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Monday Night Wars Edition

Nitro Report

Sting takes the World Title!!!
Then Loses it back to Page!!!!!

Misterio Regains the Cruiserweight Belt

RAW Report

Sunday Night Heat Overview

Volume 4, Issue 456 - April 26, 1999
Editor's Note: I caught Val Venis on La Femme Nikita last night. He did fairly well - in fact I found him one of the more believable of the wrestlers who have been doing TV series lately (maybe the best, with the possible exception of the Undertaker's outing on Poltergeist: The Legacy - he was awesome). Part of it was that Val's role was pivitol but extremely limited. He only appeared in two scenes - one at the beginning and another towards the end of the episode when he was killed (by his brother no less). Steve Austin's episode on Nash Bridges was built around his character and it seemed a little too much for him to carry. HHH's part on Pacific Blue was just silly while I thought Sable was quite good in her role on the same show.

Sunday Night Heat Overview

Heat comes to us live from Providence, RI - the same arena as the PPV program.

To start the show we get D'Lo Brown (w/Ivory) - they are supposed to be in a mixed tag match with Val Venis and Sable, but Sable has said she can't make it. D'Lo makes a statement inviting Val to find a partner or wrestle in a handicap match. Val comes out and accepts the handicap version. D'Lo and Val mix it up and then Ivory gives D'Lo a pat of encouragement which the referee insists is a tag. D'Lo gets knocked to the floor at this point and Ivory enters the ring. Val seems hesitant to lock up but Ivory is ready to go. Nicole Bass runs down and grabs Ivory then chokeslams her. The ref counts Ivory out. Afterward, Nicole tells Val that he "owes her" - but he retreats.

A good portion of this hour was taken up with video reprises of the various storylines to set up the PPV. The other running situation was Nicole Bass trying to find Val Venis - who is seen exiting the building in a big hurry.

Prince Albert/Droz vs. Too Much - there is no doubt who the better team are here but Too Much finds themselves out-muscled. PA gets a quick pin on Scott Taylor.

After the match the Ministry come out and punk Too Much.

The Big Bossman (w/Test) vs. Kane - the Bossman shows a lot of his trademark agility and quickness in this one but he is overmatched against the "big red machine". Still he holds his own, but we know from the get go that Kane is going to win this one. Test climbs onto the apron for a rather clumsy collision with his team mate and that sets up a chokeslam for the win by Kane. IN the back, Shane is watching this and expresses frustration over Test's mistake.

Test and Bossman are arguing in the ring as we return from the break. Viscera heads for the ring for a match against Test who is pre-occupied with the Bossman. Viscera walks into the ring and assaults Test. Tets is rocked at first but manages to make a come back and even manages o down the big guy and get a two count. Moments later, Viscera goes for a big splash but misses, thus setting up another pinfall atempt for Test. Failing that, Test backs up to the ropes where Bossman hits him with his night stick! Test is pinned easily as the Bossman stalks away.

Bossman and Test are arguing backstage now. Shane breaks it up.

We get another extended PPV promo then go to commercial.

Shane comes to the ring to announce that the Rock/Austin PPV main event will be a no holds barred contest and that Austin is barred from laying a hand on Shane (who is the special referee) - if he touches Shane he will be DQ'd and lose the title.

In the back, Vince and his daughter arrive by limo as the program ends.

Nitro Report

The program opens with a three-bell salute to Rick Rude then cuts right to scenes from last week - Piper and David signing the committment order, Flair being deposed and then hauled away after his match with Kevin Nash. Next up - scenes from Goldberg/DDP - it was great to hear Dusty on the mic again - I don't care what you whipper-snappers think... Cut to the present - the floor nurse at the rubber farm is cutting off Nitro because of Flair's misbehaviour. He is gamboling about in his ring robe and underwear and the nutzos are enjoying his show. Cut to the opening montage.

Nitro is live from Fargo, North Dakota. Back at the office - JJ Dillon is telling Charles Robinson that as Vice-President of the company (?) he is now in charge. Robinson seems a bit overwhelmed with his new responsibilities but is clearly ready to exercise some power. Cut to the Nitro Grrrrrls in the ring then to the announcers - Tony and Tenay (Heenan is "under the weather" tonight.

Roddy Piper enters to his bagpipe music wearing his "Reality Check" T-shirt. Me thinks he looks very confident...but...a while ago Charles Robinson specifically asked if he would be "above the commissioner"...hmmm... Piper is declaring himself to be the "sole man" in charge of WCW and his first official act is to reinstate the Macho Man. Next he sets up a match pitting Savage against Scott Steiner for the US Title. He mentions Diamond Dallas Page's name and garners a round of boos. This brings Page to the ring looking supremely cocky. More boos and cat calls from the crowd as Piper trumpets the Champ's virtues. Piper wants to make a World Title match - Page vs. Sting. The crowd loves that... Page says, "...there is nothing he would rather do...but...I don't think so." Piper counters with an order to accept the match - and he sets it for 9 PM (when is it RAW starts..?) Cut to commercial.

Oh jeeez - its the DJ again - what is the point with this guy?

Brian Adams vs. Konnan - of course Konnan is on a quest to take down all the nWo B-Team for their attack on him last week. Adams tries to attack at the end of Konnan's schtick so he whollops him with the microphone! Adams recovers quickly and takes the advantage via pure power. Konnan comes back with a clothesline, a bulldog and a drop-kick follow up. Adams absorbs all of that and then roars right back. He elevates his opponent then drops him onto his knee (ouch!) His nonchalant cover prevents him from getting the pin. He works some more - mainly on Konnan's back then makes a mistake and has the tables turned on him. Now we get some see-saw action which ends when Konnan gets a flurry. He applies the tequila sunrise but Vince runs in followed by the remainder of the B-Team - including Scott Norton, who just watches the slaughter without participating at first - then delivers the a backhanded forearm shot before Adams applies a spiked piledriver with the help of Vincent. Cut to commercial.

Tony is telling us that both Saturn and Kidman were attacked by the Horsemen earlier today and sent to the hospital.

Armstrong Brothers vs. Raven - handicap match - Raven comes close to winning the match on the first exchange when he ducks a rush, allowing Steve to clobber his brother. Next he bulldogs both of them then brings a chair into the ring. Scott gets dropped onto it face first but Steve breaks up the pin attempt. Raven continues to fight both guys simultaneuosly throughout most of this match until Scott drops him with a savat kick. He still comes back with a DDT on Scott and would have the pin except that Steve clocks him with th chair. Scott rolls over and gets the upset win over Raven. In the back, Robinson is on the phone with Flair - the president wants Piper jailed! Cut to commercial.

More of the DJ (yawn...) Cut to scenes from last week on the show - the same ones we saw at the top of the program then to the ring where Mean Gene is with Charles Robinson. Robinson asserts his authority. He is about to say more when Piper's music ushers in the commissioner. Robinson calls for security to protect him from Piper. Piper confronts him and gets slapped in the face - Piper attacks but security has arrived and pulls Piper off. "The Little Nature Boy" does a pretty credible impression of Flair at his manic best - telling security to take Piper away and telling Piper he is fired (but he still has to face Flair at Slamboree).

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Sting - WCW World Title match - Sting is back to his dreary white-faced character, scowling as Page makes his entrance. Page gets tackled right off the bat and slides out to regroup. Back inside he jaws in Sting's face then sucker punches him. Sting recovers quickly and returns the favor - Page slides out again and takes his time returning to kill Sting's momentum. They chain wrestle in the corner for a moment after Page returs then Sting takes the upper hand and Page bails again. This time Sting follows him out and continues his attack then rolls him back in. Page tries to regain the upper hand as Sting returns but Sting is way ahead of him and almost gets the Scorpion Deathlock. Page bails yet again. He circles the ring, jawing at the fans. Back inside, Sting is on the offensive again but Page manages to grab a hammerlock and holds on for dear life. Sting escapes and they struggle for position. Page goes for a Diamond Cutter but Sting shoves him off and right out of the ring. He follows him out again and batters the Champ as the stagger up the aisle. Sting maintains control and works them back toward the ring. Back inside, Sting stands Page up in the corner then climbs up to strike from above - but Page hits a low blow and takes control. The crowd is booing Page roundly as he works Sting over, pulling out all the stops to win the match. Sting finely down Page but is passing out - he falls and headbutts Page in the groin. Both are down but Page recovers first and applies a reverse chinlock - then rakes the face and plants the point of his elbow in the eye socket of the challenger. Sting comes alive again but is stopped by a swinging neckbreaker. Page drops an elbow on Sting's midsection. He is pummeling the challenger but can't get the pin. He pulls Sting to the corner and rams his leg into the post. The second attempts he gets kicked away. Sting gets to his feet as Page returns to the ring and tries for another Diamond Cutter - but Sting holds the rpes and thwarts the move. Sting comes back with an atomic drop then gets a big splash off the top. The count is so close to three that ringsiders are sure Sting was ripped off. Page drags Sting back out to the floor and posts him. Going back in, Page pulls Stings neck onto the top rope. He goes to pick him up but Sting gets a jaw breaker and is back on the attack. Somehow Page reveses things and gets a powerbomb - both are down for the count. At six, Page recovers but overcompensates and Sting gets a roll-up. They trade roll-ups back and forth. Then Sting gets a reverse piledriver and a two count. He goes for a Tombstone but Page reverses it...then Sting reverses it back and hits the move. But Page kicks out. This match has been going for over 20 minutes! Suddenly Sting blocks another Diamond Cutter and turns it into a Scorpion Death Drop. He gets the pin. Sting is the new World Champion!!!

In the back, Flair is on the phone with Robinson instructing him to make a match between Sting and Goldberg for Slamboree. Cut to commercial.

Rey Misterio, Jr. vs. Psychosis - Cruiserweight Title match - for his first Title defense, Psychosis gets the former Champ and they put on a great, short, fast paced match. As usual, the action is almost too furious to call - and Misterio wraps it up in short order to take the title back. Then the Horsemen run in and destroy him (remember, his partner is already out of action). Cut to commercial.

Tony announces the match mentioned above for Slamboree. Kevin Nash comes to the ring very much put out that everybody seems to be forgetting that he was supposed to have a World Title match at Slamboree. He demands a four-way dance for the Title tonight: Sting vs. Nash vs. Goldberg vs. DDP. Flair calls Robinson and tells him to make the match. Then he tries to wrestle the muscular female nurse-attendant.

Eric Watts vs. Bam Bam Bigalow - Cowboy Bill Watt's little boy is certainly headed for defeat in this one. Bigalow is being groomed to be the first WCW Hardcore Champ (or so a little bird told me). Watts gets a few shots in at the beginning then Bigalow hits him like a mack truck. "Greetings"...nuff said.

Mean Gene starts his speech before they turn on his mic so we miss the beginning of it. He calls the new World Champ out for an interview. Sting says he will take the four-way dance for the main event tonight. WCW is going all out this evening (and we still have the return of Randy Savage to the ring and another World Title match to go!)

More DJ crap - at least this time we get Nitro Grrrrls to look at...Tony announces that the new Nitro Grrrrls web site will open up next Monday (the real only wrestling web site that matters...)

Meng vs. Booker T - Television Title match - Tony is calling this "the greatest Nitro ever" - he might not be to far off for a change. So far it's been a bang-up show. Booker seems inclined to keep his distance from this monster in the early going. Can't say I blame him... Meng has really come into his own of late. Booker manages to knock him down a couple of times but getting a pinfall is another matter all together. Meng just absorbs everything Booker can dish out then flattens him. He takes control of the action for several moments then Booker scoops him and slams him twice in quick succession. Meng comes roaring back (literally) and retakes the initiative. He chokes the Champion in the corner then chops him silly. Booker comes back and finally gains some ground using his talented feet...but he also takes out the referee. He is waiting for Meng to rise as Stevie Ray is seen approaching the ring. Booker goes for a pin but the ref is out of it. Meng grabs the Tongan Death Grip but Stevie calmly enters the ring and hits Meng with his slap jack. Meng goes down and out. Booker rolls over onto him and the referee eventually recovers and makes the count. Rick Steiner runs in suddenly and attacks Stevie Ray until Booker pulls him off. The referee gets between them so they don't come to blows as Stevie slips away. Cut to commercial.

Video review of DDP "injuring" Hogan at the last PPV. Hogan had surgery on Tuesday and we get to see what happened via WCW cameras. Hogan is hestitent to have the surgery - he wants to take care of DDP before he fixes his wheel. Bischoff talks him into it. We see Hogan wheeled into the surgical theater and some details of the operation. The doctors explain that Hogan already had a problem for quite a while before suffering a torn ligiment at Spring Stampede and he will need several months of rehabilitation before he can return to action. Keeping him from pushing himself too hard will be a big part of the challenge. Good luck Terry. Cut to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrrls in the ring. Cut to commercial.

More of the Charles and Rick show. Now he wants Rick Steiner vs. Booker T for the TV Title at Slamboree. Is that Scott Hall there at the funny farm as well?

Four way hardcore dance - Hak vs. Knobbs vs. Mikey Whipwreak vs. Horace - winner to face Bigalow at Slamboree. They all have kendo sticks to start - then Knobbs brings in a ladder and uses it. Sticks and ladders are swinging in all directions as we cut to commercial.

Horace is wielding a garbage can as we return. The ring is littered with "plunder" as Dusty used to call it. Hak extracts a table from under the ring and leans it up against the apron then turns to fight Knobbs off. He positions the table like a gangplank from the ring to the railing. He tries to re-enter the ring but Knobbs catches him and positions a chair over his head so that Miky can vault over the top and land a leg drop on it. In the ring, Horace takes Knobbs down and gets a two count. Hak throws another table into the ring then goes after Chastity's fire extinguisher. Meanwhile Mikey is down in the ring. Hak gives back the extinguisher and sets up a table in the ring. Positioning Mikey on it, he plunges off the ladder and destroys Mikey and the table. Then Knobbs flies off the top and hits Hak with a trashcan. He then smashes Whipwreak with the ladder and pins him. Cut to commercial.

Scott Steiner is in the ring as we return. He disses Piper for wearing a skirt but agrees to the match with Macho Man Savage.

Scott Steiner vs. Randy Savage - US Title match - this is Savage's first match since returning to WCW. He a Gorgeous George escort a second lovely to the ring (she is wearing a gown and a beauty pagent sash of some sort). Charles Robinson (in street clothes) takes over the referee duties on this one. Savage looks to be in superb condition. They lock up and then Savage accidently bumps into the referee. Robinson DQ's Savage just like that! Robinson tries to leave but he is cut off by Medusa who downs him with a kick then rolls him back into the ring. She follows him in ans strips him down to his Florida Gators underwear (just like the ones that Flair wore last week). Robinson is having a a cow as we cut to commercial.

We come back to Gorgeous George's training video - this girl gives Sable a run for her money...

Goldberg vs. Kevin Nash vs. Diamond Dallas Page vs. Sting - Four Way Dance for the World Heavyweight Title - this is Sting's and Page's second world title match of the night. DDP thumbs his nose at the fans as he makes his entrance. For a change the Champion enters last. We cut to commercial before the match gets underway.

The match is underway as we return. Page is missing from the ring as the other three mix it up. Nash and Sting seem to be trying to doubleteam Goldberg. Sting is downed and Goldberg takes Nash to the mat and goes for the pin - but Sting breaks it up. Page finally gets back into it by cheapshotting Goldberg fronm the apron then hits a swinging neck breaker as he re-enters the ring. The actions gets all mixed up - then Sting hits all three of his challengers with separate Stinger splashes. He goes after Goldberg but Nash hits him from begind and its up in the air again. Page is spending a lot of time on the floor - that seems to be his strategy for this match. Goldberg puts Page down then turns to take Sting on while Nash sneaks in to try and cover Page. No Cigar. The same thing happens again a few moments later - same result. Sting gets the Scirpion on Nash as Goldberg spears Page. Then Sting gets speared. Goldberg goes for the pin but Randy Savage runs in and prevents it. Then he tosses a set of brass knuckles to Page who uses them on Nash and takes the pin. Diamond Dalla Page has regained the title!!! Fade to black.

RAW Report

The program opens with a memorial to the slain High School students in Colorado.

RAW is live from the Hartford Civic Center in Hartford Connecticutt. The Rock starts by ranting against Shane McMahon who he apparently blames for his loss last night to Austin. Shane and the Corporation appear and the Rock is promptly fired! The Corporation falls on the Rock and punks him then leaves (but not before Shane accepted the match with the Rock). Maivia gets back up and challenges Shane to a match.

In the back, Vince McMahon is telling Pat and Gerry that he just wants to get Stephanie back and he has brought everything (a sheaf of papers) he was told to bring by the Undertaker. Cut to commercial.

The Brood (Edge/Gangrel) vs. Kane/X-Pac - Tag Team Title match - After some furious action, X-Pac delivers a spinning heel kick to the back of Edge's head which sends him carreening into the arms of Kane. Kane plants him with a chokeslam and that is that. The lights go out and when they come back on, Kane has been given a blood bath and only X-Pac is still standing in the ring. Kane attacks him and drops him with another chokeslam - this one over the top rope and into the crowd! Cut to commercial.

We come back to find out that the Undertaker has instructed Vince to have Steve Austin deliver the papers to the ring. Vince goes out to the ring and asks the rattlesnake to help him out, telling him, "Vince McMahon needs Stone Cold Steve Austin." The WWF Champion respondes via the TitanTron, "Stone Cold Steve Austin needs Vince McMahon…to kiss his ass!"

Val Venis vs. D'Lo Brown (w/ Ivory) - Nicole Bass comes out to interrupt saying to Val, "You owe me, and you know what I want." Val is distracted and gets taken out with a Sky High. Bass enters the ring and Ivory jumps on her back in the vain hope of exacting some revenge for what happened last night on Heat, but Bass just throws her off like a rag doll. She turns her attention on Val but he is escaping up the aisle,

HHH (w/Chyna) vs. Billy Gunn - more DX vs DX action. In this one Billy seemed to hold the upperhand through much of it until Chyna got involved and gave the win to HHH.Cut to commercial.

Mankind/Paul Wight vs. Test/Bossman - this one is a disaster for the Corporation as Bossman and Test spend more time arguing and fighting each other then they do concentrating on their competition. Test is easy pickings for Mankind's Mandible Claw. After the match, Bosman and Test continue their argument until Bossman attacks Test with the nightstick then splits. Backstage, X-Pac is angrily searching the building for his erswhile partner while Al Snow and Hardcore Holly are having an impromtu brawl. Holly used Head to put Snow down and then absconded with the manniquin head. He vows to hold onto Head until he gets a rematch for the Hardcore title.

The Godfather vs. Jeff Jarrett - this is supposed to be a non-title match but Jarrett goads the Champ until he agrees to put the Title up...if Debra will be come one of his garden tools in the event that Jarrett loses the match. Val Venis comes down to watch Debra but is followed out by Nicole Bass - so he splits. Jarret is consequently distracted by Debra and gets pinned. Debra looked ready to assume her new "duties" but Owen Hart shows up and drags her away from the ring area. Cut to commercial.

Ken Shamrock vs. Bradshaw - Shamrock shows up with his baseball bat for this one (who does he thing he is, Sting?) The match barely gets started when Faaroog runs in and attacks Shamrock. The Acolytes start in on Shamrock but then Test runs in to save his cookies - another development...

The Rock vs. Shane McMahon (w/ the Mean Street Posse) - of course Shane hasn't a prayer in this match without outside help which is provided by the Posse. Except that the three of them can't handle the Rock either. The Rock hits the Rock Bottom and sets up the People's Elbow (notice that it's been renmamed again) but HHH runs in from the crowd and attacks him. Chyna and the Posse follow him in and the "Great One" is taken down a peg or two. Cut to commercial.

X-Pac comes to the ring in a snit and demanding an explaination from Kane for what went down earlier. Instead of the "Big Red Machine" he gets the Pissed Brothers who attack him in the ring. Finally, Kane shows up and runs them off - but then he chokeslams X-Pac again! Afterward he picks up his fallen partner and carries him back to the dressing room.

The lights go out and the Ministry emerge with Stephanie already tied to the cross. They drag the cross to the ring and it soon becomes apparent that they are performing some kind of bizarre "Black Wedding" ceremony - the Undertaker is marrying Stephanie!! Ken Shamrock runs in to rescue her but is driven off by the thugs. Paul Wight comes out next but he gets clobbered with a baseball bat wielded by the Undertaker. Just as it looked like they would complete the ceremony, Steve Austin runs in and clears the ring, using a chair. He then releases Stephanie from her bonds. Stephanie hugs Austin in gratitude and then reunites with her dad. Vince is overcome with emotion and thanks Austin for saving his daughter. Austin makes no response and Jim Ross points out that Austin didn't do it for Vince, but because it was "the right thing to do..." Fade to black...

I'll be back on Thursday with the Thunder Report and another installment of Ervin Griffin's Ric Flair series. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

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