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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Sunday Special Edition

WCW Uncensored Report

Ric Flair is the 14 Time World Champ
and President of WCW for Life!!!

"Vanilla Midgets" the New Tag Champ!!

Booker T Is the TV Champ

All Pro Wrestling Slams into Hayward!

House Show Report

Volume 4, Issue 438 - March 14, 1999

All Pro Wrestling Slams into Hayward!

House show report: 3/13/99

Last night's APW card in Hayward saw some good attendance due in part to the prospect of a 14 man Battle Royal and an appearance by the Mighty Midgets, Cowboy Lang and "Beautiful" Bobby Dean.

As I have come to expect, the 7:30 PM bell time came and went as attendees were still streaming into the Tennyson High School gym. Around 7:45 the house lights dimmed then a smoke and light show ushered in veteran Bay Area ring announcer Allan Bolte to get the action underway.

First up came the announcement that "the Natural One" Michael Modest had lost his Universal Heavyweight Title Friday night in San Jose in a controversial decision to Maxx Justice and therefore it would be Justice facing Boom Boom Comini for the Title on this card.

"Shoot Daddy" Tony Jones (who was made leader of the MacXpress the last time we saw him in Hayward) came to the ring with his cohoorts, "Mac Daddy" Jimmy Ripp and "Chono" Max Marquez for a little ranting. Actually, Ripp (being his usual obnoxious self) snatched the mic from Bolte and did all of the talking. Usual nonsense...

Battle Royal - the participants were "the Enforcer" Jason C. Clay, Nathanial Sweet, the Chicano Flames (1 & 2), Vinnie Valentino, new Champ Maxx Justice (who brought his henchmen, Shane Dynasty, APW Vice-President Jason Deadrich, and 395 lbs. "Ice Box" - who qualifies as an entourage all on his own), Tony Jones (with his thugs), "Bad Boy" Boyce LeGrande, "Filthy" Frank Murdoch (w/Donovan Morgan), ex-Champ Mike Modest, Boom Boom Comini and "the Gigilo" Vinnie Masarro.

Justice kind of stayed out of the first few moments, preferring instead to stand aside and watch the others beat themselves up. Then Chicano Flame #2 careened into him and so he went to work. Mike Modest immediately attacked Justice looking to settle their personal score. Deadrich started to razz Modest from the floor then had to hightail it around the ring with "the Natural One" on his trail until the Ice Box got between them. So Modest went back in to attack Justice again. Chicano Flame #2 was the first one eliminated. Now Justice and Modest are getting into it on the floor - Modest got posted and chaired. Jason Clay and the other Chicano Flame were eliminated in rapid succession (the latter was pinned by Comini - pinfalls count in APW Battle Royals). Valentino was tossed over the top then Modest eliminated Sweet via pinnfall. Tony Jones was clotheslined over the top then Masarro and LeGrande were taken out. Four left - Modest, Justice, "Filthy Frank" ("Ric Flair is the dirtiest player in the game but I am the filthiest...") Murdoch and Boom Boom Comini. On the outside Masarro and LeGrande got into it in the ringside seats and sent the first three rows of fans scattering... Back in the ring, Modest and Murdoch were eliminated so now it's down to Justice and Boom Boom. Modest (who was is still hanging about ringside) distracted Justice thus giving Boom Boom the chance to knock him over the top and win the match.

Maxx Justice (w/Shane Dynasty, Ice Box and Jason Deadrich) came back to the ring. Dynasty did most of the talking, ranting about how he was banned from the building Friday night but it didn't keep him away, and how the "special referree" Ice Box, appointed by APW part owner (20%) Deadrich, showed his true colors - in other words, the deck was stacked against Modest from the get-go. Deadrich took the mic but couldn't get the crowd to shut up for his rant. He and Dynasty discussed "cleaning up" APW.

"Filthy Frank" Murdoch/Natanial Sweet/Jason "the Enforcer" Cage (w/Donovan Morgan) vs. Vinnie Valentino and the Chicano Flames - six man tag match - Flame #2 was to start the match with Filthy Frank but the latter couldn't seem to break away from his arguments with ringsiders so Sweet took his place. Flame outwrestled his opponent then tagged in Valentino who immediately got a roll-up, followed by a tackle that sent Sweet to the mat. Valentino then mooned his opponent to the delight of the crowd. Filthy Frank tagged in and signalled his henchman on the outside (Morgan) to trip Valentino. The second time that happened, Val jumped to the floor, chased Morgan around the ring and right into the path of a plancha by Flame #1. Flame #1 tagged in to face Filthy Frank and outwrestled him until FF got him in belly-to-back suplex and halted his momentum. Sweet came in to continue the assault and got a two count after a slam. They struggled against the ropes and tumbled to the floor where Flame #2 splashed both of them! Back in the ring, Flame #1 is out of it and can't defend himself. FF comes back in to step up the pressure - it didn't look good for the good guys until Cage hit Filthy Frank wih a clothesline by mistake. The two partners almost squared off at that point but then Filthy Frank turned and left the ring...and the area! This left it three on two. Flame #2 tagged in and finished Clay off with a great Shooting Star press. Time of the match 10:25. Afterwards Valentino mooned his adoring fans.

Bobby Dean v. Cowboy Lang - the mighty midgets get it on - Lang is a veteran of many years in the wrestling wars, Dean a relative newcomer. Lang also has about 10 pounds on his opponent (when you only weigh 100 lbs. that means something). Dean sucker punched his way to winning the first exchange then got bealed across the ring for his trouble. They locked up again but the referee broke that up after catching Lang pulling hair. Neither of these guys are exactly angels. Lang got Dean to look up and decked him with a forearm. Dean tried the same dodge but as he pointed toward the rafters, Lang decked him again. Lang then grabbed a full nelson which Dean broke rather easily. Lang grabbed it again and this time Dean had more trouble getting loose but followed up with a drop-kick and got a two count. Lang came back with a whip to the corner followed by a big (relatively speaking, of course) clotheline then tried to set up a Shattered Dream - but the ref wouldn't allow it. Lang was knocked to the floor where he used his small stature to hide his movements then sneaked back in behind his opponent. He sent Dean flying to the floor where he tried a similar maneuver without success. Lang then body scissored Dean into a pinning predicament. Time of the fall 10:15. The kids lined up to slap Lang's hand as he left the ring.

Tony Jones (w/Jimmy Ripp and Max Marquez) vs. Vinnie Masarro - Ripp had a few unkind words for Masarro then the match got underway. Masarru dominated the early going using his superior bulk. On the outside, the crowd was getting on Ripp's case, calling him "Crack Daddy" while Jones was making his comeback in the ring. Ripp reached in to interfere causing Masarro to run out after him and right into a clotheline from a sneaky Tony Jones. Back in the ring it was all Jones, who is really the superior technician (plus has the help of his thugs). Masarro went out after Ripp again and used a little stealth of his own to get the drop on him and Jones. Back inside he missed a moonsault and almost was pinned. Jones went for a piledriver but was backdropped instead. Masarro had the pin but Ripp pulled Jones leg over the bottom rope. Thus distracted, Vinnie was suplexes and pinned. Time of the fall 8:59.

Afterwards, Masarro complained about Ripp's interference, calling back to the ring. Ripp declined until Masarro called him "chicken." That brough hi back to deliver a slap that got him powerbombed before Jones came back and rescued him.

Intermission: the wrestlers gathered in the ring to give autographs and be photographed with fans. Cowboy Lang was especially popular. I took the opportunity to renew my aquaintance with promoter Roland Alexander and introduce myself to Deadrich, who runs their web site. Dr. Mike Lano was there as well. I spoke to him but I don't think he remembered me.

After the intermission we were entertained by APW's latest cast member, a hot blonde (literally) fire eater called "Cherry Bomb." After her performance she went to the ring and gave away some free T-shirts and posters.

Mike Modest vs. "Bad Boy" Boyce LeGrande - normally this would be a good guy vs. good guy match but last night Modest was a bit disgruntled over his loss to Maxx Justice Friday. Still, old habits die hard and so we had largely a scientific match. Modest is a mat wrestler, plain and simple (also the chief instructor at the APW Boot Camp wrestling school). Boyce started to live up to his nickname but then thought better of it after Modest handed him his head. The two shook hands and the match continued. Boyce leap to the top turnbuckle in one move at one point but Modest stood on his shoulders on the second rope then head scissored his opponent to the mat. Modest then gave his opponent a suplex clinic as he attempted a series of pinfalls. He stood LeGrande up in the corner and pounded on him from above. Boyce shoved him off and got a roll-up but failed to get the pin. Modest got another suplex but Boyce came right back with a sidewalk slam. He then headed for the top - Modest went back to the shoulder stand well but was shoved away. Boyce got a big splash, Modest came back with a back-breaker slam and took the pin. I missed the time of the fall.

Main event time: Maxx Justice (w/his entourage) vs Boom Boom Comini - Universal Heavyweight Title match - Justice took the early advantage and delivered some heavy shots then choked Comini in the corner until the ref counted him off. Multiple criss crosses didn't improve Comini's position as Justice came back with a clothesline so Boom Boom resorted to a low blow. Justice was whipped from piller to post but sidestepped Comini's rush to the corner. Justice slammed his opponent then sent him to the floor into the tender mercies of the Ice Box. Back in the ring, Comini was pouded down then hit with a straddle smash against the bottom rope (ouch!) Comini came back with a shot to the gut but Justice stuck a finger in his eye then grabbed a reverse chinlock. Comini escaped eventually only to miss another corner rush - but he recovered and got a suplex and a two count. Justice came back strong with a tackle then used the ropes for leverage to take the pin. Time of the fall 6:49.

Boom Boom tore into Justice after the fall but then was distracted by Deadrich and blindsided by the ice Box. Justice and Ice Box put on a double suplex on the big guy. Deadrich wanted them to hold Comini while he hit him with the Title belt but security chief Steve Stoneberg got between them and Stunned Deadrich (guess who his favorite wrestler is...) Ice Box and Justice then put their double team suplex on Stoneberg. Mike Modest and Vinnie Masarro ran in with chairs to clear the ring. Stoneberg (who is due to make his debut as a wrestler soon) thanked Modest and tore off his APW Staff shirt to reveal a Stone Cold Steve Austin shirt underneath.

A great evening of wrestling as usual. All Pro Wrestling stars are young but top notch athletes none the less. APW will be back in Hayward on Friday, May 21st.

WCW Uncensored Report

The program starts with an extended collage showing highlights of the Hogan/Flair feud interspersed with shots of the cage builders.

Uncensored is live from Freedom Hall in Louisville, KY.

Tony, Tenay and Heenan ar the hosts, revealing for the first time on TV that tonight's main event is a first blood match.

Mean Gene spouts from the platform, Hotline stuff etc.

Video review of the Nash/Misterio feud.

Kidman vs. Mikey Whipwreak - Cruiserweight Title match - this is the former ECW Champ's debut match in WCW. Whipwreak appears to have a slight size advantage, unusual for him in most matches. He wins the first exchange by out maneuvering the Champ and matching him move for move. Kidman comes back in the next round and drop-kicks his opponent to the floor. They fight out there and Whipwreck is run into the railing. Back in the ring, Kidman is on the receiving end and they end up on the floor again where the challenger maintains the advantage by dropping Kidman throat first onto the rail. Back inside he goes for a pin and gets a two-count. He ties Kidman's legs up in a modified Indian Deathlock then rolls back and grabs the head of his opponent. He releases the hold and puts Kidman's throat over the bottom rope then applies a legdrop. He pulls Kidman to his feet - the Champ breaks loose and gets a clothesline. Whipwreak comes back with a short powerbomb and gets another two-count. He grabs a headlock then changes to a rear chinlock. Kidman struggles to his feet and levers his opponent to the floor then throws a long suicide dive, hurting his knee in the process. They struggle on the apron then fall back into the ring. Whipwreak fails to pin because of a leg over the rope. Kidman gets a suplex then goes to the top but the challenger catches him there and sends him tumbling to the floor. He tries to dive onto him but Kidman sidesteps and Whipwreak contacts the railing. The fight spills out into the crowd then back into the ringside area where Kidman is smashed into the steps. He is rolled back in and Whipwreak gets another two-count. He follows up with a Russian leg sweep and another two-count. He goes for as whip but Kidman reverses it and then follows in with a clothesline in the corner. He rushes in again and misses. Another two-count for Whipwreak. He is starting to show some frustration now. A snap suplex gets him yet anothr two-count. He rushes the corner and tastes boot leather. Kidman gets a short powerbomb but no cigar. Whipwreak comes back with a swinging neck breaker then climbs the corner. Kidman catches him there but is shoved away and splashed. Now the match goes into see-saw mode and they trade pin attempts. Whipwreak goes for a belly to back from the top but over spins - putting Kidman face down on the mat. Still can't get the pin. Whipwreak shows a flash of temper and it undoes him as Kidman gets a snap suplex then the Shooting Star press for the win. An excellent opening contest!

A video hyping the Vince/Stevie Ray street fight match for control of the B-Team fails to prick any interest in the match. It's followed by some more cage building footage.

Vince vs. Stevie Ray - Harlem Street Fight for control of the nWo Black and White faction - the announcers are speculating about whether or not the other members of the B-Team will abide by the results of this match. Vince starts with an insults and gets decked. he comes back with an attack to the eyes but gets booted on his can again. Stevie elevates Vincent by his throat and drops him but then rushes his opponent only to tumble to the floor when Vince drops out of his way. The fight goes to the floor (where it belongs...) and Vince is out of his league right away. Stevie pursues him into the stands and manhandles him with ease. What could Vince have been thinking to take this match? He staggers back towards the ring area then ducks a rush and backdrops Stevie over the railing. Now Vince is making some headway as he plants a boot in Stevie's throat. Back in the ring he drives a fist from the second rope and gets a two-count. Stevie recovers with a kick and then pounds Vince in the corner. A second rush gets him a boot to the face. He comes back at Vince and they conk heads. Horace runs in and throws the slapjack to Vince who hesitates and gets a foot in his face. Stevie applies his Slapjack slam move and takes the pin. I'm glad they got that one out of the way in a hurry.

Kevin Nash (w/Lex Luger/Miss Liz) vs. Rey Misterio, Jr. - hard to tell how this one will go. Will Nash help Misterio to maintin his streak or will he avenge the former loss. Clearly the result here depends on what Nash decides to do. He approaches this match a lot mor seriously then the last one. Rey rushes into a boot to start. Not a good beginning for the little guy. Nash picks him up and slams him across the ring. He goes for another move but Rey grabs his head and DDT's him then gets a legdrop to his head. Nash tumbles to the floor where he is on the receiving end of a baseball slide but then Nash roars back and turns the tables. He rolls Rey back in. he stalks his opponent and bulls him into the corner. He sets him up there and measures him before delivering an elbow that sends Misterio back to the floor. Nash follows him out and plants a boot in his throat as he lies on the floor. Back in the ring Nash elevates him with a two handed choke then applies an atomic drop. Nash is getting cocky again now and it proves his undoing. He goes for a tilt-a-whirl and Rey spins right through it. He hits a drop-kick on the knee and drops a leg on Nash again. He is reving up when Luger reaches in and trips him. Nash throws off his shoulder straps and applies the jack knife powerbomb to get the pin.

Jerry Flynn vs. Ernest Miller /Sonny Oono - handicapp karate match - Flynn wins the first exchange with Miller but then attacks Oono on the apron giving his back to Miller. Still, Flynn is iin it to win and retakes the advantage for a moment but is then overwhelmed and knocked to the floor where Oono is waiting to get in some shots. Back in the ring it is all Miller. He downs Flynn a couple of times then invites Oono to come in. Oono hesitates but finally agrees. He goes for a pin and is shoved off with authority. Flynn grabs Oono by the ankle but can't prevent the tag. Miller takes over again and sends Flynn to the floor then follows him out. Miller tries to use a chair but the ref snatches it away. Oono distracts Flynn who chases him until Miller cuts him off. But Flynn roars back and has to be subdued. back in the ring. Flynn is down and Miller is trying to convince Oono to tag back in. Flynn blindsides Miller who collides with Oono and pulls him into the ring. The ref sees that as a tag. Miller is down and Flynn is taking the pin. Miller tries to prevent it but he is too late. Flynn wins the match.

Raven (w/Chastity) vs. Bam Bam Bigalow vs. Hak - Three Way Dance hardcore style - I just realized that's Steve McMichaels old music that Hak is using for his entrance. I imagine this one will be pretty hard to call but I will try. Bigalow and Raven cooperate on Hak to start then Raven reverses his course and attacks Bam Bam. Here comes Chastity with a bin full off junk which she starts throwing into the ring. sRaven gets a trash can and uses it on Hak. There is so much junk in the ring that these guys are endangering themselves just falling down. Hub caps, an ironing board, a rake, pots and pans, etc. Bigalow hits Raven with a mailbox. There is a snow shovel in the ring as well. Raven drops Bigalow onto a trashcan with a drop-toe hold. Each guys in turn, sits by watching the other two go at it, waiting for an opening...and so it goes. Bigalow stacks two trashcans in the corner and sends Raven crashing into them. Hak uses a box fan on Bigalow then follows up with a paint tray shot. Raven gets hold of an oar and uses it on both his opponents. Bigalow DDT's Raven onto a trashcan lid then Hak hits him with a cookie sheet (nothin' says lovin like somthing from the oven...) This is wild - now all three are down and looking dazed. Hak takes Raven to the top and Frankensteiners him to the mat then he goes under the ring for a table which he shoves into the ring. Bigalow gets the drop on him and sets the table up. He lays Hak on it then climbs the corner, but Hak leaves the table only to run into Raven who chases him into Bigalows arms. He is powerbombed onto the table which stays intact. Then Raven and Bigalow hit it together and break it. Bigalow is making a big comeback - he throws Hak out then turns to Raven to find Chastity trying to protect her brother. He shoves her aside but Hak is back and kicking butt. Bigalow ends up outside where he finds another table and a fire extinguisher under the ring. Back inside he sets up the table and sends Hak into it. Meanwhile, Chastity has a roll of tape which she hands to Raven. He ties Haks hands then hits him four times with a chair. He then stumbles back into Bigalow who grabs him and gets the Greetings from Asbury Park. Chastity is on the apron and grabs the fire extinguisher but falls backwards into the bin. Bigalow investigates and gets the extinguisher set off in his face. She enters the ring again and blasts and then headbutts her fallen brother! Hak gets the pin. What a wild match!

Horsemen vs. Curt Hennig/Barry Windham - Lumberjack w/straps match for the World Tag Team Titles - the lumberjacks are Meng, Hugh Morrus, Kendall Windham, Bobby Duncum, Jr., Kenny Kaos, Chris Adams, Prince Iaukea and Norman Smiley - Hennig and Benoit are about to start when Arn Anderson comes down and takes Chris Adam's place. - Hennig and Windham try to leave but get whipped back into the ring immediately. Hennig again tries to aplit out the other side but is again sent flying back. He tags in Windham who is trapped in the corner and tries to bail. Anderson is really enjoying this belt action. Malenko tags in and continues the assault on Windham. They succeed in isolating the big Texan. Benoit comes back in and rushes into a boot then gets DDT'd. Hennig tags in and throws Benoit out to where his little brother waits with a belt. Benoit is whipped back then thrown out again and whipped again. Hennig grabs a reverse chinlock. The announcers think there might be some communication between the Windham brothers but I haven't caught it so far. Windham gets a big drop-kick on Benoit - nice extension for the big guy. Hennig comes in and loses the initiative to a German Suplex. Malenko gets the tag and all four come in to brawl. Hennig goes for his Hennig plex on Malenko but Malenko reverses it and gets a two count. He goes for the Texas Cloverleaf and gets it but Windham prevents the pin. Malenko falls out and gets whipped severely until Arn rescues him. Back in the ring he is in bad shape. Windham pounds on him and gets a suplex then floats over for the pin. No soap. Hennig tags in a grabs a sleeper, forcing Malenko to the mat. Arn is screaming at Malenko that he has "two feet" to the ropes. Windham tells him to "shut up." Hennig finally releases the hold and chops Malenko in the corner the tosses him to the floor for some more belt action. Arn rescues him. back in the ring Windham gets his signature lariet then stands Malenko in the corner again and pounds on him. He picks Malenko up for a belly-to-back but gets his skull pounded and drops him. Benoit gets the tag and cleans house until Malenko comes in to help. Windham falls out followed by Benoit (who is the legal man with Hennig) A big brawl erupts on the floor as Malenko and Hennig fight in the ring. In the confusion, Arn runs in and wacks Hennig with his tire iron!! Windham and Benoit are fighting on the top corner when Malenko wraps a belt around his neck and pulls him to the floor. Benoit makes a spectacular leap clear across the ring to headbutt Hennig and get the pin. New Tag Champs!

Chris Jericho (w/Ralphus) vs Saturn - Dog Collar match - Saturn wears a chain mail dress and full eye make-up. If he plans to scare Jericho into submission he just might pull it off. He has yellow contact lenses and black lipstick. Jericho steps out to the apron then wants Ralphus to wear the dog collar. Ralphus refuses. They argue on the floor and Jericho slaps him and order him to leave. Jericho reluctantly returns to the ring but still hesitates to don the collar. He tries to attack without putting it on but Saturn gets the drop on him and suplexes him then puts the collar on him. Jericho tries to leave the ring but is dragged back by the chain. The tug-o-war with the chain then Saturn reels his opponent in and decks him. Back to the tug-o-war. Saturn clearly knows this type of match better - Jericho was foolish to suggest it. Saturn is all over his opponent who is soon bleeding from the mouth. He uses the chain to good affect, wrapping it around his fist for each blow. He leaves the ring, sets Jericho on the corner then yanks him onto the railing outside (ouch!!) He follows that with a whip to the rail on the other side. Back in the ring he chokes Jericho with the chain, which is legal of course. Jericho finally rverses a whip and downs his tormentor then knocks him over the top to the floor. He leaves the ring under the bottom rope which means the chain is wrapped around the ropes and is trapping Saturn against the apron. Jericho unwraps the chain and then powerbombs Saturn over the top back into the ring - he is pulled over as well. He backs up to Saturn and chokes him by pulling the chain over his own shoulder but Saturn climbs the ropes and flips out of it. Jericho downs him and chokes him with his boot. Saturn recovers with a standing side-kick then whips Jericho only to cut his momentum short with the chain. He stands Jericho in the corner and covers his head with his skirt and pounds on him but Jericho comes back and goes for the Liontamer. Saturn grabs the chain and pulls on it to choke Jericho who blacks out before he can make Saturn submit. They come back to their feet and Saturn gets the DVD onto the chain. Jericho kicks out. Saturn sets him on the corner then goes up and tries for a Frankensteiner but is blocked and driven to the mat. Jericho gets a two count. Jericho now removes the collar from Saturn and wraps himself in it then tries for a Lionsault but doesn't get all of it as Saturn moves away. Saturn comes back with a second DVD and gets the pin. Scott Steiner (w/Buff Bagwell) vs. Booker T - World TV Title match - Steiner leaves the ring before the mactch gets started and throws the TV belt on the floor for some reason. He climbs onto the apron and jaws at the referee before entering, then ducks right back out again as Booker advances on him. He goes to the floor and mouths off at the ringside fans. He returns to the ring and poses for Booker. Finally they lock up and Booker is bulled into the corner. The ref breaks them apart. They lock up again and Booker gets an armdrag. Another lock-up and Booker chain wrestles into a hammerlock but gets an elbow to the head. Steiner lays in some shots but Booker absorbs them and roars right back. Steiner rolls to the floor once more and jaws at the referee some more. He wants him to check Booker's gloves then uses the distraction to blindside his opponent. Booker defends himself and ends up straddling and pounding on Steiner. He is all over his opponent and Steiner bails for about the fifth time. This time Booker follows him out and back in and is caught but recovers and gets a reverse atomic drop. Buff drags him out and attacks him. he reverses a whip but Steiner blindsides him and runs him into the steps. He then uses a chair to knock Booker over the railing. Booker succombs to the two-on-one attack and is returned to the ring. Now Steiner is all over him. He suplexes him then grabs a reverse chinlock. Booker fights to his feet and uses them to escape and turn the tables, but Steiner stops him short and tosses him to the floor. Back inside, Steiner gets a belly-to-belly then misses a clothesline and is on the receiving end of a flying forearm. Booker hits a spinwheel kick, a tackle and and a scissors kick. Another Harlem Side kick attempt almost hits the ref. He downs Steiner again then climbs the corner only to be upset by Buff. Steiner climbs up and gets a superplex. He signals Bagwell who comes in with a chair and hits Steiner by mistake. Booker gets the pin and the Title!

Ric Flair vs. Hollywood Hogan - First Blood Cage Match for the WCW World Title and control of the promotion - if Flair loses this match he will have to retire from wrestling - Flair wears a new red and gold robe to the ring and demands the mic to make an announcement before Hogan enters. He want the referee (Charles Robinson) to "make the call" on what constitutes "First Blood" - no calls on a little scratch or whatever - this match is historic no matter how it goes down. Michael Buffer makes the intro for Hogan then orders the cage to be lowered. The razor wire around the top doesn't look like rubber to me. Hogan tosses Flair around like a rag doll to start then grabs a headlock. They whip to the ropes and Hogan runs over Flair. Flair goes to the eyes to gain the initiative then starts working on the knee of his opponent. Hogan comes back with a back body drop then knocks Flair down repeatedly. He gets a scoop slam and and a leg drop then chokes him on the mat. He stands him up and punches him in the head. Flair pops up and gets a couple of chops in the corner. They reverse and Hogan does the same the Flair reverses it back. Hogan spins him around and chokes him. He lets Flair out and Flair falls flat. Hogan gestures to the fans (face turn anyone..?) then applies a figure four on Flair! He is clumsy with it and Flair escapes. They struggle for position and Flair is drives into the cage wall. Hogan climbs above him in the corner and punches him then bites him on the forehead. Flair tries to climb the wall and Hogan grabs his tights causing a mooning. Hogan climbs up with him and punches him until he falls straddling the top rope. Hogan unwinds some of the razor wire into the cage and rubs Flair's face in it. Hogan removes his weight belt and whips Flair who is bleeding but the referee is not paying attention to it. Hogan doesn't seem to care and pounds his head into the cage wall. Now Hogan wants to end the match but the ref says no. Flair grabs a set of brass knucks and decks Hogan as he turns around - now they are both bleeding. Here comes David Flair and Torrie. As Flair takes command of the match his son is urging Hogan on. Flair stops to spit on his son. The crowd is chanting for Hogan (that's got to be planted...) Flair stands Hogan in the corner and chops him but Hogan is "Hulking Up"! When did we last see that?? He gets the big boot and the leg drop. He goes for a pin but the ref ignores him. He shoves the referee and goes back at Flair who catches him and gets a standing suplex. Hogan bounces to his feet and runs Flair headfirst into the cage wall. Flair's head is all bloody but the ref is ignoring it. Somehow this sems to have been turned into a "last man standing" match. He bounces him off the opposite wall then batters him into a third wall. Flair is out on his feet. Hogan goes for the spear again but Flair gets behind him and runs him into the referee. He hits a low blow on Hogan. Arn runs out and decks David. Torrie jumps on his back but he shrugs her off then throws the tire iron to Flair who uses it on Hogan then slaps on the figure four. The referee counts Hogan out! What kind of a "first blood" match was that??? Rick Flair is the fourteen time WCW/NWA World Champ!!!.

I'll be back tomorrow night with part 1 of the Monday Night Wars Edition. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

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