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Stylin' And Profilin':
The Legend Of Ric Flair

By Ervin Griffin, Jr. and Matt Benaka

Volume 4, Issue 447 - April 2, 1999

Stylin' And Profilin': The Legend Of Ric Flair

By Ervin Griffin, Jr. and Matt Benaka

Part 36: Flair VS. Savage, Pt. 2.

After that fiasco at WCW Uncensored, "Nature Boy" Ric Flair was banned from WCW by the suits of that company. Meanwhile, Vader was continuing to hound then-WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan.

In an ironic twist, Hogan requested that Flair should be reinstated for Slamboree '95. Hogan wanted to team with Randy "Macho Man" Savage against Vader and Flair. After much debate over it, WCW finally relented and let Flair return to action for that card. Hogan and Savage was seconded by The Renegade (the biggest ripoff in wrestling ever) while Flair and Vader were seconded by Arn Anderson. The match was actually dominated by Hogan and Savage with Flair and Vader only getting the advantage for brief moments, particularly when Savage was in the ring. In the end, Hogan got the pin over Flair in Flair's first bout back. Call me biased but didn't Flair deserve, at least, a DQ win or something in his first bout in eight months? Instead, he was made to job to Hogan once again.

After the bout, the two former Horsemen kept pounding on Savage while Hogan (I think) was down. Angelo Poffo, the father of Randy Savage and former wrestler himself, ran to the ring and made Flair and Arn back off....or so he thought. In an instant, Flair and Arn attacked the 60+ year old man (I don't know his exact age). Flair locked Poffo in the figure-four leglock. Painful on healthy, young legs, it had to be hell on an old man (abeit a tough old man). This enraged Savage like crazy!! He demanded a match against Flair for the Great American Bash. It would be the first one on one encounter since September of 1992 when Flair regained the WWF Title from Savage and the first PPV encounter since WrestleMania 8 of that same year when Savage beat Flair for that same belt. This time, however, it was a grudge match with no title on the line.

Savage, to be truthful, did dominate most of that match but kept making big mistakes that Flair gratefully capitalized on. In the end, Angelo Poffo tried to hand Savage his walking cane but it ended up in the hands of Flair instead. Flair used it to clock Savage and got the pinfall in that encounter. While Flair won this battle, Savage was not through with him by a long shot.

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Thunder Report

Thunder is live from Richmond, Virginia.

After some announcements we are thrown to Mean Gene who invites Saturn and Raven to the ring for an interview. Raven explains that the fight between him and Saturn was just a disagreement between friends. They seem to be looking forward to facing Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko at Spring Stampede. Cut to commercial.

Eric Watts vs. Norman Smiley - now here's a match I've been dying to see (heavy sarcasm). Watts is cast as the heel here for some reason. He starts out taunting his opponent and then aping his "big wiggle". Smiley calmly outwrestles him until he is caught in a drop-toehold and dropped throat first onto the bottom rope (ouch!) Smiley goes to the floor to regroup. He returns and again shows himself to be the better wrestler - although Watts' size advantage allows him to hold his own. Watt's seems on the road to victory but at the critical moment he stops to celebrate with the crowd. Smiley hooks him up in a chickenwing submission hold and he taps out.

Backstage, Chris Jericho tries to talk JJ Dillon into putting him back into the US Title tournament. He points out that Curt Hennig is injured and suggests that he (Jericho) should take Hennig's place. Dillon isn't buying... Cut to commercial. One of them is a Nitro commercial which includes shots of Sean Waltman.

Mike Enos/Bobby Duncum, Jr. vs. Saturn/Raven - the Enos/Duncum team had all kinds of bad luck during the recent Tag Title tournament, they ae not likely to fare much better tonight. Saturn and Raven show us some great teamwork right at the outset. Their tags are a swift as any I have ever seen. Duncum puts a boot to Raven's face...almost...but Raven obligingly goes down anyway. Enos and Duncum have an extended offensive flurry until the oposition's teamwork kicks back in. Now the match is in see-saw mode until Duncum manages to hit his partner with a cowbell. Enos stumbles into an Evenflo DDT and is pinned. Malenko and Benoit immediately show up and punk the victors. In the back, Jericho approaches Ric Flair to pitch his re-entry into the US Title tournament. Dillon is right there to make his objection but Flair overrides him. Jericho is back in. Cut to commercial.

Chris Adams vs. Chris Jericho - Adams has the experience and a slight size advantage. He is also clearly the better wrestler here. Adams uses a hotshot to gain the advantage then spoils it by trying to cover his opponent with one foot. Adams turns the tables and again Jericho is on the receiving end. Jericho is tumbled to the floor where Adams gets a super-kick. Back inside it is all Adams and he gets a series of two-counts. He then misses a kick and straddles the top rope. Jericho slaps on the Lion Tamer and gets the duke. In the back, Flair talks to Ed Leslie. He reminds him that his contract expires in thirty days. They discuss Leslie's long friendship with Hollywood Hogan then Flair offers the Disciple a raise and a three year extention on his contract if he can beat Hogan in a match tonight. Cut to commercial.

Meng is on hs way to the ring as we return. He's supposed to have Jerry Flynn as his tag team partner but the camera shows us that JImmy Hart's guys (Barbarian and Hugh Morrus) are beating the tar out of Flynn out back of the building. They put a spiked piledriver on him then they leave as Meng shows up to check on his partner. Tony is announcing that Hogan will be in the main event but he doesn't know what we know - that the Disciple will be his opponent. Meng stalks back into the arena to takes on both guys and he is winning! The opposition retreats to the floor to take council with their manager then Morrus goes back in to face their adversary. Meng pretty much destroys him and so the Barbarian tags in. Meng and the Barbarian are trading chops as we cut to commercial.

Morrus is stalking Meng on the outside as we return. He beats on him then rolls him into the ring. The team is working better now and have Meng on the defensive. Meng crawls to his corner looking for the partner who isn't there. He turns the tables on Morrus but when he goes for the pin, Barbarian just comes in and breaks it up. Finally, Jerry Flynn shows up holding his head. He circles the ring and enters behind Morrus, knocks him to the floor with a back kick. Meng grabs the Tongan Death Grip on Barbarian. Hart hits Meng with a chair but it doesn't faze him at all. Flynn keeps Morrus busy on the outside while Meng gets a submission victory. Cut to a Meng tribute video thn to commercial.

Mean Gene is in the ring again as we return. He calls Hollywood (Hulk) Hogan (yes, he called him that) to the ring. Hogan alludes to having "found himself" and explains that Flair is making him "jump through more hoops" on his way to Spring Stampede and a World Title match. He mentions that a contract has been signed....which brings Flair out to squelch that notion. Ed Leslie joins him on the ramp and confirms that he plans to win the match tonight. Flair plays his heel role to the hilt - insulting fans and screaming his head off. Hogan calmly watches the display of temper then says he's going backstage to get ready for his match. Cut to commercial.

Chavo Guerrero, Jr./Kaz Hayashi vs. Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko (w/Arn Anderson) - Tony is working up a heel personna of his own, bickering with Tenay and (apparently) firing Iron Mike from the Nitro announce team! In the ring, Malenko and Benoit are taking their opponents apart. Hayashi finally makes some headway until Malenko hits a Tiger Bomb and follows with the Texas Cloverleaf. Now it is Saturn and Raven's turn to run in and cause some havoc. They dispatch Arn on the way to the ring then position Benoit on a table so Saturn can splash him. The table didn't break so I imagine they both got hurt on that one. In an nWo video, Hogan assigns Scot Steiner to take Booker T out. Stevie Ray objects to this plan, citing an agreement he thought they had to lay off his brother. Hogan asks Kevin nash to leave the room so he can have a confab with the B-Team. He apologizes to them all for causing so much confusion over the leadership of the group. He proposes an nWo Battle Royal on Nitro for the leadership position. Cut to commercial.

Horace vs. Diamond Dallas Page - a slap fight degenerates into a slug fest to start the match. DDP grabs an arm and wrings it out until Horace uses a hair pull to escape. Horace flees the ring and is chased around to the other side then re-enters only to turn around and catch Page coming in. Now it is all Horace for a moment, then he misses a splash. He retreats to the floor again and Page pulls off his inside-to-out splash. He bashes Horace's head into the railing and other assorted objects as we cut to commercial.

The two combatants are slugging it out on the floor as we return. Horace seems to be getting the upper hand. Back in the ring, Horace comes close to getting a pin following a splash. He continues his assault and gets another two-count. Page gets a head scissors take down but Horace grabs him by the tights and levers him into the bottom turnbuckle. Page finally gets the advantage and drags Horace over to the corner to run his leg against the post. Back inside, Page is signalling for a Diamond Cutter and pulls it off using a float over technique. Cut to commercial.

Hollywood Hogan vs. the Disciple - Leslie seems overmatched at first as Hogan shoves him to the mat twice. He comes back but Hogan clearly has his number until he removes his weight belt then lets Leslie get his hands on it. He takes a couple of shots then bulls his opponent to the floor where he regains control of the belt and the match. back in the ring, Leslie roars back with a big slam and then throws the initiative back to Hogan. Hogan mounts his standard assault and the match goes into see-saw mode. Tony is saying that the Disciple is wrestling with "some kind of purpose tonight." Hogan is in charge and about to win when Flair shows up ringside and trips him. Leslie gets the Apocolypse but Hogan pops right up. He is going for the pin when Flair runs into the ring and causes the DQ. He and Hogan go at it for a bit then the other Horsemen swarm into the ring. They pound on Hogan who then turns the tables and clears the ring. The Horsemen stalk away as the Hogan rants at the camera and we cut back to the announcers who mention for the fourth time tonight that Sting will make an appearance and has a message to deliver on Monday night on Nitro. We leave the program with a video on Sting (one of the old ones from a PPV long long ago and far far away...

That's it for tonight, I'll be back on Monday. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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