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Volume 4, Issue 451 - April 12, 1999
Editor's Note:I must apologise - I forgot to set my VCR to tape Sunday Night Heat during the PPV last night so there is no Heat Report this week.

By the way, some of you may have noticed that Solie's is about to hit the 1 Million visitors mark. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of my loyal readers for sticking with me for almost three years since this web site was originally created. I couldn't have done it without you guys!

HWA/Pillman Memorial '99

With just over a month left until Pillman �99 (the second annual HWA Brian Pillman Memorial) takes place at the Cincinnati Gardens on May 19th, more names have been added to the list of wrestling celebrities who will be in attendance at the event and one very big name has unfortunately been deleted.

Due to circumstances beyond anyone�s control, Stone Cold Steve Austin will NOT be appearing at Pillman �99. Although his name had prematurely been listed on the Heartland Wrestling Association (HWA) website and one of the HWA emails regarding the show, a conflict in scheduling will prevent Austin from attending the event on May 19th. The HWA apologizes for the misunderstanding.

Added to the names of attendees for the event, however, are two very recognized figures in the world of professional wrestling. World Wrestling Federation (WWF) commentator Jim Ross (perhaps better known as �Good Old J.R.�) will help out with broadcast duties at Pillman �99. The other addition is World Championship Wrestling (WCW)�s Rey Misterio Jr., who will compete in the ring that night in one of ten big matches.

Pillman �99 will feature live wrestling from both the WWF and WCW. Matches from the WWF already signed include: Mankind vs D-lo Brown and Road Dogg vs. Al Snow. In addition to Misterio, WCW wrestlers Dean Malenko, Chris Jericho, and Chris Benoit will also wrestle.

In addition to the bouts listed above, there will be a �legends� match between former NWA North American Champion Terry Taylor and former WWF Tag Team Champion Dr. Tom Prichard. A six man Cruiserweight tournament consisting of HWA wrestlers will also take place at the event. Pillman �99 will also be one of the very few public appearances for both Ricky �The Dragon� Steamboat and former WCW valet Woman.

Just like last year, all proceeds from Pillman �99 will go to the Brian Pillman Memorial Fund. This includes all monies raised from �meet the stars� photo sessions and the celebrity auction (which took place last year throughout the show). Items up for bid will include a Malenko ring jacket, an autographed �head� and J.O.B. Squad T-shirt from Al Snow, a pair of Benoit�s boots, a gown from Woman, an article of clothing from Steamboat, and autographed shinguards and a new T-shirt from Road Dog. More items in the weeks to come.

Tickets are on sale now at all Ticketmaster outlets. Ticket prices are $50, $30, & $25. For further details about the event, call the new HWA Hotline at 71-YO-HWA (719-6492) or check out the website at Members of the news media should contact Marc Hopkins at 1-800-397-3033, (513) 321-3475, or

Nitro Report

Scott Steiener makes mincemeat out of Diamond Dallas Page as the program opens, interrupting his victory celebration (and an argument with Randy Savage) by beating on him in a backstage locker room. That was last night. Tonight Nitro is live from Yakima, Washington. We get the Rachmann and his friend DJ Ray to start the show who then throw it to the Nitro Grrrrrls on the platform.

Tony informs us that Page will face Steiner in a Title match in the main event tonight. They show us a replay of the infamous parking lot incident (which was the last time we saw Kimberly).

Sting comes down to the ring to make a statement (I assume). He is whoooing to indicate his enthusiasm. He says, "It's great to be back, and great to be in black!" He is staking his claim to the World Title based on his status as the "franchise player" in WCW. He claims WCW as his turf, "I built this house..." and then he calls DDP out. Cut to commercial.

Stills from the Rey Misterio, Jr. vs. Kidman match from last night lead us into...

Juventud Guerrera vs. Rey Misterio, Jr. - World Cruiserweight Title match - I wish Rey would get his own music...makes him seem like Konnan, Jr. Like last night, Juvey outweighs his opponent for a change. These two get aggressive with each other immediately. Tony is telling us that Hogan was severely injured last night and went to see Dr. Andrews today. In the ring, both combatants are avoiding their aerial assaults to mat wrestle instead. This is a mistake on Rey's part because his opponent has superior size. He is being very cautious. At one point early on, Rey bails from the ring to regroup - something we rarely see. Juvey hits a suicide dive then runs the Champ's head into the stairs. Back in the ring, Misterio regains his sealegs and comes back but then he goes for a Frankensteiner and gets powerbombed. Juvey goes up top - and is caught there. Rey is about to end it when the Horsemen run out and attack him. They throw him around like a rag doll then put the boots to him. Raven and Saturn run in and lend a hand to drive Benoit and Malenko off. The question is...where was Kidman through all of this? The camera pulls away as Rey revives and shoves his saviors away. He is being attacked as we cut to the backstage area. Hugh Morrus confronts Hak who claims he is the "king of hardcore". Hak tells Morrus that the way to beat Bam Bam Bigalow is "like this..." and hits Morrus with the kendo stick. Morrus takes the stick, giggles, and then says, "You mean like this?" and starts beating on a bystander. Cut to commercial.

We come back to a discussion of the Bret Hart situation then throw it to some video clips including his quitting from WCW and his appearance on "Later". It's a work folks...

More stills from last night featuring the Hak/Bigalow match.

Hugh Morrus (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. Bam Bam Bigalow - Kendo Stick match - Bigalow finds a table under4 the ring and tosses it into the ring - then he finds another one and throws it in as well. He climbs into the ring and they immediately start fighting without the sticks! They trade missed moonsaults then Morrus gets a Kendo stick - but Bigalow clotheslines him then sets up one of the tables in the corner. Morrus grabs him and throws him into it - then hurls himself ito and injures himself. They start throwing shots at each other and Bigalow gets the upper-hand - but only until Morrus grabs a stick and whacks him. Tony is talking about a "Hardcore belt" as if he just thought of the idea. Morrus tries to use the stick off the top but hits himself under the chin with it. He still manages to keep Bigalow down and sets up the second table. He positions Bigalow on it and moonsaults - Bigalow slips away and Morrus crashes through the table. Bigalow throws a headbutt and gets the pin. After the match he takes a shot at Hart with the stick but misses him. Cut to commercial.

Kidman shows up late to find Rey questioning his loyalty because he wasn't there to watch his back earlier.

Stills from the main event on last night's show. Cut to Mean Gene in the ring who invites Diamond Dallas Page to the ring. TRhe crowd is rather luke-warm toward him as he crows about his victory. He claims that " killed me, man..." when Hogan hobbled out of the arena in the middle of the match. He turns his attention toward Sting and wants to give him a shot tonight...but..."I can't give it to you tonight..." He has other things on his mind - he wants Steiner tonight. Cut to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrrls in the ring this time...

Tony is sporting a bottle of Surge tonight and using it to gesture, then sitting it down - facing the camera of course.

Okerlund calls Ric Flair to the ring for his weekly rant. As he heads for the ring with Arn Anderson and Charles Robinson it tow, Tony tells us that Roddy Piper has arrived in the back. He chides Sting and Page for their behaviour tonight then announces that he has decided to hold the World Title up! The lights go out right after his announcement and Randy Savage makes a rather spectacular entrannce with his gorgeous companion. Flair isn't happy about this development but Savage has something to say. He has his contract from last night's event which made him responsible for the decision last night - not Flair. Flair comes back with the announcement that Savage isn't going to be allowed to wrestle anymore - he tears up the contract. Charles Robinson steps foreward and tells Savage he isn't a referee - that he's not qulified to referee - then he refer to George as a "Bimbo"...she hauls off and slaps him!! Savage then suggests a match at Slamboree between the my girl, and "your girl" (meaning Robinson) to determine his own situation. Flair accepts and El Dandy/says that Robinson will win with a figure four - Savage counters by saying that George will win with a flying elbow! Now Sting is coming out again. He says since DDP is "ducking him" - " about you and me tonight, Flair?" They go nose to nose (in Flair's case this is a substantial move...) and Flair accepts the match backed up by Arn Anderson who reminds Sting that he will ne there too. Sting says he has enough for both of them. Cut to commercial.

El Dandy/LaParka vs. The Master Blasters - the latter are a new team who wear nylon stockings over their heads. Tony suggests that these are the samer MB's as years ago - I think not. Wasn't Kevin Nash one of the Master Blasters with Al Green? As the fight gets stared, here comes Nash - slurping on a Surge. He steps onto the apron with a microphone. He says he has something to say so "you guys hit the bricks..." then he clears the ring singlehanded. He takes another sip of Surge then starts his rant. He has the techs roll a video of his scenes with Flair and Hogan from last week. He says he was promised a Title shot at the next PPV during that meeting in return for helping Flair retain his title. Boy, has anyone else noticed that everybody but Flair seems to be dictating the future these days. Cut to commercial.

Psychosis vs. Kidman - Kidman wears his tag team belt to the ring in hopes of fooling somebody. Psychosis looks to have a slight size advantage in this one. He takes the early initiative and steals a march on his opponent. Kidman comes back with a Hurraneranna and takes control for about 10 seconds. The Psychosis catches him and powerbombs him. He drops Kidman onto the top rope then drop-kicks him to the floor, following with a suicide dive. Out on the floor he runs Kidman into the railing. Back in the ring, Psychosis gets a drop-kick and a two-count. Kidman comes back with a running lariat then tosses himself over the top rope to the floor. Psychosis flies but is drop-kicked in the groin (ouch!) as he descends. Back in the ring, Kidman gets a two-count. Psychosis recovers right away and catches Kidman climbing the corner - Frankensteiners him to the mat. From there Kidman seems to take control. He reverses several moves then gets the Shooting Star for the pin. Cut to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrrls as we return. Cut to stills from Goldberg/Nash...then to Mean Gene in the ring to talk to Goldberg. He starts out saying that he destroyed everyone in his path - but he has made some mistakes. He turns his attention to Bret Hart - he doesn't care if Hart has retired - he wants to get his hands on him. Okerlund reminds him that he has a score to settle with Lex Luger and then solicites his thoughts on the World Title situation. 'Berg says he wants it, but that he doesn't need the belt to be the Champion (so there!). Cut to commercial.

Rick Steiner vs. Booker T - World TV Title match - The two bulls starts with a little shoving match then circle each other warily before locking up. Steiner uses his superior wrestling technique to ground his opponent. He dominates for several moments until Booker slips in a Harlem Side Kick. Steiner, the wrestling machine, quickly recovers. The match goes to the outside where Booker retakes the advantage. Back inside, Steiner clotheslines Booker over the top and back to the floor. Booker returns and goes for another side kick - but Steiner catches him in mid-air - then turns around and catches him again in the middle of a leap frog. Steiner has it well in hand when Stevie Ray walks in and whacks him with his Slap Jack. Booker gets an easy pin. Cut to commercial.

Scott Steiner comes out for a rant. He is pretty contemptuous of his opponent. Calls him "white trash" and threatens to take his title and his wife. Cut to commercial.

DJ Ray does his annoying best to spoil the show...Heenan gets in the best line... "I don't like country-western..."

Kenny Kaos vs. Goldberg - Goldberg outwrestles his opponent to start the match. Kaos retreats to the floor to escape a leg submission hold. He re-enters and bulls Goldberg into the corner. Goldberg absorbs his blows then press slams him. Somehow Kaos comes back and manages to put his opponent down. He drops a leg on him from the top rope then tries it again - but Goldberg just pops right up and takes him apart. A spear and a jackhammer - two bits (you know the tune...) Cut to commercial.

Rachmann is back man - yuck! He and the DJ discuss the card - like anyone cares... Cut to commercial...pulease...

Ric Flair (w/Arn Anderson) vs. Sting - the referee is, of course, Charles Robinson. Sting demontrates his superior power right off the bat by shoving Flair across the ring. They criss-cross and Sting gets a press slam. He whips him to theropes and does it again! Those house show matches seem to have paid off for Sting. Flair bails but Sting goes after him and carries him back. Back in the ring, Flair fingers his opponent's eye then chops him in the corner - Sting just stares at him then bowls him over. Sting is wrestling very aggressively - not unlike the Sting of olden days. He gets another two-count after a sunset flip and Flair bails again. He circles the ring then re-enters. Arn is over trying to intimidate the announcers. In the ring, Flair is having his head handed to him. He bails again, then drags Sting out to the floor - but Sting turns the tables until Flair gets another eye shot then clips him behind the knee. Back in the ring, Sting is still blinded. Flair clips him again then drops his flying knee to the forehead. He goes for a leg move but Sting grabs him and applies afigure four. Robinson is confused about what to do as Flair manages to drag himself to the ropes. Sting pummels him some more and goes for the pin but Arn pulls Flair's leg over the bottom rope. Moments later, Sting goes for the Stinger Splash but Arn pulls Flair away and Sting tumbles to the floor. Arn puts the boots to him then rolls him back into the ring. Now Flair is in control for the first time tonight (in or out of the ring). He tries to suplex his opponent from inside out but Sting reverses. He goes for a splash but Flair gets the knees up. Sting keeps foiling Flair's moves but the ex-champ keeps coming back for more. Now Sting is "Hulking Up" and Flair is helpless to make a dent in him. He gets the Stinger Splash this time then goes up for a superplex. Anderson is sneaking into the ring and the ref is ignoring him. He distracts Sting from applying the Scorpion and then snaps his neck off the top rope. Flair applies the figure four - but Savage runs in and breaks that up. Sting is up - Flair goes for a suplex but Sting slips out of it then gets the Scorpion Death Drop. Robinson reluctantly counts the Nature Boy out. Anderson comes in and gets put into the Scorpion Deathlock. Cut to commercial.

Michael Buffer intos the main event (where was he last night..?)

Diamond Dallas Page (w/Kimberly) vs. Scott Steiner - WCW World Heavyweight Title match - except that Roddy Piper's music plays - he is here to help call the match. One has to wonder what his interest is in all of this. Heenan is wary of him but shakes his hand after some hesitation. "Don't hurt me..." he pleads. Kimberly accompanies Page to the ring. He wears the belt backwards and pauses to lift her over the railing to a gallery seat. They start the match with a slugfest which Page wins. Steiner tries to lever him to the floor, but DDP holds on and still comes out on top. The fight spills out to the floor and all over the broadcast table as Piper is bad-mouthing Page. Heenan scatters then comes back as the fight continues in the aisle and we cut to commercial.

Steiner gets a suplex as we return and seems to have grabbed the initiative. He stands Page in the corner and hits him from above - but Page snake eyes him in the corner. He goes for the Diamond Cutter but Steiner muscles away from it. Piper is reminding us that he is the Commissioner of WCW (really? still?) Kimberly is showing a lot of cleavage from her gallery seat. The match is in see-saw mode now. Page is matching his opponent move for move until he climbs to the top and gets caught there. Steiner Frankensteiners him to the mat. Page comes back with punches but Steiner cuts him off. Page gets a roll-up but Steiner muscles out of that as well. Piper is suggesting that Page meant to take Hogan's leg out last night. In the ring, Page is taking control. He gets a swinging neck-breaker and a two-count. Steiner comes right back and puts Page down (along with the referee) - then he goes under the ring for a pair of bolt cutters. He takes the turnbuckle cover off and then rams Page's back into it several times. He goes for the Steiner Recliner but the ref is still down. He goes over to revive the referee and Page gets a DDT then goes for a backslide - Steiner applies a low blow from the rear. The referee is still out. They are up against the ropes when Kimberly runs over and whacks Steiner with a chair!! Page gets the Diamond Cutter and the pin. Fade to black.

RAW Report

Scenes from the past few weeks are shown as the program opens. RAW is live from Detroit, Michigan. Jim Ross is back in the announcer's chair tonight. The Corporation comes to the ring led by Shane McMahon. He is perported to have an announcement that will "shake the foundations of the company". He has his friends Rodney and Pete along for the ride as well. Ken Shamrock interrupts Shane's rant to demand "where were you when my sister was abducted last week..?" Shane calms him down..."I feel your pain." He asks Stephanie to come to the ring - Vince tries to stop her but she insists so he goes along and brings his security goons as well. Stephanie looks real happy but Shane slows her down with a stern look. Vince wants to know what Shane is up to. Shane accuses Vince of having his "priorities out of whack..." - then he turns and delivers blast at Jim Ross - saying he'd fire him on the spot if he could. Shane starts talking about there being a need for youth and enthusiasm in the Corporation - then he fires Pat and Gerry! Vince accuses Shane of being on a "power trip". Shane comes back with the question, "What happened to your power trip..?" Vince says he's taking Stephanie home - but Shane says where do you think you're going? Vince turns back to face him and gets his face slapped! They stand nose-to-nose then Stephanie pulls Vince away. They leave with Shane's taunts ringing in their ears, saying that Vince is no longer his father and will be known simply as Vince from now on. Shamrock is outraged and leaves the ring to follow Vince. The rest stay in line...for now... Cut to commercial.

Some scenes from what just happened as we return.

In the back, Vince is leading Pat and Gerry and Shamrock. He stops to thank Ken for his loyalty then continues on his way. They get into a limo and split. Shane is in conference with the Corporation - but the Rock says he needs some fresh air and leaves.

Sable (w/Nicole Bass) vs. Ivory vs. Jacqueline (w/Terri Runnels) vs. Tori - Four Corners Ladies Title match - Tori wears a bare midriff outfir tonight. In fact they all do. Jacquie tries top get in Sables face and gets chokeslammed by Bass. She chases Ivory onto a corner and gives her the same treatment. Tori retreats and that is it for the match. Sable and Nicole leave the ring then the lights go out. Gosh maybe we'll get an Undertaker/Nicole Bass Confrontation - no he's just on the TitanTron, promising another "sacrifice" later tonight. In the back, Steve Austin arrives. Cut to commercial.

Austin makes his entrance as we return. He has the Corporate Title back in his possession but the Rock still has his custom belt. He pumps up the crowd and chides the Rock for absenting himself just before Austin showed up. To the Rock he says that he wants him to either hand over his belt of suffer his wrath. He uses the Rock's cliches to insult him. The Rock appears on the TitanTron - he's on a bridge but says he doesn't intend to throw it in. He challenges Austin to go find him and take the belt back. He refers to himself as "the super species" - which Austin turns into "the supr feces..." then cracks open a Steveweiser to guzzle in the four corners. Mankid arrives and asks for directions to the boiler room. Cut to commercial.

Paul Wight vs. the Brood - handicap match - but they get to the ring and the Undertaker intervenes via his disembodied voice. He orders Christian to face the big guy on his own. Edge and Gangrel leave. This is a squash - pure and simple. The lightweight is chokeslammed and pinned in a flash. Silly match.

Mankind talks to Michael Cole about his pending boiler room match with the Big Show. In the office area, Shane is telling his Greenwich buddies to go take Mankind out...Cut to commercial.

We see the boys headed for the boiler room as we return.

Billy Gunn vs. Val Venis - Venis takes the early advantage and pounds his opponent into the corner - but then stops to pose and gets blindsided. But Val is on top of things and retakes the initiative until he ducks his head and gets planted with a DDT. Billy gets a two-count. He whips Venis piller to post but then Val reverses a similar move and regains the advantage. He gets a suplex and a two-count of his own. He tosses Billy to the floor - but here comes the former tag champs to attack Billy. Val intervenes and the Road Dogg shows up as well. Debra has eyes for the Big Valbosky and has to be dragged away by Jarrett. In the back - the boys have found the boiler room. Cut to commercial.

Mankind is taking the "Mean Streets Mafia" apart as we return.

The Pissed Brothers (w/Debra) vs. The Acolytes - the Bros. have to use all of their considerable wrestling prowess just to try and keep ahead of these bruisers. The rest of the Ministry runs in before the match can really get started. This show is a hour gone and we haven't had a full match yet. Thje Undertaker takes charge of Debra - who looks terrified. He is suggesting that Debra will take Stephanie's place tonight. Ken Shamrock runs in with a baseball bat. Debra gets loose but UT tells Ken that Ryan is in the boiler room being molested. Shamrock clears the ring with his bat then splits looking for his sister. The Rock is still waiting on the bridge. Cut to commercial.

Shamrock is headed for the Boiler room.

Big Bossman vs. Goldust - Intercontinental Title match - the Godfather shows up and allows Bossman to take his five garden tools in exchange for his title shot. So...

Godfather vs. Goldust - Intercontinental Title match - Goldust attacks before the bell but only holds the advantage for a moment before he is thrown over. He comes right back and gets a belly-to-back to turn the tables. The fight goes to the floor where Goldust cements his advantage then returns to the ring. He gets a snap mare the applies a reverse chinlock. He releases the hold and does some pounding. Godfather recovers and gets the "Hoe Train" - a big clothesline in the corner. Moments later he is levered over the top to the floor but he recovers and returns. The match see-saws. The Godfather gets a DVD and takes the Pin. Godfather is the new IC Champ!

In the back, Shamrock finds Mankind in the boiler room. He shows Shamrock where his sister is. There is a clattering sound and we cut to commercial.

In the Boiler room, the Ministry is attacking Mankind and Shamrock. mankind is subdued and removed - then they punk Shamrock. They leave Ryan huddled in a corner.

D'Lo Brown (w/Ivory) vs. Steroid Bob Holly - Hardcode Title match - Al Snow is ringside to help call the match. He will meet the winner at the next PPV. Holly tires to use a hockey stick right off the bat but the members of the Red Wings Hockey team at ringside take it away from him. D'Lo drags him back to the ring and brings in a chair. He drops it on Holly's head then drops a leg on it. He ties Holly up in the ropes but gets kicked in the gut as he tries a chair shot. Holly has a stick to hit his opponent but D'Lo recovers and fights back. Snow gets up and hands a glass tumbler to Holly - who smashes it against D'Lo's head. He can't get the pin so he goes out and brings in a table. He sets it up but D'Lo gets a sidewalk slam and sets Holly up instead. He goes up for the frog splash but Snow runs in and rescues Holly. D'Lo gets a chair and whacks them both then climbs to the top for the frog splash - which he gets but Holly has been pulled off the table by Snow. Holly gets the pin. In the back - the Undertaker is talking to Shamrock who lies motionless. Out on the bridge, the Rock finds a fishing pole. Cut to commercial.

In the arena, Shamrock is being tied to the cross by the Ministry. UT comes out and grabs Christian - he orders Gangrel and Edge to tie Christian to a second cross. They balk at that and attack the Undertaker. Meanwhile, Shamrock is escaping. Mankind shows up - he and Shamrock join the frey. UT splits as the fight continues. Cut to commercial.

X-Pac/Kane vs. HHH (w/Chyna)/Test - WWF Tag Team Title match - HHH attacks Kane to start the match. He is put down in a hurry and tags Test in. Kane makes short work of this clown as well. X-Pac wants a tag but Kane ignores him. Waltman finally tags himself in by slapping Kanes shoulder. Test dominates until he turns X-Pac loose then he is kicked out of his boots. HHH comes in and turns the tables. he sends X-Pac to the ropes where Chyna wallops him. Test comes in and retains the advantage then tags HHH back in. He grabs a sleeper and takes his opponent down. Waltman fights to his freet but is taken down by the hair.HHH goes for a clothesline and misses - Waltman follows up with a spinning heel kick. Both sides tag out. kane dominates his opponent and knocks him out of the ring. On the other side Waltman is doing the bucking bronco on HHH. They fall out of the ring and HHH splits while Kane gets the Tombstone and the win.

Back on the bridge, the Rock's pager goes off - it says "3:16".

Back in the arena, Ken Shamrock comes to the ring on his own to rant at the Undertaker. He challenges UT (referring to him as "Mark") to come and face him in the ring. You don't really want that Kenny... The lights go out then come back on and UT is in the ring. he attacks but Shamrock reverses the field so the Ministry come in the save UT's cookies. They hold him while Faarooq pounds on him. Corporate members run in to save him - but then they attack him! Shane is getting his revenge against Shamrock remaining loyal to Vince earlier.

On the bridge, Austin's truck pulls up and a brawl erupts. Maivia forces Austin over the side then throws the belt into the river as well. Fade to black...

This was a very poor offering from the WWF tonight. I am genuinely surprised.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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