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Solie's Tuesday Morning ReportEXTRA!

Volume 1, Issue 42
September 10, 1996

Is Sting a Spy? Was that really Sting?

Many of my correspondents think either that Sting is a plant in the NWO or, that the guy we saw last night wasn't Sting at all

These intriguing questions are obviously on the minds of fans throughout the country (and around the World) today. I received a ton of e-mail on these questions plus a record number of Readers' Forum entries.

Lets look at the second question first: Was that Sting who attacked Lugar out in the parking lot?

I have to say that I was convinced otherwise at the time of the attack. The voice coming from the limo sounded like a recording to me. Having Sting's voice saying "...can we trust him?" would have been easy enough to procure (to quote Mr Backlund) given the current state of things in WCW. When "Sting" emerged from the limo and attacked Lugar, my first thought went to the time Barry Windham disguised himself as Sting in a Horsemen plot some years back. As the program cut to commercial shortly after the segment, I wound the tape back to view the attack again. I looked at it several times. For a brief instant before he boots Lex in the midsection, Sting and Lugar are eye-to-eye and Sting is smiling as if to say "What's up buddy?" Two things convinced me that it was indeed the Stinger standing there.

First of all, I saw him. I stopped the tape and got close to the screen. If that wasn't Sting then it had to be his twin brother (his evil twin perhaps?). The shape of the face, the smile, the shape and size of the mouth, eyes and nose were all familiar to a died-in-the-wool Sting mark such as myself.

Second, and more important, Lex recognized him. If they have been friends (and business partners) for so many years, there is simply no way that Lugar could have been fooled by a ringer at that distance. Lex was a lot closer than any of us and he obviously saw his friend Sting standing there. Of course some might question whether Lugar, being aware of the storyline, may have just pretended to recognize Sting. I have to question that idea because, so far, Bischoff and company have given the fans a lot more credit then that. I might expect MacMahon to try such a charade (remember the bogus "Undertaker" a while back, even Vince allowed Paul Bearer to see through the disguise while expecting the rest of us to be buying it).

No, I'm convinced that it was Sting.

The other question strikes me as more likely to be true: Is Sting a spy in the NWO organization?

One of my Readers recalled that Flair had told Sting that " have to get down and dirty to play in the Horsemen camp." The WCW has been reeling for several weeks now from the series of NWO attacks. This scenerio could very well be a ploy born out of the frustration caused by the Outsiders. In fact the idea that Sting might be a spy would be taking a cue from the NWO's own strategy of divide and conquer.

This angle would set the NWO up for defeat at War Games by causing them to be outnumbered in the cage 5 to 3 (the Giant has a match with Savage so he is not likely to be involved in the Main Event). This could be the wrap up to the storyline that Eric needs in the event that the rumors about Hall and Nash's departure back to the WWF are true.

As currently constituted (assuming that Sting is not a spy) the NWO would seem to be invincible. Since Benoit already has a match scheduled, that leaves Mongo as the only Horsemen left to throw into the mix, hardly a prescription for high confidence. Things don't look good for the WCW team unless there is a "fly in the ointment", i.e. Sting as infiltrator of the NWO.

The one thing that mitigates against this scenerio is that WCW has gotten so much milage out of the Outsiders storyline. If I were Eric Bischoff I would be pretty reluctant to wrap the whole thing up this weekend...unless he has no choice.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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