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Thunder Report

From the Top Rope...

by Joseph Holt

Volume 4, Issue 423 - February 12, 1999
Editor's Note:There was quite a bit of comment concerning my contention that it was a stuntwoman and not Kimberly who took that fall out of a speeding car the other night on Nitro. Some people contended that it had to be Kim because there wasn't enough time to make a switch. I would only point out that the car sped away from the camera to the far end of the parking lot and then turned back. They could have been switching places during that action. There is also the fact that the front end of the car was out of camera range during most of the struggle between Steiner, Page and the Security guys. Plenty of time to have made the switch then as well.

My main contention would be that Kimberly is not a professional stunt person and that is what you need to pull off such a stunt. Falling out of a car going any speed onto concrete is not something that could be done lightly - this car was moving at a pretty good clip when the woman came out. If for no other reason then insurance considerations, it seems highly unlikely that Kim would want to, or be allowed to attempt such a feat.

From the Top Rope...

by Joseph Holt


While switching channels on my remote control Thursday evening I received somewhat of a revelation. I have found something that many people think is just an imaginary place. Maybe its just the reception my satellite dish picks up from some distant world and Im the only one privileged enough to receive it. If this is truly the case I feel it is my duty to share my discovery with the world.

When I first got my dish there were many channels that I didn't receive. It seemed logical to delete these channels from the normal operation of my remote control. Among these channels were two that, at the time, were nothing but fuzz.

As I watched Thunder last Thursday night boredom overtook me as it has many times before watching that particular program. I almost got interested in a match then realized that no matter how many leaps or dives a wrestler does, it doesn't make up for size and strength in the wrestling world. In fact its somewhat ridiculous when you stop and think about it. One man who weighs around 165 pounds diving into another who weighs over 300 and actually expects to move him. Not too bright. He would be much better with a poke to the eyes and a kick to the groin but I guess that's just not good entertainment.

I stared at the television with a look of disgust on my face. Partially because the lack of realism in the match and partially because of the lack of effort of both wrestlers. I then began to remember someone writing me and chastising me for saying there were only five or so wrestlers in the WCW with any real talent. They cited many mid-carders in an attempt to rebuff my statement along with grouping the high-flying luchidores in one category. Now, that in itself lacks any sense. With the exception of a Guererro or Rey Jr. none of them have any wrestling skills that will ever take them any further than jobber status. Take Silver King or Super Calo. Not only do their skills lack but their characters do as well.

Dont misunderstand me. I have nothing against them personally at all. Just like I have nothing against Norman Smiley personally. What I do have against them and 70% of the wrestlers that regularly grace the Thunder stage is just the simple fact that they dont deserve to be a part of a major wrestling organization. They need to be sent back down to the minors where they can improve their few skills and develop a character for themselves that the fans can actually get into.

Aside from the lack of skill on Thunder, the lack of any interesting match making is enough in itself to make one roll their eyes. To prove my point I ask this. In the main event on Thunder last week, who were the participants and who won? No cheating. If that is too easy then try this one. During that match, how many times did you seriously question who the victor might be?

Well, I could handle no more so I began to flip through the channels. After going through all of them completely I came to the conclusion that perhaps Thunder was the best thing on (scary thought!) but before settling for another hour long intelligence insulting programing I had one last effort to entertain myself.

I decided to tune into the channels that I had pre-programmed my remote to skip since first getting my dish. I figured that fuzz wouldn't be much worse than Thunder.

After about five minutes of that I became stunned as I discovered what I mentioned earlier. My discovery?

On channel 48 was Thunder. On channel 47 was a channel called "know your role blvd." and on channel 49......."jabronie drive."

Joseph Holt is a freelance writer in the Ft. Worth Texas area and a regular contributor to Solie's. His own web site, called Double Xposure, is located at: and features his articles on subjects besides pro-wrestling.

Thunder Report

Another look at the initial appearance of the mysterious "blonde babe" from Nitro opens the program.

Mike Enos/Bobby Duncum, Jr. vs The First Family (w/Jimmy Hart) - Tag Team tournament match - this is the fifth such match by my count for Enos and Duncum. Officially it's the second match for both teams and each is set to be eliminated if they lose this one. Meng has let his hair down in dreads for tonight - looks kind of strange. Enos and Meng lock up to start and Enos is surprisingly strong against the bigger man. For his part, Meng simply absorbs the shots then fires back. Enos is only slightly overmatched. He finally downs his opponent with an arm drag into an armbar and tags in Duncum. Duncum surrenders the advantage almost immediately and the Barbarian is tagged in to continue the assault. Duncum comes back with a clothesline that has little affect, then a drop-kick that puts his opponent on the mat. He is winding up on aarm wringer as we cut to commercial.

Enos has Meng draped over the bottom rope as we return. He lets him up so that Duncum can snap his neck off the top rope. Again Meng absorbs the punishment then turns the tables. Barbarian tags in but Enos gets the drop on him. He and Duncum start to double team on the Barbarian and seem to be having an easier time of it now. Meng tags back in and gets piledriver on Duncum - but no pin. The Faces drop a double headbutt on Duncum and Enos has to prevent the pin. Duncum is really out of it now as the Barbarian starts laying in the heavy shots. Duncum finally escapes with a jaw breaker but continues to fight instead of tagging out. In a moment he is isolated again. Enos is getting frustrated and not helping his partner by distracting the referee. Suddenly Jimmy Hart gets on the apron and consults with the Barbarian who just as suddenly enters the ring and kicks Meng in the head!! He is pinned and the Faces are out of the tournament. What the hell..?

Replay of the "Raven at Home" skit from Nitro - Part 1 followed by a Goldberg video then a commercial.

Replay of the DDP/Kimberly/Steiner car incident from Nitro followed by more of the Raven skit.

Lash Larou vs. Super Calo - my friend Bill Milano over at DDT Digest really thinks a lot of Larou. I guess WCW does too because he is the assistant instructor at the PowerPlant. He seems to be getting a minor push at the moment. They tangle in the ring and then tumble out to the floor where Calo gets a splash. Back in the ring, Larou recovers the initiative and seems to have Calo's number. The announcers are talkingh about the excellent outing Larou had against Kidman last week on Nitro then segue to talking about the debut of Blitzkreig this week. I have found out something about the latter since Monday. He competed briefly right here in my hometown of Hayward, California in my favorite local indy promotion, All Pro Wrestling (APW). I learned from Roland Alexander at APW that Blitzkreig is from Mexico and has wrestled extensively there, which contradicts a report over at Online Onslaught that he was a "white indy worker from California". In the current match Calo and Larou are trading maneuvers and neither is really ahead until Larou pulls off a fireman's carry slam that gets him the pin.

More "blonde babe" stuff. I heard a rumor that the object of her attention is supposed to be David Flair and that she is in the employ of Hollywood Hogan who is trying to get David to either a) turn against his father, or b) have him busted with a prostitute in order to disrupt Flair's concentration. I guess we'll find out eventually... Cut to commercial.

In the back, Glacier proposes that Ernest Miller work up a grand entrance of some sort similar to his own light and snow show. In fact he wants to sell Miller his own entrance gag!

Dave Taylor/Fit Finley vs. Kidman/Chavo Guerrero, Jr. - Tag Team Tournament match - Kidman/Guerrero will be eliminated if they lose this one. Taylor and Finley show their tag team superiority almost immediately by effectively distracting the referee so they can double team Guerrero. Of course Finley also has size and power going for him. Guerrero suckers him into a rush to the corner in order to gain some room and tag in Kidman. They double team Finley who comes back wanting to shake hands with Kidman. Kidman chuckles and then sucker-punches him as we cut to commercial.

Guerrero is down and at Finley's mercy as we return. He comes back with a drop-kick and struggles to tag in Kidman who throws a cross body on Finley then goes for a pin with no success. Finley comes roaring back and overwhelms the smaller man. Dave Taylor tags in and delivers a big European uppercut before running Kidman's head into Finley's boot then tagging him in. Kidman makes a brief comeback then flings himself over the top to the floor and hurts his ankle. Finley goes to work on the injured limb. He lifts Kidman's leg and falls to an insiguri. But he stops Kidman from tagging out and the latter continues to be isolated. Finley rushes to the corner, Kidman steps aside and Finley connects with his shoulder against the post. But Kidman is knocked off the top by Taylor and can't follow up. Finley slips a chair into the ring then holds it so that Chavo's missle drop-kick smashes the chair into Kidman's face! Kidman is pinned.

Glacier is trying to sell Miller his armor-like ring attire now...he wants $5000. Sonny Oono stops a passing Kaz Hayashi and tells him he can have it for $25,000. The $1500 belt goes for $15,000! Cut to more of the "blonde babe" skit.

More of the Raven skit. They go shopping at Versace (that's Ver-sach-ee...not Ver-sase)

Disco Inferno vs. Chris Adams - Disco starts the match with a slap to the face and then has to back peddle as Adams roars back. In fact Disco is no match for Adams as a wrestler. Disco goes out to harrass David Penzer only to turn around and get waffled by his opponent. They struggle ringside and Adams gets slammed into the railing. Back in the ring Disco is in charge but is showboating a little too much. In the back, Hayashi is trying on the armor. Miller himself ends up buying the helmet and the contact lens that gives Glacier his albino eye! In the ring, Disco is dominating the action, but only for a moment as Adams gets a backslide. Disco comes back with a kick to the gut then grabs a rear chinlock. They go to the floor again where Adams retakes the initiative. Back in the ring, Adams gets a powerbomb and sets up for the superkick. He goes to deliver it but Disco pulls the referee into harms way - fortunately Adams is able to pull up short - but that gives Disco a chance to slip inthe chartbuster and take the pin. Cut to commercial.

More "blonde babe" stuff...

Mean Gene talks to Billy Kidman about his possible problems with Chavo. He is trying to stir up trouble between them but Kidman isn't buying it. Guerrero shows up and now Mean Gene is telling him that Kidman said it was Chavo's fault (which he didn't say at all). Chavo hauls off and punches him (Kidman, not Okerlund...unfortunately). Cut to commercial.

More Raven/Kanyon - paintin' the town...followed by scenes from the US Title match from Nitro. Piper wins the strap with the help of Will Sasso (leaving Hart free to go after the World Title..?) Cut to commercial.

Now we are seeing the Hogan vignettes with various members of the B-Team. They all think they have his blessing to run things.

Van Hammer/Kaz (Glacier, Jr?) Hayashi vs. Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko - Tag Team Tournament match - Gosh, I can't imagine who's going to win this one... Hammer faces Benoit to start and overpowers him during the early exchanges. They exchange hammerlocks (no pun intended) then Benoit kicks Hammer's knee and tags Malenko in. Hayashi comes in as well and is outwrestled at first but eventually gets the upper hand and tags his partner back in as we cut to commercial.

Hammer is trying to shake out a stiff leg as we return. Both guys tag out and Benoit faces Hayashi. Hayashi gets a couple of good moves then misses a drop-kick. He comes right back with flying head scissors to regain the advantage. Hammer comes in and grabs a leg bar. He comes to his feet holding Benoit's leg and gets kicked in the back of the head. Malenko and Kaz come in and Kaz grabs the advantage again. Malenko falls out to the floor where Hammer chokes him then rolls him back in to the ring. He re-enters but is too late to prevent the tag to Benoit. Benoit is all over Hammer who falls out to th floor only to be on the receiving end of a baseball slide from Malenko. Both teams exchange again and Malenko grabs a reverse chinlock on Kaz, follows with a verticle suplex then a back breaker and gets a two count. They struggle in the corner and Malenko gets a superplex but Hayashi comes back with a slingshot. Kaz doesn't realize at this point that Benoit has made a blind tag. He is surprised when Benoit grabs him and drops into the Crippler Crossface to get the win. Fade to black...

I'll be back on Sunday with the RAW and PPV reports. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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