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Thunder Report

From the Top Rope...

by Joseph Holt

Newcastle, England WWF House Show Report

by Neil Wells

Brian Pillman Memorial Event Taking Shape

Volume 4, Issue 449 - April 8, 1999
Editor's Note: In the "Well, my heart is broken..." catagory - Shawn Michaels and Nitro girl Whisper (my favorite!) were married in Las Vegas last week. Solie's extends our best wishes to the happy couple (Michaels, you dog!!)

Brian Pillman Memorial Event Taking Shape

This is the LATEST information on the 1999 Brian Pillman Memorial Event!

Here are the first matches CONFIRMED for the event:

LEGENDS MATCH: Former NWA North American Champion TERRY TAYLOR vs. 3-Time WWF Tag Team Champion DR. TOM PRICHARD

ALSO SCHEDULED TO APPEAR: Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Chris Benoit, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, Woman

Also scheduled: A one-night PILLMAN MEMORIAL CRUISERWEIGHT TOURNAMENT with some of the best Cruiserweights in independent wrestling today!

Wednesday night, May 19, 1999 at the Cincinnati Gardens in Cincinnati, OH will be the single biggest event in independent wrestling history!

Tickets are available THIS WEDNESDAY APRIL 7, through Ticketmaster ( or through the Cincinnati Gardens box office at (513) 631-7793!

$50: 6 rows around ringside
$30: floor seats (7 rows)
$25: elevated seats

OTHER EVENTS INCLUDE: Charity Polaroid Sessions with ALL our stars, blind auction and MORE!

We are still working on special hotel and airfare arrangements for the show! Watch this newsboard and for more details!

PLUS: If you live in the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky area, you have a very special chance! On Wednesday, April 21, the host company for Pillman '99, the Heartland Wrestling Association (HWA) will be hosting a special FREE show at Coyote's in Fort Mitchell, KY! Anyone who gets FREE tickets before the event AND ATTENDS (you must be present to win) will be entered in a drawing to win TWO FLOOR SEATS to Pillman '99! These will be THE ONLY seats given away to the event! To get your free tickets for this major ALL AGES Coyote's event, email or send a self-addressed stamped envelope, along with a note saying how many tickets you would like, to:

Anyone interested in working with the 1999 Brian Pillman Memorial Event, please send your information to Media Coordinator Josh Bricker at Outside of major wrestling media, we are also interested in speaking to radio stations who wish to broadcast Pillman 99 and to any sites or businesses interested in advertising their services during the event.

WWF Attitude Adjustment Tour

3rd April Newcastle Telewest Arena

by Neil Wells

After arriving early and spending my money on the merchandise I wanted we took our seats. The Newcastle Telewest Arena is not that big a place and as a result there is a good view from any seat in the house. I was very surprised at how small the ring looked.

The show starts at 7:30pm prompt and we are given the (I assume) usual warnings about the use of cameras and of throwing object ring wards. Corporate stooges Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco are introduced to a not too pleasant welcome. After some spiel form Brisco (I have to admit the sound is not too good) he introduces the Corporate Brawler. His opponent - Al Snow.

Corporate Brawler w/ stooges Vs Al Snow (w/ head) - I am assuming the brawler is a replacement for Test who I notice is in the programme and had previously been billed for the tour. Snow starts the match strongly and has the Brawler in trouble until he is distracted by Patterson. Now the Brawler is on the offensive and has Snow down, the crowd begins to rally around Snow and brings him back. The match goes to the proverbial see-saw mode until Patterson distracts the referee. The Brawler goes for head and swings at Snow who ducks and retakes head, head meets Brawler and the 123 ensues. Brisco enters the ring and promptly gets downed by head also. Snow leaves and the inquest is held in the ring, result the Brawler is fired from the corporation. Not a bad match for a first effort.

Edge/Gangrel (w/Christian) Vs Pissed Bros. (W/ Debra) - The Brood make their usual entrance with Gangrel spitting his 'blood' everywhere. Owen and Jarrett make their way out led by Debra, the nugget chant rises even before they reach the ring. One thing I do notice Owen and Jarrett do not have the Tag Belts with them, I realise at this point no mention of a title/non-title match was mentioned before the intros, could something have gone down last night in Sheffield as they were still champs on Monday night.

The match starts and I will admit to being more than a little distracted by Debra on the outside, no matter I am being given a running commentary by the two 8yr olds behind me. Before long all four men are in the ring as the referee loses control, Debra is on the apron ready to provide one of her distraction's ( I am on the edge of my seat at this point ) but is dragged down and carried off by Christian before she gets a single button undone ( most disappointing ). In the confusion Jarrett gets the pin fall. Edge and Gangrel take the cheers as the victors make their way back to the locker room.

Jacqueline Vs Ivory - There is a rather mixed reaction as the two ladies come out. Someone close to me tries to start a boring chant but gets shot down, quite right to the match was not that bad at all. Ok, I would rather see two bigger name male stars go at it but the ladies do their job well. Ivory takes the pin.

Val Venis Vs Hardcore Holly - Hardcore Title Match - This could be fun. The Big Valbowski make his usual comments, something about 'being a lot like concrete mix, you get it a little wet then sit back and watch it get rock hard', mildly amusing. Mr Holly also has a few words for us regarding his physique.

The match gets underway and is basically a slug fest to begin with. The action soon goes to the outside and they battle up the aisle and back down to the ring. Venis gets his head rammed into the steps ( I notice now these are wooden steps not the usual steel). Holly goes under the ring and pulls out some sort of wooden stick and applies it to his opponents midriff. They go back into the ring where Venis comes back and decks Holly, now its his turn to go under the ring. Venis return with a dustbin (plastic) and uses it to again deck Holly. The match goes into see-saw mode with each man trading blows, Holly comes out best after the use of a chair. He once again goes to the outside area for more ammo, a table chant gets going and Holly doesn't let us down. The table is set up in the corner of the ring but Venis has recovered as Holly goes for the whip and gets down for taking the time out with the table. The match again goes back and forth before Venis finally gets the whip that sends Holly into the corner and the table ( which incidentally does not break ), he tries for the cover but Holly kicks out. It's all Venis now and Holly takes a real beating. Venis sets up for a suplex onto a chair but Holly reverses with a ddt onto said chair and takes the 3 count. Not a very hardcore hardcore match what with wooden steps and plastic bins also no head shots with chairs. Has this been toned down a little for us 'sensitive' brits I would have hoped not.

I take this moment for a toilet break as I figure they need time to clear the debris from the ring. I return to hear the introduction of senior referee Earl Hebner.

NAO Vs Goldust/Blue Meanie - The Road Dogg and Billy get by far the biggest pop of the night so far. Goldust gets quite a big pop also. Billy sets off to start against the bizarre one and gives Mr Ass a shake in his direction. Road Dogg is on the mic and tells his friend 'That's cute, but just remember who you're shaking it at'. The match starts and we see the first drop-kick of the night form Billy, an impressive sight when seen live. The Blue Meanie is looking rather forlorn as the fans at ringside start a 'You fat b*stard chant', you just got to love us Brits. As usual Road Dogg gives the advantage to his opponents even taking it from the Meanie. Goldust has the Dogg in the corner where the Meanie turns his back to receive the Dogg's arm. Road Dogg reverses and passes Goldust's arm over to the Meanie who begins to wrench the arm of his own partner. Road Dogg slips outside to give the Meanie a wave. After a very good match (the best so far) Billy takes the pin from Goldust.

Time for an interval(?).

I take this opportunity to study the programme in greater detail. It give information on each of the superstars on the tour, from this I notice 3 things.

Back to the action.

D'lo Vs X-Pac - X-Pac is introduced as 'one half of the WWF Tag Team Champions' although he carries no belt to the ring. Not the high flying match I thought this would be. X-Pac gets his bronco buster in much to the delight of the crowd X-Factor tells the tail.

Ken Shamrock Vs Kane - Shamrock enters to boo's and grabs the mic, he 'doesn't care about the fans. He's only here to kick the sh*t out of Kane', he goes on to tell Kane 'get you big red retarded ass out here'. Kane is also introduced as 'one half of the WWF Tag Team Champions' but he DOES carry his belt to the ring. Kane can only be described as huge, seeing these guy's live sure brings a new dimension things. Shamrock goes to work on the big guy's legs straight away and this continues for most of the match. Shamrock gets an ankle lock (not his main one) and has Kane in trouble. Kane comes back with the help of the crowd and puts Shamrock down with a big boot to the face. Shamrock comes back and lays Kane out, Shamrock is snapping but Kane is sitting up. Shamrock goes for a hurricarana but Kane catches him and drops him in a power bomb to take the three count.

HHH (w/Chyna) Vs Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) - HHH enters to his DX music he is even wearing a DX T-shirt. He takes the mic, oh no not his usual rant please - no he changes it. 'The fact is I couldn't give a crap whether you're ready or not', he pauses, 'and now for the thousands in attendance. You can all suck it'. Now the moment I have been waiting for, the lights go out and the bell starts to toll, Undertaker makes his way to the ring and brings the lights up. What an experience the ticket money was worth it for that. HHH has gone to the outside and is up on one of the barricades remonstrating with the fans, he jumps down and falls to the floor he's got his foot stuck in the barricade. HHH is kicking at the barricade but still can't get free, the fans laughing at him is not helping and I'm pretty certain Undertaker had a smirk on his face. Chyna assists her man and he is finally free to start the match. Undertaker has the advantage to begin with before they go to the outside HHH grabs a chair and swings but the referee jumps off the apron grabbing the chair and pulling it from HHH. He is not impressed and shoves the referee, who after reminding HHH who he is, shoves him to the floor. Upon getting up HHH is promptly shoved to the floor again this time by Paul Bearer. Back in the ring Undertaker goes for a choke slam only for Chyna to come in behind and deliver the customary low blow. Undertaker turns his attentions to Chyna and has her by the neck until HHH knee's him in the back to take the advantage. Undertaker comes back and a tombstone finishes it off.

The Rock Vs "The Big Show" Paul Wight. - The Rock comes out with the WWF belt (?) has something else happened in Sheffield, I then remember that Austin now has his own skull belt back. He does his usual rant but is a bit annoyed at the fans saying his lines with him, perhaps he needs some new material. Paul Wight makes his entrance, if Kane was huge this guy is IMMENSE!! I knew he was big but, dear me.

The Rock attacks as Wight is stepping over the ropes to give him the upper hand and to be fair the Rock dominates for most of the match. Rocky has Wight out and sets up for the corporate elbow, he comes off one rope then the other but on getting back to Wight waves it off before changing his mind and dropping the elbow. This was a little different and actually quite amusing he still only got a 2 count as Wight powered out of the cover. Rocky stays on him and has the big guy reeling until Wight catches him by the throat and sets up for the choke slam. Shamrock hits the ring and breaks things up with a chair across the back of Wight causing the DQ. Wight is unfased and Shamrock is choke slammed for his troubles the Rock is then slammed next to him. The Rock and Shamrock leave discussing Shamrocks actions. I was a little disappointed with Paul Wight, after seeing him in WCW I expected a lot more from him and hope he improves in the coming weeks.

The stooges are back out to introduce the Bossman - Bossman w/stooges Vs 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin - WWF Title Match. Referee - Earl Hebner. Stone Cold of course gets the biggest pop of the night. Austin gets to the third corner in his 'entrance' before the Bossman blind sides him. Bossman actually has the best of Austin for the majority of the match apart from the occasional flurries from the champ. Bossman uses a belt or some sort of strap to whip Austin with at one point. A swift stunner ends it even with the attempts of Brisco to interfere, Brisco to gets stunned and then whipped by Hebner. Austin shares his beers and celebration with Hebner ala Wrestlemania XV ( could this be going down the same path as Ric Flair/Charles Robinson ).

For my first event most of the big names were there ( I would love to have seen Mankind ) and the matches themselves were all very good. Only two disappointments

The tour I reported on was The WWF Attitude Adjustment Tour which called at Sheffield on Fri 2nd Apr, Newcastle 3rd Apr (my report) and continued onto Birmingham on the 4th April The tour had previously called at Oberhaussen in Germany on 1st Apr under the banner WWF Strikes Back.

Neil Wells is a student studying Computer Science at Teesside University in Middlesbrough, England. He has followed wrestling for around 8 years and has been able to watch it on satellite TV since just after Wrestlemania VII. In England he is able to watch Raw, Nitro and bits of Thunder all of which are shown on a Friday night. He also gets the WWF PPV's. He depends on Solie's Newsletter for WCW PPV reports and the smaller WWF and WCW shows.

From the Top Rope...

by Joseph Holt


Perhaps I'm a cynic. I miss the wrestling days of old. I miss the best two out of three fall matches, the time limit draws, the lack of PPV's. Wrestling has changed so much over the years its hard to recognize anymore. Then again maybe I'm just getting to old to fall for the same old tricks and garbage I used to sit in front of the TV and watch every Saturday night. I dont know. Maybe it is just me. My old age catching up to me...hell, I'm almost thirty.....

wrestling doesnt mean I helped Noah build the ark. I really dont think age has anything to do with having a brain. I have seen many people reflect this same opinion, so unless we are all two steps away from the grave dont bother telling me that my precious wrestling of days past is dead and gone and I just need to learn to live with the wrestling of today. If the wrestling of today doesnt pull its head out its rear end very soon then the wrestling of today will be know soley as the WWF.

I'm not changing my mind about some of the things they do. The repeat crucifixions are beyond reproach and the ridiculous women's wrestling has got to go. I thought that was dead with the end of G.L.O.W.

All of the things considered that the WWF attempts to get away with on a weekly basis, they still put forth a better product. A better product for one reason. Storyline.

See, Flair was a bad guy most of his career. When he became a face upon his return I found that hard to believe. Facing Hogan, who was the end all be all heel, only launched his popularity. So the world loves Flair. Then in the blink of an eye we are supposed to hate him. If that wasn't hard enough to swallow we are to love Hogan. Sorry guys, not me. I dont like either of them. Then we have the entire horsemen turning heel. Ok, big deal. With the exception of Benoit, there is no talent there to begin with. Maybe years ago Arn was a factor but now he is just a Flair flunkey. All of these things happen too fast. The WCW needs to understand we need to see a story unfold. Give us a reason to hate Flair and another reason to love Hogan. Then out of the wood work we have DDP. Where did this guy come from? Why should he get a title shot? Then we have Sting. I will admit, I have always loved the guy and if I had to mark out for someone then it would be Foley first, then Sting but the guy has been gone for ages. So he just walks back in with his baseball bat and claims a title shot with Randy Savage as the referee. Uh, did I miss something? It feels like Im reading a book with multiple pages missing. The story doesnt unfold it just goes from one thought to another.

The key to good ratings and fan support is patience. Dont try to force us into your way of thinking. If you want someone to be a face or heel, give us a damn good reason to support your opinion. We cant follow this up and down rollercoaster.

Then you have Bret Hart. For the sake of your dignity Bret, go home. Don't ever come back to the WCW or the WWF. I really hope the scene in Canada was for real. I really enjoy watching Bret wrestle but lately he has become the weiner of the week. Can anyone say Norman Smiley?

So, without mentioning the recent face turn of Buff, Raven and the countless others in the screwed up circus of the WCW we have the Genetic Freak Steiner that we can all still hate. I doubt that will ever change. Anyone else left to be the bad guy? Wait, let me rephrase that. Anyone left for us to hate that we actually care about hating?

Nope, I didnt think so either. Weak character development with no follow through is what causes the WCW to slide a little further down the ladder each week. Wasted talent in huge amounts.

So who will be the next WCW champion? How about that fat boy Flair is always yelling at....Gee, that guy must be in his 70's by now...Flair has been yelling at him every week for the past 20 years or so. That would make about as much since as this Spring Stampede PPV that I will not be wasting my cash on.

It's really sad actually. The WCW has become the elephant graveyard of the wrestling world. You know when you go in that your career is going to die. Not instantly though. Its a slow and painful process. Just ask Bill Goldberg how it feels. He should know, especially after standing in the ring with his thumb up his butt as Sting claimed his spot in the four way dance for the WCW title.

Joseph Holt is a freelance writer in the Ft. Worth Texas area and a regular contributor to Solie's. His own web site, called Double Xposure, is located at: and features his articles on subjects besides pro-wrestling.

Thunder Report

The show opens with scenes from the closing of the Nitro broadcast. The Thunder logo has been changed ever so slightly to go along wiht WCW's facelift. Of course the broadcast team has been changed to Mike Tenay and Legendary Larry.

Evan Karagis vs. Rey Misterio, Jr. - Cruiserweight title match - Karagis is a well muscled young newcomer whom I don't remember seeing before (although I believe I have heard the name). One has to wonder how this guy gets a title match during his first Thunder appearance... He holds a size advantage over Misterio and makes good use of it throughout the match grounding his opponent pretty thoroughly. He seems firmly in control as we cut to the first commercial.

Karagis is still holding Misterio down as we return. He slaps on a reverse chinlock and plants his knee in Rey's back to add to the pressure. He shows some wrestling savvy by also trapping the left arm with his extended leg. The battle moves to the apron where Rey finally manages to get loose then drops a leg on his opponent's face. He misses a rush to the corner and hands the advantage back almost immediately. But then Karagis mounts the corner and gets caught there. Misterio gets a Frankensteiner off the top and takes the pin.

Replay of Bret Hart's confrontation with Goldberg last week and his subsequent resignation. Cut to commercial.

Wrath vs. Damian - here's the evening's silly match. I wonder who will win... Damian can't really get anything going. He tries to shoulder block his opponent but bounces off and out of the ring. Back inside he finds that he would have been better off to stay out there. Wrath is just all over him. Damian slips out of a suplex and gets a roll-up for a two count. That is it for his offense. Wrath tosses him out of the ring then prevents him from returning for a bit. Back inside at last, Damian gets another offensive flurry including a high cross body block that gets him another two count. In moments, Wrath has executed the Meltdown and won the match. Cut to commercial.

Mean Gene brings Konnan to the ring for an interview. The latter has Disco Inferno on his mind - they will meet at the PPV on Sunday. Juventud Guerrero comes out to interrupt and brings "La Cucaracha" (Disco) with him. Disco whispers in Juventud's ear feigning his lack of skill with the English language. Juvey translates his words - basically an insult directed at Konnan. Konnan attacks both of them. They try to double team him but Konnan gets the best of them and they split before Konnan can unmask Disco. Cut to commercial.

Replay of Goldberg's initial appearance on the last Nitro.

Mikey Whipwreak vs. Hak (w/Chastity) - here's match that could have come to us direct from ECW (and certainly did on a few occasions). Whipwreak outwrestles his opponent to start the contest. Hak slides away and escapes an arm bar by rolling out of the ring. Upon returning he uses a waistlock takedown to take the advantage. A chair appears in the ring in one corner - apparently put there by Chastity. Both guys ignore it - Whipwreak is tossed to the floor where Chastity fingers his eyes. Hak follows him out but is rammed into the railing. Back inside, Whipwreak hits a tackle off the top corner and then we cut to commercial.

Whipwreak has just been tossed to the floor as we return. Hak comes out and this time it is his opponent who tastes the steel railing. Hak then drapes his opponent over the railing and drops a leg on him. Back in the ring, Whipwreak gets an ato,mic drop then returns the leg drop as Hak lies on the apron. He puts the boots to his opponent in the corner then uses the chair. First a simple wollop - then he uses it as a target for a drop-kick. Hak comes back with his own chairshot. He slams the kid then places the chair on his face (Mikey has to reposition it to keep it from sliding off) then vaults the top rope and drops a leg on it. Hak gets the pin then Bam Bam Bigalow runs in to cause some havoc. Cut to commercial.

Super Calo vs. Blitzkreig - Calo uses his superior size to good advantage. Now Tenay is telling us that Blitzkreig is from California, whereas my friend Roland Alexander, owner of the APW promotion here in Hayward, CA had told me he was from Mexico. Whatever - he is certainly an impressive athlete, neutralizing his larger opponent with a withering aerial attack. Calo reassumes the iniative for a while but then misses a corner rush and the match goes into see-saw mode. Calo seems to be regaining his advantage when he jumps to the top corner and gets caught there. He is thrown to the mat then Blitzkreig throws a double twisting moonsault and takes the pin. Cut to commercial.

Raven vs. Chris Benoit (w/Arn Anderson) - this match revisits an old feud from back in the Flock days and probably from ECW before that. Benoit starts in on Raven before the latter has a chance to get out of his corner slump. He tears the leather jacket right off of his opponent then removes his own shirt. He tosses Raven to the floor where Arn tries to get physical but Raven beats him to the punch. Benoit follows him out to continue his own assault. Back in the ring, Benoit is back on the attack and Raven is reeling. Raven finally gets his boots in front of him during a corner rush then applies a series of three quick vertical suplexes. Benoit comes back with a Crossface attempt but Raven scoots to the ropes and escapes. They are both regrouping as we cut to commercial.

Raven crushes Benoit in the corner as we return but falls down immediately. Benoit still has the upper hand but then he is levered to the floor and Raven follows him out. Raven tosses a chair into the ring then takes Benoit back inside and drops him face-first onto the chair. Now it is all Raven for about 30 seconds then Benoit recovers. Raven falls onto the chair and lies there while Benoit climbs the corner. Benoit throws his flying headbutt - but Raven moves away which causes Benoit to headbutt the chair. Both guys are down for a moment then start to get up. Arn Anderson enters the ring causing a DQ. Malenko joins the frey as well as Saturn, the numbers favor the Horsemen and they end up laying out their rivals. Arn rants at the crowd after the carnage, blaming the fans for the Horsemens' return to their heelish style. Cut to commercial.

Scenes from the main event on Nitro greet us as we return. In fact they replay most of the match and include Sting's appearance at the end. One has to wonder, as Joseph mentioned above, what Goldberg must have been thinking as he watched the lineup for the Four Corners World Title match unfold. Of course, he had already taken himself out of any such match by deciding to take on Kevin Nash. Cut to commercial.

Chris Jericho vs. Booker T - World TV Title match - this is a rematch from Nitro except that that one was a US Title tournament contest. There is some excellent action in this one, Jericho can match Booker talent-wise but is at a disadvantage in terms of size. He holds his own mainly due to guile and eventually takes the advantage thanks to some quick thinking out on the floor. Back in the ring he geta a big vertical suplex and a two count. Booker kicks out so Jericho slaps on a reverse chinlock and takes a short rest. He releases the hold and does some pounding but Jericho is showing some fatigue and doesn't make much of a dent in his opponent. He follows up wit a spin kick that puts Booker on the mat but then stops to jaw with ringsiders. He applies an over-the-knee backbreaker but then takes his time climbing to the top. He flies and eats Booker's size 13 boot. Booker comes back with an ax kick then a snap powerbomb. On a corner rebound they collide with the referee and put him down. Booker is at the top when Scott Steiner runs in and clocks him with a chair. Now it looks like Jericho will take it - but here comes Stevie Ray. He upsets Jericho's Lion Tamer with his slapjack. Jericho is out and Booker rolls over to cover him for the pin. That's all folks.

I'll be back on Sunday with the Spring Stampede Report. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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