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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Wars Edition: Part 1

Nitro Report

Rey Misterio, Jr. Pins Kevin Nash!!!

Sunday Night Heat Overview

The Way I See It...

Opinion by Earl Oliver

Volume 4, Issue 429 - February 22, 1999

Sunday Night Heat Overview

Vince came out at the beginning (w/Kane) to rant against the Undertaker and his threat to "take over" the WWF. He talked about the contents of the letter he was given by the Undertaker (via Shane) but doesn't reveal the contents. He ordered an Inferno Match between UT and Kane for tomorrow night. Kane signalled and the corner flairs went off and then the inferno fire surrounded the ring.

Terry Taylor maked his on-camera debut tonight as the substitute for regular Heat announcer Shane McMahon who was busy getting ready to defend his European Title on the program. Taylor assumed a mildly heel like personna for the occasion.

Too Much/DOA faced the Oddities (w/George "the Animal" Steel) in a silly 8 man tag team match. Droz helped with the commentary for that match.

We discovered that now Ryan Shamrock is making time with Billy Gunn.

Ken Shamrock wrestled the Godfather in a non-Title match. Every wrestler seems to be trying to get his own tag line thing going with the audience these days. Ryan and Billy appeared on the ramp before the match could get going. Shamrock attacked Billy then took his sister away. I assume he was counted out.

Shane McMahon defended his Title against Gillberg? Puleaze..! Shane had to use Chyna's distraction and a good swift clobber using the Title belt to win the match. Gillberg tried to spear Chyna and bounced off of her... X-Pac came out to confront Shane - he reminds him that he said he would face anyone, any time. He wants a Title shot for WrestleMania. Chyna interposed herself and suggested that X-Pac face her tomorrow night on RAW. X-Pac agreed.

Al Snow and D-Lo Brown's match was interrupted by Debra who climbed right into the ring to distract the referee while the Pissed Brothers attacked D-Lo and cost him the victory. The Tag Champs punked Brown after the match.

Mick Foley made a speech suggesting that he should be a second referee for the main event at WrestleMania and plans to cirulate a petition to that effect.

Viscera faced the Big Bossman again with a slightly different result this time. The Corporate thugs came down to take him out but then the lights went out and the Inferno Fires burst out around the ring. The Corporation found themselves surrounded by flames.

Nitro Report

The program opens with stills from last night's main event. David Flair was revealed as the masked man who cost Ric Flair the World Title. Legendary Larry rises to his feet and takes his bow as Tony talks about what went down last night. He tells us that father ands son will meet face to face later tonight with Tony as the mediator. Cut to Berkeley, CA where a Nitro Party is in progress. Then to a video made during the ay on the Cal Berkeley campus (Gosh! There's the place where I used to play for pass-the-hat wages years ago!) then to commercial.

Nitro Grrrrls dance in the ring. Nitro is live from the ARCO Arena in Sacramento, CA. More still shots from SuperBrawl. These show scenes from the Goldberg/Bam Bam Bigalow match.

Jerry Flynn vs. Mike Enos - now that the Tag Team tournament is over, Enos is back to singles action again. This is a good contest. Both guys are big bruisers and young yet well experienced in the ring wars. Flynn gets elevated over the top to the floor then Enos clotheslines him from the apron. Enos continues the assault on the outside, scoop slamming his opponent on the concrete. Back in the ring, Enos maintains his advvantage with authority but Flynn suddenly explodes out of the corner and hits a big clothesline then follows up with multiple kicks in the corner. Enos comes back with a slam but Flynn holds onto the arm and applies a cross-arm breaker to gain the submission victory.

Torrie and David are cuddling on a couch backstage. She is bucking him up for his confrontation with daddy. Cut to commercial.

Booker T is interviewed by Mean Gene in the locker room. He will be facing Bret Hart tonight with a shot at the US Title in the cards for the winner of the contest.

More Nitro Party action from Berkeley.

Vince is revealing to Scott Norton that he has been appointed by Hogan as the leader of th B-Team. Norton accepts his assertion with a snicker...

Van Hammer vs. Bam Bam Bigalow - these are two big guys and Hammer has been showing some better stuff lately - but I don't think he's quite up to beating the Beast from the East. In fact, he knocks Bigalow to the floor end then fails to follow up - a fatal mistake, most likely. Back in the ring, Bigalow asserts himself with some heavy shots followed by his drop-dead head butt. Now Hammer is rolling out to the floor and Bigalow doesn't make the same mistake - he follows Hammer out and contiues his assault. Back inside he slams his opponent and then grabs a reverse chinlock. Hammer fights to his feet and escape but then misses an elbow drop and ends up back in the chinlock. The crowd is really getting on Bigalow with "Goldberg" chant. He drops three elbows onto the top of Hammer's head as the latter sits on the mat. Very effective shots. Back to the chinlock once more. Hammer escapes but runs into a knee to the mid-section. Another chinlock. This time Hammer uses a jawbreaker to escape but it only lasts a moment then Bigalow is on him again. Hammer changes his strategy and grabs a sleeper but Bigalow squashes him in the corner. Hammer tries once more with an attempted boot to the face but Bigalow sidesteps him and Hammer is hung up on the rope. He stumbles right into the Greetings from Asbury park. 'Nuff said... Cut to commercial.

Scott Steiner is shown interrupting a Goldberg photo shoot to issue a challenge. Tony is confirming my contention that there was no official stipulation giving Steiner Kimberly for winning last night's match.

More scenes from SuperBrawl. Piper and Scott Hall vie for the US Title.

Bret Hart vs. Booker T - US Title contention match - Hart is in his whiner personna tonight, complaining about everything as soon as the match gets underway. The first good blow from his opponent sends him to the floor to regroup. Back in the ring, Boker grabs a side headlock. Hart breaks free and gets tackled - and heads for the floor again. Booker wisely stays in the ring rather then going out to where Hart is the master. Coming back in, Hart finally catches an opening and takes advantage with a sucker punch then grabs a reverse chinlock. But then Booker escapes and revs up the pace. He is all over the Hitman and gets a scissor kick. We cut to the satelite truck where Disco Inferno is getting the information he needs to pirate the WCW signal later tonight. Back in the ring, Hart is now in charge - he missed the tables turning. Too bad, I would have liked to have seen how he did it. Hart is applying his usual routine of Russian leg sweep, then the fist from the second rope etc. He can't get a pin so he tosses Booker to the floor then follows him out. Booker is crashed into the railing then hit with a chair. Hart applis a head butt then rolls Booker back into the ring. He executes a backbreaker and goes for the pin. No cigar. He stands Booker up in the corner and chokes him until the referee counts to four. Booker then explodes out of th corner and both guys are down. They are before the count and trading punches. Hart gets the better of his opponent, drops three big legs and then stomps the midsection. He gos for the Sharpshooter but Booker rolls him up and gets a two count. Hart stomps his opponent again then drags his face across the top rope. Booker comes back with a wild swing which Hart ducks and grabs a scoop slam. Then he applies a figure four in the center of the ring. Booker T tries to turn it over but fails. He tries again and succeeds, but Hart is in the ropes and escapes. He is up first and chokes Booker on the ropes again. The whip is a mistake as Booker ducks the clothesline and comes back with a five arm and a spin kick. Hart is down. Booker picks him up and gets a side slam. Now he's waiting for a Harlem Side kick but changes his mind and climbs to the top. Hart catches him there and climbs up to execute a superplex. Hart goes for the Sharpshooter again but Booker is in the ropes. Hart refuses to break the hold so the referee counts to five and Hart lets go. Booker is up but Hart gets a susnset flip only to be reversed into a roll up and pinned.

In the back the set is being prepared for the father and son confrontation.

Disco Inferno vs. Kaz Hayashi - Hayashi is wearing his full Glacier regalia. Meanwhile Disco insists on singing the National Anthem (since this is an International match). They turn th mic off before he can finish so he attacks Hayashi and the match is underway. Hayashi is tossed to the floor. Kaz comes back to the ring and turns the tables for a bit but Disco is right back on top of him. Then Kaz gets behind Disco as he stands on the apron and pulls him off then dives on him from the inside-out. Back in the ring, Disco is a little wobbly and presents easy picking for a while until he telegraphs a move and is cought and dumped. Disco stops to strut which allows his opponent to recover. He has to scramble to re-assert his advantage. He drops a forearm from the second rope then grabs a rear chinlock. Kaz escapes and gets a sunset flip but Disci isn't ready to be held down. Disco comes back with a powerbomb attempt but Kaz shifts the balance point and DDT's his opponent. Disco has to scramble again but manages to get a swinging neck breaker then follows with the Chartbuster and the pin.

Now it's Brian Adams who is telling Norton that he is the B-Team leader - and he adds that he is headed for the Wolfpac and will take Norton with him. Norton suppresses his amused reaction. Cut to commercial.

More Nitro party shenanegans. Back at the broadcast position, Bobby Heenan is displaying his "Favorite Announcer" award from the readers of WCW Magazine. Congratulations Brain!

Scott Steiner (w/Buff Bagwell) comes to the ring. He stops to escort another young babe from the crowd into the ring with him. Steiner is insisting that he gets Kimberly for the next 30 days (Tony is disputing the assertion). He taunts Diamond Dallas Page with sexual inuendoes concerning his wife. He throws out another challenge at Goldberg. Cut to commercial.

Scenes from SuperBrawl. Hennig and Windham win th Tag Team Titles.

Chris Jericho (w/Ralphus) vs. Hugh Morrus (w/Jimmy Hart) - Jericho rants against Saturn before his opponent is introduced. He suggests that Saturn (who he refers to as "Klinger") is gay (which may well be true, but so what?) Ralphus wears a blue dress tonight. Jericho slaps Morrus' face to get things started. He gets chased outand around the ring for his trouble then runs back in only to be elevated and dropped on his face. Tiony tells us that Goldberg has accepted Steiner's challenge - great! That match will be later tonight. Back in the match, Jericho is throwing a suicide dive that takes both Morrus and Jimmy hart out! The commiserate with each other on the outside while Jericho returns to the ring. Back inside, Jericho gets a standing suplex but a cavelier sover is unsuccessful. The announcers are having a lot of fun at Ralphus' expense during this one. He is one comical character all right... In the ring, Morrus gets a surfbaord but Jericho maneuvers it into a jaw breaker somehow. He goes to the top but gets caught in mid-air and powerslammed. Morrus then splashes him twice in the corner but misses the third attempt. Still he comes right back and then goes to climb the corner but Ralphus intereferes. Oh man - here comes Saturn. Jimmy Hart is ready to use a chair on Jericho but Saturn knocks him off the apron (did I mention that the referee has been knocked down?) Saturn then puts the DVD on Jericho and Morrus follows up with his moonsault to get the pin. As Jericho lies unconscious in the ring Saturn and Morrus get it on for a bit. Cut to tape of last night after the Tag Team Title win. The Horsemen attack Hennig and Windham and choke them out with belts (not the Title ones). Cut to commercial.

Lex Luger and Kevin Nash come out with Miss Liz. Nash wears the mask of Rey Misterio, Jr. on his head like a hat. Nash starts a speech by saying that he watched the tape from last night and Hall appeared to take a couple of shortcuts. He offers to give Misterio back his mask. Rey comes to the ring for the first time in is career without his mask. He says he doesn't want the mask, he wants a piece of Nash. Nash obliges him and extends a hand for a test of strength. Rey looks disgusted at this gambit but loses his concenration and gets clobbered. But he's not done - he springs into action and is all over the big guy, knocking him down again and again. Eventually Nash catches him in mid-air and then it goes the other way for several exchanges. Nash sets up for a powerbomb - but as he raises Rey up, the little guy starts beating him about the head. He forces Nash to overbalance backward, grabs a leg for all he is worth and gets the pin!! Rey Misterio, Jr. pinned Kevin Nash!!!

Cut to another lame Konnan music video. As in the last one, he seems to be competing with the actual rapper for camera face time. I wonder how that guy really feels about being upstaged by this clown.

Norton looks at Horace askance as he now asserts that he is the man in charge.

Mean Gene invite the new World Tag Team Champs out for an interview. He wants to know if they will accept a return match with Malenko and Benoit - they demure from that suggestion. Cut to commercial.

Now Norton is asking Hogan who the leader of the B-Team is - Hogan tells him he (Norton) is the man (of course). And the beat goes on...

Nitro Grrr's cavort on the platform...

Ernest Miller (w/Sonny Oono) comes out to Glacier's laser light show (including the snow and theme music). He forces David Penzer to introduce him as the "greatest of all time" and "the greatest looking man in sports today." He wants James Brown music, not this honky stuff. He calls out "the guy I beat up on two weeks ago..." In the back, the B-Team are gathered by the monitor and tell Norton that Miller is calling him out again. Norton is about to straighten them out on the pecking order but decides to go answer the call instead. Miller meets him with a kick coming in and lays in another couple shots before applying a cobra clutch. Norton just throws him off and starts bashing him. Miller comes back with some back kicks and downs him with the third one. Norton regains his feet and Miller is done for. Norton gets the powerbomb to end the farce. Cut to commercial.

Goldberg vs. Scott Steiner (w/Buff Bagwell) - non-Title match - Buff takes the mic after Steiner's entrance and claims that Goldberg isn't in the building. Steiner then throws out the challenge to anybody in the arena. Steiner taunts a fan at ringside...then Goldberg's music starts up. The man himself emerges from the entryway and the crowd goes wild. He stalks to the ring amid a gigantic pop. They lock up and Steiner bulls his opponent into the corner. He gets the upperhand for about ten seconds then Goldberg turns it on. He is gorilla pressing Steiner several times over his head then drops him on the mat as we cut to commercial.

Steiner is writhing on the mat as we return. Steiner retreats to the apron but Goldberg won't let him go. He chases Steiner around the ring then falls prey to a Steiner line. Goldberg is rolled back in the ring then Steiner kicks him in the groin. He whips him and hits another Steiner line. He gets a two count on the monster then hits a belly-to-belly. Bagwell is on the apron and cutting away the corner pads again. He knocks the referee out of the ring when he tries to interfere. Meanwhile, Goldberg has recovered and hits the spear on Steiner then tosses him out of the ring onto Bagwell. Rick Steiner appears at ringside and finishes the job then joins Goldberg in the ring. nWo B-Team members come to the ring and Stevie Ray throws Vince into the ring. Rick Steiner clotheslines him out of his boots then whips him into harms way for another Goldberg spear. Big Pappa Pump is disqualified for Bagwell's interference. Cut to commercial.

The Nitro Grrrrls Swimsuit Expose - video features the Grrrrls is various states of undress on the beach (hubba hubba). Then we cut to the broadcast truck where the technician is backing out of the deal to hijack the satelite feed. He tells Disco to do it himself. Cut to commercial.

Tony addresses us as we return. We can see David and his lady friend still cuddling on the couch. We cut to the back where Flair's limo is arriving then immediately to the backstage area where Nash and Hogan are watching a monitor. A video of David with Torrie appears. An ersatz Mean Gene (played by Disco) interviews him then is joined by a fake Arn Anderson (who is that? Nash?). Scott Hall comes out to do his impression of Roddy Piper then Hogan joins them dressed as Flair and does his version of a Flair rant. Vince is wearing a long wig - I can't tell who he is supposed to be (Mongo, I guess). Hogan starts taking of his clothes ala Flair a few weeks ago then clutches at his heart and collapses. The interview with the Flairs is pre-empted by this silliness.

The Way I See It...

I've been getting a lot of mail since last night decrying the events during the main event at SuperBrawl. That was to be expected, I suppose...

What I find disturbing is how much of it seems to amount to nothing more then whining.

You heard me, whining. "This is an insult to Flair." "Hogan sucks." "Bischoff doesn't know how to book..." "I'll never watch WCW again..." (apply a whining tone to the foregoing).

Give me a people are worse then Bret Hart!!

That seems to be a problem with a lot of today's wrestling fans. They expect their instant gratification in every aspect of their lives, including wrestling storylines. Sorry folks, life ain't usually that pretty.

It was the same just a couple of months back when Flair was trying to re-assert the Horsmen and Biscoff kept blocking him at every turn. The same people were whining just like they are now.

Eventually, of course, Flair came back and humiliated Bischoff, not just once but several times and then took charge of the company. Next, his son humiliated Bischoff one more time in the ring and then Flair started a campaign of embarrassing Bischoff week after week after week. And so it goes in wrestling...

Now Flair is on the receiving end a couple of times and everybody is having a cow...

The bottom line is that Flair is 49 years old athlete and should have retired from the ring about 5 years ago. The fact that he is even in contention for the World Title is a major testament to his staying power as a wrestler and as a personality. So cut him a break! In his position, the only credible storyline would have to include a major struggle to stay on top - anything else would be completely unrealistic. Where were all of you people last year when the WWF was completely destroying the Road Warriors?? I didn't hear any of you whining, "I'll never watch the WWF again..."

As for David Flair's role in this drama, it is one of the oldest stories in wrestling. The "student turning on the mentor" angle has been played out every since wrestling stopped being a sport back at the turn of the century. Larry Zbyszco turned on Bruno Sammartino, Nick Bockwinkle turned on Ray Stevens, Eddie Gilbert turned on his father Doug, etc....this is nothing new folks!

For those who are saying they will never watch WCW again, I say, "Knock yourself out."

It will be your loss...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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