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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Special PPV Edition

WCW/nWo SuperBrawl Report

David Flair Betrays His Father!!!

Hennig and Windham are the new Tag Champs!

Scott Hall Wins the US Title

The Way I See It...

Opinion by Earl Oliver

Volume 4, Issue 428 - February 21, 1999

WCW/nWo SuperBrawl Report

The program opens with a replay of the last Torrie Wilson skit we saw Thursday. They are going to SuperBrawl.

SuperBrawl is live from right up the road in Oakland at the Oakland Coliseum. Bobby, Tony and Tenay are our hosts.

They go to a Tag Team Title Tournament video then throw it to Mean Gene for a WCW Hotline promo. He stands next to the Tag Team belts in a display case.

Disco Inferno vs. Booker T - this is his first match since Disco was officially accepted into the nWo Wolfpac. We cut to a video of Booker choking Disco after he interrupts a conversation between Booker and his brother then back for Booker's entrance. Booker dominates the early going with superior size and strength until Disco anticipates a clothesline, ducks it and comes back with a boot to the gut and a swinging neck-breaker. Booker comes right back to his feet and grabs an armbar. Disco gets an armdrag and then turns to swagger only to turn back and get leveled. Booker is back in charge, laying in chops in the corner then whipping to the opposite corner and following in with a big clothesline. It's all Booker T for a moment then Disco comes back with an elbow to the back of the neck and grabs a sleeper. Booker escapes fairly easily but Disco then clotheslines his opponent to the floor. He follows Booker out and gets a couple of shots before returning to the ring to gloat. Booker is roght back on him but Disco maintains his advantage. Eventually Booker's fantastic feet come into play and he turns the tables, the match see-saws until Booker gets a sidewalk slam. Disco comes back surprisingly quickly and gets a great clothesline that turns Booker completely over. He goes for a second and misses but still manages to come out on top when Booker goes to the second rope and turns away to celibrate with the crowd. Disco surprises him but then stops to gloat again! Idiot! He is shoved off and Booker dispatches him in two moves.

Chris Jericho (w/Ralphus) vs. Saturn - Dress Re-Match - Scott Dickenson has finished his 30 day suspension and is the referee for this match. Saturn wears a black flowered number tonight (he also has on eye make-up). Ralphus is decked out in his pink gown again tonight. Jericho taunts his opponent before the match saying he looks ridiculous, calling him a moron and an embarrassment. He tells him to tak off the dress. Perry mows him down with a clothesline. A back body drop sends Jericho to the floor. Saturn follows and rams his opponent into the railing then flings him into the crowd. He drags hiim back, takes a softdrink to the face to little affect then gets rammed into the steps and rolled back into the ring. Saturn regains the initiative and gives Jericho a suplex lesson. Jericho tries to come back with a drop-kick but Saturn puts on the brakes and Jericho falls on the mat. Saturn tosses him out to the floor with a slingshot move then goes out and grabs Ralphus, drags him into th ring and strips off his dress. Jericho takes advantage of Saturn's distraction to turn the tables but Saturn roars right back. Jericho levers him out f the ring and then hits him with a one-legged drop kick from the top corner. Back in the ring he gets a scoop slam then goes to the top. He goes for a twisting splash and misses. Saturn is back and gets a scoop slam of his own followed by a frog splash. Jericho recovers quickly but Saturn is still on him. He covers his head with the dress and beats on him then beals him to the mat. Jericho comes back yet again but Saturn turns the tables and gets the Rings of Saturn. Jericho struggles to get his feet on the ropes and escapes. They struggle some more and Saturn gets the DVD but declines to cover Jericho. Inse=tead he grabs Dickenson and applies the DVD to him as well. Then he just walks away!! Back in the ring, Jericho and the referee come to and Jericho is awarded the victory on a count-out.

Chavo Guerrero, Jr. vs. Kidman - Cruiserweight Title match - Kidman has been a great Champ but I think Chavo would ne excellent as well. Both of these guys have come a long way since their debuts with WCW. Chavo starts by slapping the Champ's face. Kidman appears to have a slight size advantage in this contest. He dominates the early going. The fight goes to the floor where Chavo gets rammed into the railing then rolled back in. Now he wants to make nice - offering to shake hands. Kidman flattens him with a clothesline. They fight out to the apron where Kidman is flung onto the railing. CHavo rolls him back in and gets a verticle suplex then rams Kidman into the corner buckle. He slaps on a reverse chinlock - but can only hold it a moment. Kidman scapes but then gets elbowed to the floor. Chavo follows up with a splash then rolls his opponent back in. He drops a knee on Kidman's throat then drags him to the corner and applies a choke. He then rucshes him in the corner and misses. Kidman gets a splash off the top but Chavo comes back with a backbreaker. He goes for a piledriver but Kidman back-drops him. Chavo comes back and gos to the top and launches only to be met by a drop-kick in mid-air. Chavo comes right back and catches Kidman at the top to deliver a frankensteiner. He gets a two-count. Kidman turns the tables and goes up again but gets caufght there and DDT'd to the mat. Chavo gets another two-count. He picks Kidman up but the Champ shifts his weight and reverses the move. The Shooting Star press gets him the win.

Three great matches so far...

Curt Hennig/Barry Windham vs. Dean Malenko/Chris Benoit - Tag Team Tournament semi final match - if Benoit and Malenko win this one there will be a second match held immediately to determine the new Tag Champs. This is strange to have two former Horsemen facing two current Horsemen. Even though Hennig's tour was exceedingly short, still he was a Horsemen. Windham is looking a little leaner since his last WWF tour. He faces Malenko to start. Windham is frustrated and leaves the ring but Malenko chases him right back in. He is being out-wrestled by the smaller man. Hennig and Benoit tag in and gets into a chopping match which Benoit wins. They lock up in a Greco-Roman style and Benoit ties Hennig up so that he has to go to the ropes to escape. Benoit slaps Hennig which really fires him up. They slug away at each other until Benoit delivers a chop that turns Hennig inside out. Tenay mistakenly says that Beniot is going for his first WCW Title - actually he is a two-time TV Champ (though he never appeared as such on TV) having traded wins with Booker T in house shows a while back. Now Malenko and Windham are back in and this time Windham in is charge. He tags Hennig in and the two best wrestlers in this match grapple for position. Benoit is tagged back in and cleans house then gets a two count on Hennig. He quickly gets another cover and another two count. Hennig looks spent as Malenko tags back in. Hennig is beaten piller too post and then Windham has to save him from a pin. Benoit is back in. He drops Hennig then knocks Windham off the apron. He gets the flying headbutt on Hennig but Windham is back in to make the save. Malenko is in again and has the pin - except for Windham's interference once more. Hennig is being effectively isolated. Hennig goes to the outside to be comforted by his partner until the ref warns him away. back inside, Hennig gets in a low blow and finally Windham tags in. This time it is Benoit who makes the save. Hennig and Malenko are out on the floor while Hennig distracts the referee in the ring. back in the ring Malenko is almost pinned but kicks out. Hennig tags in and now it is Malenko who is being isolated. But only for a moment. he gets a tag to Benoit and Hennig is back on the receiving end. He is still worn out from the earlier isolation and is sinking fast. He suddenly comes back with a reverse atomic drop and tags in Windham. Windham gets a superplex on Benoit but Malenko makes the save. Windham, in his frustration, pounds on the face of Benoit then tags Hennig back in. They put a double suplex on Benoit. Hennig seems to have recovered a litle more now. He pounds Benoit in the corner then snap-mares him out to the center of the ring. A knee-lift puts Benoit then Hennig starts working on his back. He tags Windham who applies a belly-to-back suplex then tags Hennig back in to grab a head vice. Benoit is down but far from out. Hennig chops him in the corner, whips him to the other side and goes for a slam but Benoit reverses it to a German suplex. He can't follow up but is able to tag in Malenko. Now all four are in and Malenko has the Texas Cloverleaf but Hennig saves him. The brawl starts up again and Malenko's second attempt succeeds.

The second match starts immediately, although there was supposed to be a 30 second rest period. Windham catches Malenko and chokes him with his belt. Windham then rolls him up and takes the pin. Hennig and Windham are the new Tag Champs!

Video recap of the US Title controversey...

Rey Misterio, Jr./Konnan vs. Kevin Nash/Scott Hall (w/Lex Luger/Miss Liz) - Hair (Liz's) vs. Mask match - Luger is injured from the attack on him by Misterio on Thursday, Hall takes his place - a sign in the crowd says "If you ain't down with the Wolfpac we got two words for you -- Hey Yo!" Cute... Rey starts against Hall who taunts him regarding his size then slaps his face. Rey retreats to gather himself. They lock up and Rey is shoved into the corner easily. They lock up a second time with similar results. The third lockup gets Hall armdragged then a drop toe-hold takes him down a second time. He is all over Hall and has him reeling in moments. He dares Hall to rush him, ducks a clothesline then flings himself right into the larger man's arms. The fall away slam puts him down then Nash comes in and beals Rey clear across the ring. Rey flies but this time he is unable to overcome the odds and is flung to the mat. Hall tags back in ad starts taunting Rey again, slapping the back of his head. Hall lays in some chops in the corner the slaps him again. He signals for the outsider's edge, but Rey fights out of it and tags in Konnan who cleans house. He faces Hall and whips him but then is hit from behind by Nash on the apron. Nash tags in and starts going to town on Konnan. Hall assists for the outside and Konnan is reeling. Hall tags in to continue the assault. Konnan is pounded in enemy territory then makes a comeback and flattens Hall. They criss-cross and clothesline each other. Both are down and being counted. Finally both tag out and Rey gets a springboard drop-kick and drops Nash. All four are in and the to luchadores are in charge. Konna falls out and is attacked by Luger. In the ring, Rey knees Nash in the head and knocks him cold!! But Liz is distracting the referee. Hall grabs him in an Outsider's Edge and creams him then rolls Nash onto him for the pin.

Konnan helps Rey remove his mask.

Scott Steiner vs. Diamond Dallas Page - TV Title grudge match - Steiner plucks a young beauty out of the ringside area and takes her into the ring with him. He taunts the local fans as the lady applauds him. He taunts DDP saying, "It's not my fault your wife likes me..." Page storms to the ring and Steiner abandons the area temporarily. Page chases him around the ring then catches him to deal out some punishment. Steiner is rolled in and tries to go out the other side but Page catches him and starts pounding on him. Steiner tries to wrestle out of it but Page is too intense for him. They go to the floor where Steiner finally gets a breather by shoving Page into the railing. It is a momentary respite as Page comes to the top and flies into a lariet then knocks Steiner to the floor. Buff bagwell runs out to comfort him then they try to surround the ring. The ref tries to warn Buff back but Page says, "...let them come" and fights both of them. Page is eventually overwhelmed and tossed to the outside where Buff and Steiner take turns on him. Steiner drags Page back in and Steinerlines him to the mat. Page's earlier declaration seems to have given Buff carte blanche to interfere at will without reprimand from the referee. Page is in trouble from the constant pounding but he keeps fighting back. He surges back and pounds Steiner in the corner but Steiner comes back with a belly-to-belly and a two count. Buff puts a chair on the apron then goes around to distract the referee so that Steiner can use it on Page. Now he's removing the corner pads on one corner. In the ring Page is coming back when the ref sees what Buff is doing and orders him away from ringside. Steiner has turned the tables but the referee is busy with Bagwell. Page clotheslines him out to the floor then throws a suicide dive onto him. Steiner smashes him into the stairs then grabs a chair only to have it snatched away by the referee. Steiner turns and chases the ref who leads him right into a clothesline by Page. Back in the ring, Steiner regains the advantage and executes a Frankensteiner off the top corner - we haven't seen him do that in years! Page comes back with a DDT and both guys are down. They rise and Page goes for the Diamond Cutter but is shoved off. He distracts the referee so he can re-expose the corner buckles then picks Page up and rams him into the corner three times. H stops to pose for a moment then starts trying to apply the Steiner Recliner. Page fights it but it is useless - he won't give up and passes out. The ref declares Steiner the winner and then gets tossed from the ring for his trouble. Steiner says he gets Kimberly for 30 days but I don't recall Page ever agreeing to that stip.

Page is trussed up and hauled away on a stretcher.

Scott Hall (w/Disco Inferno) vs. Roddy Piper - US Title match - Hall wrestles his second match of the evening. Tony says that DDP is being driven away in an ambulance. Tenay mentions that Piper was the US Champ in the old NWA twice. Piper goes nose to nose with Hall and backs him into the corner to paintbrush him. He uses his whirling kilt to distract Hall and grabs the early advantage. He wraps the kilt around Hall's head then chokes him with it. Hall gets loose then tries to mock Piper but leaves himself open for a punch to the solarplexus. He follows up with a hair pull - Hall doesn't know what to do with him. Piper knocks Disco off the apron then flattens Hall again. Hall pokes the eyes and Piper answers in kind. Hall finally jams him against the bottom rope then rolls him out to the floor where he runs him into the stairs. Back inside Hall is in charge for the first time in thematch. But Piper is inviting him to hit him! He takes several shots then delivers a low-blow. Both are down for a moment then Hall recovers. He hangs Piper in the corner then runs in and applies the boots while Disco distracts the referee. Piper extracts himself from the ropes and is inviting Hall to hit him some more. Hall grabs his abdominal stretch and is helped bu Disco from the outside. The ref finally sees what is going on and Piper gets a hip lock take over. They whip to the opposite corner and Piper comes out with a sleeper. Hall is sinking down but Disco runs in and gets creamed - but it frees Hall. Now Nash tries to interfere and succeeds. Hall rolls Piper up and uses the ropes for leverage to get the pin. Scott Hall Wins the US Title. Piper holds onto the belt but Hall gets the referee to back up his claim. Hall insists that Piper give it too him, so Piper drops it at his feet. Hall grabs the belt and tries to use it as a weapon but Piper ducks it and retrieves the belt. Disco grabs it away and Piper has to fight off Hall and Nash before he leaves.

Bam Bam Bigalow vs. Goldberg - grudge match - Tony calls Goldberg's challenge to Steve Austin "the challenge that shook the world"...right...tell me another one Tony... The Goldberg chants seem to ennerve Bigalow before the match starts. They jaw at each other nose to nose then circle each other warily. The first lock up ends in stalemate. The second one goes to the corner where they jocky for position. The ref tries to get between them and Bigalow reaches across the ref to tag his opponent. Goldberg responds with a big scoop slam and Bigalow is on the floor. Back in the ring, Bigalow strikes out but is blocked. Goldberg hits a clothesline then gets a fireman's carry and goes to an armbar submission. He releases it and clotheslines Bigalow to the floor. Goldberg leans out over his opponent and gets dragged off his feet. Bogalow deals low blows which rattle the former Champ. Goldberg is staggered but still fighting. Bigalow is working on the lower body and Goldberg is reeling for the first time in a while. He seems to have hurt his knee in the process as he is rolled back into the ring. Bigalow grabs a leg vice and pours on the pressure. I can't remember seeing Goldberg in this much trouble in quite a while. Bigalow releases the hold and drops a big headbutt on the injured knee. He grabs a reverse chinlock. Goldberg struggles to his feet but Bigalow kicks the knee and downs him again. Back to the rear chinlock. Goldberg struggles up again and gets a belly-to-back suplex. Bigalow recovers and gets a scoop slam then climbs the corner and drops a headbutt on his opponent's mid-section. Bigalow climbs again but Goldberg surprises him there and slams him to the mat. He goes for the spear but Bigalow avoids it.. They struggle some more and Goldberg gets the spear. He starts to put on the Jack Hammer but switches to a standing side kick instead. Then he spears him again and gets the Jack Hammer for the pin.

Michael Buffer is on hand to announce the main event.

Ric Flair vs. Hollywood Hogan - WCW World Title match - Hogan enters first in a break with tradition. His kerchief tonight blends white and red against black - he seesm to be splitting his vote. A sign in the background as he poses says "My wife can kick Hogan's a$$!" Flair makes his entrance in his silver and black robe. His face still looks battered but he is icey calm. Hogan grabs a headlock and throws Flair off then tackles him to the mat. He does it a second time. Now he wants a test of strength. Flair grabs the profered arm and hammerlocks it then bulls Hogan to the corner and lays in a chop. Hogan bulls Flair back on the next lockup and applies the fists then pulls him out and whips him to the opposite corner. Flair rebouds and is back dropped. He whips the the opposite corner and clotheslines him. Flair turns him around and starts chopping him again. He seems to hold the advantage for a moment but Hogan comes out and clotheslines him. Another whip and Flair flips over and to the floor. Hogan comes out and grabs a chair which he pounds Flair on top of the head with. He uses it again on Flair's back but Flair comes right back with a chop. Flair is busted open fronm the first chair shot but keeps fighting. Hogan bites his forehead then gets a suplex on the floor but hurts himself as well. Flair rolls back into the ring followed by Hogan who picks Flair up off the mat only to get a knee lift to the chest. Flair climbs the corner only to be slammed to the mat. They trade blows then Flair is decked. Hogan removes his weight belt and whips Flair with it. Flair takes him down with a leg trip hen battles right through the whipping belt to hit Hogan again. Hogan puts his belt back on and they trade blows again in the corner. Hogan stalks out of the corner and gets a finger to the eye and alow blow. Hogan is writhing n the mat. Now Flair has the belt and whips Hogan with it. He pushes Hogan to the corner then wraps his fist in the belt and clobbers him! Hogan is bleeding now - but here comes Torrie Wilson. She climbs right onto the apron and slaps Flair. He turns and meets Hogan coming in, maintaining his advantage. The blonde drops to the floor but stays ringside. Flair scopp slams Hogan and gets a two-count. The referee is knocked down and Hogan drops an elbow on him! He whips Flair and puts the big boot in his face. He gets a slam then goes for the legdrop but misses. A masked man appears in the entrance and struides towards the ring. He enters the ring with a stun gun and uses it on Flair. Hogan gets the pin. Torrie Wilson hugs the masked man then removes his mask to reveal David Flair!!! David kisses her then turns and applies the taser to his dad again. Nash comes to the ring and congratulates the youngster. Flair is out cold in the middle of the ring.

Fade to black...

I will have to see how this angle plays out. I had been, as many of us on the internet had been, tipped to this ending but was hoping it wouldn't come out this way. I can only hope that this storyline isn't quite over yet...

The Way I See It...

Bischoff has done it again...

I am refering to the ridiculous $100,000 challenge issued by Goldberg on the Tonight Show last Thursday. Don't they ever learn..?

The last time this happened, when Bischoff himself challenged Vince McMahon, he made the mistake of naming the time and the place. McMahon, who did make a statement for use on the Internet, simply didn't mention the challenge on TV. The result was that McMahon didn't show up (of course) Bischoff just ended up with egg on his face, making the assinine suggestion that Vince had "whimped out."

This time they (WCW) were a little more clever in that they had Goldberg make the challenge. I must say that except for that one statement, the former Champion came off very well with Leno - soft spoken and articulate, making jokes at his own expense, etc. He also was carefull not to specify a time and place, and went one step further by making the suggestion that the meeting didn't have to take place in public or on TV - thus usurping any sarcastic response such as McMahon's to the earlier challenge, wherein he offered to meet Bischoff " the parking lot" away from TV cameras.

That said, it was still a bonehead move. The inevitable result will be to send people over to RAW in hopes of catching some response from Austin or McMahon - which, if they are wise - will not happen.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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