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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Special Sunday Edition

WCW Spring Stampede Report

Scott Steiner is the new US Champ!

DDP Wins the World Title!!!

A Conversation with Rick Steamboat

Conducted by Jeremy Hartley for TWC Online
Transcribed by Earl Oliver

Volume 4, Issue 450 - April 11, 1999
Editor's Note:I was watching a program on PBS Friday night called "The Newsroom" - it's a Canadian sitcom about an obnoxious news director. Anyway, one of the episodes this week featured Angelo Mosca playing himself! He was applying for a sports announcing position and trying to impress a twenty-something TV exec who has never heard of him and is under the mistaken impression that he is a football player. It was hilarious stuff! Mosca did a great comedic turn, doing a parody on himself.

By the way, I heard late this week from "Wild Bill" Rawlings that our old friend L'Artiste has landed a part in the movie being made about Jess Ventura. He works a match with Kanyon. Congratulations L'Artiste!

A Conversation with Rick Steamboat

Conducted by Jeremy Hartley for TWC Online
Transcribed by Earl Oliver

Part 1

Jeremy Hartley: What prompted you to want to get into this whacky business of professional wrestling?

Ricky Steamboat: I grew up in Florida and and my fiance at the time went to Minneapolis. Minnesota to a Northwest Orient Airlines training school. Her room mate at college was Donna Gagne...

Jeremy Hartley: Wow!

Ricky Steamboat: ...Verne Gagne's daughter. I guess, through conversations, Donna telling my fiance that her father was a wrestling promoter, my fiance telling her that I had a pretty good amateur background...Florida State Champion and so forth and so Verne asked for a resume and I sent it on up there, he gave me a starting day on his next camp. Basically, that's how I got into the business.

Jeremy Hartley: Now, this is interesting. I've talked to a few people that have trained under Verne was that? I mean as a young kid training in that type of situation..?

Ricky Steamboat: Well, when we went through the camp there was Buck Zumholf, and there were two other guys who've passed away - there was Jen Nelson and another guy was Scott Erwin.

Jeremy Hartley: Now just to stop you there - Scott Erwin was, I believe, the guy you had your first match against..?

Ricky Steamboat: That's correct. Kozrow Vaziri...

Jeremy Hartley: Oh..?

Ricky Steamboat: The Iron Sheik!..was there, he had just come over from Iran, I guess he might have been the country for a year. Weighed about 180 lbs. Iranian National Champion, Pan American Games Champion...just put us through about 5 hours a day of training, calisthenics - the hardest thing I'd ever been through in my life. I went up there weighing 242 lbs. at the end of about ten weeks I weighed 204! Hey but I was in great shape..!

Jeremy Hartley: I'm sure. A lot of guys they talk about being in "mat shape", or "ring shape" if you will and, for example "football shape" etc. I did some amateur wrestling - nothing major - but in your situation, what was it like, coming into professional wrestling with your amateur background. Did you ever get discouraged and think, "What am I doing here?"

Ricky Steamboat: I never questioned' "why am I here - going through all of this" - back in the early 70's there was more of a mystique on wrestling, whether the business was on the up-and-up. And being brought along through the business, even through the first year of wrestling with oldtimers. Going through the training camp - you know they did not really smarten us up until the last week of the ten week camp.I don't know - I've been brought up in sports, have a very competitive nature and always thought that, "if I get through this camp...I'm gonna give it a shot" and never was one to be a quitter - and you know I think about 16 or 17 guys came out for the camp but only four of us finished. The other guys just got discouraged or they just fell off by the way side. Or they were asked to leave, "Hey look - you're never going to make it..." You know - pukin' everyday. And I told myself...

Jeremy Hartley: Yes...

Ricky Steamboat: I told myself, Jeremey, 2-3-4 weeks down the road if they had come to me and said, "Why don't you come back next year..." - there would be no "next year".

Jeremy Hartley: Right...

Ricky Steamboat: I was going to give it my best shot - my one shot, and fortunately I made it through.

Jeremy Hartley: You know, on a related question, you said that you weren't really "smartened up" you were probably working with guys who meant to test you, to put you through the paces. When did you receive that first "vote of confidence" from the old pros, when you felt like "yeah, I think I can do it...but now some of these guys in the business think I can do it."

Ricky Steamboat: Never not once through the camp. Everything that I was asked to do I did. We were in the basement of Verne Gagne's office building - I mean he didn't own the building - he just had a floor. It was 21 stories - we would run stairs everyday. That's 21 flights up and 21 flights back down. Then we would "wheel barrow" - that is, somebody grabs your feet and you go up 21 flights of stairs on your hands...

Jeremy Hartley: No..!

Ricky Steamboat: ...and come back down then switch positions and run them again. And then we would fireman's carry - meaning hoist a guy up across your shoulders - across your back and carry them up 21 flights of stairs - drop him and then run back down where he would hoist you on his back and run the stairs...

Jeremy Hartley: Oh man..! And you said that was about five hours a day..? At least..

Ricky Steamboat: Everyday. After the first couple of weeks, I guess with Verne and Kosrow weeding people out the guys they thought weren't tough enough - always painting a picture that it is the toughest sport in the world and you have to be a tough competitor to be able to deal with it. During the first couple of weeks we would probably spend four hours and thirty minutes calisthenics and thirty minutes in the ring. Then as the weeks passed by the calisthenics grew less and we began spending more ring time - learning how to take backdrops and all that kind of stuff.

Jeremy Hartley: Now of course Verne had his own territory at the time. Was it like some of the schools they have now where they would give you matches when training was over. Was it up to you guys to sort of carve your niche or did Verne help you make contacts and break in?

Ricky Steamboat: Well the deal with Verne was after you finished with camp you would work his territory. The four of us probably worked it for about a month. Then he would send you to other territories, my first territory after leaving Minnesota was down in Florida with Eddie Graham - but he would also have you sign a contract so that 10% of your gross money that you made would be paid back to Verne.

Jeremy Hartley: Wow! So that was a nice guarrantee for Verne I guess...

Ricky Steamboat: Well, I only made $14,000 that first year...

Jeremy Hartley: Okay, so you wrestled in Florida for Eddie Graham - what was that like? I've talked to some guys who have wrestled in that organization - what was it like for you?

Ricky Steamboat: I don't want to say that it was less professional then working for Verne, who was real strict, but Eddie was really a great guy to work with and to work for. Whenever you travel down to Florida the whole mentality, way of thinking is different. You go up to Connecticutt then drive to Florida and you just notice that everything is different. People are wearing shorts and tank tops and flip-flops - you know people are more laid back. More relaxed - maybe the high humidity and the heat would have something to do with it. But Eddie had a great mind for the business and would come up with great ideas and angles - the State itself was just a more relaxed atmosphere.

Jeremy Hartley: Who was with you in that territory at the time? What were some of the matches that you were involved in at the time?

Ricky Steamboat:I was teamed up with Mike Graham and Steve Keirn was there, Buddy Colt, Don Murracco, of course Boris Malenko...

Jeremy Hartley:So you wrestled in Florida - where did you go to next?

Ricky Steamboat:Georgia...

Jeremy Hartley:Wow!

Ricky Steamboat:Georgia Championship Wrestling

Jeremy Hartley:And was that Paul Jones...

Ricky Steamboat:No, it was a lady...

Jeremy Hartley:Anne Gunkel...

Ricky Steamboat:Anne Gunkel. Also with Jim Barnett - you know Georgia Championship Wrestling and Florida Championship Wrestling were tied in together with each of them sending tapes back and I wasn't in Florida more then a couple of weeks when Barnett wanted me to go to Georgia - and I said, "Well, I grew up here, and my family is here and I've just been away a while in Minnesota...I'd like to hang around here longer then just two weeks.He was pretty persistent and in about three months Eddie moved me to Georgia and I stayed there for about a year.

Jeremy Hartley:...and that was nineteen seventy...

Ricky Steamboat:1975.

Jeremy Hartley:So at that time you had guys who ran their own territories but would share their talent. If a wrestler needed work they would send him to a different territory and I guess it meant that not only were you learning from the best but you were being exposed to a lot of different wrestling minds...if you had to sum it up about the territory years, what would you say was the thing that helped you the most?

Ricky Steamboat: I don't know how to really sum it up except to say that Verne was a little more business-like - he liked more guys in sports jackets and things like that, but I think as a rookie, as compared to today, that it gave me and all the guys who came along in my time and before my time opportunities to work different areas, where you could work with different wrestlers and learn different things, different styles - do different things. A promoter would have a #1 guy and would use him as long as he was drawing a lot of people and making a lot of money for the promoter. As soon as his popularity would falter...if he was a heel they'd turn him babyface - if he was a babyface they'd turn him heel to draw the people in. If not, maybe one promoter would call another and say, "Hey I got a guy up here that's getting ready to move on..." - they had a great network for keeping in touch with who and what and this and that. That would always keep each territory fresh and live with TV. Pretty much television would just stay in their designated territories, and moving around like this a guy could not only learn but, if he could get main event status he would have that main event status in a number of territories. I think the great learning experience that I got from the different territories I worked in was a big help. (To be continued...)

Jeremy Hartley is a longtime friend of Solie's and a regular contributer to the newsletter. His "EYE on Wrestling" columns can be found in the "Articles" section of the web site. His previous interviews with Bob Blackburn, Lou Thesz, Bob Ryder. Al Isaacs, Les Thatcher, Gordon Solie and Buddy Landel are currently to be found in the "Interviews" section. You can also hear any of these interviews in RealAudio by visiting Jeremy's web site, Up Close Wrestling

WCW Spring Stampede Report

Spring Stampede is live from the Tacoma Dome just outside of Seatle Washington. Our hosts are Tony, Tenay and the Brain.

They throw it to Mean Gene who talks about the area from which the broadcast is coming. He runs down the card then hawks the WCW Hotline.

Blitzkreig vs. Juventud Guerrera - Cruiserweight Title contention match - this first match promises to be a fast and furious lucha style contest. Juvey looks to be trying to ground his smaller opponent - a strange situation considering his usual style, Several times, as Juvey tries to throw his opponent to the mat, Blitzkreig manages to flip over and stay on his feet. Juvey's springboard drop-kick misses altogether but his opponent knows the rules and dutifully sells the move. The mat5ch goes out to the floor but only for a moment. Juvey gets a Brain Buster but only a two count. Moments later he gets a surfboard type move, but Blitzkreig escapes. Now he is on the offensive and knocks his opponent to the floor. He takes too long getting to the top and Juvey manages to sidestep his lunge and drop-kick him out of the air. Both guys are slow to rise and return to the ring. The crowd is chanting "Juvey Sucks!!" He leaves the ring to regroup but his opponent hits a springboard moonsault and connects big time. Back in the ring, Juvey goes for his namesake move but is foiled, he repositions and gets a DDT but still no cigar. Juvey is in the lead though and signals for the Juvey driver...but fails. They head for the top and struggle for position - Blitzkreig gets a sunset flip off the top but is too out of it to get the cover. They climb up again and this time Juvey catches him and executes a super-Juvey driver and gets the pin.

Hak (w/Chastity) vs. Bam Bam Bigalow - Hard Core match - Hak beings a table to the ring while his companion carries the kendo stick. Bam Bam brings an entire dumpster full of stuff! Hak meets him in the aisle and things get started outside the ring. They battle around the stage coach prop from under which Hak pulls a second table. He positions Bigalow on the table then throws himself off the stage coach and through the table. Bam Bam is no slouch and recovers very quickly - they start gouging and punching back towards the ring where Bigalow grabs a crutch and uses it over Hak's back. Finally they are in the ring which is already littered with...well...litter. Hak leaves the ring to wedge his original table between the ring and the safety railing but as he re-enters he is caught with a garbage can. Bigalow then grabs a broom (still wrapped for sale) and beats on Hak then hits him with a salad bowl and again with the garbage can. Hak leaves the ring and finds a ladder underneath. He throws it into the ring then follows it in but is caught by his opponent. He breaks free and uses the ladder. He drops the ladder onto Bigalow then flies off the top and somersaults onto the ladder. Next he stands Bigalow in the corner and then bulldogs him onto the ladder. Back outside again Hak notices a section of railing under the ring so he throws that in as well. Bigalow seems to be sinking. He tries to catch Hak coming back in but is unsuccessful. Hak sets the ladder up and climbs it but Bigalow grabs the ladder and dumps his opponent back out over the top rope where he crashes into his own table and breaks it. Bigalow props the ladder in one corner and the railing section in the opposite. He runs Hak into the ladder then hits him again with the trash can. Hak uses a crutch to regain the upper hand then leans the rail on the rope and positions Bigalow for a leg drop. Bigalow moves away and Hak straddles the railing. Now Bigalow is in charge but here comes Chastity with the fire extinguisher...which misfires. Bigalow gets it and it works for him. He blasts her out of the ring then turns around and is swept onto the railing section. He recovers surprisingly quick and returns to the assault on his opponent - he powerslams him through what's left of the table and gets the pin. Great Match!!

In the back, Juvey is talking to the fans on the Internet.

Scotty Riggs vs. Mikey Whipwreak - this is an unadvertised match and should be a good one. I expect Whipwreak might get his first WCW victory. Riggs has a pretty substantial size advantage in this one. He seems confident ands spends a lot of time talking to the camera about how good he looks. Whipwreak doesn't care for his bravado and teaches him a lesson early on. The fight goes to the floor as Riggs is tossed out and Mikey follows. The latter retains his asvantage. Riggs starts to get a little more cautious as his respect for his opponent rises. Not carefull enough though - Mikey hits a springbaord Frankensteiner off the apron. Back in the ring, Riggs regains the initiative and knock his opponent back out to the floor. Now it is Riggs turn to get in some shots on the floor. Back in the ring, Riggs stops to pose again then tries a cavelier cover which fails. He chokes Mikey out on the bottom rope as the "Boring..." chant rises in the crowd. He grabs a reverse chinlock but soon lets his opponent up then mashes him in the corner. Whipwreak comes back with a drop-kick and turns the tables. His cover attempts are not cavelier but he can'r seem to hold Riggs down. Riggs comes back rather suddenly with a flying forearm and gets the pin. Sorry Mikey...

Konnan vs. Disco Inferno - this grudge match has been building for several weeks now since Disco invaded Konnan's video. Konnan enters first and goes through his usual schtick (el schticko..?) Disco wears a silver lame shirt and cowboy hat to match. Disco takes the early advantage after suffering a vocal assault from his opponent. He mounts the corner a little too slow and finds Konnan waiting for him so he jumps down. Konnan turns the tables at this point and stomps a mudhole in his opponent in the corner. Then he rushes into the opposite corner and catches an elbow in his face. Both these guys are wearing camoflage pants tonight. Disco turns the tables but has to stop and dance a little before slapping on a reverse chinlock. Now Disco is starting to dominate the action, Konnan seems to be having more and more trouble anticipating his opponent's moves. He breaks free for a moment but then is levered to the floor. Disco follows him out but gets posted for his trouble. Konnan consolidates his advantage then tosses Disco back in. Disco comes right back and retakes the initiative. Again he is acting arrogant and wasting time. He does so as he climbs the corner and pays for it as Konnan moves aside. Konnan gets a cradle DDT and reasserts his authority. So far this has been a great match. After a bit more byplay, Disco goes for his Chartbuster stunner type move but misses it. Konnan turns the tables and beats him with his own move.

Kidman vs. Rey Misterio, Jr. - Cruiserweight Title match - the gimmich here is, of course, the mutual respect these two hold each other in. And, they are the Tag Team Champs... Rey grabs a Mexican national flag from a aisle side fan and then drags it on the floor as he continues to the ring. Rey gets the first real offensive victory after a prolonged stalemate with a head scissors take down. He is then elevated over the top rope to the floor. Kidman follows up by connecting with a suicide dive. He is then knocked into the railing but comes right back in kind. Back in tht ring, Kidman goes for a pin but fails. Moments later Rey head scissors him again and sends him to the floor. Rey goes for a suicide dive of his own but is caught in mid-air. Rey gets behind Kidman and manages to run him into the railing - but he is wobbly as they return to the ring. He goes for a Frankensteiner but Kidman turns it into a running powerbomb and gets a two-count. Tony seems to be trying to foment a fight between his broadcast partners. In the ring, Kidman gets another two count then tosses Rey out to the floor once again. He runs on the apron and hits a moonsault but bangs his knee at the same time. Back int the ring he retains the advantage. He climbs to the top and flies but Rey is up and drop-kicks him in mid-air. Now both guys are almost spent and moving pretty slow. The struggle to the top and Rey gets a bulldog from up there but still only a two-count. He follows with a spin-wheel kick but Kidman comes back with a back body drop. The pace is much sllowed now. Kidman gets a running powerslam then grabs a reverse chinlock to take a breather. Rey escapes and clotheslines Kidman to the floor then springboards and somersaoults onto him. Rey climbs to the top as Kidman re-enters. He flies but Kidman catches him coming in - both guys go down again. Kidman grabs the reverse chinlock again. Rey escapes and gets the head scissors and a two-count. Now Rey applies the reverse chinlock. Kidman escapes and then sidesteps as Rey ruches in and slams his shoulder into the corner. Rey comes right back and retains his advantage with a flying DDT. Kidman comes back and drops his opponent. He heads for the top but Rey is up and catches him on the way. Rey gets a bulldog off the second rope and goes for the pin. No luck. Kidman comes back with his own bulldog and two-count. Kidman flings himself over the top but holds on and saves himself - but then is caught coming back in. Rey gets a two-count then Kidman hits a somersault DDT. He climbs again....and is caught again. Rey gets the Frankensteiner off the top and takes the pin. Another great match!

Saturn/Raven vs. Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko (w/Arn Anderson) - this stems from their rivalry of late. Raven/Saturn caused the Horsemen to lose the titles, as we are shown in video preceeding the match. Saturn and Raven carry a table to the ring (apparently they see themselves as Public Enemy or something...) There is a "Horsemen Suck!" chant going on just before the bell rings. Saturn starts against Benoit who tosses Saturn to the floor. Malenko comes around to help his partner on the floor but Saturn downs both of them. Back int the ring Raven gets a flapjack on Benoit which Saturn tops off with a splash to his back - great teamwork! Raven then gets dumped out and attacked by Arn Anderson. He rolls the birdman back in to face Benoit again. Malenko tags in and continues the assault. He maintains control then tags Benoit back in. Raven gets an immediate roll up but the referee is distracted by Malenko. Benoit escapes. It is beginning to be noticable that the referee (Charles Robinson, who else..?) is favoring the Horsemen. The crowd gets oin his case but he ignores them. In the ring, Saturn gets the tag to face Malenko and pauses just long enought to knock AA off the apron. He hoists Malenko onto his shoulders and Saturn flies to take him down again. The Horsemen recover immediately (with Arn's assisitance) - Malenko gets the Texas Cloverleaf but Saturn won't submit. Raven is knocked to the floor and disappears for a moment. In the ring, Saturn is on the receiving end from Benoit. He whips Saturn and drops him to the mat then Malenko hits him with a low-flying drop-kick. More great team work. Malenko grabs a sleeper and Saturn in prone on the mat. Raven uses a kick to the head to break that up but is again knocked to the floor. Benoit gets a bridge suplex then sits Saturn on the bottom rope and puts the boots to his head. Saturn drops to the floor and is attacked by Malenko then returned to the ring. The referee is over admonishing Raven for no apparent reason. Saturn gets a belly-to-back suplex then makes the tag. Raven comes in fist and fire and cleans house. Saturn throws a chair into the ring and Raven uses it for his drop-toe-hold maneuver. Outside. Malenko is positioned on a table but then Saturn flies and does himself in when Anderson pulls his partner off the table. Back in the ring Raven is hit with the chair then it is dropped on his head. Benoit drops off the top with his headbutt on the chair and takes Raven out. Malenko makes the cover and gets the pin. Whew!!

Video review of the US Title tournament to this point.

Scott Steiner vs. Booker T - US Title Tournament final - Booker T is in the interesting position of contending for this title while holding the TV Title. A woman at ringside "whooo's" while fondling Steiner's pecks as BPP taunts her male companion. He continues for a minute or so to walk around ringside jawing with irate fans. In the ring, at last, Steiner backs away while Booker dances toward him. Then he ducks out of the ring and goesa back out to argue with ringsiders some more. He actually jumps the railing and confronts one loudmouth. Finally, he returns to the ring and is all over his opponent with some amateur wrestling moves. Booker escapes and the pace picks upo as he hits a drop-kick then armdrags his opponent. Steiner bails out again to regroup. Back inside, he uses the referee for cover then catches Booker in the corner and whales on him. Booker comes back with a whip and a big reverse kick - then he dumps Steiner back out to the floor, follows him and runs him into the railing. He tries to do it again but Steiner reverses the move. Booker catches some of it and manages to retain his advantage. Back in tht ring, he retains his control of the action. Steiner comes back and drops Booker on the top rope then to the outside. On the floor, he is all over the TV champ. He grabs a steel chair and whacks him twice before rolling him back into the ring. Now he is stopping to pose between moves, apparently convinced he has the match in hand. He is coming close to being DQ'd but the referee is intimidated and allowing a lot of leeway. Steiner gets a big belly-to-belly then stops to intimidate the referee again. He turns and slaps on a bearhug. Booker tries to power out but Steiner turns it into a belly-to-belly suplex. He goes for a vertical suplex but Booker slips away and gets a DDT. Now they get into a slug-fest which Steiner tries to end with an eye gouge - but Booker holds his ground. The referee is knockes down as Booker makes hius move. He gets a scissor kick and a flap-jack but can't get the pin because the zebra is down. Steiner recovers but a whip puts him into a sidewalk slam. Booker climbs to the top but Steiner falls against the ropes and upsets him. He puts Booker on the top turnbuckle and pulls off a Frankensteiner. He forces the referee to count but Booker kicks out. Steiner retreives some brass knuckles from his tights but misses his shot and gets suplexed. Randy Anderson is ringside reviving the original referee who crawls back into the ring as Steiner gets his shot with the weapon. He gets the pin. Scott Steiner is the new US Champ!

A video review outlines the Goldberg/Nash situation.

Goldberg vs. Kevin Nash (w/Miss Elizabeth/Lex Luger) - Nah gets in a little rant before the match begins - just to get Goldberg's goat, no doubt. The first lock-up is a stalemate, then Nash swings his opponent around and starts laying in knee lifts in the corner. He puts a boot in the monster's throat for a moment, then runs in dsome forearms. Goldberg can't seem to shake this assault off. Nash puts that boot in again. Liz jumps up on the apron to distract the referee while Nash lays in a low blow. The crowd is chanting "We Want Sting!" Goldberg is in more trouble then I ever remember seeing before. Nash muscles him up and gets a slam then a two count. He runs across and staraddles him on the bottom rope. Goldberg is writhing in pain on the mat. He allows Goldberg to rise and goes for a whip but Goldberg reverses and gets a flying tackle. He gets a big verticle suplex and is wobbly but making a comeback. Nash gets up and Goldberg goes for a spear but Nash leapfrogs him and Goldberg crashes into the referee!! Luger comes in and waffles Goldberg with a chair. Nash signals for the Jack knife but Goldberg hits a low blow. Luger coames in but is ejected immediately. This time Goldberg gets the spear on Nash. He applies the Jack Hammer. Goldberg takes the pin.

Hollywood Hogan vs. Ric Flair vs. Sting vs. Diamond Dallas Page - Four Corners match for the World Title - Randy Savage is the guest referee and comes to the ring with his girlfriend "Gorgeous George" - who is quite aptly named, I might add. Flair enters first in his robe of red and gold. DDP follows him down and sems to be back to playing to the crowd. His heel turn was somewhat short lived apparently. Hogan comes next, doing just a whisper of his air guitar act - he is playing to the crowd as well. Sting is clearly being set-up as the star of this match, coming out in the end position - he reacts not at all to the crowd. It turns out that this match has been mis-named because it isn't a four corners match but rather a free-for-all with all four going at it simultaneously. Sting and DDP end up fighting in the ring while Flair and Hogan are fighting their personal battle on the floor. Flair runs in and saves DDP after he is caught in a Stinger splash. Sting and DDP fall out to the floor and Hogan and Flair takes their places in the ring. For his part, Saveg is standing clear and letteing them beat on each other. Flair fingers Hogan's eye then chops away but Hogan is not reacting. Sting and DDP are back in the ring and Sting has the Scorpion but has to leave off to stop Hogan from getting a pin on Flair. Sting and DDO retreat to the floor again as Flair gets a figure four in the ring. Hogan reverses it then DDP comes in and nails Hogan to break it up. Flair is clotheslined to the floor then DDP drags Hogan over to the corner and applies a Bret Hart style figure four around the post. Sting breaks that up quick. Flair drags Hogan back to the center ring and woirks on his leg some more. This is his best shot to retain the title. Hogan is hobbling around, unavle to put any weight on his leg. Two trainers come out and help him away. Eric Bishoff appears to lead him back to the entryway. In the ring, Sting and Flair are goiung at it while DDP looks on. Flir chops Sting and has no affect. Flair is whipped to the corner and misses his Flair flip - tumbling to the floor. In the ring DDP is attacking Sting and getting the best of him. Flair crawls back in but gets hit on the apron. He returns and is clotheslined by DDP. Sting is still stumbling around from DDP's earlier attack but comes alive when DDP goes for a Diamond Cutter. He foils the move and gets a bulldog. He goes for a Tombstone but Page reverses it - Flair makes the save and knocks Page to the floor. Sting takes Flair up and gets a superplex but hurts himself as well. He can't follow up fast enough to get the pin. Flair gets a belly-to-back and is slow to cover. Page is taking a breather outside as Flair sdlaps on a sleeper. He runs in and applies his own sleeper to Flair. Sting gets a jawbreaker on both of them! All three are down and Savage is counting. At seven they all get up. Flair and Page are cooperating against Sting who makes a comeback and cleans house on them. He gets Stnger Splashes on both of them then puts the Scorpion on Flair. Page breaks it up. Sting gets a Scorpion Deathg Drop on Page but can't follow up. Flair downs both of them and slaps the figure four on Sting. Page is struggling up in the corner and Sting is rolling it over to the ropes. But then Savage drags them back out to the center then mounts the top and drops an elbow on Flair!!! What the hell?? The match conntinues as all three rise. Page gets the Diamond Cutter on Flair and pins him!! DDP is the New World Champion!!!

A solid PPV from top to bottom.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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