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Flair Strips Hall of the US Belt!

Declares a tournament for the Title

From the Top Rope...

by Joseph Holt

Cherokee judge has hold on wrestler

By Mark Bixler

Volume 4, Issue 441 - March 19, 1999
Editor's Note: Solie's reader David Heard sent this along. Thanks David!

Cherokee judge has hold on wrestler

By Mark Bixler, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A pro wrestler known as Big Poppa Pump dodged the big house Wednesday but will have to spend 10 days in the Cherokee County Jail.

A judge also ordered Scott Carl Rechsteiner to pay $25,000 in fines, fees and restitution and to stay on probation for seven years after Rechsteiner pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and making terroristic threats, felonies with a maximum sentence of 30 years. The charges allege that Rechsteiner, 36, threatened a Department of Transportation worker and hit him with his Ford F-250 pickup in April 1998.

Rechsteiner has biceps the size of watermelons and a blond Fu Manchu mustache. His lawyer, Alan C. Manheim, told Judge C. Michael Roach that Rechsteiner is gentle and well-educated. "I have seen a man very different than his public persona," he said.

Big Poppa Pump is one of the bad guys on the TV wrestling shows, wrestling with the World Championship Wrestling federation as part of the New World Order team.

Last April 21, investigators said, Rechsteiner drove down a closed exit ramp off I-575 in south Cherokee and threatened and twice hit DOT road worker Paul Kaspereen after Kaspereen told him the ramp was closed. Kaspereen was not seriously hurt.

"I just apologize that this happened," said the wrestler, who also goes by the name Scott Steiner. The judge sentenced Rechsteiner under the state's first-offender rules. That means a court will find him not guilty if he avoids trouble while on probation.

Rechsteiner also must perform 200 hours of community service.

Copyright 1999 - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

From the Top Rope...

by Joseph Holt


Excuse me for a moment as I take a deep breath to consider the recent flips and flops in the wonderful world of wrestling. The rumor mill has been spinning nonstop as of late with hints and allegations galore. If its not the Hogan/Flair switch then its Austin soon to be a corporate member. Then, of course, there is the situation with Wight and The Rock. One thing they all have in common though, we are actually starting to care what happens again in BOTH feds.

I have been known to condemn the WCW and the WWF on occasion so I find it only fair to commend them when they do something right. So, with a few exceptions, here is what I see doing well lately.

First, the WWF. Anyone who knows me also knows I like to point out the things I don't agree with. This is not going to be an exception. The whole UT angle is beyond reproach. From the crucifixions to kidnapping. In my own not so humble opinion, this surpasses all the rotten things Austin has done. The WWF needs to lose this quickly. However, Road Dogg fresh out of a very short rehab claims the IC title. This is a good thing. Billy Gunn captures the hardcore title. This too is a good thing. A feud between the two of them would be better, which could be a good draw in the future. The Austin/Rock/Mankind/Wight square dance makes for some enjoyable sessions but it needs to come to an end real soon before it gets old. As far as Austin turning heel and joining the corporation, well, I don't see it happening but if it did, one of the Solie's readers had it exactly right when he said the end result would be the corporation as whole would then become a face. That might make the UT feud a little deeper but not enough to carry the storyline for very long. Austin winning the title? Absolutely. The Rock and Wight in a major feud? Hard to say really. I think it would be a good months worth of a feud but it may turn out to be another screwjob on Austin by Vinnie. Foley retiring soon? God I hope so. I love the guy but there comes a time when your body can't take anymore punishment and Foley has passed that time three or four times over. I read an interview he did a while back and he commented, "...the worse part of the job is when my son asks me to play with him but I can't because I hurt so bad I can't even move."

Now the WCW. Goldberg has become more human and less of a brickwall which makes the matches more believable. Rey wins the cruiserweight title from Kidman which is deserved. The "Vanilla Midgets" win the tag team belts which is only good because they can turn heel once the reunited Harlem Heat takes those belts away. Bagwell and Steiner split is way past due. Personally I like the idea of Buff and a returning Sting making a run for the tag belts as well. The destruction of the "B team" (as Earl would say) could only be better if it was already over. These are all good things for the WCW but....Flair and Hogan, bad thing. Please quit beating this dead horse. Flair has the belt now, which he will soon give up. Hogan remembers what it feels like to Hulk up. Get it over with already. The hidden camera all seeing eye that never misses anything has got to go and please, oh please, no more of that stupid Konnan video and no more MTV vj leftovers hosting retarded nitro parties. BORING!

Well I most certainly didnt cover every rumor floating about today and even if I did someone would just come up with something else tomorrow. Probably a $25,000 latex mask custom made for Kane so he could lose the hockey mask or Chyna revealing she is really HHH?s twin brother.

Even though the rumors are most often just that and have no real fact behind them, it is good to see people showing some positive reaction to the show. I had almost lost hope that quality would ever return. Not that it has yet, but its getting a whole lot better.

So keep the rumors coming and keep throwing out your two cents but always remember and never forget, its the bookers that make the stuff interesting and we all know that aside from creating the Internet in his spare time, that too is in the hands of Al Gore along with a little help from Jerry Springer. Oh, one more thing I will throw out there to see who bites, Bret Hart will be leaving the WCW but not to help with Stampede wrestling, but to become president of the upcoming FOX network's wrestling federation. I just know thats gonna happen 'cause I readed it on the Internet!!!

Joseph Holt is a freelance writer in the Ft. Worth Texas area and a regular contributor to Solie's. His own web site, called Double Xposure, is located at: and features his articles on subjects besides pro-wrestling.

Thunder Report

Tony is doing his "clueless" character to a T as he opens Thunder from parts unknown. He and Heenan are in agreement about the ascendancy of Ric Flair. Tenay is dubious and scorned.

Kenny Kaos vs. Bobby Duncum, Jr. - this is a pretty good matchup between two "young lions". Duncum has the "heritage" edge, but both are up and coming stars, out to prove themselves. The entire match is an extended see-saw battle until Duncum sneaks in a standing (Texas?) bulldog and gets the three count. Cut to commercial.

B-Team travails - everybody says they're the boss "...cause Hollywood said so" - Stevie Ray re-enforces his claim with violence. Curt Hennig talks to Mean Gene. He's upset about not getting enough respect at WCW and wants a Title shot against El Presidente mucho pronto. He will brook no interruption and sets Mean Gene to sputtering... Cut to commercial.

El Vampiro vs. Prince Iuakea - the highly touted Vampiro is re-debuting in WCW and has his hands full with the Prince tonight. He showboats to much during his few times on top, constantly pausing to milk the crowd when he should be concentrating on the match. Perry ("Life's a drag..") Saturn appears on the ramp and distracts the oddly tatooed newcomer for a bit, but then Vampiro collects himself and makes his move. A modified DDT tells the tale. More B-Team shenanigans. Horace attacks Brian Adams. Cut to commercial.

Ric Flair makes an entrance displaying the World Heavyweight Title belt like a trophy. He is stylin' and profilin' - he insults a Hogan fan at ringside. "I'm the most powerfull man in wrestling," he says. He is playing his 80's personna to the hilt, talking about "Space Mountain"...then, suddenly, he strips Scott Hall of the US Title! He calls for a tournament to crown a new champ. He calls Curt Hennig out and tells him of his respect for his lying carcass and then offers him a match against Hollywood in the main event. He's not interested in wrestling for the World Title because he's "...custom made from head to toe and if you touch me your fired..." Hennig takes the match. Cut to commercial.

Scenes from the Cruiserweight Title match on Monday. Rey is the new Champ.

Juventud Guerrera vs. Konnan, Jr. - Cruiserweight Title match - without his mask and flashy costume Reys is just like his opponent - except he kept his flashy costume. Juventud has that little edge in viciousness here and a slight size advantage which serves him well until just before the commercial. He is bounced out to the floor - I sense that we are going to miss something good - maybe their'll be a recap.

They are back in the ring as we return and Rey is getting surly. Both guys are just pounding on each other. Juventud gets a running powerbomb and hurts himself. Both are down for the count. One moment they're out on their feet, the next they are back in the thick of their aerial warfare. Juvey gets the Juveydriver but blows the cover. He drops Rey astraddle of the top rope (ouch!) but Rey is still in it and returns in kind. Rey snaps a Frankensteiner off the top rope and gets the pin. Cut to commercial.

aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! It's Disco's marvelous parody of the Konnan video...

Disco ("I'm the new Paul Roma") Inferno vs. Disciple - this is classic tested veteran vs. brash newcomer match-making. Ed Leslie is way out ahead of this punk throughout the match. Disco has to leave the ring to avoid the Apocolypse. He makes a comeback as he re-enters the frey but it is fleeting. Leslie has control of the action, even when Disco is hesitating at the top to shake his hips. He misses a splash from the top and the veteran makes his play, but is cut short when he walks right into Disco's own version of the Stunner (the Curtain Call). Et fini... Cut to commercial.

B-Team music plays as we return and Horace comes to the ring, eliciting almost no response. Brian Adams follows him out... Oh! I see, it's a match.

Horace vs. Brian Williams - right...they had a little tiff earlier... this is a typical "big men" match - plenty of heavy shots, lots of crawling around. I'm surprised that Horace is very strong in this match and shows much better discipline then his opponent, who struts around when he is on top. Adams is a bit larger and has vastly more experience, and would have this one in hand except that Vince steps up on the apron to distract him. Vince rolls a set of brass knuckles to Horace. Adams turns around and nails Horace before he can throw a punch. He goes for a belly to back suplex but Horace pounds him in the forehead with the weapon and takes an easy pin.

Mean Gene interviews the Dog Face Gremlin, who steps out of character to reveal himself as a "shooter, a hooker..." He wants to get more "hardcore." He is interrupted by fellow tough guy Fit Finley who wants to tell hisMean Gene is in the ring to interview "Wood." He calls him the most popular wrestler to ever come down the's true, of course, but somehow it rings a little hollow. Hogan is playing an echo of his 80's character, still with heelish overtones, but definitely harkening back to his salad days. He's ready to take on all comers to get back into the Title picture. He insists he's the real man and he may have to pull out some of his "old" tricks. He barely manages to not call the crowd "Hulkamaniacs" Cut to commercial.

Meng vs. Bam Bam Bigalow - US Title tournament 1st round - Bigalow is the slightly larger man but Meng pack so much authority into every move. He makes a mistake by going for a scoop slam and failing. He is pummeled for several moments then tries for it again...and fails again. Bigalow settles for just grounding his opponent with a rear chinlock. Meng escapes and they clothesline each other. Now it is a superheavyweight see-saw with each man making progress in turn. Meng finally throws the Death Grip to get the win. Cut to commercial.

Hollywood Hogan vs. Curt Hennig - this is an abrupt step-down for Hogan. He polished this guy off back in the early 90's and now he's in the main event on Thunder... Hogan removes his weight belt and threatens Hennig with it before the match gets underway. The announcers are praising Hogan for his performance in the cage match last Sunday. Hogan is doing vintage Hulster in the ring and having much the same success as the first time these two clashed those many years ago. Hennig suckers Hogan into ducking his head and turns the tables. Horace is lurking around ringside, we assume he means to watch Hogan's back. Hogan puts on an abdominal stretch after which Hennig calmly forces him from the ring but is dragged out to the floor and lambasted. Back in the ring he regains his feet and goes for a Fisherman's suplex but can't complete it. Hulk is on his feet and Hulking up. He gets the big leg drop to take the pin. He is adament after the match that Flair is in his's almost believable...fade to black...

I'll be back on Monday Night. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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