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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Wars Edition: Part 1

Sunday Night Heat Overview

RAW Report

Volume 4, Issue 442 - March 21, 1999

Sunday Night Heat Overview

The Rock comes out for his weekend rant with the Corporation in tow. We are told that Vince McMahon isn't here tonight. Maivia is badmouthing just about everybody but most especially Paul Wight. He insults Test, Shamrock and the Big Bossman, then sets up a match - himself vs. Bossman for the main event. Shane is ringside and trying desparately to calm everybody down.

Billy Gunn put up his Hardcore Title against Al Snow and it looked like Snow was going to get the better of him. Chairs and tables came into play throughout the match. Then, Steroid Bob Holly, who was ringside providing commentary ran in and attacked Snow to end the match without a decision.

Rod Dogg defended his Intercontinental Title against former Champ Ken Shamrock. They barely got the match started when Val Venis ran in and spoiled it. Goldust and the Blue Meanie managed to get involved as well in the aftermath.

"Dr. Death" Steve Williams took on both members of the Hardy Boys in a handicap match. You can guess the oucome.

Godfather brought out four of his "garden tools" for his match against HHH. They didn't help him much as HHH got him with a Pedagree after a few exchanges.

The main event was rather anti-climactic, they started to turn it into a pretty good ringside brawl, then the lights went out. The Undertaker's minions attacked Bossman leaving the Rock to make his escape only to encouter the Undertaker himself at the top of the ramp. He was joined there by Paul Wight. The three of them (four, if you count Paul Bearer) engaged in a staring contest until the program faded to black.

RAW Report

Stone Cold walks past a Coors Light beer truck on his way into the arena and stops to talk to the driver who is a fan.

RAW is live from Albany, New York. The McMahons and the Rock come to the ring to open the show. Vince rants about standing between "two great Champions" - thus insulting Maivia without letting him know it. Shane takes the mic and challenges X-Pac to a Greenwich Street Fight - out in the road outside the arena. Vince recovers the mic and accuses Austin and the Undertaker of being in league to undermine the Corporation then hands the mic to Maivia. The Rock boasts that he will end the career of Stone Cold at WrestleMania as Austin watches on a monitor back stage. In the back - Austin stands up and walks away from the camera. The "A$$hole!" chant rises to crescendo as Vince makes Maivia the referee for tonight's big Paul Wight vs. Austin main event. Mankind appears to propose that Maivia wrestle him to see who referees the match. Then he produces a contract for just such a match signed by Commissioner Michaels (remember him..?) Vince has to swallow that and starts to rant some more but then Austin drives in behind the wheel of the beer truck - he drives right up to the ring, parks the truck and climbs on top of it to celebrate with the crowd. He uses some of Maivia's own cliches to taunt the Champ. He offers the Rock a pre-match beer. As the Rock rants on, Austin calmly uncoils a hose attached to the side of the truck and douses his tormentors with beer!!! He walks off and leaves the truck in place. Cut to commercial.

The Pissed Brothers (w/Debra) vs Brood - Tag Team Title match - the Champs make the first entrance which seems to be a break from tradition. Cut to a "JR is War" party at a local college frat. Edge and Gangrel are the representatives of the Brood for this one. They represent the Young Lions in this match as well. They isolate Jarrett for a while and even pull a switch, Christian for Edge, but the Tag Champs are on their way back when Public Enemy runs in to spoil the match. The lights go out and Debra gets the blood bath. In the back the New Age Outlaws are getting ready to have a Title vs. Title match between them. Cut to commercial.

Back stage, the McMahons are cleaning up from their beer bath.

Billy Gunn vs. The Road Dog - Title vs. Title match - Jesse James refers to himself as the "Intercontinental Champion of the World"...okay. He gets a series of arm drags then taunts his partner in the corner to start the match. Billy comes back strong and then back pedals (conscience, I suppose) and pays for it. Later, Billy is on the receiving end for a while but turns out to be just playing possem. He is turning it around when Val Venis and Goldust run in and end the match. Pat and Gerry are getting coffee for Mr. MacMan. They are accosted by person or persons unknown (out of camera range) - it must be somebody scarey because they are trying to shrink away as we cut to commercial.

Patterson and Brisco are laid out as we return. A video reveals that it was LOD (Hawk and Animal) who attacked them.

The Blue Meanie comes out loaded for bear and carrying a chair (hey, that ryhmes!) He calls "Shamrock" out to face him (what a maroon!) He gets...Ryan Shamrock - it is a skam to draw Ken Shamrock to the ring. He obliges and is followed in by Goldust. Between them (and the chair) they manage to lay Shamrock out (Ken not Ryan...the WWF hasn't gone that far yet...) Cut to "JR is WAR" party which could use a dose of the Nitro Grrrrls then to our favorite Chef Boyardi commercial.

In the dressing room, McMahon is asking where his coffee is...

Sable comes down to the ring in her heel persona to face Ivory (w/D-Lo Brown) in a non-title match. Before the match can actually get started, PMS shows up to go torture D-Lo at the broadcast table. In the Ring, Sable is dismantling her challenger. She struggles to get a Sable bomb and takes the pin. Tori runs in and has her arms tied up in the ropes. She kicks Sable away then gets loose and straddles her while punching her about the head. Cut to commercial.

The Rock vs. Mankind - winner referees the main event - the fight goes out to the floor where Foley takes then loses the advantage. Both guys get rammed into the steps then Maivia tries to use a chair but is twarted by the referee. He settles for suplexing Mankind on the concrete. Back in the ring, Foley bounces back, but misses "Mr. Elbow" The match goes back outside where Maivia stops to commentate and pays for his bravado. Back in the ring, Naivia gets a big clothesline to retake the initiative.Foley comes right back with a swinging neck breaker but then he accidently wipes out the referee. He keeps control and prepares to unleash Mr Socko, but Wight hits the ring and Chokeslams Mankind causing a DQ - Mankind will be the referee. There's a sign that says "Coach Earl 3:16" Cut to commercial.

Wight is berating himself for failing to protect the perogatives of the Corporation.

Kane appears at this point as we recall the incident concerning a certain fireball and a certain lady. Disgusting stuff - I hate it when they throw fire at people. I was a professional magician throughout my early adulthood and worked enough with flash paper (gun cotton) and flash pots to have a healthy respect for that stuff. Goldust is the supposed opponent for the big guy but it is HHH with a "flame thrower" who actually throws off the Goldust costume and wig (the "flame thrower" is some kind of disguised rocket launcher without a projectile that just kind of explodes a blast of flame and smoke - a pyro howitzer, if you will) . Kane gets a blast in the face and is easy pickings. Cut to commercial.

More "JR is WAR" - "Steroid Bob" Holly shows up at the frat house and attacks Steve Williams. The brawl is epic. They bull their way into the kitchen then knock out the camera crew. Back at the arena, Steve Austin tells Mankind to stay out of his way in passing. Shane is warming up for his match. Cut to commercial.

X-Pac vs Shane McMahon - Greenwich Street Fight - of course "Shano's" buds show up and ambush X-Pac then drive way in a red Ferrarri (Cole calls it a Corvette - or maybe he meant the dark second car) - some fight all right...They tell us the Undertaker is next, then go to sell something.

The Undertaker leads the Acolytes to the ring to take on the Corporation (Shamrock/Bossman/Test) - the important match here is Bossman/Undertaker. The other four wrestle off to the ringside area right away - then UT and Bossman join them out on the floor and fight right into the crowd. The crowd swallows them up and then...the lights go out...and we cut to commercial. That was enlightening. The Undertaker has definitely come down in the world...

Vince comes out wearing his still wet suit jacket over his bare upper torso. To say he looks desheveled would be to kind. He shows the video of Steve Austin's shenanegans to justify his declaration of the Rock as designated commentator for the main event. Then he introduces Paul Wight. The Kings gets the best line of the night when he says Austin suffers from "fee-fi-phobia". The Rock looks positively surprised when Austin shows up - he vacates the ring and retires to the broadcast table in order to snipe througout the match. Austin slips in a beating for several moments before the big guy recovers his composure and flattens him. He lays in big chops in the corner reminiscent of Andre. They brawl to the outside where Austin is thrown over the railing. Mankind runs out to remind Wight that there is a referee and lures him back inside. Austin returns to the ring but is repelled from the apron. The big guy follows him out and press-slams Austin on the concrete. Mankind uses a chair to try and force the combatants back into the ring. Back inside, Wight sets up a big elbow drop and misses it. They bounce off the ropes and Austin is caught in a bear hug. Austin survives the "arm test" and then gets his second wind. Several chair shots set-up the Stunner. Austin takes the pin. Wight attacks Mankind then leaves the ring. Austin and the Rock face off and start a fight which Maivia ends with a Rock Bottom. He stops to climb the ropes and pose for the crowd and we fade to black.

I'll be back tomorrow with the Nitro Report and Ervin Griffin's ECW PPV review. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

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