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Sunday Night Heat Overview

Volume 4, Issue 448 - April 5, 1999
Here a note from Ervin Griffin:

Hello readers. I just went and looked at the newest chapter of my Ric Flair series and I noticed that I made a comment about The Renegade. I know that no one has said anything to me about it but, for the record, I do tend to write these articles well in advance. When I wrote that particular chapter, The Renegade was still alive at the time.

No intentional disrespect was meant towards the man. Just thought I'd clear that up before I get any e-mails about how evil I am :) (just joking there but I am serious about not meaning any disrespect towards Renegade). It is sad that he will be remembered, professionally, as a Ultimate Warrior wanna-be. When I think of the man, I prefer to remember him as someone who had potential but was pushed too fast and was not developed properly. That could be blamed on WCW. While WCW can't be faulted for his choice of suicide that took his life, I often wondered if they were just patient with him, might he still be alive now? That, sadly, we will never know.

Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian and also contributes to the Ringside Insider on a regular basis. Many of his previous articles are available in the Articles section of the website. Check out Ervin's Pro-Wrestling Fan Fiction web site.

Heat Overview

Shane McMahon and members of the Corporation came to the ring for the opening rant. The Rock was still carrying Steve Austin's custom Title belt. Chyna and HHH were also on hand. The A$$hole chants rose up to greet them. Shane said that he is officially retiring the European Title then introduced HHH as the only true claiment to the name of Degeneration-X. HHH took credit for the Wolf Pac's crotch chop among other things. He refered to his former partners as the 1-2-3 Kid, the "real Double J" and RockaBilly and claimed that he personally put them over (dream on nose boy...) Truth be told - they all carried him for the last year - especially NAO. Shane took the mic back and ranted off on Steve Austin, taunting him over the fact that his belt is still over the shoulder of the Rock. He ordered a Rock/Austin rematch for the WWF Title at the next PPV and named himself as the special referee (are we going to go through this same scenerio over and over again..?) The Rock had his say next. Usual cliche ridden crap...and as usual he chided the crowd for trying to follow along. This is getting older and older... Shane then mentioned that he will have a special present for Paul Wight tomorrow night on RAW before we went to the break.

Tori took on Jacqueline wearing a better outfit this week. She decked herself in sensible black instead of that silly cat suit. Terri Runnels was there to provide distraction and then caused a DQ by interefering when Tori slapped on a sleeper. Jacqueline punked Tori while Terri got her cigar lit. Ivory ran in and also was attacked from behind while confronting Terri. The referee prevented her from using the cigar, by the way.

Val Venis faced Steve Blackman and outwrestled him pretty decisively. Blackman was showing signs of a heel turn as he used the ropes to intensify a half crab. What he really needs, of course, is a personality infusion... Venis won it with a Money Shot then Blackman Pearl Harbored the victor with his kendo sticks.

The Pissed Brothers made a very Ernest Millerish challenge to anybody to come out and wrestle them for the Tag Team Titles. For their answer, the lights went out and Kane's music played. As they faced the entryway, Kane slipped into the ring behind them. They split as soon as they saw him but accepted his challenge for later in the program. Does anyone else see it as inevitable that Kane will join DX? I mean, isn't that certainly what X-Pac was alluding to on RAW when he said that DX will be "stronger then ever..." ? Just a thought...

Droz seems to have taken "the King of Hats" as his new gimmick - it's not working, Darren. He faced the Big Bossman who was coming back off his "hanging" at WrestleMania. The youngster was completely at sea against this massive ring veteran, who paused to rip the ring right out of his opponent's nose (ouch!!) A sidewalk slam put Droz out of his misery.

Jerry Lawler interviewed Vince and Stephanie McMahon via satelite. The resemblence between father and daughter is remarkable. She doesn't remember what actually happened while she was in the Undertaker's custody but they reveal that strange things have been happening that point to members of the Ministry having invaded their home. The developing storyline is that McMahon created the Undertaker as a character but Mark Calloway has now begun to believe he really is the Lord of Darkness.

Kane vs. The Pissed Brothers in a handicap match for the Tag Team Titles was the main event. The highlight of the match was Kane executing a double suplex on both of his opponents simultaneously. Jarrett saved the Titles by hitting Kane with the guitar and causing a DQ. Sure enough, X-Pac ran in to Kane's aid but the big guy was mistrustful so that scenerio has a bit longer to play out. Maybe tomorrow...

Nitro Report

The Sting video opens the first hour. This is the rainy night scenerio that preceeded his last World Title win. It's followed by the new Nitro logo and opening montage then disolves to Goldberg carrying a lottery cage as he strides purposefully through the hallways of the arena. Nitro is live from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and also has a new, very futuristic set. Tony and the Brain have been moved to ringside. Sting is set to appear this evening and is supposed to be making a statement. Throw it to Mean Gene in the ring who invites Goldberg to come down for an interview. He carries his lottery cage and enters sans pyro. Okerlund inquires, "Whose next?" Goldberg is complaining about being overlooked my WCW management (read, president Flair). He intends to select an opponent from his hopper (which reportedly contains all the wrestler's names). This is interrupted by the appearance of Kevin Nash. He warns Goldberg off, hinting that he might be wearing a metal vest like Bret Hart's. He reminds the former Champ that he (Nash) was the guy who stopped his win streak. Nash challenges Goldberg to a match at the next PPV. Goldberg accepts. Cut to Flair and Double A backstage. Arn is on the phone while Flair is being upset by something he is seeing on the monitor. Flair calls Arn's attention to what is happening on the tube and Arn promises to take care of it. Cut to commercial.

Nitro Grrrrls dance on their new that a new face I see on the far right?

Ricky Rachmann gets way too much exposure in the first few minutes of the program as he hawks the WCW Hotline. I hope this isn't the beginning of a trend.

Kendall Windham vs. Hak (w/Chastity) - Kendo Stick match - or maybe you could call one of them a "Kendall" stick - but please don't... Windham gets the first blows to his opponent's knee - then uses his stick as a lever to enhance a submission hold. Chastity runs in and whacks him with her man's dropped stick. Now Hak is back (hey, that rhymes!) The two of them struggle for control of Windham's cane. Windham decides to wrestle and it is a good move as he controls the action for a little while. Hak comes back with a back drop then goes out to retreive his stick. Kendall catches him coming in and is back in control. Chastity now has both sticks on the outside. Windham decides to go after her and pays for his indiscreation as Hak drops on him from the apron. Back in the ring, Hak is making progress. he gets a DDT then Chastity throws him one of the sticks. He clobbers Windham in the head with it and it's all over. Cut to the Meng tribute video and then to commercial.

Goldberg strides the halls once more - he goes to Ric Flair's office and walks in without knocking. He inquires of Flair, "You wanted to se me?" Flair says he didn't send for him. Lex Luger and Liz are sitting on th couch opposite Flair and Arn. Goldberg looks at them and asks, ":What the hell is this?" Looks like a guy and a girl to me, Bill...

Arn Anderson confronts Nash in the coffee room and says Flair wants to see him. Nash says he'll be along presently. Arn asks him to hurry because Flair's all over him. Cut to a short video exploration of the current argument between Konnan and Disco Inferno.

Konnan vs. Lizmark, Jr. - I'm so glad they stopped teaming Misterio and Konnan. I have a lot of respect for both of them but that was a marraige made in hell for my money. This is classic power wrestler vs. high flyer - Lizmark is mostly on the receiving end but takes to the air occasionally to get some of his own. He tries desparately to live up to his casting as the heel in this contest by facing the crowd and laughing evily- he doesn't succeed. The referees in the "new" Nitro universe wear stripes, by the way. Tony and the Brain are bickering as usual - in this configuration, Heenan has nobody to stand up for him. Lizmark gets an extended offensive flurry then is stopped short by Konnan's somersault clothesline. Konnan gets his TS submission move to win. Today is Konnan's birthday and he seems to be using the occasion to make a slight heel turn.

Flair gets off the phone - he wants to know if Nash is coming. Arn assures him he is - and sure enough there is a knock at the door and Nash comes in. Flair welcomes him ans shakes his hand as we cut to commercial.

Flair and Nash are kidding around with each other as they walk through the office. Hollywood Hogan is on a cell phone in the hall and observes them together. Flair departs and Hogan asks Nash what's going on. Nash says, "He's the president, it's just business." He tells Hogan not to worry about it and leaves. Hogan looks suspicious. Cut to commercial.

Nash is sitting on a stair with a young suit talking about his personalized license plate ("4 Flair"). Hogan comes down and questions Nash some more about his loyalties. Nash assures him everything is fine. Hogan still doesn't seem convinced.

Mean Gene brings President Flair out to talk. Tony is commenting on how "the fans turn against you..." when you gain power - meaning Flair, of course. Gene asks a question but Flair ignores it and tells Okerlund to shut up. He rants off on Goldberg then says that he approves of the Nash/Goldberg match and what's more - he plans to wrestle Hogan tonight instead of on Sunday. Hogan runs down and Flair bails. Hogan accepts the match which causes Flair to threaten to take the match away. He warns Hogan not to try anything before the match. Hogan calmly assures him that he'll wait. Flair is getting pretty hot but Hogan keeps his cool. As Flair gets ready to leave, Diamond Dallas Page shows up to get in his two cents. He wants to make the match a three way dance with himself as the third leg. Flair declines. Hogan has his own proposal - he'll take both of them on. Flair wants to keep it one on one as he proposed earlier. Now it's Goldberg who comes down and wants in as well. Flair declines again so Goldberg tosses him by his coat collar. That's enough for the volatile Flair - he makes the match. Hogan and Goldberg continue to jaw in the aisle - they make an arrangement to take the other two out and then face each other. doesn't work that way. The one who takes someone else out will be the Champion...

Scott Steiner vs. Meng - US Title Tournament semi-final match - Steiner rants about DDP - calling him a liar and referring to him as "Diamond Dallas Trash". He is re-asserting his claim that he should have gotten Kimberly for 30 days after winning their last PPV match, but he says it doesn't matter. He challenges Page to a match wherein Kimberly will be the prize for one night. He leaves the ring and menaces Tony as Meng arrives. Steiner bulls his opponent into the corner and forearms him in the head. No affect. He pounds Meng on the back. Meng pops up and drives him from the ring. Tony tells us the main event has been changed to a Texas Tornado match. All four will be in the ring at once. Speaking of "in the ring", Steiner is finally turning the tide with some well placed suplexes. He tosses Meng out to the floor, runs him into the railing then rams him into the steps and back against the railing on the opposite side. Back in the ring, Steiner puts the boots to his opponent. He gets a side breaker but only a two count. He strangles Meng against the ropes then tries for a superplex but Meng headbutts him to the mat then dives on him. Steiner is on the receiving end of multiple chops and karate blows. Meng goes for the Tongan Death grip but Steiner breaks it up immediately with a finger to the eye. He gets a belly-to-belly suplex then uses the ropes for leverage to get the pin. Cut to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrrls in the ring this looks like maybe they have replaced Whisper with the new blonde...ohhhh noooo!!!! Don't tell me she's getting ready for the wedding already!!!

We come back from commercial long enough for Tony to pump himself up over Sting's impending reappearance tonight. A figure in a leather duster in the rafters turns around to reveal...a rigger. Cut to commercial again.

Flair's on the phone again. He interrupts his conversation to order the cameraman to leave.

A tribute to Hacksaw Jim Duggan takes us through part of his emotional speech last summer and then his equally emotional return a few weeks ago.

Lenny Lane vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan - this is Duggan's anticpated return to the ring after cancer surgery. Too bad they couldn't give him some competition... Duggan is his old self. Lane tries to attack his ribs (he had surgery in his kidney) but Hacksaw seems invulnerable. He knocks Lane to the floor. Duggan follows and Lane attacks again. Duggan reverses a post shot then returns Lane to the ring. Lane catches the big guy coming in but has little affect. Young folks who never experienced the Mid-South promotion can't possibly know how popular this guy was for many years. His feuds with Ted Dibiasi (including a number of Tuxedo matches) were the stuff of legends. He doesn't appear to have lost a step and polishes Lane off in short order. Cut to commercial.

More Ricky Rachmann...damn! Maybe someone will set his hair on fire...

nWo B-Team Battle Royal for the leadership position - Stevie Ray, Vincent, Brian Adams, and Horace are the combatants. Scott (don't call me "Ed") Norton seems to have been left out of the running. I've been looking forward to this match in the hopes that it will end this stupid nWo black and white storyline. Vince and Stevie tie it up on one side while Horace and Adams go at it on the other. Then they trade off (yawn...) Horace vs. Vince - Stevie vs. Adams - Horace vs. Stevie...whatever. These guys aren't smart enough to gang up on anybody as Heenan correctly notes. The crowd is about as interested in this as I am. Vince gets dumped first. Horace and Adams finally agree to cooperate against Stevie Ray. So Stevie double clotheslines them. Certainly Stevie is the most talented one in this contest. Now Adams and Horace are arguing over which one will throw Stevie out. They come to blows as Stevie is recovering. Adams is ejected. Then Stevie ducks a rush and sends Horace flying. Stevie wins (does anybody care..?) Cut to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrrrls on the stage...

Raven/Saturn vs. Rey Misterio, Jr./Kidman - Tag Team Title match - Tony tells us that Thunder will be on Wednesday this week. The two bigger guys seem to hold all the cards in the early going. They are effectively isolating Misterio until Saturn misses a legdrop. Kidman cleans house then the Champs hit a double splash. Fighting is going on inside and out when we cut to commercial - why did they have to pick the best match of the night to interrupt?? They could have run that entire last match during a break for my money...

Saturn is mauling Kidman as we return. Kidman escapes but then gets suplexed right over the top rope to th floor! Saturn brings a chair in. Raven drop-toes Kidman onto it - one of his signature moves. Kidman is being destroyed before our eyes. Then he gets a suplex on Raven onto the chair. Misterio tags in against Saturn and outflies him - and his partner. But then he is stopped short and almost pinned by Saturn. Kidman makes the save. Moments later Raven has to save Saturn's cookies. Saturn gets the DVD on Misterio but the referee has been knocked out. Benoit and Malenko run in and take out the challengers then position Rey on Saturn for the win as the referee recovers and makes the count. Hogan is doing double-time squats in the back to prepare for the main event. Cut to commercial.

Chris Jericho vs. Booker T - US Title Tournament semi-final match - several of the wrestlers (including Jericho) seem to be having a problem with the new entry ramp. Flair even commented on it to the camera earlier. This is Jericho's comeback attempt after being eliminated from the tournament then reinstated by Flair. Jericho is just a little too confident and pays for it through much of this match. Scott Steiner runs in with a chair and gets it in the face as Booker kicks out at him. This ends the match in favor of Booker T as Steiner's interference is ruled to be on behalf of Jericho. He doesn't look pleased with winning that way. Cut to commercial.

Buff Bagwell vs. Bam Bam Bigalow - BB vs. BBB - this is an important match for both of these mid-card wrestlers. Bagwell seems to hold the edge through finess. He knocks Bigalow to the floor. Bam Bam recovers as he returns and applies his superior weight to good affect but Buff is right back on him again in a flash. That becomes the pattern of the match. Bam Bam steamrolls while Bagwell dances. As the math progresses it seems that Bagwell isn't sure how to deal with the bigger man but still he manages to avoid being crushed and keeps coming back. The referee gets clipped and then Hak shows up with his stick while Chastity circles around with her fire extinguisher. Buff gets clobbered - Bigalow gets clobbered and sprayed. Buff recovers first, gets his Blockbuster and takes the pin. Cut to commercial.

Nitro Grrrrls yet again on the big stage...

The crowd is chanting "We want Sting" as we return. Michael Buffer introduces the main event.

Ric Flair vs. Hollywood Hogan vs. Goldberg vs. Diamond Dallas Page - Four Way Dance for the World Title - I hate this kind of match because it makes no sense that any Champion would agree to such a stipulation where he can lose his belt without even being involved in the action. In this case, the current Champ makes the first entrance, another break with tradition. The final entrance is reserved for Goldberg. Kevin Nash joins the announcers for this one. One has to wonder what his deal with Flair is... Charles Robinson is the referee. It's Goldberg/DDP and Flair/Hogan as the match gets under way. The former fight on the floor while the latter battle in the ring. Hogan goes for a pin but Page re-enters and breaks it up. Now Page and Hogan battle while Flair tries to split. Goldberg throws him back into the ring. Next Page goes at Flair in the ring while Goldberg and Hogan brawl on the outside. Flair takes what appears to be a painfull tumble off the top, landing on his shoulder as Hogan snatches him off the corner. Finally all four are in the ring. Hogan and Goldberg trade pinning combinations. Goldberg acts like an idiot as he has Flair down and the other two are occupied outside. He fails to go for the pin. And so it goes... Now all four are out on the floor. Flair and Hogan battle around the broadcast table. Tony and the Brain scatter but Nash holds his seat. In the ring, Page gets a two-count on Goldberg. Hogan runs Goldberg over with a clothesline but Goldberg just pops right up and spears him. Flair tosses a knee into the back of Hogan's leg. Goldberg spears Flair and then Hogan. he gets a two count. Nash is getting restless at ringside. He runs in as Goldberg has Hogan pinned and attacks Goldberg. Sting suddenly descends from the rafters with his ball bat. Everybody splits from the ring except Goldberg as Sting points to a monitor with his bat. Randy Savage's voice comes over the sound system and announces a Four Corners match for the World Title on Sunday. Flair, Hogan, Page and Sting with himself as the referee. Fade to black...

RAW Report

A montage of the developing McMahon/Ministry feud opens the program. RAW is live from the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, New York.

X-Pac/Kane vs. the Pissed Brothers (w/Debra) - Tag Team Title match - Owen faces X-Pac to start. This is a fast and furious contest then Jarrett tags in ans matches their pace. A blind tag to Owen puts X-Pac on the defensive and a double-team cements his situation. They are trying to isolate him and no wonder - considering what they have to face if he tags out. I notice my name on a sign at ringside but I think it refers to Earl Hebner. In the ring X-Pac and Owen knock each other down with simultaneous clotheslines. Kane is finally in the match against both opponents and cleans house. X-Pac comes in to help and almost gets chokeslammed - but then Kane elevates him and drops him on Jarrett. X-Pac takes the pin and we have new Tag Team Champs!

Backstage, Vince is telling Shane that his only concern is for Stephanie's safety - I guess that's why he brought her to the arena... He tells Shane to do what he has to do. Shane gathers the Corporate thugs and goes looking for Austin and the Big Show. Cut to commercial.

X-Pac is interviewed backstage. Kane disappeared after the match. Waltman says he doesn't care as long as Kane shows up when the game is afoot.

Shane and the thugs come out to the ring for their opening rant. Shane runs some footage from last week of Austin being stomped. He trains his verbal guns on P{aul Wight next and declares that Wight will have to face the Rock and HHH in a handicap match. HHH and the Rock have their says, usual stuff. Maivia dons Austin's belt as Shane taunts him. He has the camera shoot the belt so that he can put it up on the TitanTron from time to time during the night. Cut to commercial.

Backstage, Shane reports his actions to popsy. Vince isn't really interested - he advises Shane not to provoke Austin and Wight. They are surrounded by uniformed security officers.

Ivory comes to the ring and rants against PMS. She gives Jacquline her due as a tough cookie but has nothing but scorn for Terri Runnels. PMS appears on the platform and starts to the ring. Terri stops and sends Jacquie back. She continues to the ring on her own. Once inside she is attacked and de-shirted by Ivory. She covers her breasts and rolls away as the lights go out. The Ministry appears on the platform and heads for the ring. When the lights come back up the girls are gone - at least they are smarter then Sable in that regard. UT addresses Mr. McMahon - tells him to give Stephanie his regards. He says there will be a sacrifice tonight - a beautiful young woman who will become a member of the Ministry and "break her father's heart". In the back, Vince is calling for more security. He speculates that he may "have to give that SOB what he wants after all..." Cut to commercial.

Al Snow (w/Head) vs. Hard Core (Steroid Bob) Holly - non-title - non-hard core match - these two seem determined to have a hard core match in any case. They immediately take it to the floor. The referee finally pursueds them to return to the ring where Snow pretty much dominates the action. A Snowplow gets him the win just before Dr. Death hits the ring and suplexes both competitors then puts the boots to them until Jim Russ comes down and leads him away. In the control booth, Shane is instructing the tech guys about broadcasting his Title belt still. Cut to commercial.

In the back, the Undertaker is whipping Christian, apparently because of his revelation to Ken Shamrock last week.

New Age Outlaws vs. Gangrel/Edge - Billy faces Gangrel to start and runs circles around him then tags in the Road Dogg who immediately gives up the initiative (as usual). He comes back with a little shake, rattle and roll but then succombs to a doubleteam maneuver. The Dogg is being isolated and Billy is getting frustrated - thus distracting the referee, which does his partner no good at all. The Brood puts a double superplex on the Dogg but then miss the second doubleteam move when James rolls away. Billy is tagged in and cleans house. Christian comes staggering out and gets tossed into the ring where Billy pins him to win the match (somehow...)

JIm Ross is with Steve Austin who is explaining that he had his custom belt made just to piss Mcmahon off. He says that if Shane puts the belt on the big screen again it's going to "cost him money" Hmmmm.... Cut to commercial.

Ken Shamrock vs. Viscera - Shamrock gets squashed (literally) early on. His only weapon against this monster in his speed and his flying feet. He gets a belly to belly on the big guy and then the lights go out. The Ministry swarms and poor Kenny gets creamed. They carry him away throught the crowd.

In the back, Shane is trying to calm the rest of them down - meanwhile Shamrock is stuffed into a car trunk and driven away. Cut to commercial.

Val Venis vs. Mankind - Foley takes the mic and mimics Venis' delivery. He alludes to his picture on the cover of Newsday then goes into a Billy Gunn type speech - substituting "MMM...Beefy!!!" for Billy's usual line. At ringside, the King is suggesting that the ESPN Wrestling story was engineered by the parent company (ABC) because of the ratings they are losing from Monday Night Football. In the ring Venis seems to be getting the best of Foley until he goes for the Money Shot. Mankind catches him there and applies a claw which sends Val to the floor. Back inside, he gets his double underhook DDT then dons Mr. Socko. Venis rises to his feet and swallows the sock. Mankind wins. In the back the security forces now number eight...and the lights are flickering. Cut to commercial.

The Godfather (w/3 Garden Tools) vs. Goldust (w/The Blue Meanie) - Intercontinental Title match - the Godfather starts to offer Goldy his choice of the girls but changes his mind and attacks him. Runnels is at his sneaky best, using the referee as cover for a cheap shot and then talking to the girls to distract his opponent. The Blue Meanie also lends a hand, tripping his bosses opponent - then a brawl erupts on the floor and both guys are counted out. In the back, Vince is on the phone. The lights flicker out and chaos reigns. Cut to commercial.

The Ministry appears on the platform with a rather petite figure under a shroud. Is it Stephanie? The figure is attached to the cross and partially hauled upright. In the back we see that Stephanie is still with her dad. The figure on the cross is someone else. Stephanie is looking tranfixed. It's Ryan Shamrock on the cross. Vince's eyes are popping. Ryan is crucified as the Undertaker speaks in tongues and rolls his eyes back. Vince advances to the camera and screams, "You evil bastard! Stay away from Stephanie!!" Cut to commercial.

Shane enters the ring as we return to announce the main event.

HHH/The Rock (w/Chyna) vs. Paul Wight - HHH alters his usual silly speech to make it an insult directed at the crowd. The Rock makes another cliche laden rant then Wight makes his entrance. sHe has some new music - a blues tune called "He's the Big Show." His opponent shrink into the corner as he enters the ring. HHH gets in a couple of punches then gets headbutted to the mat. He tries again and gets a giant back body drop for his trouble then headbutted again. Maivia is dragged into the ring and gets a similar treatment. HHH tags in and is booted in the face. A chop in the corner puts his lights out. He then manages to get his feet up to counter a corner ruch. But it is only a moments respite. Wight is overwhelming. Shane and Chyna then distract the big guy so that HHH can clip him behind the knee. The Rick tags in and is immediately overcome. The giant grabs a chokeslam as Chyna runs in and hits a low blow. Now then start to stomp on him and Maivia delivers his Corporate Elbow. Then Steve Austin's music plays and he runs in to even the odds. Maivia gets stomped and HHH gets chokeslammed. Shane retreives the belt and gives it back to Maivia. He then turns and orders the picture to be shown on the big screen. The Corporaste guys flee as Austin heads up the ramp. he calls Wight up and tells him to pull the TitanTron down - which he does. Austin uses a long metal pole to rip the screen apart.

I'll be back on Thursday with the Thunder Report and a WWF House Show report from Newcastle, England. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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