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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Volume 1, Issue 44
September 13, 1996

Gene Okerlund Said to Have Left WCW

Today's Mark Madden WCW Hotline is reporting that "Mean" Gene Okerlund has left the WCW. The claim is that his contract is up and they have failed to renegotiate an extension.

I am dubious about this. With all the NWO stuff happening, and knowing "Mean" Gene's longstanding relationship with Hulk Hogan, I find the timing of this announcement just the least bit suspect. With War Games on the horizon I would not be at all surprised to see Okerlund show up at the PPV as the "NWO announcer".

More on Razor and Diesal

As I reported yesterday in my Readers' Forum, Scoops Wrestling Headlines is saying that the WWF has hired Glenn (Isaac Yankum) Jacobs and Big Titan (from ECW) to play Diesal and Razor Ramon repectively. If this is true it marks a new low in Vince MacMahon's ongoing shortchanging of the WWF fans. The idea that they really believe this ruse will go anywhere is beyond the pale in this reporter's opinion.

Of course I would ad the caution that Scoops was the purveyer of the rumor last week to the effect that Hall and Nash were about to return to the WWF under the terms of an out-of-court settlement of Titan's Trademark Infringement case against Turner Broadcasting, a story which they subsequently retracted and for which they apologized - so consider the source.

The Sting Thing

As I mentioned in an earlier issue, the story about Sting's heel turn and the flap about whether it was the "real" Sting that attacked Lex Lugar has generated more correspondence to this website than any previous event since our inception in May. I want to thank my readers once again and apologize for the tardiness of my responses to your inquiries. I was typing as fast as I could, believe me.

It is now generally thought that the attacker on Monday night was an imposter (if you judge by the opinions express here), but minds are still devided about what it all means. The notion that it was Sting and that it was the weather conditions that made him hard to identify (advanced by a WCW spokesman via The Bagpipe Report) has been dismissed as a smokescreen.

For my own part I am still not convinced that it wasn't Sting but am willing to admit that it was very hard to make out the features of the attacker and will concede that it very well could have been a ringer. Cobra has been named as the most likely culprit while Chris Benoit, Jacque Rougeau and several others have all been postulated.

Various theories as to what it all means break down along the following lines:

1) It was Sting and he has joined the NWO. The recorded conversation issuing from the limo was done to insure that we all recognized his voice.

2) It wasn't Sting but he has joined the NWO. They used an imposter merely to advance the storyline because Sting was busy that night wrestling Muta in Japan.

3) It wasn't Sting and he has joined the NWO, but only as a spy to turn the tables at War Games.

4) It wasn't Sting and he has been kidnapped by the NWO in order to throw the WCW team into confusion. In this scenerio, the added theory is that it is Lex Lugar who is the "real" turncoat. He has gone along with the deception in order to further demoralize the WCW troups.

5) It wasn't Sting because he is in jail for stealing a cop car! (I just threw that one in...sorry, I couldn't resist).

Personally I am leaning toward the third theory, that Sting has joined the NWO temporarily in order to put the Outsiders off guard and destroy them from within. I base this partially on the memory of the Brutus/Brother Brutti/Butcher/Zodiac/Bootyman spy scenerio which has already been spun prviously in WCW.

Also, I will admit (as a Sting mark of longstanding) that I would like to think that Sting would not abandon the "little Stingers" no matter what the temptation. Sting has been steadfast in his face personna since he turned away from being "Every Man's Nightmare" as the protege of Eddie "Every Girl's Dream" Gilbert many years ago. I find the idea of "Sting the Heel" to be a bit distressing actually.

Whatever the case, it is clear that we will know a lot more after the War Games match on Sunday. In the meantime I would not expect to hear anything from Sting because all of the four (legitimate) theories would be advanced by his silence leading up to the match.

If he has joined the NWO, they would benefit by continuing the mystery of who the fourth man will be on the NWO team. If he is a spy, the same applies (since we assume that the Outsiders are not aware of his "spyhood"). If he has been kidnapped, he obviously can't say anything and again, the NWO benefits from the mystery. And, of course, the mystery is bound to generate a higher buyrate for the PPV.

I haven't decided whether I will buy the PPV or just listen to it on "scramblevision" as usual. I'm leaning toward the latter out of curiousity...hmmm, it must be working.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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