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September 14, 1996

AWF Begins Weekly TV Broadcasts Next Weekend

Mike Tenay (subbing for the apparently departed Gene Okerlund) reported on the WCW Hotline today that the AWF (American Wrestling Federation, I assume) will begin weekend National television broadcasts on the Fox Network in 45 major markets next weekend. Currently listed as being involved are Tito Santana, Sgt. Slaughter, the Road Warriors, and a broadcast team consisting of Lord Alfred Hayes, Missy Hyatt and Ken Resnick.

Tenay's take on the Sting Flap

Tenay also had this revelation concerning the prospect of Sting being part of the NWO: He couldn't say if the heel turn was true but did reveal that he, personally, believes that the attacker in the parking lot may have been an imposter. The fact that WCW would allow him to say this certainly adds weight to the theory that the angle may be shaping up to include some kind of kidnapping storyline.

On further reflection, considering his long time reign as the WCW's ultimate fan favorite, this might be considered as the most palettable option for the Stinger's public perception.

I will reiterate my belief that there will be no definitive light shed on this matter between now and the Main Event at Fall Brawl. In fact I expect that we may see incidents during the weekend shows that will tend to futher muddy the waters. The mystery will deepen, mark my word...

Vince MacMahon's Blunder

Meanwhile, I'm waiting with baited breath to see what Vinnie Mac and company will do or say in order to drag themselves out of the hole they have created by allowing Jim Ross' ridiculous statements concerning Diesal and Razor Ramon to be broadcast on National TV. If they produce Isaac Yankum and Big Titan and try to palm them off as the two departed stars (as the current rumors indicate) I foresee nothing but disaster for the WWF. This represents, in my opinion, the ultimate in contempt for the fans' intelligence and is sure to alienate a large percentage of them.

Brett Hart on a Roll

In other WWF news: Brett Hart has scored two impressive victories over his brother-in-law the British Bulldog during the current South African tour and last night he teamed up with "Wildman" Marc Mero to defeat the team of Bulldog and Owen Hart. One wonders what this says about the "reunion of the Hart family" mentioned by Brian Pillman on last weeks Championship Friday program.

Another (and I think, more promising) new angle to look forward to is the rumored "aborted retirement announcement" which postulates that Brett will be rudely interrupted by Steve Austin during a statement at the next PPV. I like the sound of that...anything to get "the best there is...(etc.)" back into the ring

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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