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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Wars Edition: Part 1

Sunday Night Heat Overview

Nitro Report

Volume 4, Issue 435 - March 8, 1999
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Sunday Night Heat Overview

The opening features the usual assortment of scenes from RAW to bring us all up to speed. The announcers make it official that Mankind will be the second referee for the main event at WrestleMania.

The Rock comes out to rant about Steve Austin between "Rocky Sucks!" and "Bullsh*t" chants. As usual he uses every cliche at his disposal (and they are considerable - and don't you forget it jabrone...). He shows video clips to illustrate his theory that Paul Wight might just not be loyal to the aims of the Corporation (in other words, keeping the Rock in the possession of the World Title). I hope he's right, I hate the idea that the big guy might have come over to the WWF just to be buried in th Corporation. Maivia caps his speech by telling the crowd not to chant along with his tag line.

The Acolytes faced the Public Enemy in a rather one-sided match. I was watching a match from 1990 featuring Doom (Ron "Faarooq" Simmons and Butch Reed) last how the mighty have fallen. Judging from this match, I'd say that PE are unlikely to fare any better with Titan then they did with Turner. They bring their "plunder" to the ring and generally have it used against them from start to finish.

Meanwhile Paul Wight is searching the building for Maivia, having heard about the Rock's earlier rant against him from Howard Finkel.

Jeff Jarrett had a match with the Road Dogg, renewing their former feud as Olympic wrestler Kurt Angle watched from a ringside seat. Jarrett cut off the Dogg's regular self-introduction and the match got underway with alacerity (like that?...I'm trying to use more of my vocabulary...) The match was pretty short as Debra and Owen tried to surround our hero only to have the newest version of the Blue Blazer (D-Lo Brown in this instance) come in and spoil their plan.

By now both Wight and Maivia are wandering around the building looking for each other.

Val Venis teamed up with rival Billy Gunn to face arch-rival Ken Shamrock and his partner Goldust (huh..?) Billy coms out and insults his partner before the opponents make their entrance - oh yeah, this is going to be a viable team. Goldust is staggering as he enters with an assist from Blue Meanie only to be attacked by his partner on the way to the ring. Goldust ended up getting a quick win over Val as the other two brawled on the outside. Shamrock ran off after Goldust and his sister while Billy and Val beat on each other in the ring. Silly concept for a match.

We found out whay Kurt Angle was in the audience as Tiger Ali Singh singled him out and offered him an escalating bribe (all the way up to $5000) to get him to blow his nose on the American flag. Angle supposedly accepted the offer but then used th Indian flag instead. Ali attacked him and got his clock cleaned. The "Angle" angle is born (cute, huh?)

The Big Bossman mixed it up with Al Snow in Snow's first non-hardcore match in a while. Bossman pinned both Snow and Head after Snow's attempt to involve Head in the match failed. The Acolytes showed up and drove Bossman from the ring afterward.

Paul Wight comes out to the ring and does his own rant against the Rock. Maivia showed up immediately and shoots his mouth off right in the giant's face - calling him rudi-poo candy-a$$. Steve Austin's music plays at that moment and Wight leaves the ring heading up the ramp. Meanwhile. Austin has snuck up behind the Rock and stuns him.

That's all folks...

Nitro Report

Metal workers are hard at work assembling the cage for this Sunday's PPV main event in the opening scenes at the top of the program. Cut to Arn and Ric discussing the situation vis-a-vis David from last week's Thunder broadcast. Flair's attitude is just right as far as I can see. Cut to commercial.

Nitro Grrrls welcome us to Brown University then we get video clips of their day there. Cut to a live Nitro Party break with Ricky whatsit (whatever)... then to a Nitro Grrrrrl profile with AC Jazz, who is the Grrrrl's choreographer...and we get to meet her dogs (twin miniture poodles with natural haircuts). Hogan's interview video from Thursday night is up next - wherein he offers the stipulation for the PPV Title match that if Flair wins he gets to keep his position as President of WCW permanently. This interview kind of hints at Hogan's reported pending face turn if you listen carefully to what he is saying... Cut to commercial.

More Nitro Party as we followed by Konnan's latest rap video...followed by another nWo video message, Hogan and Nash make snide comments while watching a tape of Flair's appearance on last week's Nitro - are they going to wrestle at all on this show?

Apparently we get the Lex Luger tribute video for more wasted time. Oh good, a commercial. Thirty-seven minutes of the program and we haven't yet even heard from the announcers.

We come back to a video of Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell being stopped by police in Boston for erratic driving in their hummer - then being given badges and ticket books! They proceed to wreak havoc, pinching scoflaws right and left - was that stupid or what? More live Nitro party stuff - okay, so this isn't a wrestling show tonight...the Nash/Misterio feud is explored via video then yet another nWo video - this one features Torrie Wilson on a shooting range to start. They talk about the "plan" and how it doesn't seem to be working out so its time to regroup. They agree to meet for dinner. Cut to commercial. Forty-eight minutes...

Back to the nWo - Hogan, Nash and Torrie meet for dinner and agree to go to "plan-B" - which involves a striking brunette named "Mrs. Robinson". She's to take over from Torrie in the continuing seduction of David Flair. Cut to commercial yet again. Fifty-six minutes.

Finally we get to the arena. Mean Gene welcomes us to the program and invites Goldberg out for an interview to begin the second hour. Except that Wolfpac music comes David and Torrie. David wants to have a face-to-face with his dad and plans to wait in the ring until Flair makes an appearance. Goldberg's music plays and we cut to commercial.

Goldberg is in the ring as we return. He takes David to task for his actions over the last few weeks. David sticks some fingers in the ex-Champ's chest and gets bulled into the corner. Ric Flair runs in and yanks Goldberg off his son and gets press slammed for his trouble. He comes back in Goldberg's face saying "...who the hell are you?" Goldberg tells him he's lost his mind which sets Flair off. He orders Goldberg to face him in the ring tonight (he has lost his mind!) Cut to commercial.

Raven vs. Hack - falls count anywhere match - they embrace before the match and then go to it. The fight goes to the floor within 30 seconds - they brawl up the ramp. They struyggle for a suplex on the ramp and Raven wins the battle. As Hack screams in pain, Raven disappears back stage and returns with a table. He positions Hack on it, climbs the scaffolding and dives onto his opponent, breaking the table. Bam Bam Bigalow appears and starts beating on both of them, thus causing the match to end - but the battle rages on. No, I guess the match isn't over - under Raven's Rules there is no DQ. The fight goes to the backstage area where all three continue to pound on each other. Bigalow seems to be getting the better of both of them for a little bit then he is attacked. They fight up against a Zamboni then up against an ambulance. A trash cart comes into play. Hack is barreled over then put inside and run into the ambulance. Now Raven and Bigalow are fighting on Flair's limo. Hack takes Bigalow's place and gets DDT'd there. Bigalow then splashes Raven on the hood and cracks the windshield. All three continue to beat on each other on or about the limo. We can hear a boring chant drifting out from the arena. Raven and Hack end up collapsed on the hood as Bigalow stumbles around mumbling "all night..." We cut away to review video of another recent backstage brawl among the three of them then to commercial.

Replay of the cage builders video as we return.

Lizmark, Jr. vs. Chris Jericho (w/Ralphus) - Jericho wears a dog collar to the ring. Tony and Legendary Larry are talking about Flair and teasing the idea of his heel turn. I'm beginning to be convinced that the double turn rumor going around the Internet might have some substance to it. Jericho does his usual rant of late against Saturn. He claims to be the master of the chain match and wants Lizmark to do the dog collar thing tonight. Tony has the unmitigated gall to chastise Jericho for doing "too much talking and not enough wrestling..." Really Tony, where have you been all evening..? Lizmark accepts the challenge and lives to regret it. Jericho is all over him with the chain and does indeed seem to have a pretty good handle on how to use it to his best advantage. Lizmark finally gets some offense when Jericho leaves him on the outside and returns to the ring. Lizmark drags him back to the ropes with the chain but then climbs to the top and flies right into a chain-wrapped forearm. The Liontamer gets Jericho an easy submission win. Cut to commercial.

Big Pappa Chump and his sidekick come to the ring. Steiner's rant is again directed at the male members of the audience, clearly he has heeded the order to clean up his act. He gets in a little hint of sexual inuendo at the end but nothing like some of his previous rants.

Booker T vs. Scott Steiner (w/Buff Bagwell) - TV Title match - the odds are stacked against Booker with Buff at ringside and a US Title match coming at Uncensored. Steiner takes his opponent into the corner to start but Booker reverses the field and they separate. Booker wins the next exchange with his superior speed and talented feet. Steiner takes two reverse kicks and bails out to the floor. He and Buff regroup then Steiner returns to the ring where he uses a single leg trio to turn the tables. There is no question that Steiner is among the best technical wrestlers in the ring today. Booker goes to brawling to turn the tables so Steiner delivers a low-blow to turn them back. He tosses Booker to the wolf at ringside then follows him out to continue his assault. The crowd is chanting "Steroids!" He uses a camera cable to choke his opponent just before the next commercial.

The players are back in the ring as we return and Steiner is still in charge. Booker is still fighting back but Steiner is all over him. His pattern is to deliver punches and kicks until his opponent tries to make a move then apply a wrestling hold (usually some kind of suplex) to hold onto the advantage. He ties up Booker in the corner so Buff can haul back on his neck right in front of the referee. Booker thwarts a verticle suplex and delivers a swinging neck breaker to regain the advantage. Now it is all Booker T until he climbs the corner. Steiner distracts the referee so Buff can knock his opponent off the top. Steiner applies the Recliner until Booker passes out. The two bad guys clobber the referee and then whack Booker with a chair. Cut to replay of Flair's challenge to Goldberg then to commercial.

Nitro Grrrrls dance on the platform as we return. Cut to Mean Gene in the back with Jerry Flynn. Their interview is interrupted by Sonny Oono who distracts Flyyn so that the Cat can attack him from behind. Oono cuts a lock of Flynn's hair before they split. Cut to commercial.

Scott Norton vs. Rey Misterio, Jr. - another David and Goliath scenerio for the diminuitive luchadre - Norton succeeds in cutting off the ring on the second attempt and Rey is immediately grounded. Norton turns to the camera and says, "I can pin him any time I want..." Don't bet on it big guy. Rey is tossed to the outside, probably the best thing for him at this moment. Back inside he tries to kick Norton but is swatted away then dragged out of the corner and dropped on the back of his head. Norton is toying with him - probably a mistake, although Rey has had zero offense thus far. He tosses the little guy over the top to the floor and Rey falls hard then gets his hands stomped as he uses the apron to pull himself up. Back in the ring he is being mauled again. This is following the pattern of the Bigalow match. Norton sets up a powerbomb and gets beaten about the head so he drops Rey onto the corner. He could pin him but pulls him up then delivers a one-handed gorrilla press. He bends over to deliver his line again, "I can beat you anytime..." and gets a stiff kick in the groin. He topples like a redwood and is pinned. The giant-killer strikes again. Cut to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrrls. Those guys are taking forever to build that cage... Cut to commercial.

Van Hammer vs. Bret Hart - Hart's competiton takes another nosedive as he faces the hippy-dippy wrestler who gives the sixties a bad name. Hammer has size going for him and...well...he has size going for him. He starts the match by clamping on a side headlock and holding on for dear life. Hart throws him off and gets tackled so he bails out to regroup. Back in the ring, Hart suckers Hammer into a test of strength then grabs an arm wringer but Hammer reverses. They trade off on that theme for a moment but Hammer has the strength advantage and ends up with a hammerlock on the mat. So Hart goes after the eyes then tries to pound his opponent in the corner but is fought he hits a low-blow to turn the tables (didn;t we already see this match once tonight..?) Hart starts in on the left leg, setting up for his finisher. It is the beginning of the end. He grabs a figure four leglock which Hammer tries to turn over but can't managge it. He turns the other way and makes it to the ropes. Hart stands him in the corner and wraps his leg around the lower rope then pulls him out. Hammer goes for a backslide but only gets two. Hart goes back to working on the leg. He drags his opponent to the corner and whacks his leg on the post a couple of times. Hammer is screaming, "Oh God!" Hart returns to the ring and Hammer limps to his feet and downs him again with a DDT and gets a two-count on a sloppy cover. He drags Hammer to the corner again and gets pulled back into the post himself. Hammer follows him out and amashes him against the railing - this is his first offensive flurry in several minutes. Back in the ring he gets a verticle suplex. He grabs a Cobra clutch and uses it to slam Hart. Next he goes for an insiguri but Hart ducks it and then slaps on the Sharpshooter. 'Nuff said. He comes back and clobbers Hammer's leg several times with a chair before he splits.

Wolfpac music plays and Hogan/Nash come to the announce position to take Heenan's and Tenay's place. They intend to comment on the Goldberg/Flair match. Cut to commercial.

Ric Flair vs Goldberg - Goldberg shoves Flair out of the corner and onto his can twice during the first two lock ups. Flair charges him and hits a brick wall twice. The third time he is press slammed and rolls out to the floor. Flair circles the ring and starts up the aisle but Goldberg cuts him off and carries him back to the ring. Flair pretendds to beg off then gets a finger in the eye followed by a low-blow. He chops at the big guy with little effect the delivers a second low blow to get a two count. Flair attacks the eyes again then stands his opponent in the corner and punches him out. sGoldberg comes back with a choke so Flair hits the low-blow again. Now he attacks the left leg then slaps on the figure four. He uses the ropes for leverage behind the referee's back but Goldberg just powers himself over and escapes. He is limping as Flair chops him again. But Goldberg just shrugs it off so Flair hits the knee again, and another time. Goldberg absorbs the blows and goes on the offensive. He knocks Flair to the floor. Flair comes right back and absorbs some blows in the corner before coming back with an elbow. Goldberg goes for the spear but Flair sidesteps it and sends hisi opponent into the post. First time I've seen that happen. Flair gets a verticle suplex but Goldberg bounces right up and spears him. B-Team members hit the ring followed by Nash, Hogan and other Wolfpac guys. They attack both Goldberg and Flair as the screen fades to black.

I'll be back tomorrow with the RAW report. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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