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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Weekend Special Edition

Saturday RAW Report

WWF St. Valentines Day Massacre

Bob Holly is the new Hard Core Champ!

Val Venis is the IC Champ!

Paul Wight Debuts in the WWF

Aids McMahon in th cage mask but can't prevent Austin's win

Volume 4, Issue 424 - February 14, 1999

Saturday RAW Report

Well, I have to apologize. I wrote up the RAW report last night and then put the file away to add the PPV report tonight. When I went to open the file this evening it had vanished! My RAW report had disappeared and I was left with egg on my face...I had taped over the video so I couldn't even go back and watch it again.

I spent a half hour leading up to the PPV trying to locate the file, even did an unerase function but no dice. I am truely baffled!

All I can say is that the program itself stunk - the most interesting thing on it was an impromptu hardcore match between Al Snow and Bob Holly. Road Dog was "injured" backstage by persons unknown thus taking him out of tonight's PPV (actually he is checking in for drug rehab according to the reports I've read).

Steve Austin was supposed to have a non-title match with Mankind but Vinnie Mac decided to be the special referee. They both turned on him and the match didn't take place - a big disappointment in my book.

X-Pac got squashed by Kane...again, and D-Lo brought out a new woman (Ivory) to take Mark Henry's mind off Debra.

The end of the program was a real stinker as Steve Austin was forced to run the gauntlet of Corporate thugs only to be knocked cold at the end and pinned by Vince McMahon.

One other interesting thing was that McMahon ordered all of the Corporation thugs to stay out of the cage match tonight. He went to a lot of trouble to name each member and say that anyone of them who interfered would be fired on the spot. This prompted me to speculate that Paul Wight would make his debut tonight as McMahon's savior (he won't join the Corporation until after he helps McMahon). Read the report below to see how my prediction played out.

WWF St Valentines Day Massacre PPV Report

From the Pyramid in Memphis, Tennessee - The St. Valentines Day Massacre PPV is on the air.

Goldust vs. Bluedust - Goldust attacks before his opponent has time to get disrobed. Bluedust abandons the ring to regroup. Goldust follows and drags him back to the ring where Bluedust immediately snatches the initiative. But not for long. Goldust recovers and spanks his opponent as he prances around the ring. He sets up the Shattered Dreams but gets a boot to the face as he rushes in. He roars right back however and in moments delivers the Curtain Call to get the vistory. He sets up for the Shattered Dreams and gets it this time.

Scenes from Sunday Night Heat which I haven't seen yet.

Al Snow vs. Bob Holly - Hard Core Title match? - that's what they are calling it but maybe they are confused. No - the Title has been forfeited because of Jesse James injury (read rehab) - the fight starts on the floor and Holly gets right into the spirit with a fire extinguisher to the face of his opponent. Moments later Snow pays him back in kind. The fight goes out to the back area and right out to the loading dock where Snow whacks Holly with a pay phone handset. They brawl back into the backstage area where Holly is clobbered with some floor tiles. Snow geta it with a beer cooler. They go outside to an alleyway where Holly is tossed into the side of a WWF truck. On out to the fire lane they go where Holly uses a No Parking sign as a weapon and then gores for a pin without success. Snow comes back. They are telling us Holly is a welder by trade (could have sworn he was a stock car racer). They fight right down to the riverbank where Holly uses a Stop sign then tries to use a wheelbarrow but Snow hits him with a board first. We can see lights reflecting off the Misissippi river as the brawl continues. They are fighting right at the waters edge now. They tumble right into the water! Snow is using driftwood as a weapon. He finds a roll of chainlink and starts to unwind it but Holly hits him with a branch which breaks and hits the cameraman. They fight some more, hitting each other with sticks then Holly rolls Snow up in the chainlink and pins him. Bob Holly is the new Hard Core Champ!

The Undertaker holds one of his silly ceremonies earlier in the day.

The Big Bossman vs. Midion - Midion gives Lawler his eye-in-a-jar to hold during the match. Bossman seems to have the advantage here with his superior speed and agility. Both these guys are over 300 pounds. The fight goes to the floor where the Bossman misses with a chair giving Midion the advantage until they return to the ring where Bossman turns the tables on the way in. Midiaon comes back strong and bites his opponent's forehead. Bossman roars back and gets a big splash in the opposite corner. He slides out and gets his uppercut on Midion who is draped over the bottom rope. Back int the ring, Midion reverses to a belly-to-back suplex and gets a two-count. Bossman recovers quickly and pounds on Midion in the corner. he goes for a piledriver but Midion revereses to a back drop. Now they are standing on their knees punching it out. They get to their feet and criss-cross then Bossman gets a sidewalk slam and the pin. The Ministry surrounds the ring then the lights go out. UT's music plays and the deadman heads for the ring. Bossman is being attacked in the ring as UT signals for the lights to come back up. In the ring, the Bossman is held down for Viscera to splash three times. They drag his unconscious carcass away.

D-Lo Brown. Mark Henry and Ivory are interviewed in the back. They plan to win the Tag Team Titles.

D-Lo Brown/Mark Henry (w/Ivory) vs. The Pissed Brothers - Tag Team Title match - Henry presents some Valentine's Day candy to Ivory before the Tag Champs are intorduced. D-Lo is out of his chest protector for the first time since I can remember. Owen and Henry face off to start and Owen delivers a slap to the big guy's face. Bad move. Henry mows him down and tags in D-Lo who also holds the advantage for his team. Owen comes back with a bulldog and tags in Jarrett who falls prey to a powerslam and is nearly pinned. Debra tries blowing some kisses but Henry seems immune - D-lo gets a double clothesline on his opponents. From there the challengers seem to lose steam as the Champs rdouble their efforts. D-Lo is isolated in enemy territory until he reverses a suplex attempt on Owen. But Owen comes right back with an insiguri and D-Lo is isolated again. Jarrett comes in and slaps on a reverse chinlock. Lawler's voice is giving out less then an hour into the broadcast. The Champs doubleteam D-Lo again as they draw Henry in to distract the referee. D-Lo comes back with a powerslam but can't follow up. He is struggling to escape and manages to deliver the Sky High - both guys are down then both tag out. Henry comes in and cleans house. All four are in and Henry rushes into the corner to put himself down but D-Lo is all over the ring. He goes to the top and Debra tries to distract him again. Ivory gets involved and D-Lo ends up out on the floor trying to get between them. Back in the ring the Tag Champs are ganging up on Henry. Owen hits his knee with the guitar then Jarrett slaps on the figure four and gets the win.

Mankind is interviewed in the back. He was attacked by the Rock earlier tonight on Heat but says he will still beat back the challenge.

Ken Shamrock vs. Val Venis (w/Ryan) - Intercontinental Title match - Billy Gunn is the special referee - Val tells the ladies he has "a heart-on for you" (cute...) Shamrock comes in on the attack but Venis anticipates his move ad takes the immediate advantage. He is all over Shamrock while the referee just kind of stands there. Shamrock finally turns the tables and the action slows down considerably. Shamrock is delivering judicious kicks to the back and chest - taking his time. He drags Val to the apron and steps out of the ring to beat on him. Billy finally stirs himself and orders the action back into the ring. Shamrock beats on his opponent some more then tosses him back out. He stops to jaw at his sister then rolls Val back in. He goes for a suplex but Val reverses it. He gets an inverted atomic drop. It is all Val Venis at this point. Billy takes his time on a count and has words with the challenger. Venis grabs Shamrock in a backbreaker over his knee. He lets the Champ go then tosses him out of the ring then follows him out and elevates him in order to ram his back into the post three times. Back in the ring he applies a camel clutch. Shamrock escapes and gets a flurry but a finger to the eye stops him. He goes for a bridge pin and Billy takes a moment before he goes for the count. Val slaps on a rear chinlock on the mat. He tells Billy to "ask him" Billy says "ask him what?" Shamrock gets to his feet and escapes momentarily but Val puts a knee to the gut to regain th advantage. Billy continues to take his time getting into position for his counts. Shamrock finally comes back with a DDT but BIlly refuses to finish the count! Shamrock gets in his face and is attacked fom behind by Val. They struggle again and Ken gets a powerslam but Billy is slow counting again. They trade pin attempts and each time Billy takes his time. Val climbs up for the Money Shot but Shamrock knocks him to the mat and then gets a frankensteiner - but no cigar. He drops down and grabs the ankle lock submission - but Ryan is right there and pulls Val to the ropes. Ken goes out to confront his sister and gets slapped. Billy is there to order him back into th ring but Ken shoves him. Billay attacks Ken then rolls him back in where Val gets a roll-up. Billy makes a fast count and Val Venis is the IC Champ! Billy attacks Venis after the match as Shamrock slinks away.

X-Pac/HHH vs. Kane/Chyna (w/Shane McMahon) - mixed tag match - Shane joins the braodcast team as HHH and Kane start the match. Kane dominates but HHh manages to get in a few shots the tag X-Pac in. X-Pac is no match for the big guy. He id downed then tags in Chyna at her insistence. She tackles Waltman twice then gets sidestepped and ends up in the corner. X-Pac goes for the bucking bronco but she slips out of the ring and escapes. Kane comes in again and X-Pac explodes all over him then tags in HHH. Helmsley is doing alright until Chyna interferes. Kane takes over and HHH is on the receiving end again. Chyna tags in and attempts a suplex but HHH blocks and reverses it. She struggles in mid-air and escapes the blow. Kane is back in and beating on HHH but then X-Pac gets in and they doublesuplex the big guy. Chyna climbs to the top and goes for a flight to the mat. Kane is chasing X-Pac around the outside when Waltman encounters Shane and lays him out. Back in the ring, Kane is all over X-Pac then tags Chyna who delivers a kick to the gut then applies a running powerslam but no cigar. She tags Kane back in and he goes back to work on X-Pac. He tags Chyna back in - she delivers a stinging right hand then turns around and knocks HHH off the apron. Chyna downs X-Pac again but he comes back with karate chops to her gut then goes for a whip. She grabs a sleeper and seems to have him but he counters with a suplex and both are down. She is out cold - X-Pac gets the tag. HHH hits a roundhouse to Chyna's jaw - attacks Kane then turns and whacks Chyna again! A melee erupts and Waltman and Kane are ejected from the ring. HHH is setting up Chyna for the Pedegree but Kane pulls her out. Shane tries to interfere and is chased away by X-Pac. In the ring, HHH is going for the Pedegree again but Kane grabs him from behind and chokeslams him. Chyna is pulled onto HHH and gets the pin.

Mankind vs. The Rock - Last Man Standing Title match - we are reminded that Mankind was attacked earlier this evening. We are shown two ambulances waiting in the wings for either or both of the competitors in this match. Foley turns his back on the Rock to start. Maivia wastes no time attacking. Foley goes to the opposite corner and does it again. He absorbs Maivia's shots until the ex-champ turns to jaw at the referee then Foley hits him with the Title belt! Maivia abandos the ring with Foley right on his tail. They are fighting into the entryway as the crowd erupts in a "Rocky Sucks!" chant. The Rock turns the tables and the fight into the tech area - but Foley comes right back and DDT Maivia through a table. The ref starts counting and gets to 8 before Maivia regains his feet. They fight onto some spare bleachers then back out into the arena where Maivia gets a belly-to-back on the concrete floor. Mankind is holding his injured leg now. They brawl back to the ringside area where Maivia is flung into the stairs. Mankind re-enters the ring and waits. Maivia rolls in and is scoop-slammed. Foley goes for his own version - Mr. Elbow - but misses. The Rock comes back with right hands and knocks Foley back out to the floor. He delivers a suplex on the floor then another, then a third one! The referee applies the count while Maivia goes over to don a headset and commentate. Foley recovers and attacks Maivia at the broadcast table. He goes to the apron and throws an elbow onto the Rock who is draped on the broadcast table. Foley is limping around as the referee counts to 6. The Rock is run into the stairs and then tossed back into the ring. Mankind throws the stairs into the rig then truies to use them but Maivia kicks them back in his face. Maivia gets a chair and whacks the injured leg three times. Foley gets to his feet and Maiia awhacks him again. He tries to hit Foley in the head but misses and the chair bounces off the top rope and hits him in the face. Foley clotheslines them both to the floor. He delivers a swinging neck breaker and both are down on the floor. Mankind recovers first and goes back on the attack. He tries to set Maivia for a piledriver on thebroadcast table but is back dropped onto the bell table. The referee is counting again as the Rock re-enters the ring, grabs the stairs and drops them on Foley's legs! Somehow Foley regains his feet but he is out of it. Maivia sends him back to the ring and delivers the Corporate Elbow. Foley struggles to the ropes. The Rock grabs a mic and starts talking to the crowd then starts to sing his rendition of "Heartbreak Hotel" called "Smackdown Hotel". He is distracted with himself a fails to see the Mandible Claw coming. The referee is knocked to the floor so Foley brings him back in to count. He gets to 8 with Foley's help but the Rock is struggling up again. He delivers a low blow but it doesn't seem to affect Foley much. Maivia gets a chair and takes a wild swing but misses. He drops the chair and is DDT'd onto it. He barely gets to his feet at 8. Mr. Socko comes into play but Maivia counters with a Rock Bottom. Both are down, then they get up and each grabs a chair and hit each other. The referee is counting to 10 and then declares the bout a draw as both guys lie unconscious in the ring. The crowd erupts in a "Bull$hit!" chant.

Both are hurt - Maivia is loaded onto a stretcher then Folay is as well. Both are carted out and loaded into the ambulances.

There is a lull while the cage is set up for the main event.

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Mr. McMahon - cage match - Austin will give up his Title shot at WrestleMania if he loses - Vince looks pretty unnerved as he approaches the ring. He plants a scowl on his face but you can see he is scared. He climbs the cage to confront Austin. His entrance music is "No Chance in Hell". He climbs back down and enters through the door...then turns around and exits. He starts in again and stops and slams the door. Austin comes out after him, chases him around and into the cage. McMahon stands at the door and prevents his entry. Austin climbs the cage wall but is met at the top by McMahon. He tries to get in but is thwarted. He descends then falls and hurts his leg. As he is shaking it out, Vince comes out to take advantage of him but Steve is playing possum. He attacks as soon as Vince is in range and drops him with a clothesline. he wraps a TV cable around the bosses neck and flings him onto the broadcast table. He knocks him over the barrier and attacks him in the crowd. He drags him back to ringside and rams him into the stairs. McMahon comes alive suddenly and slams Austin into the cage wall then vaults the barrier and taunts Austin to follow him. Vince is chased up into the stands and caught. Austin whales on him with a fury and gradually drags him back toward the ring. He flings Vince over the barrier, into a steel barricade and into the cage wall. McMahon tries to climb the wall but Austin prevents it. He slams him into the wall again then straddles him and plants a boot in his mid-section. They both start climbing the wall, hitting and kicking each other. At the top, Vince is dislodged and falls onto the Spanish announcers table!! What a bump!!!

Austin enters the ring to wait. The paramedics are attending McMahon who is motionless on the destroyed table. The paramedics put him on a stretcher but he is saying "Don't take me". Howard Finkel starts to announce Austin as the winner but Austin is having none of it. He says the match never started because they were never both in the ring. He then goes after the stretcher and rolls it back toward the ring then dumps McMahon on the floor. He uses the stretcher to pound on McMahon. He returns McMahon to the ring and finally the bell rings!

This is a prody of the Hell-in -the-Cell match. Austin removes the neck brace from McMahon's neck then drops a fist on him. He fgoes to leave via the door but turns back to see McMahon flipping him the bird!! He returns to the ring before he touches the floor. As he returns, McMahon delivers a low blw and then struggles to climb out. Austin beats him to the top and stops him then throws him back to the mat. He goes back in and flings Vince into the cage wall. McMahon is bleeding from the forehead as he rises again to his feet. Austin flings him into the wall again. He climbs the wall and would win the match except that he sees Mcmahon gin=ving him the bird again! He climbs back in as Vince tries to climb the opposite wall. Austin stops Vince and forces him back into the cage. Mcmahon is very bloody at this point. Austin waits for him to gain his feet then Stuns him. He lies in front of Vince and taunts him when suddenly Paul Wight enters the cage and attacks Austin!!! McMahon directs traffic as Wight flings Austin into the cage wall with such force that the wall swings out allowing Austin to drop to the floor and win the match!!!

I'll be back with the Monday Night Wars Edition tomorrow night. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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