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Stylin' And Profilin':
The Legend Of Ric Flair: Part 37

By Ervin Griffin, Jr. and Matt Benaka

Volume 4, Issue 457 - April 30, 1999

Stylin' And Profilin': The Legend Of Ric Flair

By Ervin Griffin, Jr.and Matt Benaka

Part 37: Bash At The Beach Revisited.

After winning his bout with Randy "Macho Man" Savage at The Great American Bash, "Nature Boy" Ric Flair was still hounded by Savage. The two had a rematch set for "Bash At The Beach '98" in Hunington Beach, CA.

On a side note, WCW boasted that 100,000 fans came to the Pay Per View. Actually, the official crowd was around 23,000 fans that actually paid to see the card. The rest of the crowd was people that was in the area at the time of the event. WCW conviently counted them as well.

Anyway, the match was made a lumberjack bout with wrestlers around the ring. It wasn't the greatest bout but it wasn't dull either (it was certainly better than the main event which I will get to later in this chapter). It ended with Savage avenging the GAB loss to Flair as he hit his top rope elbowsmash on Flair for the pin.

Later in the card, Vader had a WCW World Title Match in a cage against Hulk Hogan. Again, I have to ask since when did WCW cage matches were determined by someone escaping? That's the WWF's deal and even they have stepped away from that practice these days. Anyway, Hogan won the match and Vader was confronted by Ric Flair and Arn Anderson afterwards for losing. The two friends then attacked Vader but "The Mastadon" fought them off. This set up a handicap match between Vader VS. Arn & Ric for a Clash Of The Champions special in August of 1995.

In that bout, it was Arn that wrestled the bulk of that match while Flair seemed content to come in for little stretches strutting and posing. Vader won the bout when he powerbombed Arn for the win. After the bout, there was another confrontation between Arn and Ric!! In a match that everyone wanted to see but no one thought would happen, Flair signed to face Arn Anderson at the 1995 WCW Fall Brawl from Durham, NC.

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Thunder Report

I had to work late and missed the first few minutes.

Hak talks his valet Chastity into suggesting that he face Kevin Nash tonight. Meanwhile Rick Steiner and Booker T let their arguement erupt into a backstage brawl. Cut to commercial.

Buff Bagwell came out in blond wig, mustache and shades to do a pretty credible impression of Scott Steiner - not a great stretch by any means. He refers to himself as "Big Bad Doo Doo Daddy " and "Big Papa Chump" - "...flush me if you hear me..."

Jerry Lynn vs. Stevie Ray (w/the B-Team) - why is it I always have to think a moment before I remember Flynn's name? In this contest the odds are about six-to one against him. He strives valiantly but Stevie just uses an eyeshot to take him out of his game time and time again. He switches to submission tactics and immediately sees enough success to cause the thugs to swarm. The limp body of Flynn is sent back into the ring where Stevie Ray has his way with him. Flynn gets a bit of offense later on and that causes the swarm for a second time. Flynn is out of it even before the slapjack is applied. Cut to commercial.

Hak (w/Chastity) vs. Kevin Nash - Hak brings a dumpster of "plunder" with him, and his kendo stick. He has a chair a table and a ladder in the ring even before his opponent appears. He manages to get several spectacular shots on Nash, smashing him into a table and bashing him with the ladder. He is setting up another table when Nash recovers, gets Chastity's fire extinquisher, uses it on Hak then jack knifes him through the table to get the win.

Bam Bam Bigalow joins Mean Gene in the ring to demand a World Title shot from his fellow New Jersian, DDP, hardcore style...

Meng vs. Goldberg - this is, of course, a rematch. Meng lost one to Goldberg back at the beginning of his own monster push. Goldberg is perhaps a little more cautious at the beginning of this contest then usual. In fact the two men circle each other warily. They lock up and Goldberg shoves Meng off. Meng gets a quick scoop slam but Goldberg pops up and repays him in kind then adds a clothesline as an exclamation point. Meng goes to the eyes on the next lock-up then gets a big back breaker and a 2 count. Goldberg comes back with another big slam. He is dominate for a moment but Meng fingers his eye again. He is biting and gouging then knocks him down with a side kick. He stands him in the corner and pummels him good. Goldberg manages to whip him to the corner then catch him coming out with his spear. The jack hammer is decisive. Cut to commercial.

More Mean Gene in the ring. He brings out the World Champion who makes a big deal about being the "two-time" WCW World Champ. He shoots a big "thank you" too his mentors, Jody Hamilton (the Assassin), Dusty Rhodes and Jake the Snake. He avoids the subject of Bigalow for a little while but eventually agrees to the match.

Disciple vs. Randy Savage (w/ Medusa, Miss Madness and Gorgeous George) - So, Ed Leslie is still with us - Medusa looks to have gottom some cosmetic surgery (or a wonderbra) Savage is more solidly muscled then we remember him - his new wrestling style is more grounded, the lightness of foot is no longer so evident - he shows that he is the superior mat wrestler in the opening moments. He wrestles with his sun glasses on until Leslie backs him into a corner. Off come the shades and the match gets started in earnest. Leslie wages a mostly defensive battle at first but gradually turns it around. They trade fists in the corner then Savage fights his way back to the center of the ring. Disciple is tossed to the floor where he manages to turn the tide. But then the women start attacking him. George is ineffectual but Miss Madness holds Leslie's hair while Medusa levels him with a karate kick. Back in the ring, Savage hits his big elbow and takes the pin.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Bam Bam Bigalow World Title match Hardcore style - Tenay refers to Bigalow as the "reigning Hardcore Champion". He tries to hold up his heel personna as he strolls to the ring but can't resist hamming it up when the pyro booms behind him. Bigalow drives the Champ right to the floor to start the match. Back in the ring he dumps Page onto the top rope. Page bails to regroup. Back inside once more, Bigalow is all over him. He goes out to get a prop but Page divebombs onto him from inside the ring. They are struggling on the outside as we cut to commercial.

Bigalow assaults Page with a trashcan lid then finds a cooler full of ice to hit him with. The announcer's catering table is used as a landing platform when Bigalow jumps off the announce platform - Page slipped aside. Page picks up the table and dumps it on Bigalow then starts struggling back toward the ring. Page is whipped into the dumpster which Bigalow then picks up and smashes his opponent again. Back in the ring he gets his diving headbutt and goes for a pin. No cigar. He follows with a side slam, still no luck. He goes for another side slam and gets Frankensteinered for his trouble. Page comes back with a reverse DDT and a two count. Bigalow gets a big powerslam and tries again. He signals for his finisher but gets a suplex instead. Page hits a low blow to turn the tables then thwarts the "Greetings..." move to get a Diamond Cutter but he is too far out of it to cover. Randy Savage runs in and hits his big elbow so that Page can take the pin. That's all folks...

WWF Smackdown

In the middle of their respective touchy feely speeches - Vince and Stephanie are interrupted by Shane who brings the Corporation to face the old man and his sister. He basically tells Vince to shut up and then tells him to take a hike... He decides to put Steve Austin and the Rock together for a tag match tonight against Undertaker and HHH.

Val Venis comes out and wants Owen Hart - but he's playing the Blazer tonight so Jeff Jarrett comes out witt Debra instead. Before anything can get started the Blue Blazer shows up and the Venis/Hart match is made. At the critical moment, of course, Debra distracts the referee so that Jarrett can sneak in ahd deliver a low blow on Val. The rest is history. Nicole Bass shows up to kick Venia when he's down - so he splits. Now it's the Godfather's turn - he comes to collect Debra, wiping out the Pissed Brothers as he enters the ring. She loves the idea apparently...but the Brothers are firmly against it.

The Big Show vs. Test - Wight gets to show off his amazing drop-kick before choke slamming the rookie.

The Rock makes his entrance for a rant amid cheers and screams and delivers his usual cliche-ridden schtick then calls Austin out. Austin ignores Maivia once he hits the ring except to pause and flip him the bird (charming...). He postures for his fans... then Shane shows up. Shane introduces the Undertaker as his secret partner all along - they now form the Corporate Ministry! Cut to commercial.

Droz (don't call me Lodi!) (w/Prince Albert) vs. D'Lo Brown (w/Ivory) - Droz is a perfectly dreadfull wrestler - I mean this guy makes Hulk Hogan look like Lou Thesz... That he has any success at all against a competitor the calibar of D'Lo is just some more of the fantasy. D'Lo runs circles around this chump. Once he starts using his aerial assault, Droz is lost and his stooge has to come in and save him. The two of them hold D'Lo down and threaten to pierce his tongue (honest to God!) until Mark Henry runs in wearing a loud suit and disperses the thugs. Cut to Sable in Hollywood - oh yeah, she's hot... Cut to commercial.

Billy and the Dogg can't agree about how to treat their Tag Team Title match tonight. Billy doesn't think friendship has anything to do with it and they should just go in to win - Dogg takes the nonsense view...

Kane/Xpac vs. The New Age Outlaws - Tag Team Title match - the Tag Champs come to the ring first - then Billy leads the Dogg to the ring - keeping his distance. RD does his usual intro speech variation but Billy declines add his two-cents. We get a fast paced match among members of DX until Kane gets in and slows everything down. He stops Billy in his tracks and gets the first pin attempt. Billy absorbs some more pummeling then manages to catch th big guy by surprise. Xpac wants a tag, Kane gives it too him after some hesitation. Immeditiately the tide turns. The smallest man in the ring is isolated by the better team. But then Kane gets in and it all falls apart. The Dogg lays a slew of big shots on Kane then turns his back only to have the giant pop right back up. The Outlaws go into double-team mode and turn the tables momentarily but then Kane absorbs it all and comes roaring back. In the midst of the confusion that always surrounds a Kane-melee, Xpac falls on the Dogg and gets the pin. The champions retain. Cut to commercial.

Doc Hendrix brings out the Brood - Gangrel makes a rather rambling, feintly menacing speech then hands it to Christian who disdains to speak - Edge adds his own unconvincing prattle. Hendrix tells them their evil stance is just a gimmick. He gets a bloodbath - I have heard that Michael Hayes has been wrestling again lately in some indie promotions - maybe we'll see him back in action in the WWF! I'd love to see him as a heel manager or something.

Ken Shamrock vs. Bradshaw - Street Fight - Bradshaw carries his baseball bat to the ring but Shamrock Pearl Harbors him in the aisle and the bat goes flying. He outwrestles his opponent easily and grabs an ankle lock submission. Bradshaw scoots out of the ring before Shamrock can sink it in. On the floor, Shamrock takes the advantage and then retrieves the bat. He doesn't really know hw to use it and it ends up in his opponent's hands again. The match goes into a weird see-saw battle with the two of them trading the bat back and forth. Shamrock finally uses the bat to choke out his foe and ends the match. The ref tries to pull him off and gets attacked. Sgt. Slaughter runs in and gets the same treatment. In the back, Mick Foley introduces himself to a new audience (UPN) with a more precisely drawn portrait of himself adorning Mr. Socko. Cut to commercial.

The Big Bossman vs. Mankind - Bossman intercepts Foley as he hits the ring but Foley comes right back and ejects his opponent. Bossman washes his hands of the match but Test runs down and shoves him back into the ring. Bossman tries to run again and this time encounters Paul Wight - who tosses him bodily back into the ring. Mandible Claw time... In the back Billy finds Xpac and tears into him.

Steve Austin/The Rock vs. The Undertaker/HHH - in the unending, never successful attempt to make a silk purse out of a sows ear - here is HHH thrown willy-nilly into a main event match. Will they never learn..? This match looks incredibly one sided because you've got the two top dogs in the federation going against a third top dog and a mid-carder. HHH gets the Meanstreet Posse and Chyna as his entourage then UT comes down with Shane and Paul Bearer. This combined stable reminds me of the old Dangerous Alliance for some reason - haven't put my finger on it yet. Maybe it is Shane's resemblence to Paul Heyman... Austin and Maivia hit the ring and the floor and before he knows it, UT is in the ring and being covered for a two count out of a Thesz press! He hurridly tags HHH in. Helmsley has a little success but his job is just to wear Austin down. UT comes in to face the Rock during his first outing. Maivia actually comes close to getting a pin but HHH makes the save. A little later the Rock is about to get the Rock Bottom on UT when the Ministry starts swarming in. Test and Shamrock join the frey and we have battles all over the ring area. Vince McMahon shows up suddenly and decks Shane then goes in and tries to wrench a chair out of UT's hands - he takes a big chair shot. Austin recovers and Stuns the Undertaker. Shane runs in and ends up getting the same treatment. Austin Cracks some beers and lays one next to the still recovering Vince McMahon. Austin guzzles and we fade to black...

See you Monday. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

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