cutter off the second rope and the pin. He takes off through the crowd to go check on his old lady.

Raven and Kanyon are at Vercace looking for duds for Kanyon (why does this remind me of Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman..?). Kanyon models some outfits then walks out with Raven looking like a million bucks. Cut to commercial.

We're back and so are Raven and Kanyon - they've been hitting the hot spots. Raven's mother returns and says that WCW has asked him to come back to work.

Ernest Miller (w/Sonny Oono) vs. all semblence of entertaining storylines - Miller goes through his usual boring schtick, asking somebody (anybody) to come out and give him some competition. He runs his mouth as the crowd chants "You Suck!" In the back, Adams and Stevie Ray are applying ice to Adams aching head. Horace is there as well - the three of them call Vince in and tell him that Miller is calling him out. Vince appears to fall for it and heads for the ring but then stops off at the the restroom to tell Disco that it is his sister that Miller is talking about. Disco tells Vince to get stuffed and splits. Finally Vince goes to the ring. Oono waylays him so that Miller can drop on him from the apron. In the ring, Miller is all over his victim. Vince comes back with a clothesline out of the corner then pounds on Miller only to get kicked in the head. He rolls out and is attacked by Oono. Miller comes out and somehow Vince turns the tables. He is then kicked into the first row ringside! Miller hauls him back over the railing and throws him back in the ring then starts whaling on him. Vince comes back with a jaw breaker and follows it with an atomic drop, misses a clotheline then Miller just opens up on him. Miller goes to the top for his spin kick but Vince stumbles into the ropes and upsets his balance. Miller falls to the mat and Vince pins him. I take it back, that was a very entertaining match - anytime Miller gets beat I find it entertaining... Cut to commercial.

Scott Steiner is harrassing Kimberly in the parking lot but DDP appears from around their car and attacks him. Kimberly gets into the car and then Steiner leaves DDP in clutches of security and drives the car away! Page gives chase and then the car turns and heads back. As the car approaches then turns away, the passenger side door opens and a stunt woman tumbles out onto the tarmac. DDP bends over the unidentified woman and calls for an ambulance. Page screams for an ambulance then turns back to where the stuntwoman lies on the pavement. We hear Kimberly's recorded voice groaning as DDP freaks out. They must have substituted the stunt woman for Kimberly during the fight when the camera turned away from the car for a bit. Cut to commercial.

Kimberly is strapped onto a stretcher and loaded into an ambulance as we return. Cut to commercial.

Scene from MadTV highlights Bret Hart's appearance on the show. Bret sems to go nuts, attacking cast members right and left. In the bathroom, Legendary Larry is doing his hair and taunts the restroom attendent while Biscoff reads USA Today. Zbyzsco complains about something on the floor so Bischoff gets ready to "bleach the floor" as we cut to the arena.

Bret Hart vs. Roddy Piper - US Title match - the announcers are still talking in outraged tones about what happened to Kimberly. Hart and Piper all old friends, of course. They go nose-to-nose then Piper explodes with punches. Hart bails and Piper follows him out then rolls him back in. Hart alternately limps and forgets to limp. Obviously his injury is healed but he wants everybody to think he is still hurt. Hart leaves the ring again and this time Piper waits him out. Back in the ring, Piper is whaling and poking Hart in the eye. Hart comes back and so Piper delivers a low blow to turn the tables. Or maybe he didn't - Hart is playing possum as the trainer runs in to attend to him. He struggles to get up but as soon as Piper is distracted he attacks from behind. Cut to commercial.

Hart has Piper draped over the ropes as we return. He releases the hold and delivers a Russian leg sweep. He is pounding on Piper at will. Piper is clotheslined over the top to the floor. Hart follows him out and chokes him with a TV cable. Hart is pushed away by the referee and goes over and drags Sasso into the ringside area (yep -it's a work...) Piper comes after Hart and they roll back into the ring where Piper gets a belly-to-back suplex and a two count. Hart begs off and Piper slaps on a sleeper. They crash into the referee and catch him in the corner. Hart is pulling a weapon out of his tights. He rolls Piper up but the ref is out cold. He gets up and smacks Piper with the weapon then tries to revive the referee as Sasso is up and shouting at him. He and Sasso have a tug-o-war over the body of the referee, Piper comes from behind Hart and rolls him up for the pin. Roddy Piper is the new US Champ!!

Kevin Nash/Scott Hall vs. Ric Flair/Steve McMichael - unless I am mistaken this is the first official match we have seen Hall and Nash in as partners since Hall rejoined the nWo. They competed in the Tag Team Tournament a while back but they crashed that party. Hall and nash make their entrance then he cut to commercial.

We follow the blonde babe into a hotel room. She tells us to sit down then retreats to the bathroom telling us she will be right back.

The Horsemen make their entrance. Mongo knocks Nash out of the ring and then helps Flair beat up on Hall. Disco is at ringside now. Hall faces Flair and beats him in the corner but Flair reverses the field and delivers his famous chops. He runs over and taunts Nash who comes in and is downed by Mongo. Hall rolls out and then returns to the ring on the other side. He gets Flair in the corner and pounds down on him from the second rope. Flair absorbs the blows then delivers an atomic drop. Hall comes back and Flair is down. He bounces out of the corner with an elbow then climbs the ropes. I have never seen this move turn out well for Flair. He is tossed to the mat but comes right back and tags Mongo in to face Nash. Mongo handles Nash easily then cleans house as Hall runs in. Hall and Nash finally doubleteam him to turn the tables. Mongo is isolated as the former Champs take turns on him. Tony is talking about Sting, and now so is Tenay. Nash is mashing Mongo in the corner with a foot to the throat. Hall is in and delivers the fall-away slam. Nash tags back in and delivers some punches then Hall is back and has a sleeper. Mongo is losing it but drops into a jaw breaker. He and Hall race to tag out - but then Hall reverses course and Mongo tags Flair. Flair starts to grab a figure four but then breaks off to kick the top rope as Nash comes over the top. Nash is down on the floor and Flair slaps the figure four on Hall. In the back, Hogan is heading out past unconscious Security guys with the mop bucket. He hauls it out to the ring as Hall is back on his feet. He threatens Flair with the contents but Mongo gets between them and takes the liquid in the eyes. Flair is alone in the ring with the Wolf Pack. Flair attacks with low blows then Goldberg runs out and spears Disco. Bigalow runs out and attacks Goldberg who tosses him to the floor just before we fade to black.

A very good show. WCW went all out.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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